Technetium (Techn)


Vergleich: DD.: Molybdän fühlt sich zur Probe gedrängt und hat viel Angst vor der Präsentation;

Technetium traut sich seine Arbeit zu zeigen (sucht sogar Kritik wie Lob), ist immer mit Verbessern der Technik beschäftigt; = Iod-ähnLICH reichert in Schilddrüse an;

Siehe: Stadium 7 + Periode 5


Entwickeln                                                            Kunst/Kreativität


Negativ: Übt Kunst und Kreativität mit Meister/Lehrer.

Lernend/übend und Zusammenarbeit eigenes Kreatives Potential steigern; halten sich in dem gewählten kreativen Bereich für kreativ + fähig suchen aber durch feed-back + Unterstützung von

erfahrenen Meistern (Guru) besser zu werden; wollen Komplimente (beflügeln eingeschlagenen Weg)/akzeptieren aber auch gerne Kritik und korrigieren dann ihr Werk; arbeiten gerne im Team um voneinander zu lernen; können schlecht alleine arbeiten und bleiben oft Hilfskraft anstatt mit eigener Kreativität herauszutreten; evtl. auch Scheitern durch Steckenbleiben in Verbesserung der Arbeitstechnik, wobei die eigentliche Kreativität auf der Strecke bleibt (Technik prima ohne künstlerische Ausstrahlung);

Found in stellar matter; radio-active; a by-product of the nuclear industry; reactive to hydrogen and sulphide; tarnishes slowly thus inhibiting corrosion;


Gemüt: Verlangt Aktivität (kreativer Aktivität, kreativer Schaffensdrang)

Furcht (in engen Räumen/vor hochgelegenen Orten)

Hochmütig, arrogant


Weibliche Genitalien: Menses reichlich

Glieder: Kälte in Füße

Schlaf: Schläfrig

Träume: Zu fallen, zu stürzen

Hochgelegene Orte

Allgemeines: l.

> im Freien/<: Kälte/kalte Luft/nasses Wetter;



Allerlei: Technetium (Tc) is extremely rare and occurs on Earth’s crust only in minute traces, though measurable quantities, as a spontaneous fission product of uranium. Technetium artificially created element its chemical properties are silver-grey, crystalline transition metal between manganese and rhenium, as predicted by the periodic law, with the atomic number of 43. Its position in the periodic table is in the group 7 (stage 7) of the silver series.


Technetium muriaticum


Vergleich: DD.: Molybdän fühlt sich zur Probe gedrängt und hat viel Angst vor der Präsentation;

Technetium traut sich seine Arbeit zu zeigen (sucht sogar Kritik wie Lob), ist immer mit Verbessern der Technik beschäftigt; = Iod-ähnLICH reichert in Schilddrüse an;

Siehe: Stadium 7 + Periode 5 + Periode 3


[Ai-Ling Su Makewell]

An Integration of Light and Dark

Is unproven, but also of patient’s sensitivity to the remedy. In that, she was able to describe HOW the remedy is working within her as energy and information.

The choice of this remedy, the combination of Technetium and muriaticum, depended purely on the internal logic and the predictive capacity of Scholten’s “Element Theory”. The journey and the result are profound and deep for the patient - it is practically a journey of “soul making”.
My Perspective on the Remedy Potency Given
I was left speechless on listening to Kay’s account of how a dose of 30C could have elicited such a strong effect on her entire being – the 30C seemed to have drawn little physical responses but far greater impact on her whole being. This effect is quite contrary to the hand me down wisdom of the homoeopathic tradition - 30C is considered effective only on the physical plane, if the pathology is on the mental level, then, a higher dose (1M) would need to be given. Kay’s account alone, though a single swallow does not herald the coming of spring, it is a cause for further reflection upon

the homoeopathic remedy potencies and the sphere of their application. Also Kay’s response to the 1M potency - related at the end of this case, may also be cause for rethink in what we know about the homoeopathic potentised remedies.
My postulate is that the various potencies of a homoeopathic remedy may be paralleling the levels of consciousness that correspond to the layers in our auric field - each potency and layer of our aura vibrates at a different frequency rate from one another. The higher remedy potency corresponds to the higher vibrational rates of the higher layers of aura. Each increasing remedy potencies elicits higher and finer energies that may be expressed in terms of thoughts, visions, feelings and emotions (ranges from the mundane to the higher spiritual realm) or as anxiety, fears that are of “unknown origins” just as each progressive layer of aura exists in ever increasing octaves of frequency.
The lower potencies could correlate with the lower layers of our aura; the first three relate to the physical grounding and functioning, emotional aspect and the mental life as

in linear thinking.

Much of our emotional experiences, from birth to the age of seven, have a huge impact on our development throughout the rest of our lives. It is this kind of effect that could cause a feeling of “stuckness” or arrested emotional development and growth, which corresponds to Scholten’s “Element Theory”s stages. If there lacked intervening factors such as the healing of emotional trauma

or critically examining one’s life (e.g. the validity of those indoctrinated belief systems), and the growth in consciousness as in the continuous integration of opposites and the shadow qualities, then, one continues to behave in an “as if” situation e.g. fear of being rejected in every relationship encounter.
The vibrational response in us to the remedy potencies could be similar to the phenomenon that occurs when one strikes a tuning fork and the one near it (of the same length) will also begin to vibrate at the same frequency in giving off the same sound to create harmonies - they follow the laws of harmonic inductance and sympathetic resonance (Brennan, 1988:40).
Potentised remedies are energies that carry messages and information of its original substance in various vibrational frequency, which reaches deeply into the realm of implicate archetypal order. When the potentised remedy is given as a simillimum to an individual, it becomes explicate. Its effects can be observed in the process of healing just as disease manifestations are explicate, reflects the underlying implicate order (Whitmont, 1993). This line of reasoning might also explains the effectiveness of certain potencies, [30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, etc. and not others (120C)].

My view is that the individual homoeopathic remedy potency plays a far more mysterious role in the healing of the psyche (soul) and the somatic manifestation than we currently know and is knowable. Homoeopathy is a work of love via the simillimum; when an individual receives a simillimum (when there is resonance) - a remedy’s vibrational frequency resonates with the individual (acts like the tuning forks), it reaches deeply into those layers lie below consciousness in one’s psyche. The resonate energy dislodges the blockages of painful memories, experiences of trauma that led to skewed perceptions and imbalance, the person, then, becomes more self-accepting, gains insights and remembers “Who we really are”. Healing via homoeopathic potentised remedies thus begins effortlessly that changes perceptions, healing complexes, alters those thought and emotional patterns that no longer serve one, as well as healing the physical manifestations (when the pathology is not too deep, not beyond the point of no return).
The healing process elicited from a low potency of 30C, in Kay’s situation, enabled her to work on her own healing process slowly so that she had the time and energy to process the personal material that is released, and integrate the new information and insights into life without doing harm or being re-traumatised.
Jung writes: … In my experience, the conscious mind can only claim a relatively central position and must put up with the fact that the unconscious psyche transcends and as it were surrounds with it on all sides. Unconscious contents connect it backwards with physiological states on the one hand and archetypal data on the other. But it is extended forwards by intuitions which are conditioned partly by archetypes and partly by subliminal perceptions depending on the relativity of time and space in the unconscious (1989:137-8).
A sense of being more grounded - a part of my core is stronger, not so reactive. I am able to live truer to myself, more authentic. I am observing how I react to my father’s illness whereas I would have gone into feeling unsafe in the past. I feel as if I am really growing-up - though there is also a sense of slight sadness of letting go of the child. I have been exploring how I place “judgment” on myself as well as those coming from outside - I am not taking on board and feeling hurt by these. The energy of jealousy also came up but it had no strength, no impact, it was just there to be acknowledged. I am sleeping more deeply, more dreams and more energy. My perception has changed over time. I no longer feel being pulled in different directions – a much stronger core self."
After Kay took the second dose of 1M in consultation, she relates to me:
"Right side is clearing – the wave of darkness moved out. My abdomen is releasing some energy – it feels like the action of a sedative as if the remedy has its own intelligence to heal wherever there is the need for. As if there is the blueness inside me in parts, feel as if connecting with a Guide or some images – the feeling of ease is the way to be all the time, no need to hold certain beliefs and perceptions, or keep holding the muscles together in order to be - I am releasing what has been held in the body. Now the energy is moving down my legs, operating more physically. I can see what “IS” rather than illusions - previously I tend to see things through illusions. No more “shoulds” feels as if I can shed a lot of stuff in the house [clearing on a symbolic as well as literal sense].

Letting go of “shoulds” is breaking down illusions."
The Guide (spirit) was there when I first took the 30C potency is there now – the sea was deep brown then, I am going into deeper sea, which is not over powering. One time [in the course of treatment], I did go into the sea though felt more like a river. The image of the sea has dark and lightness – in that image I am seeing myself, the sun is deep gold.
The sea is the symbol of the collective unconscious because of its unfathomable depth, and it is also the place for the birth of visions – the rising of the unconscious contents (Jung, 1989:48) of which Kay is beginning to integrate into her conscious personality. The Sun has always been the symbol for the Self, the individuation process, and one’s life purpose.
However, although the above related showed a great deal of promise, there is an interesting twist in Kay’s development and healing journey. A month later, an unexpected down turn after she took the second dose of the 1M potency. She called and made an appointment to see me with feelings of extreme agitation, depression, and uncontrollable shaking as if her whole being is rapidly descending into darkness. There was visible mental and emotional disturbance. Kay was quite distraught and having a really hard time dealing with a lot of past forgotten issues coming into consciousness. My understanding was that the 1M remedy potency, taken one month after the previous remedy of the same strength, was taken too soon therefore causing the disturbance. In other words, it was severe aggravation on the deep psychological level.
Owing to Kay’s sensitivity, I decided to give her the 200C potentised remedy bottle to hold it in her hand - a stepping down to reduce the powerful effect caused by the 1M potency. After 20 minutes, Kay looked much better, calmer and was able to take in some food (toasted bread), then, I gave her a 30C bottle to take home and follow the same procedure if she still has trouble in maintaining equilibrium.
The following is her report a month after the disturbing episode:
The two bottles (200C and 30C) to hold were interesting. The stronger one (200C) I held twice briefly that day and the lower dose bottle (30C) I held once that day and once a week later. Interestingly, when I held the stronger one (200C) for a few moments it seemed to rush across my system and straight to my skeleton and I saw the bones of my left rib cage. I put it down then. When the weather was hot it posed a challenge and I felt rather rocky – on shaky grounds.
It was only a few days before I called to see you I took the second remedy. Those few days felt like I have been traversing rocky roads for a long while. A week after I saw you, I had a dream:
“my 4 wheel drive car (which I don't have) was leaking brake fluid or the brake fluid had leaked out. A group of guys at a service station but who apparently worked with me at my workplace said I needed a complex brake fluid, and one of them took it upon himself to go off and get me the formula. I asked a young girl his name, I had previously called him Glenn but his named sounded like Tourmal or Tormalie.”
When I woke it seemed to me this sounded like Tourmaline, I decided to find the crystal that day to honour and follow my intuition. I only managed to find rings and bracelets and pieces of all different Tourmalines, I bought the bracelet, and have worn it ever since. I felt it has an effect on me straightaway, very very gently.
The interesting thing was when I saw my chiropractor not long after that whole experience, she said the work she could feel in my spine, from the remedy, was nearly worked through.
I am feeling more integrated. I feel wider inside. I can access more options in how I relate to the external world. I can see things more universally rather than personally.

This is the end of this case - a journey of healing that brought integration of the personality and growth consciousness.


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