Stangeria eriopus o. paradoxa = Lomaria lagopus/= Natal grass cycad/= Macrozamia spiralis


Vergleich: Enthält: Nat-s; DD.: Nat-m. (grief), Lyc. Sil. Arn.

Siehe: Thereobintha


Stangeria eriopus one of the first seed plants on earth. It is a gymnosperm, dating back to Pangaea, and the Permian era, and still used today in Zulu medicine. It is biologically

somewhere between a fern.: and a pine.: It has been trampled by tyrannosaurus, lived through ice ages and thought to protect against lightning.

[Melanie Grimes]

Stangeria eriopus one of the first seed plants on earth. It is a gymnosperm, dating back to Pangaea, and the Permian era, and still used today in Zulu medicine. It is biologically

somewhere between a fern and a pine. It has been trampled by tyrannosaurus, lived through ice ages and thought to protect against lightning.

Cycads were the first seed plants on earth. Cycadales are one of the four major groups of gymnosperms and are the most primitive extant gymnosperm order. This ancient Cycads

family (Zamiaceae), are known to have lived in the Pangaea, and Permian era, over00 million years ago – even before the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The Age of Cycads, began

during the Triassic Period of the earth's geological history reached its peak during the 60 million years of the Jurassic Period and ended during the Cretaceous Period, about

95 million years ago.

There are 9 groupings of cycads: There are about 100 species of cycads.

Cycads are diodecious (i.e. male and female reproductive structures are borne on separate plants). Though classified as woody plants, they have a pachycaul stem, a thick, soft stem

or trunk made up of storage tissue with very little true wood. The cycads have been classified as "gymnosperms however recent studies suggest some members are closer to the

flowering plants than to other "gymnosperms".

Stangeria was first classified as a fern and named Lomaria lagopus when it was discovered in 1839. After plants that had been sent to England produced cones, it was reclassified.

A woody, long-lived, unisexual plant, native to eastern South Africa. The leaves are fern-like, and reproductive structure is a large cone. The seeds of Stangeria are light pink to

brilliant scarlet and are radiospermic. The Cycadales and Ginkgoales are unique among seed plants in having motile sperm. The mature seeds are dispersed by birds and squirrels,

which eat the fleshy outer coating, but not the seed itself.

It is a host of the cycad aulacaspis scale insect, while being resistant to deer. It was once part of the diet of the Maiasaura dinosaur.

Zulu Medicine: use (which they call "imFingo") as protection against lightning. If you plant a Stangeria alongside each corner of your house, your property will never be stuck by

lightning. Traditional preparation is by chopping the trunk or and allowing it to infuse in cold water for4 hours. It is taken orally or as a suppository to induce vomiting which is

thought to render the body invisible to harmful spirits. It can also be scattered around a property in order to ward off evil spirits. Burying the root of this plant by a house is said

to protect it from lighting. Other uses include relief of congestion and to reduce blood pressure.

Medicinal properties: poisoning, congestion, high blood pressure, headaches, flatulence, arthritis.

Parts of plant are poisonous if ingested. Contains: pyrrolizidine alkaloids (roots/leaves)/cyasin (extract of the nut)/safrole a naturally - occurring flavoring agent.

It contains angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.


It was part of the diet of the Maiasaura dinosaur.

This plant is resistant to deer.

Native to eastern South Africa.

Reproduce by coning and has a caudex like other cycads.

Seeds are light pink to brilliant scarlet and are radiospermic. The mature seeds are dispersed by both birds and squirrels eat the fleshy outer coating, not the seed itself.

Hosts of the cycad aulacaspis scale insect.

Woody, long-lived, unisexual plant.

Only other cycad in materia medica is Macrozamia spiralis.



Mind: Lost, forlorn


Mind strength and clarity

Loquacious saying things I would have held back on

Barriers of ‘my’ sense of propriety lifted (inappropriate)

Anger feeling intentions not understood

Sense of efficiency

Frailty, more vulnerable

Clarity -I can see truth clearly

Mind psychically sensitive/aware all night


Safe feeling

Driving, lack of accurate judgment, causing car to hit an object

Strong determination

I know I can't be hurt because I am on the right side

Protected, cannot be harmed

Confident that truth will come out                             

Falling, sensation of, towards the left when waking

Calm, detached about relationships


Sinking sensation

Heavy, sensation of

Driving, car accidents

Anxiety, about future

Explosive anger

Angry, trivial things, evening

Duality, sense of

Delusion, someone shining a flashlight into my eyes

Darkness, desire for

Giddy on waking

People not seeing me as I’m overtaking them because I’ve snuck up behind them and am sitting in their blind spot

Hallucinations (while driving)/while driving, I saw a man, black trousers, tan coloured jacket, running onto street. Braked, and man was gone. Ameliorated by smoking tobacco

Seeing things that don't exist/scent of roses

Motorbike cast a violet shadow. Motorbike was real, light from the shadow appeared as blue/purple light

Vertigo: Dizziness standing > not moving

Head: Headache (mild, dull over eyes and top of head/> hot water shower/< sunlight/from light/stabbing from sunlight, moving to the left/behind ear, piercing. moved upwards/

pressing (in temples)/in vertex, sinuses, waking with/dull pain root of nose/waking with nausea)

Itchy scalp

Eyes: Grainy


Swelling on upper eyelid

An old, pearl like growth on upper eyelid reduced in size

Tired (and watery)

Itch inside margin (while driving)

Eyes not fatigued by computer work (CURATIVE)

Vision: Delusion: All traffic lights appear strange, lights very red

Ear: Right ear, moment of achy pain

Left ear pain, momentarily

Eruption, behind left ear

Pain, sudden, left ear with jaw tension

Pain – ache (l./r./fleeting)

Nose: Sneezing


Dull pain root of nose

Nasal obstruction [< 21 h. (sinusitis)]

Itch, under right nostril, like itch before eruption of a cold sore

Catarrh, right nostril

Discharge on waking


Face: Itchy/itching, margins of eyes and nostrils

Eruptions - behind left ear/under right nostril

Mouth: Dry

Acrid taste

Bottom lip heavy.

Lips dry

Throat: Soreness tickling




Tickling, dry

Tickling, frontal sinus and pharynx

Short dry coughs due to a tickling

Paroxysmal, with tight bronchial passages

Stomach: Burping


Apprehension felt in stomach

Abdomen: Flatulence, smell like rotten eggs

Left side ache better pressure

Left side ache better shower

Ache better pressure

Feeling of apprehension in the epigastrium region. As if expecting some

bad news or results

Female organs: Breast tender

Menses: blood bright/heavier/spotting


Missing periods

Menses – early/heavy

Tenderness, nipple

Hot sweats

Discharge, yellow, staining mucous

Cough: tight, upper chest

< evening/1 h./nervous/on rising/tight/< cold air/< smoke/< hot air/on waking/bronchial spasms

Chest: Pain (sharp) on deep inspiration/in chest wall around breasts on inspiration

Palpitations after wine in evening/after orange juice/with coffee, morning

Tightness upper chest

Tightens, bronchial region

Back: Ache - > lying/> pressure/l. shoulder blade and lower trapezius > lying l. side/l. > moving/in lower back/shoulder blade to spine > showering

Restless from pain

Pain inspiration, lower back

Sore, base scapula from coughing


Rectum: Diarrhea

Stool: Fluffy stool, ochre, brownish yellow/fluffy, like cake/soft/sticky


Stool, frequent

Urging (morning burning)

Gas, smell of rotten eggs

Explosive, with burning

Urine: Frequent

Expectoration: Right nostril

Extremities: Pain left ankle/like muscle sprain, quickly dissipates

Pain in l. thigh, leaving the ankle, has risen to the thigh

Hip ache left

Pain - hip joints < r./< inspiration, > hot shower

Sore, hip, femoral head, on waking from lying

Ache in knee, inner aspect left fleeting

Pain on inspiration in hips (aching)

Sensation of ache, l.

Pain in ankle l. like muscle sprain

Cramp, leg, contractive burning without spasm < r.


Pain < r. (hip)

Pain, searing, groin tendons, right leg when bent and bearing weight

Stiff on waking, from bathing

Upper extremities: Heavy, arms, sensation of/heaviness running down left arm, > palm up

Pain - in l. wrist/sudden in shoulders

Heavy arms

Tension, shoulders scapula

Weakness left arm

Shoulder sore left, weak

Sore, left deltoid, triceps, radiating to hand, fingers

Neurological pain elbows to fingers > moving

Pain, arm contraction, worse when still

Pain, l. > straightening, not stretching any muscles groups

Pain, stretching causes sensation of contraction

Sore, left, waking

Sore l. < stretching, > lying

Sore l. deltoid insertion

Sore, radiating to distal edge finger, and thumb

Crack on right hand side, inside

Pressure, left deltoid insertion “As if from a fingertip”

Stiff, left

Trembling pulsating on out edge elbow while resting on arm chair


Arm worse still

Arm, contraction sensation of

Ache, biceps, left

Sleep: Sleepy more than usual

Going to bed earlier, wake up earlier

Frequent waking 4

Burping on lying down to sleep

Heat while sleeping

Waking difficult

Heaviness, sensation of

Sneezing on waking

Dreams: Black salt/soaking feet in tub of salt water/birds land on bed/travel (by plane)/church/being pregnant/plane crash/fearful/grief for dead father/driving car/

flood/recursion/geometry/html/computer programming

Skin: Red itching spots upper part of my body, arms, chest and abdomen

Acne face, chin right

Generals: Left: Earache, knee ache, falling sensation, scapula, thigh, wrist, back, side, shoulder, head

Right: head, hip

Dry: eyes, throat, nose, mouth, cough

Heaviness: head, chest, arms, menses

Weight, sense of, crushing

Cold internal.

Freezing, shivering. Goosebumps/cold, shivering/cold sensation internal;

>: smoking tobacco/Showering in hot water/movement;

<: Bathing /pressure/light;

Pain – fleeting/aching

Food: Aversion to: egg (because of smell);

Sensation a cold is coming on

Heaviness, sensation of

Weakness not > eating


Sensation that a flu was coming on




Phytologie: Zulu's: protection against lightning/ward off evil spirits.


poisoning, congestion, high blood pressure, headaches, flatulence, arthritis.


It was part of the diet of the Maiasaura. dinosaur.

Only other cycad in materia medica is Macrozamia spiralis.?



Ohne Streit Macht/erfolgreiche Position erhalten; das was er erreicht o. übergeben bekommen hat in Stand halten/bewahren; im gesunden Zustand gelassenes Leben in gutem

Wohlstand, mit Wunsch zu vergrößern + zu verteilen (andere mit einbeziehen); bei Problemen Anstrengung des Erhaltes.

Starkes belastendes Verantwortungsgefühl (Beschützer/Schirmherr); konservativ bis steif, hält sich an die Regeln, toleriert keine Diskussion;

Kontrolle/in Stand halten/durchhalten/weitermachen/erweitern/beschützen von Privilegien/Vermögen/Einfluss.


Struktur perfekt, muss aber erhalten werden und gegen widrige Umstände noch gefestigt o. verteidigt werden; dies erfordert dauernde Anstrengung           

            N + P lineare Entwicklung;

Cu Sicherheit + Erfolg sind erreicht, müssen aber zeitweise gegen Probleme verteidigt werden (immer vorbereitet sich zu verteidigen). 

Ag am Erhalt der Wertschätzung der eigenen Darbietung muß dauernd gearbeitet werden. 

Au nehmen mehr Verantwortung als nötig, um die Führungs-Position nicht zu gefährden



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