Regenbogengruppe Anhang


[Madeline Evans]


Remedy was made by refracting sunlight through a prism into alcohol. Of course it includes all the colours in harmonic progression but as a remedy is not the sum of its parts but something different and is connected through the rainbow of iridescence to the chakras above the head.

The Rainbow is symbolic of the bridge between heaven and earth, between light and darkness, for the arc of the rainbow is only part of the whole circle which also goes down into the darkness of the centre of the earth.

It was also given as a sign of God's forgiveness after the Flood and the promise that there would be no more destruction by water of the other elements no mention was made, however!

Rainbow remedy is more than meets the eye. God said 'Let there be light' and out of the darkness came the Light, white light to bridge the worlds, all states of consciousness, all time, to change consciousness, to help us all to see and understand.


Keynotes: Harmony, Peace and Purification on all levels. Helps the individual to see the Light by contacting their source. Much harmony can be given to the soul by prescribing this remedy.

Helps individual to understand their mission, makes them also more open and caring to others.

Builds bridges on every level - ancestral bridges, karmic bridges. It creates harmony, hence purification. Joins consciousness to subconsciousness. Heals family feuds. War situations can be calmed with this remedy.It affects the whole

It is capable of removing negative energy from many areas of your planet; of removing curses which have been in place for aeons of time.

Dissipates and grounds negative energy in its purification. Purifies every level. Purifies all water and sea water, all negative energies.

Will work in different way for each individual according to how they need to be broken down.

Breaks down the individual so that you can see what to do. Breaks down energies in areas of the planet, enabling you to see the truth. Releases fear.

Opens, breaks down and makes things clear, breaks down the energy and separates the vehicle in order to clear blocks.

As the energies break down they purify and heal. Does so gently but powerfully and patient must be supported well. Will break down all their defences but in doing so, enables them to see themselves and understand their karmic responsibilities. Therefore remedy which helps to lighten the karmic load.

Individual maintains contact with God, with their source and understanding of karma is again revealed as it is known when you first incarnate. As energies are put back together purification occurs

at a deeper understanding. For you must all be broken down in order to see, to truly see your mission and to become part of the whole. Your individual functions are useless unless you become part of the whole.

Unity is the key.


A remedy to combat radiation.

Hot flushes, profuse night sweats, sweaty during the day.

Infections - with Ferr-p.

One-sided numbness, heaviness or paralysis.

Trickling sensations.

It is very safe in pregnancy.

R. sided.

Suicidal depression like Aur-met. and Syph. Will bring a bit of sparkle back into people's lives.

Relates to the 'bridge' between the two halves of the brain.

Where the whole being has been divided. Schizophrenia. Manic depressives.

Full of delusions [not only from drug abuse (LSD)]. Pineal and pituitary glands damaged by drugs.

Disconnection: spaced out - give constantly in 6x potency remedy has ability to close holes in aura.

Symptoms of anticipation related to a lack of grounding.

People who have been abused mentally, spiritually and physically.

People who never feel safe, always moving on, can't put down roots.

Disgruntled teenagers.

Religious fervour.


Grasping for the right words.


Head: searing, burning pain in a straight line like a laser beam R side: temple, ear, glands below ear, neck, trapezium.

Head turned and bent towards the R. Eyes: hereditary poor vision. Photophobia. Watery sticky eye.

Chest: Heart: works very powerfully on the Heart Centre and the physical heart, even with pathology.

Circulation: thickening of the arteries, valves not working properly. Blood clots (following invasive surgery)


Skin: psoriasis.


With certain astrological transits: Jupiter in any way transiting the Sun, or opposing, or squaring the Sun. Because of the strong link with Neptune and Jupiter, Rainbow will help

transmute the negative aspects of the energy from these planets and help the person at a very high spiritual level.


Exposes all miasms. Multi-miasmatic.

Exposes syphilitic miasm and all that is hidden.



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