Ammonium benzoicum (Am-be) = Ammonium + Benz-ac/NH4+


Negativ: Depressiv/schwach, schwere Kopf, wenig Urin, Gicht;

Heaviness and a need to enlarge and then escape.

[Joy Lucas]

the cloud hanging over this remedy is one of heaviness and a need to enlarge and then escape.

The head is heavy and they feel stupid and gloomy. Many parts of the body become swollen or bloated, especially the eyes, lids, face, tongue. Escape comes in the form of rising

warmth from the stomach which turns into eructations which can be acid. There is mucous in the throat with a need to spit it out (an escape), there is an urgent need for stool to escape.

Urine retained and scanty and there is an unusual symptom with the urine (smoky) this might be a connection with original soot of the ammonia.

Benzoicum brings a gouty constitution (r. sided). Gout is all about retention and accumulation of crystals and stones –  emotionally with the ammoniums it is disappointments.

Benzoicum dwells persistently on the past (hear voices that might be connected to the past) they want to be carried, cuddled and nursed (protected);

[Dr. Rajan Sankaran]

Useful in albuminuria complicated with gout. The appearance: eyelids swollen and the face bloated. The urine is smoky and scanty, is full of albumen


Kopf: Schmerz (dumpf/bei Urämie)/Schweregefühl

Auge: Schwellung der Lider - ödematös

Gesicht: Gedunsen (um die Augen)/Schwellung - ödematös

Mund: Ranula, Froschgeschwulst/Zunge geschwollen r.

Magen: Verdauungsstörung

Bauch: Zirrhose der Leber, Leberzirrhose

Nieren: Beschwerden der Nieren r./entzündet

Entzündung (parenchymatös) chronisch/Nierenversagen

Blase: Urinieren unwillkürlich bei alten Menschen

Urin: Dick/eiweißhaltig (+ Gicht)/Farbe - rauchig/Geruch - kräftig; intensiv nach Urin/übel riechend/spärlich

Rücken: Schmerz in Sakralregion + Stuhldrang

Glieder: Entzündete Gelenke/Gichtknoten

Schmerz - rheumatisch/[in Gelenke gichtig (+ Gichtablagerungen)/rheumatisch]/in große Zehe rheumatisch

Allgemeines: 3 h.

Entzündete Gelenke/Schmerz (wandernd, sich verschiebend)/

Wassersucht (äußerlich/innerlich)

Harnsäure Diathese


Repertory: [Mrinal Mohapatra]

Eyes: Feeling of swelling and soreness, apparently in puncta and saccus lachrymalis.

Eyelids swollen. θ Albuminuria.

Face: Face bloated. θ Albuminuria.

Mouth: Swelling under tongue, right side, like ranula.

Stomach: Eructation of food without acidity, with apparent weakness of digestion, or acid eructations.

Increased warmth in stomach.

Slight discomfort in stomach.

Abdomen: Sensation of soreness between abdominal rings, in spermatic cord, and extending slightly downward.

Rectum: Pain across sacrum with urgency to stool.

Urinary Organs: Sensation of internal soreness on pressure in leaning back against cushioned back of carriage, in region of right kidney.

Bloated face, eyelids swollen, head heavy, stupid ; urine scanty, smoky. θ Albuminuria.

Larynx and Trachea: Increased mucous secretion in larynx, causes frequent hawking and spitting.

Respiratory Organs:

Back: Pain across sacrum with urgency to stool.

Soreness in region of right kidney when pressing back against seat of carriage.


Pulse: Increased frequency of pulse.

Locality and Direction: Right: swelling under tongue ; soreness in kidney.

Sensations: Soreness: and swelling in eyes; in region of r. kidney; between abdominal rings, in spermatic cord.

Increased warmth and discomfort in stomach.

Pain: across sacrum.

Tissues: Albuminuria.

Gout with fluid in great toe-joint or with lithates.


Vergleich: Ammoniums haben Sulphur-eigenschaften

DD.: Benz-ac. (gout, rheuma and kidney affections)/Am-p.(gouty deposits).

Gnaph. (gouty concretions), Caust. Tereb. (smoky, albuminous urine, rheuma).

Siehe: Ammoniums


Wirkung: lithämisch/psorisch            r. seitig           



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