Acer saccharum (Acer-s) = Marsh sugar maple


Themes Mentals [Jason-Aeric Huenecke]

Assertive, Forthright vs. Non-motivation

                       Includes a sense of apathy and lethargy that can prevent a person from moving forward. They may have “many thoughts”, but little or no desire to act.

Other side of this they may feel assertive or forthright allowing them to speak their mind. They can feel the desire to act “reckless”, to act on impulses they have “held back” in the past.

Attraction, Amorous, Sex

Burning, Heat, Fire and Color Red

Calm, Quiet, so Peaceful as if Gently Moving vs. enraged

True polar opposites in extremes. The rage can be sudden and forceful + stabbing movements/feels uncontrollable and it might be in response to a perceived intrusion into their

personal property, like someone reading “their journal“. The complete opposite of this is the sense of calmness that can be “gently moving” and peaceful, “as if in a water world“.

Connection vs. Disconnection

central theme: at the base of this state is a feeling of intense isolation and disconnection from others. It is almost leprous in its intensity and includes the feeling of exclusion.

“I have felt more alone than ever; completely, completely alone,” as if in a “tunnel” underground, excluded, “I didn’t have a place where I belonged“. It is as if there is “as wall

between them and others“.

Other side of isolation is connection. The nature of the connection is deep and intuitive. It’s a connection where one might “read each other minds, or finish each other's thoughts“.

It’s also a sense of community. This “intuitive” connection was also felt towards nature. They were entranced with the blending of nature around them.

Effects of Excessive Sugar Consumption

Giddiness, Laughing, Jesting, Goofiness

            They could exhibit a giddiness and silliness/might be hyper-active and restless at times, hearing their heartbeat louder than normal.

They might feel spacey or even intoxicated, in almost a “sedated”, druggy like state. 

Awareness of Heartbeat, Increased Pulse

Hyperactive, Restless, Fidgety

Intoxicated, Druggy Feeling, Sugar Cravings

Lightness, Floating, Weightlessness

Piercing, as if by arrow or spear

Key part is the sensation of being “pierced“. From the method of tapping a Maple tree for sap, this sense of being pierced or stabbing by a sharp instrument is seen throughout the state.

The key to differentiate from other plants or trees with connection and disconnection themes. There can also be much flushing, heat and burning in this state.

Unmotivated, Held Back


Vergleich: Siehe: Sapindales + Baumgruppe + schafft für andere Lebewesen Lebensraum.


 Mind: Ailments - from disappointment/ quarreling


 Ambition, loss of

 Anger - with indignation/sudden/with stabbing

 Animal consciousness



 Attractive, feels

 Aversion, to members of family


 Burn, things, desire to


 Caressing, inclination to caress

 Clairvoyance, „As if reading one’s mind“

 Company, aversion to, desire for

 Connection, intimate, feeling of

 Concentration, difficult;

 Confident (assertive)



 Countryside, desire for;


 Déjà vu

 Delusion – alone/alien, familiar things seem strange/is doing drugs/excluded from party/hearing noise/held back/intoxicated/isolated from others (in a tunnel)/body feels light („As if filled with air“)/seeing [blood/fire/insects (spiders)/mushrooms growing on tree branches]/someone is behind him/thoughts are separated from him/of waves/weightless, as if light on feet.

 Going toI see another picture closing my eyes. This time it is me lying on my back and a spear or a long arrow is being pierced through myfront to back, right through the constricted area. I know it is killing me. If the stabbing through my throat does not suffocate me, the piercing of the spear through the back of my neck (spine) will surely do the trick.





 Exertion, physical activity desires


 Fear - of apoplexy/of death/of night/of shadows/of being alone



 Grief, with indignation


 Heartbeat, body, feels throughout


 Howling, night;





 Irritability, evening;



 Magnetizing, others;


 Mood, changeable


 Piercing, sensation of



 Quiet, wants to be

 Sadness, after quarrel with husband

 Sexual desire, increased


 Red, desire for color



 Sensitive, to all external impressions;


 Spaced-out feeling;

 Stabbing, desire to


 < thinking of his complaints

 Time - appears shorter/passes too quickly/passes too slowly;


 Touched, aversion to be;

 Tranquility (= calmness/serenity);

 Violence, aversion to;

 Violence, focused, desire to explode with

 Will, loss of will power

Dreams: (((<<< viele >>>)))

Vertigo: < in bed/< lying down

must hold on to something;

with obscurated vision

Head: Complaints of the head + ear pain, eructation, palpitations

Constriction „As if band or hoop“

Pain - < bending forward/burning/> drinking/> eating/ext. jaw/in forehead behind eyes/in temples/in one spot - extends, moves/< noise/on waking/pressing (in-/outward)/pulsating/sharp/sudden)

Tenderness of scalp, < touch of scalp/< yawning


„As if pressure on the back of head, like a string wrapped around head and body in a spiral from r. to l., kind of drawing together“

Eye: Desires to close eyes



„As if discharges sticky“ 

Discoloration, red

Drooping lids


Fullness of lids

Inflammation, conjunctiva

Itching in canthi

Movement, rapid

Photophobia, night


Swelling, edematous

Twitching, constant, daily, left eye



Vision: Acute

Blurred/bright/foggy/loss of peripheral vision/“As if in a tunnel“

Ear: Fullness, sensation


Lobe itches

Noises, flapping

Pain, burning, > eating, lpressing pain „As from a band“


Stopped sensation


Wax, dry, excess, increased, discharging 21 days

Hearing: Acute, night

Illusions, his own voice, noises – echoes, strange sounds




Nose: Acute


Epitasis after anger

Odors, imaginary and real, musty

Face: Coldness

Discoloration – red/dark circles under the eyes, grayish

Eruptions, eyes below, herpetic circinate

„As if eruption on lip“

Heat, flushes of/“As if sensation of heat“

Itching/burning, stinging

Numbness, tingly, as if Novocain in it

„As if thinner“


Mouth: Dryness

Numbness, lips, tongue (one side)

Salivation (increased + by appetite increased/with a sensation of dryness)

Taste – diminished/like chemicals

Ulcers, cankers

Teeth: < cold water

Pain – aching (< chewing)

Sensitive tender.

Throat: „As if closed“



„As if lump“ [< swallowing liquids (with eructations)]

Hawk, disposition to

Mucus (tenacious in the morning)

Pain - < air/burning/scratchy

„As if water going reverse“ after swallowing

Suffocative sensation, „As of throat would close“


External throat: Discoloration, redness in spots

Stomach: Anxiety felt in stomach

Appetite – diminished/increased

Digestion – disrupted/after eating


Eructation < after drinking water


< Grief

Heartburn < after eating


Nausea (< odors)

Pain, burning, cramping, hunger from, cutting pains



Thirst - extreme, unquenchable

Uneasiness (after eating)

Abdomen: Gurgling

Heaviness before menses

Pain, cramping before diarrhea/stabbing, in spot

Rectum: Hemorrhoids, burning, itching

Pain - hot, sticking pain

Stool: Loose (copious/soft, mushy)

Odor, sour

Undigested food of the previous day (lienteric)

Bladder: Fullness, sensation of

Urination, forcible stream, involuntary, with frequency, with urgency.

Kidneys: Pain, sharp

Pulsation r. lying on l. side

Urethra: Pain - on urination/burning (lasting after urination)

Urine: Odor strong

Male organs: Sexual desire, increased

Female organs: Leukorrhea - clear, thin, white

Masturbation, disposed to + by aversion to coition

Menses - copious, heavy flow/clotted 1st day/red bright/too early

Ovaries „As if pulled together by a string“

Pain – cramping/during menses constant, exhausting, > heat

Sexual desire – increased/wanting

Sensation as if something was gripping my internal organs and squeezing or constricting them and would not let go.

Respiration Difficult/superficial.

Cough: Dry; Mucus, chest in.

Chest: Arrhythmia, palpitation of the heart, irregular


 < Eructation


 Flushes of heat in upper chest 

 Complaints of mammae before menses: -heaviness, tenderness


 Pain, cutting, darting pain between left nipple and axillae/intermittent/burning in lungs/pressing, stitching


„As if a bubble in chest“

Image: heart was cracking like an egg shell cracks.

Back: Compression, lumbar-sacral region

Energy rushing up spine

Heat in lumbar region

Lameness in lumbar region

Pain in cervical region ext. jaws, lumbar region, sore before menses

Extremities: Clumsy


Pain – aching/in l. sciatic nerve + by uterine complaints/stabbing, sharp 

Pulsation in fingers Tipps

Sleep: Deep

Falling asleep - in daytime/early


Desire to nap

Waking – refreshed/late

Chill: Lasting all day/sudden

Fever: Sudden

Skin: < Coldness

Itching (without eruptions)

Eruptions – itching/herpetic (curative)




„As if heat“

Generals: < Cold/sensitive to cold


Food and drinks: Aversion: to food on attempting to eat; <: Choc/meat/wine; Deaires: fruits/tea/water/meat;

Heat, flushes of/lack of vital heat

< autumn


Allerlei: “Sugar maple is the only tree today used for commercial syrup production, its sap has twice the sugar content of other maple species. The sap collected in the spring, is concentrated by boiling or reverse osmosis,

with about 35 - 40 liters of sap making 1 liter of syrup. A single tree may produce 5 - 60 liters of sap per year. Nights below freezing and days at higher than 5° are needed to ensure good sap flow. Sugar maple was the premier source of sweetener with honey to Native Americans/early European settlers. Native Americans also used sugar maple sap for sugar and candies, as a beverage, fresh or fermented into beer, and soured into vinegar and used to

cook meat. White-tailed deer, moose, and snowshoe hare commonly browse sugar maple. Red squirrel, gray squirrel, and flying squirrels feed on the seeds, buds, twigs, and leaves. Porcupines consume the bark and can girdle

the upper stem. Songbirds, woodpeckers, and cavity nesters nest in sugar maple. Although the flowers appear to be wind-pollinated, the early-produced pollen may be important to the biology of bees and other pollen-dependent insects because many insects (bees), visit the flowers.

Acer saccharum grow in clusters called a sugar bush. The Anishinabe, whose name means “the original people” in the Ojibwa language refer to the tree as “Ininatig”, the man-tree, “a reminder of the importance of the

lifesaving food in the harsh winters of the northern woods”.


Analgesic/anti-diarrheal/blood purifier/diuretic/treat eye complaints (blindness)/skin conditions/shortness of breath, as a pulmonary and expectorant cough medicine, gynecological and venereal aid.


In Celtic Astrology, the Maple Tree represents independent thinking and unity, dates of birth fall on April 11 - April 20 and October 14 - October 23. People born under this sign are said to be imaginative, reserved, ambitious

and like to impress people.


With the coming of Fall, the leaves of the Sugar Maple turn a glorious, vibrant shade of red. At first the tree will shift to a yellow color and then eventually turn to a magnificent shade of crimson. Over a forest of deciduous

trees in the fall the maple will stand out and draw your attention. Its beauty and attraction are clear to the viewer. It’s as if it doesn’t mind getting your attention and even desires this.

Maple trees are tapped for sap that is used for Maple syrup and related products in the spring. Both the method of tapping as well as the nature of the sugary sap extracted are present in the remedy. Tapping the Tree  The flow

of sap is highly dependent upon weather conditions. Flow does not begin until after a time of hard freeze, followed by several sunny days with temperatures in the 40s°. The peak flow occurs early in the sugaring season when

it freezes at night and is bright and sunny the next day with the temperature in the 40s°. The flow will stop when daytime temperatures do not go above freezing, or when night temperatures do not go below freezing. The flow

usually lasts roughly three to four weeks. While it flows, collect daily the sap, preferably late afternoon. If the trees are tapped too soon and flow does not begin, it is possible that the holes will seal over and subsequent flow is inhibited significantly.

An American Indian Legend - Nation Unknown

Long ago, Axsìnamìnshi, the Sugar Maple, was suffering from an intense itching caused by grubs and beetles burrowing beneath his bark. Though he had many arms and fingers, he could not scratch himself. The itching became unbearable, and all that he could do was to writhe in discomfort and torment. He could do nothing by himself to relieve his suffering!

Finally, unable to bear the itching any longer, he called out to the squirrels, porcupines, and beavers to help him, but they were concerned only with their own affairs and they did not offer any help. All they did was to offer their sympathy. Next, Sugar Maple called to the birds. They too, felt sorry for him, but could do nothing.

Then, Papa'xes, Woodpecker, came along, and he said he could help. So, he brought his cousins, Ulikwàn, Flicker; and Titàs, the Downy Woodpecker. All of them worked very hard and finally were able to pick up every pest

from Sugar Maple's bark, and his itching stopped! What a relief! Axsìnamìnshi thanked Woodpecker and his cousins most happily, and they thanked Sugar Maple for the good meal of grubs and beetles.

Years later, Papa'xes was in distress. Not knowing what to do, he at last came to Axsìnamìnshi, who he hadn't seen in a long time, and he related a sad story to him. Due to a long period without rain, Papa'xes was dying of thirst, and he asked Sugar Maple if he might help.

Sugar Maple, remembering the help he had received from Woodpecker, told him, "Go to my trunk and drill some holes and they will fill up with sap."

Woodpecker flew down and pecked away at the trunk, making many holes. The holes filled up with sap, and Woodpecker drank and joyfully slaked his thirst. Woodpeckers have been drinking from trees ever since. It was from

the Woodpecker, that our Lenape'wak learned that trees give sap and can be tapped.

How Maple-Sugar Came a Native American Tale (Salteaux)

After Nanahboozhoo had given the Wild Roses their thorns, he wandered about the world playing pranks on the Little People of Darkness, so that they determined to be revenged on him and kill his old Grandmother Nokomis. Nanahboozhoo loved his grandmother dearly, and when he knew that the Little People wished to hurt her, he took Nokomis upon his strong back, and flew away with her to a forest. Wonderful was the forest, for it was in the Autumn of the year, and the Maple Trees were all yellow, green, and crimson. From a distance they looked like a great fire. It happened that the Little People followed after Nanahboozhoo, and when they saw the bright colours

of the Maples, through the haze of Indian Summer, they thought the whole world was in flames, and turned back and hid in their holes. Nanahboozhoo was so pleased with the beautiful Maples for having saved his grandmother from the Little People that he decided to live among the trees, and he made old Nokomis a wigwam of their brightest branches.

One day, some Indians came seeking Nanahboozhoo to ask for help. They found him in his grandmother's wigwam among the yellow, green, and crimson Maples, where he received them kindly.

"O Nanahboozhoo," said they, "the Indians of the Far South have a delicious sweet thing they call Sugar, and we have nothing of the kind. We sent runners with gifts to the South to get an abundance of Sugar for our people;

but some of the runners were killed and others wounded. Tell us, therefore, O Nanahboozhoo, how we may make Sugar for ourselves."

At first Nanahboozhoo was greatly puzzled, for he had been in the Southland and knew how hard it was to make Sugar. But old Nokomis, when she heard what the Indians asked, added her pleadings to theirs, for she too had

tasted Sugar and longed for more. Of course Nanahboozhoo could not refuse to help, so he thought a while, and said:

"Since the beautiful Maples were so good to Nokomis, henceforth in the Spring of the year they shall give the Indians sweet sap. And when the sap is boiled down thick and delicious, it will cool and harden into Sugar."

Then Nanahboozhoo gave the Indians a bucket made of Birchbark, and a stone tapping-gouge with which to make holes in the tree-trunks; and he shaped for them some Cedar spiles or little spouts, to put in the holes, and

through which the sap might run from the trees into buckets. He told them, too, that they must build great fireplaces in the woods near the Maple groves, and when the buckets were full of sap, they must pour it into their kettles, and boil it down. And the amount of Sugar they might boil each Spring would depend on the number of Cedar spiles and Birchbark buckets they made during the Winter.

And every Springtime since, when the Frost is going out of the ground and the Arbutus blossoms under the snow, the sweet sap mounts through the trunks of the Maple Trees, and the Northern Indians gather the sap, and say,

"This is the way Nanahboozhoo taught us to make Maple-Sugar!"



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