Repertory Causes/Ursachen

Vergleich: Siehe: Ursachen/Causes/Manifestionen


Mental aetiologies and never been well since:

Abandonment: Nat-m.

Abuse, sexual: ACON. ARN. CARC. IGN. Med. NAT-M. OP. Plat-met. Sep. STAPH.

Abuse, shame of sexual: Nat-m. STAPH.

Abuse, violence: Anac. ARN. Aur-met. Bry. CARC. Op. STAPH.

Abuse: Carc. Sil.

Abused, from being: ANAC. Arg-n. Aur-met. Bry. CARC. Cham. COLOC. IGN. Lach. LYC. Lyss. NAT-M. Nux-v. PALL-met. PH-AC. PULS. STAPH. Sulph.

Abused: Bry. Con.

Abusive husband: Staph.

Abusive parents: Staph.

Affection, mothers, absent: Nat-m.

Anger from neglected childhood, teenage (not taken care for): Ars.

Anger, after: OP. Ph-ac. Phos. PLAT-met. Puls. Ran-b. Sep. STAPH, Tarent-h.

Anticipation (effects on nerves): Caust..

Anxiety: Arg-n. Ars. Carc. Gels. Phos.

Apprehends, sudden blows, as had sudden beatings as a child: Ferr-met.

Bad stories: Calc.

Bad Tragedies: Calc.

Bereavement: Plat-met.

Betrayal: Nat-m. Puls.

Boredom: Tub.

Business embarrassment: Act-r. Kali-br.

Children face: "life full of rules & duties": Apis.

Contradiction: Aur-met.

Criticism: Nat-m.

Deceived friendship: Ph-ac.

Depressing emotion: Gels.

Disagreement: Graph.

Discord: Nit-ac. Nux-v.

Discords between chief & subordinate: Lach.

Discords, between friends: GRAPH. Ign. Nat-m. Nux-v. Sulph.

Discords, between parents & children: Nit-ac.

Domination, foreign colonisation, culture: Staph.

Domination, parental: Staph.

Domination: Anac. CARC. LYC. Nat-m. STAPH.

Embarrassment & humiliation: Ph-ac.

Embarrassment: Gels. Ign.

Excitement, unusual: Epiphegus.

Failure in business: Act-r.

Failure: Nat-m. Nux-v. Sil.

Fear: ACON. Arg-n. Bell. CARC. Caust. Gels. Ign. OP.

Feelings, controlled: Kali-c.

Friendship (deceived): Ign. Mag-c. Sil. Sulph.

Fright: ACON. Apis. ARG-N. Aur-met. Bell. Bufo, Calc. Caust. GELS. Graph. Hyos. IGN. Kali-br. Lach. LYC. NAT-m. NUX-V. OP. PH-AC. PHOS. Plat. PULS. Rhus-t. SIL.

Frustration, demands, not fulfilled: Mag-c. Mag-m.

Grief (long drawn): Caust.

Grudges: Ni-ac.

Guilt, trapped: Carc.

Honour, wounded: Ign..

Humiliation (being criticised): Ars.

Humiliation: Acon, ANAC. Arg-n. Aurum, Bry. Calc. CARC. Cham. COLOC. IGN. Lach. LYC. Lyss. NAT-m. Nux-v. Pall.

PH-AC. Puls. STAPH. Sulph.

Humiliation: Bry. Nux-v. Puls.

Indulgence: Med.

Insecurity in children, need care of parents: Mag-c. Mag-m.

Isolation: Stram.

Jealousy, professional: Nux-v.

Joy: Acon. COFF. Manc. Op. Puls.

Loss of familiar ground: Calc.

Loss of wealth, relationship: Psor.

Love, conditional: Sulph.

Love, unhappy: Calc-p.

Mental overexertion: Calc-p. Cocc. Scut.

Neglect and mal-treatment in childhood: Thuj.

News, bad: Apis. Arn. Bry. CALC. CALC-p. Caust. Cham. Coloc. GELS. IGN. Med. NAT-m. NUX-V. Staph, Sulph.

Overstrain, mental or bodily: Cocc. Cupr-met. Scut.

Parental arguments: Ars.

Parental control: Carc.

Parental violence/arguments: Mag-c.

Passion, fit of: Ars. Mag-c. Nat-m. Plat.

Past History, dominating mother: Apis.

Perform, to pressure: Carc.

Possession, loss: Lach.

Pride: Sulph.

Prolonged history of unhappiness: Carc.

Protection, need for: Mag-c. Mag-m.

Punishment, abuse by: Nat-m. Tarent-h.

Quarrel: Caust. Ign. Nat-m. Staph.

Quarrels: Thuja.

Rejected feeling, in children: Mag-c. Mag-m.

Rejection: Aur-met. BRY. CHAM. Coloc. Ign., Lyc. NAT-M. NUX-V. Phos. Plat. Staph.

Reproaches: Anac. Carc. Coloc. Ign., LYC. Nat-m. OP. STAPH. Stram.

Reserved displeasure: Aur-met. Ip. Staph.

Restrictions: Lach.

Reverses of future: Lach.

Ridicule: Nat-m. Sil.

Rudeness, of naughty children: Ant-c. Chin. Merc.

Rudeness: Med.

Rudness, of others: Calc. Colch. Ign. Lyc. Nat-m. STAPH.

Scorned: Aur-met. BRY. CHAM. Coloc. Ign., NAT-M. NUX-V. Phos. Plat. Staph.

Separation, isolation, unusual change in home/office: Arg-n.

Separation: Stram.

Shame: Carc. OP. STAPH.

Socio-cultural stress: Thuja.

Stories, horrible: Sulph.

Stress, emotional: Kali-c. Mag-c. Tub.

Stress, new situations: Sil..

Stress, of public performance: Sil..

Terrors of alcoholic father: Stram.

Terrors of witnessing a violence: Stram.

Terrors, of war: Stram.

Told of, ridiculed: Sil..

Traumatic childhood: Carc.

Ugly, unloveable: Thuja.

Unfulfillment: Tub.

Unhappiness, prolonged: CARC. Lyc. Nit-ac. Sep. STAPH.

Unhappy: Staph.

Unloved: Puls.

Unwanted: Puls.

Unpleasant news: Calc-p.

Violence, unpredicted mood of father: Ferr-met.

Worry: Caust. Ign. Kali-br. Phos.

Wounded (sensitivity to redicule): Lyc.

Wounded honour: Staph.

Wounded pride: Sil.



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