Abrotanum Kind Anhang 


Vergleich.x Kind Sulphur mit andere Mitteln

Vergleich: Kind in Abrotanum und Aethusa


[Saptarshi Banerjea]

The child can’t be trusted with any valuable china or it will knock it over or drop it. They are bad tempered and have a strangely cruel streak in their makeup.

[Nimich Meeta]

Marasmus of children with marked emaciation (legs); skin flabby and hangs loose in folds.

[Y.R. Agrawal]

Abrotanum: 30th to 200th in infrequent doses in marasmus and wasting. 5 to 10 drops of tincture in an ounce of cod liver oil rubbed over the body of children 2x weekly

has a curative effect in marasmus. 3x serviceable in rheumatic complaints and oozing of blood from navel of new born.


OBSTINATE, headstrong (Contrary; Disobedience; Pertinacity;

DULLNESS, sluggishness, difficulty of thinking and comprehending, torpor (Drunkenness; Ideas - deficiency; Slowness)


Positivenes; Shrieking - obstinateSADNESS despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy

(Delirium - sad; Discouraged; inconsolable; fear - sadness) children


Cross and peevish.

Awkward and clumsy.

Child does not like to be handled.


Moaning. groaning and whining.



Cannot hold his head up.

Generalized and rapid marasmus (legs) with a very good appetite.

Blue rings around dull-looking. hollow eyes.

Coldness of fingers (fingertips/feet)

Other important symptoms


Anger and irritability in children with worm affections.

Dullness in children.

Frightened easily.

Sensitive to touch.


Cannot hold his head up due to the weakness of the neck muscles.

Examination findings:

- Hydrocephalus.

- Veins on the forehead and temples are distended.


Unable to open the eyelids due to weakness of the ocular muscles.

Examination findings:

- Blue rings around dull-looking. sunken. hollow eyes.

- Stricture of the lachrymal duct.


Dryness of the nose with epistaxis of bright red blood.


Metastasis of mumps to the testicle or mammary glands.

Examination findings:

- Hemangioma of the face.

- Wrinkled. cold. dry and pale. as if old.


Hot and dry.

Tongue sore.


Ravenous appetite; child constantly cries for food.

Vomiting of large quantities of offensive fluid.

Aversion: Sweets;

Desire: Boiled milk. bread and bread boiled in milk;

Examination findings:

- Pyloric stenosis in neonates.


Delay in the healing of the umbilicus after the umbilical cord has dropped off

Tuberculous peritonitis and tabes mesenterica.

Examination findings:

- Ascites.

- Bloated and distended.

- Enlarged mesenteric glands.

- Hard lumps felt in different parts of the abdomen.

- Oozing of blood and moisture from the umbilicus in newborns.


Diarrhea # constipation.

Diarrhea # rheuma.

Suddenly checked diarrhea. followed by protruding piles.

Examination findings:

- Stool examination: Ascarides and pinworms.

Male organs:

Hydrocele after scarlet fever or suppressed eruptions

Swelling of the testes after an episode of mumps.

Respratory organs:


Respiratory affections from suppressed eruptions.


Acute endocarditis.

Metastasis of gout or rheumatism to heart.

Examination findings:

- Pulse small and weak.


Neck weak and emaciated; cannot hold the head up.

Spinal meningitis and myelitis.

Examination findings:

- Kernig’s sign +


Awkward and clumsy with tendency to drop things easily (Apis).

Sequelae (metastasis) of gout or rheumatism to heart.

Shortening of muscles and tendons.

Tends to lie prone from soreness and weakness of all the muscles.

Arthritic nodosities (juvenile arthritis and Still’s disease).

Rheuma after suddenly checked diarrhea.

Examination findings:

- Coldness of fingers (fingertips and feet).

- Gait: Choreoform, uncoordinated.

- Gouty swelling of the wrist and ankle joints.

- Marasmus of lower extremities spreading upwards.


- Ailments from suppressed skin eruptions.

Examination findings:

- Excrescences. fungus haematodes.

- Nevi.


Hemolytic anemia.

Iron deficiency anemia.

Vitamin B12 or megaloblastic anemia.


Lies with the legs drawn up.

Restless sleep; child sees frightful dreams and wakes up trembling.


Anaphylaxis after BCG vaccine.

Contradictory and alternating states.

Development arrested.

Generalized and rapid marasmus (legs) with a very good appetite. (Nash: Lyc. Nat-m. Sanic. emaciate from above downwards. Abrot emaciates from below upwards.)

Metastasis. either spontaneously or from some kind of other local treatment (rheumatic fever followed by sore throat or heart trouble or cases where the sore throat cleared up and now the child

has rheumatic problems). Children who have been wrongly treated by anti-tubercular drugs later develop arthritis or rheuma.

Very chilly and worse from cold and damp.



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