Aranea ixobola (Aran-ix) = schwarze Nachtspinne/= Brückenkreuzspinne/= Schwarze Kreuzspinne/= Papal Cross Spider


Vergleich: Araninum (= Gift Aranea ixobola). Tarent. Visc.

Siehe: Spinnen + Anhang (Peter Fraser/Frans Vermeulen) + Giftengruppe


Kind/Anhang: "In the Aranea ixobola patients that I have seen, the teasing nature is sometimes manifested as non-cooperation. Children may refuse to speak when asked

questions and remain stationary while their mother tells of their intense restlessness, just to prove that she is wrong. They are restless, and have poor impulse control.

[Nandita Shah, Horn. Links 2/96]

They can be deceitful - after doing something wrong, they act charmingly and win you over. They like animals in general“;

Negativ: A. Fröstelt + > frische Luft + empfindlich Kälte (Teilen);

Raucht viel/abwesend/abgelenkt, euphorisch („Wie Wein“)/Redeschwall + Bedürfnis zu reden/witzelt, Stimme veränderlich, verlangt Bewegung, innere UNruhe,

„Wie bei Rauchern“/nichts = schnell genug fertig, Zeit = langsam, empfindlich Geräusche/Gerüchen, gestörten Schlaf (Träumen), > + verlangt: Rauchen/Kaffee/Süßes;

< Alkohol/Fett;

1. Muss sprechen + möchte plagen, 2. Genug vom Leben; depressiv/unhöflich/unverschämt/Tätigkeit abgeneigt, Leber/Galle, verlangt nach Rauchen;

[Philippa Fibert]

Aranea ixobola is the cross spider, a garden spider that spins a web. Their web is destroyed by rain, and we know the fate of Incy Winsy Spider:

Incy wincy spider climbed up the water spout,

Down came the rain and washed poor Incy out,

Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain,

So Incy wincy spider climbed up the spout again.

Incy wincy spider climbed up the water spout,

Down came the rain and washed poor Incy out,

Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain,

So Incy wincy spider climbed up the spout again.

This spider is more confident than the smaller Aranea diadema which can suffer from low self esteem. This one is cheeky, boastful, teasing, sarcastic.

Also keen on exercise, football, going to the gym, training, boxing. It can be a remedy for repeated broken bones, sports injury, tendons, ligaments. The sensation is Crunch!

Aranea spiders tend their young and in the Aranea ixobola remedy picture there is a tendency to worry about their health and concern for loved ones’ health is amplified.

Physical symptoms: eczema and asthma.


Spider belonging to the Araneida order of the class Arachnida. The name of the order derived from Arachne, a Lydian girl who could weave so well she challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving match. In her recklessness, she went so far as to ridicule the gods in the scenes in her woven designs. The irate Athena consequently tore up Arachne's work and changed Arachne herself into a spider, so that she could weave to her heart's content for all eternity. Together with the crustacea, millipedes, centipedes, insects, etc., the spiders belong to the Arthropoda, a major division of the animal kingdom, with segmented bodies and jointedappendages. Spiders differ from the insects in that their body has two rather than three parts, they have four pairs of legs rather than three, and they have no antennae or larva and chrysalis stage. Aranea ixobola spins a round web spider.

These spiders make up a separate category and are characterised by their beautiful regular webs. The wheel-web spider does not repair its web, but simply removes the sticky

spirals every night and weaves new ones. The prey [insects] is simply grabbed, bitten and carefully woven in thread. An oily layer on the feet ensures that the spider does not

stick to its own threads. The spider's thread consists of a complicated albuminoid protein produced as a liquid that hardens immediately when stretched into fine threads and

exposed to the air. The threads visible to the naked eye are actually a combination of many microscopicallyh thin threads. They are extremely elastic and very strong.

To protect itself from falling, the wheel-web spider attaches itself to its high perch using an anchor thread, and weaves its web from there. The mid-point represents the original

nest, the radial threads are the lines along which the spider moves from the central nest and the cross-threads or spirals are later additions, with a gummy surface to trap flying

insects. To span an area, the spider hangs on a sturdy thread and floats a fine thread across on the air. This fine thread is then tightened, while the spider walks across it

[as it rolls up the fine thread and later discards it] and attaches the first, reinforced thread. This becomes the bridge on which it hangs the web.

Spiders can predict the weather extremely accurately. For example, a spider working quietly at its web means calm weather, and rain can be expected if the spider abandons

its work. A black cross spider found in Europe/America, and is much larger than Aranea diadema. It is a powerful hunter, and one of its favourite locations is under wooden bridges.


Peripheral nervous system. Muscles. Stomach; liver; gall bladder.


M Absent-mindedness, difficult concentration, tendency to do nothing but smoke.

M Euphoric state, as if he has drunk wine, talkative and need for speaking. Followed by a melancholic mood, tired of living, irritability.

M Internal restlessness & difficult concentration.> OPEN AIR. "The restlessness is reminiscent of the nervousness of the smoker who tries to calm himself by lighting another cigarette." [Mezger]

"Idea that nothing is finished soon enough." M Pleasure in teasing others. "In the Aranea ixobola patients that I have seen, the teasing nature is sometimes manifested as non-cooperation. Children may refuse to speak when asked questionsand remain stationary while their mother tells of their intense restlessness, just to prove that she is wrong. They are restless, and have poor impulse control. They can be deceitful - after doing something wrong, they act charmingly and win you over. They like animals in general."

[Nandita Shah, Hom. Links 2/96]

M Oversensitive to noises and odours. M Fear that relatives will die. [Klein] M Cunning; deceitful; witty. Complex people, talking hurriedly and associating their ideas easily. Go from one extreme to another. [Klein] G Chilly, but > open air.Sensation of general or local coldness. G Desire to move.Feels better in open air. G Desire for sweet foods, which are well digested. Craving for meat and cheese, [Shah]

G > Smoking. Strong desire for tobacco [on account of internal restlessness].

G > Coffee.

G Disturbed sleep, by anxious or fearful dreams.[quarrels; death of near relative, wife or husband] G < Rest [evening, lying in bed].< Alcohol.

G > Motion [digestive organs; heart].> Continued motion [joints].

G > Bending backward and stretching [abdominal complaints].

G > Eructations; flatus; stool. G Sensation of internal trembling.& Desire for motion, and hurry. "Idea that nothing is finished soon enough." [Mezger]

G Vertigo. & Sensation of heat in head.

P Dull, stinging headache, esp. on the right side.< Bending; alcohol.> Open air; smoking.

P Sensation of dryness in mouth and pharynx, sometimes localised on only one side.

P Pressing and cramping pain, fullness and heaviness, in stomach and hepatic region.< Fats and rich food; alcohol.> Pressure with closed fist.

P Pain in abdomen, esp. in region of gall bladder.< Lying on right side and when curled up; bending; motion of right arm.> Bending backward; rising and walking; flatus

and stools.

P Sensation of dryness in trachea.& Intense thirst for cold drinks.

P Cervicobrachial neuralgia.

P Heaviness of the arms (r. hand).& Sensation of swelling and awkwardness in right hand.

P Increase of trembling of hands.


MIND: Absent-minded

Answer, answers snappishly 

Delusions, everything seems unreal ; of being smaller *

Dreams of quarrels; violence Mental exertion <.

Hurry. Impolite Restlessness > open air.

Snippish  Witty talk Teasing

Time passes too slowly, appears longer Witty

VERTIGO: With nausea

HEAD: Pain, headache > profuse urination 

THROAT: Pulsating & palpitation of heart

STOMACH: Vomiting < wine

ABDOMEN: Distension of right hypochondrium Pain > bending backward; pain in gall bladder, biliary colic 

FEMALE ORGANS: Bloody leucorrhoea before menses 

CHEST: Palpitation of heart immediately after lying; palpitation ext. epigastrium

EXTREMITIES: Coldness of painful parts  Pain in left leg, sciatica; > motion 

GENERALITIES: Continued motion > Numbness of single parts  Warm and wet weather < 


Aversion: Fats and rich food;

Desires: Cheese/meat/sweet food/tobacco;

<: Alcohol/fats/rich food/wine;

>: Coffee/tobacco;


[JJ Kleber]

UNruhe und innere Hast wie alle Spinnen, aber erfolgreich in der Arbeit, meist gebildet und vielschichtiger, scharfer Verstand, aber unterschwellig aggressiv (ärgert damit andere); bedacht auf Ordnung (vor allem Interpersonell) und viel selbstsicher als Aranea diadema (Rubrik dictatorial: kontrolliert Personen seiner Umgebung); kann neugierig und charmant sein, aber oft „rude“ und snippisch (hält Kontrolle durch Sticheleien); starke Sorge um Angehörige mit nervös hastiger Angst, um deren Gesundheit (fordert dann aggressiv sofortige Hilfe). Hat wie viele Spinnen zwanghaftes Suchtverhalten [versteckte sexuelle Süchte (Pornografie/Affären)];

DD.: Med. bei Aran-ix. eher Nahrungssüchte; Geruchssinn akut (Dysosmien); Schwere, Kälte und Pelzigkeit obere Extremitäten; trockene Halsschmerz; Bauch aufgetrieben,

explosive Durchfall; Ekzeme, Hautrisse, Psoriasis; Konzentrationsstörung + zerstreut (< geistige Arbeit), Depression (antriebslos) + gereizt.

Frostig wie alle Spinnen, aber Hitzewallungen zum Kopf; > durch Bewegung; >> Bewegung in frischer Luft; Wie viele Spinnen: > Tabak/> Rückwärtsbeugen + Strecken;

> lokale Wärme (außer am Kopf). < morgens;

Kropf, Leber und Gallenblase, Arthritis (Schmerz in Gelenken/Muskeln, plötzliche Nackenschmerz), Hauterkrankungen (Psoriasis);


Fall: Frau, 37 Jahre alt, verheiratet, 1 Kind; hat eine Schilddrüse Überfunktion. Das oben stehende passt 100%. In ihre Hast keift sie, schimpft nicht aber schreit lauthals mit

schrecklich durchdringende Stimme/Macht unerwartet, gehässige Bemerkungen. Läuft 3x die Treppe hoch und herunter, weil sie vieles vergisst. Will alles unter Kontrolle haben. Nach Einnahme: Keift weniger, läuft statt 3x, 1x.


Allerlei: Netzwebende Spinne ursprünglich aus Amerika (jetzt auch in Europa), Aranea diadema ähnLICH, aber viel größer.



Gemüt: (antwortet) bissig, schnippisch/diktatorisch/reizbar/gereizt

Qualvolle Angst

Empfindlich gegen Geräusche/Gerüche

Euphorie/Necken/witzig, geistreich

Geistesabwesend/< geistige Anstrengung/Konzentration schwierig


Hast, Eile

Lebensüberdruss/traurig(nach Redseligkeit, Geschwätzigkeit)




Ruhelos (> im Freien)

Unentschlossen/Entscheidungen treffen schwierig

“Wie verlassen“

Verwirrung; geistige

Wahnideen (des Geruchssinns/alles erscheint unwirklich)

Schwindel: im Allgemeine/+ Übelkeit

Mund: Zunge - Aphthen/weiß

Nase: Geruch, Geruchssinn - überempfindlicher Geruchssinn

Innerer Hals: Pulsieren/Zusammenschnürung

Äußerer Hals: Kropf - Basedow

Männliche Genitalien: Erektionen unvollständig

Sexverlangen vermehrt (+ unvollständigen Erektionen/ohne Erektionen/+ körperlicher Schwäche)/ vermindert

Weibliche Genitalien: Fluor (blutig) < vor Menses

Menses zu früh/zu häufig (jede Woche)

Husten: < liegend im Bett/bei Temperaturänderung

Brust: Beklemmung (Herz/< liegend)

Herzklopfen (+ pulsieren im inneren Hals/< liegend

Rücken: Spannung/steif

Glieder: Entzündete Gelenke

Kälte [Füße (nicht > Bewegung)]

Schmerz Beine - Ischiasnerv l.

Schwellung (Arme)/Schweregefühl (Arme)/Spannung/steif

Schlaf: Einschlafen spät/Gestört durch (schreckliche) Träume

Schlaflos durch Gedankenandrang/Ruhelosigkeit

Träume: Gewalttätigkeit/Streitigkeiten/lebhaft/schrecklich/unangenehm/von Tod Verwandten/von verstorbene Ehefrau

Allgemeines: < 1 h./morgens/> abends

Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann Krankheit/Guillain-Barré-Syndrom/Parkinson-Syndrom

< Beugen, Drehen nach hinten

> gehen/> (fortgesetzte Bewegung)/im Freien (verlangt Aufenthalt im Freien)/< Ruhe

Entzündete Gelenke (rheumatoide Arthritis)/Entzündung Nerven


Gefühllos, taub äußerlich/in einzelner Teile

Hitze - Gefühl von/Hitzewallungen (+ Schweiß)/Mangel an Lebenswärme

Hypertonie/ Blutgefäße, Adern - Spasmen

< Kälte/“Wie Kälte in einzelner Teile“/> kalte Luft

Kollaps/Konvulsionen - epileptisch/tetanische Starre; Starrkrampf


Phäochromozytom (= Krebsart)

Rucke innerlich/der Muskeln

Schmerz (ziehend)

Speisen und Getränke: >: Kaffee; <: Alkohol/Wein/Fett; Abgeneigt: Fett; Verlangt: Käse/Süßes;

„Wie elektrischer Schlag“

> Tabak/verlangt Tabak

< im warmen Zimmer/ < nasses warmes Wetter

Zittern äußerlich/innerlich


Komplementär: Lyss (= An),


Unverträglich: Alkohol.

Antidotiert von: Led.


Wirkung: tuberkulin/phosphorisch

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