Scandium metallicum (Scand-met)


Scandium                   Arbeit                                    Erforschen

Thema: Aufgabewahl; Lösung: Zweifeln;

Eisenserie: unsicher und schwankend ob er alleine für Sicherheit (Job/Unterkunft) sorgen kann o. ob von Eltern (Gruppe) abhängig; fühlen sich schwach + unerfahren; wissen nicht sicher welche Aufgabe zu ihnen passt; daher sehr unschlüssig, noch dazu wo alles perfekt sein sollte; wählen dies und das und können sich für nichts entscheiden (Arbeit + privat); wegen Unsicherheit sehr nervös bei Arbeitsversuch und dadurch oft Misserfolg; trauen Komplimenten nicht und glauben kein Ziel + keinen Nutzen zu haben; beginnen alles, halten bei jedem kleinen Misserfolg nicht durch; Unsicher + verwirrt + Rückzug ins nichts mehr tun; ‘Kann ich meine eigene Sicherheit finden o. muss ich noch von jemand anderem abhängig sein?’;

Reflects the level of teamwork, being observed and supervised in practical tasks involving precision and routine. It is in Stage 3 (scanning different possibilities and trying them one after another, but underestimating the difficulties and being easily discouraged). A combination of iron series plus stage 3 gives the hypothetic characteristics of Scandium: trying (stadium 3) different jobs (iron series),

but uncommitted (stadium 3); following the rules (iron series), but easily discouraged (stadium 3);

Scandium was the first proving I organized and conducted. A few years earlier I took part in my first proving, of Oncorhynchus (Salmon), at the Dynamis School in London, fell for the big fish himself, and, with his encouragement, decided to teach the Dynamis programme in Finland, in Finnish. It was a big step for me: I was only 27 and I was hesitating whether to do it or not, if I was good enough, if I was qualified enough, or old enough. Eventually I made the step and I began the Dynamis programme in Finland in 1998.

[Camilla Sherr}

Jeremy and I chose Scandium both to honour Scandinavia and to unravel something of the left side of the periodic table, which was underrepresented in the proved materia medica.

Jeremy happened to be proving Jade at the same time with his class, so we had very strange dynamics between us (falling into the category of ‘don’t try this at home’) – him boasting of being an Emperor and myself a mix of Viking and blonde bimbo.

But the proving was fun! With a predominance of Finnish women who, under the influence of the proving took a strong interest in large Viking-type men, the party was on! Big was the keyword here, but inside the big bodies was something empty, weak and wobbly, too uncertain to make the step forward into greatness. In its hesitancy and immaturity, Scandium has become a very useful remedy indeed.

The Scandinavian theme was more prominent than I expected which surprised and delighted me. Blue and white colours, ancient Scandinavian gods, Swedish royalty, Viking runes and Scalds – the Scandinavian wise women (and the contrasting Scandinavian bimbos) – were a few of these. And if I mention Scalds I should mention that this a great remedy for scalds from boiling water.

An additional proving of this remedy from Jeremy’s Dynamis post-graduate course confirmed and completed many of the symptoms, such as looking back over missed opportunities and the accompanying sense of regret and failure.

After so many years of hesitating, and thanks to a final push from Anne Baker, there will be no more wobbling and uncertainty. Scandium, element number 21, has reached maturity and is big enough to make the bold step into the homoeopathic materia medica.




Gemüt: Verlangt Aktivität (kreativer Aktivität, kreativer Schaffensdrang)

Furcht (zu fallen, zu stürzen/vor Versagen, Misserfolg)

liebt die Gartenarbeit

Träume: Zu fallen, zu stürzen/Versagen, Fehlschlägen

Allgemeines: Anämie

< kalte Luft



Vergleich: Enthalten in: Kola; Siehe: Stadium 3 + Periode 4


Scandiumhaltiges Gestein

Bazzit (Al + Be + Si + Sc)



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