Oncorhynchus tshawytscha = Chinook salmon/= king. Salmon./= Quinnat salmon/= spring salmon/= Tyee salmon


Vergleich: Siehe: Meeresgruppe + Pisces


[Jeremy Sher]

Repertorium: Auszug

Head: pain in temples, eyes

Eyes: pain in eyes

Face: pain sinuses

Mouth: ulcers on lips

Throat: Lump

Pain < empty swallowing

Stomach: Thirstless

Rectum: Constipation

Female genitalia: infertility

Extremities: feet, icy cold

Generalities: Beaten up, bruised†††††††††††††

Food and drinks: Desires: chocolate/meat/fish (salmon);


Trying to get pregnant (ectopic pregnancy)

Emergency caesarian section to remove the tube and pregnancy (bleeding intensely).

first cycle was the year before/year before that I had a laparoscopy to clear the tube.

exercise a lot, aerobics.

abortion at age 19.

going backwards.

Moved to the country with river and trees. Not enough going on there, too dead. Like my life, not a lot going on.

trouble with my mother, but I admire her.

Family is a primary thing.

Likes to be alone. Is organized, a planner, communicator. I run the finances and social calendar.

attracted to the traditional values of my husbandís family.

Insecure about myself. I did not manifest a pregnancy.

Like to be around and work with powerful creatures, dynamic people.

A goal-oriented person, determined, stick with it. I have been going after it so long, Iím tired.

Fear of dying and not having reproduced and given back.

A perfectionist. I like everything just so, neat and tidy. I have to have things in order. A plan, a goal. Order is very important.

Trusted my husband, that was important as I was afraid I would marry a guy who would leave.

Head: Hairs on my chin,

Headache over eyes and temples in spring and fall.

Hearing: ringing

Lips: Cold sores, herpes.

If I donít exercise, I get constipation.

Food desires: chocolate; Craves red meat.

Thirst: Not much.

Sexual energy: Good, but it could be better. I wish I had intercourse, more often.

Car accident.

Extremities: Feet are cold.

> spring;


[Shawn Vale]

Shares a case of dizziness and fertility issues in a woman of 44. The problems were resolved by the remedy Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha (Pacific Chinook salmon).

Dreams of flying, snakes and danger were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.



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