Argentum sulphuricum

= Geprüft durch Argentum sulphuricum Louis Klein


Vergleich: Siehe: Argentum + Sulphur


"Argentit" wird für die Hochtemperatur-Variante von Silber-Sulfid, nur stabil über 173° C, verwendet. Unter dieser Temperatur wandelt sich Argentit in Akanthit (= Silberglanz) um.


[Louis Klein]

Hannemanian Proving of Argentum Sulphuricum

Master Prover Louis Klein

Co-Master Prover- Emily Mantewsiwich

Compilation and Editing: Sherrill Sullivan

Mind: 02.00:12:42 Crashing pots in dish area (Café area) don‚t startle me (often do).

08.00:15:20 Feel very slow and heavy mentally and physically, but am typing just as normal. Balance seems a little off.

08.00:19:00 Four hours went by very fast, yet I feel so slow and heavy.  I went outside to wait for my husband and was counting cars until he would arrive.  Also as I was standing there, I couldn't keep from swaying from side to side rhythmically for a long time; it felt pleasant.

08.00:20:15 I still feel very slow and that traffic is going too fast, also that time is  still going by very very fast.

09.00:20:49 Disinclination to finish paper work already started.

02.00:20:55  Seem to have a quieter, less impatient quality with people.

All day with daughter better than usual in terms of patience.  Nice scene of daughter and husband playing music together (very rare) and myself just watching, enjoying, not rushing off to do things. 

Yet still doing quite a bit.

Ideas for organizing but still finding notes scattered in different places.

The desire is there to create a workable system.  Starting to pare down the „seven jobs”.  Delegated one easily after seeing that I was going to not manage very well with all this on my plate.  One job

I basically said I can‚t do.

Interestingly I didn’t feel a need or envy or anything driving me to write poetry (no mater how bad) when talking to teacher about his poetry. Connected to reality.

02.00:22:03 Excited to begin to dream.  Excited in general.

09,01:15:15  Friend stopped by and when leaving ˆ I spotted neighbour and started conversation with her ˆ then briefly threw a good bye over my shoulder to the friend. Later I realized I had been very easily distracted in a way I felt was rude.

08,01:17:00 Irritated with husband but didn't feel like going with it or expressing it.  He asked me the names of the two patients I had seen today and I could only remember one, the second.

02, 01:19:53 Met 3x with an old friend today after not seeing him for nearly a year.  Confident, not looking at him with expectation or timid / fear. Basically I don‚t feel as thrown off or tossed around

by the activity around me (I normally do). Mental concentration seems stronger today. Deeper concentration is returning/settling after having been disturbed by the travel and company during the weekend.

02, 01:20:08 Wrote a poem in less than one hour for a contest since others were and I was waiting for someone.  Did it without angst or expectation of greatness. May not be getting enough done during the day ˆ there is a lot to do but not forcing myself to get it all done.

04,02:09:15 Colleague mentions mutual patient, one of three sisters (all are patients).  I can't remember which is which and it's very disorienting.  Not simply a lapse of memory, it actually causes me to feel disoriented.

04,02:10:00 Letting my husband wait on me, asking for what I want.  Working on a case.  Many interruptions, irritating.  Say "if people would leave me alone, I'd get more done."  "I need a door (I can shut)."  I usually just over-ride this sort of comment and don't say them today I express them.

02, 02:12:02 Got upset after breakfast ˆ about laundry.  I felt this was more than normal (if normal is past few months) but also have had a lot of this type over the past couple years.  Difference may be in the feeling of wanting to / and doing some pounding on wood or machine (laundry).  The trigger was that my husband washed clean, dry laundry and left me without things I needed.

02, 02:13:50 Missed the bank, turned around, missed it again.

04,02:16:00 Music on the CD player, instrumental orchestral music.

04,02:16:15 It sounds to me like there are voices in there somewhere, but can't distinguish the words.  I ask my family for confirmation "are there words in this?  Can't you hear that?"

04,02:16:45 Feeling irritable, crabby, somewhat like I'm a bit crazy.  (OS) Wonder if I'm making this whole itching thing up.  There are no spots, no signs.  The symptoms are worse when I pay attention to them, maybe I'm making them up.  Want to be a good prover, want to be an excellent homeopath.  Think I can't do it, can't even be a good prover, blah blah blah.  On the edge of tears.

04,03:09:30 Make up bank deposit at home, add it twice.  Take it to bank and submit to teller who says, "you're shorting yourself $100."  Now this was a significant error in the size of the deposit.  I'm usually better at math than that.

04,04:00:00 Vagueness seems to be a theme.  As my friend and I walk I have difficulty being very specific about some of the things we discuss.

04,04:09:20 I feel depressed, slow, don‚t want to deal with it. My state is one of not being able to focus.  Can‚t decide what to do next.  Get many things part way done.

04,04:13:00 As I get ready for work my nose looks bigger.  (I don‚t think is really is bigger.)

07,04:21:45  I was angry because the house looked like a tornado had hit. Husband said I was snapping at him.

08,05:14:00 Husband observes I have been very focused and productive in my work, but a little absent-minded about other details, such as remembering that we have friends coming over in the afternoon.

04,05:16:00 Don‚t care about much of anything at work ̃the tips reflect this.

08,05:19:00 Friends come to visit and the talk is enjoyable up to a point. Then I feel they are overstaying and imposing.  I would normally invite them to stay for dinner, but decide I won't unless my husband suggests it.  I have several calls from friends and patients which I take in order to excuse myself from the conversation.  I know it is rude, but I am relieved to have an excuse.

02, 05:22:00  Unable to deal with or respond well to daughter‚s moans of discomfort at mosquito bites (old, excuse not to do something)  This is just more accentuated ˆ the feeling of not knowing what to do for her faking or exaggerating side.

08,06:10:30 Actually stepped out of my usual role during an interview and responded to something the patient said. Felt very disconcerted and off balance for the rest of the interview although it went well.

04,06:19:00 At dinner made a few obscure conversational connections that the rest of the family couldn‚t follow but I thought was very funny.  Similar to being stoned on marijuana and the odd connections one will make.  Not as „gone” as with pot though.  This lasted about an hour.

04,07:09:15-10:00  Today I kept trancing out, and almost falling asleep.

08,07:09:30 Still feel very focused and efficient.

02, 07:11:40 Woke a little before 7 am.  Deep sense of happiness.

04,07:16:00 Hair looks kind of limp, flat and oily looking like a cat’s coat does when it‚s sick.

04,07:00:00 Feel mentally alert, except I lost my car. I felt confused and like I probably looked pretty silly.

04,08:05:45  I realize I like to have secrets, I like to know things others. It’s sort of a power trip. I like to think that I‚m magical and special. I procrastinate because I may not be able to magically heal them.

02, 08:10:30 Desiring to cry.  Very sensitive and emotionally weak with kids who seemed more rambunctious.  Better around 11 h.

08,08:13:30 Very busy, productive work.

02, 09:01:10 (am)  As I was writing tonight I found my mistake in the recording of the days since I had to write in a couple of day‚s symptoms and figure out the number. [one day off].

08,09:10:00 We has a surprise overnight guest last night and I found I really enjoyed socializing and entertaining him

04,09:16:40  In traffic I stop so that someone can make a left turn in front of me.  I see an actual questioning expression on the „face‰ of  the **car** not the person in the car, it was very brief, and looked rather cartoonish. I nod to the car, as if to say, yes go ahead, I stopped for you.

08,09:22:30 Inwardly irritable and annoyed by our guests although I know

they are decent people and very friendly.  I found them boring and

predictable, the woman talked too much. At one point I wished I could just

escape, go outside, go to bed.  But I

was outwardly polite.

04,10:00:00 I feel like my mind is making some good connections as if I‚m

getting some healing from the remedy, healing on a wordless level.

04,10:00:00 Feel organized, purposeful.  No more dragging my feet and

thinking I should do that while doing something else entirely.

08,10:07:00 I feel miserable, spacey.

04,11:00:00 Since the proving started I keep seeing people that I think are

others, like people

from the class, people I went to high school with, people from my hometown I

used to wait on.

These aren‚t people I know well that I think I‚m seeing.  Occasionally in

life this happens, but it

seems like it‚s very prominent since I took the remedy.

07,11:06:00  Felt a little aggressive.  A parent challenged me (prover is a

school teacher).  I had

to respond; normally I might have let it go.

02,11:20:30 After the struggles with my daughter I wanted some comfort from

my husband.  When he continued to read rather than relate to me, I went away

crying and hurt.  This didn‚t last long which is distinctive.

02, 12:00:00 I have been feeling lazy ˆ not wanting to do much or tired a

lot.  This relates to why I haven‚t written here.  There seems to be a point

of overload and shut down when I‚m doing too much.  I haven‚t been sick

though, which is often the response I get.

07,12:00:00 A little grouchy.

02,12:20:12 It has been difficult to write the little sx down.  I am loath

to expend the

energy.  Perhaps as I have been using more of it on my daughter who has


My temper with my child seems over all better these past three intensive

days (her with

pink eye).  The only time I seem to not handle my patience well is in the

direct struggle

over her medicine drops. This is particularly hard with the lack of

confidence I have in

myself ˆ highlighted by the use of them at all.  Plus that she is hurt by


07,13:00:00 Short tempered with family.

02,13:08:45 Around 8 am I despaired for my child‚s eyes are not better,

especially that I

couldn‚t survive another 4 days of only nursing her. I also „flipped out‰,

anxious that I

had made it worse for her by using the medicine and not enough homeopathy.

08,13:13:00 Very busy, getting a lot accomplished.  Feel I am better a

organizing and prioritizing things. I feel as though I see things, see

reality, more clearly than usual.  Like seeing deeper into things, this was

a quality throughout the proving.

02, 13:19:00  While putting out supper, wished for proper dishes to make a

nice presentation (very unusual).  Hunted for something for sauce for fish,

unsuccessful but didn‚t matter in the end.  Eating didn‚t interest me at any

point (cooking or sitting to eat).  But tried to make nice stuff anyway, not

satisfied with plain food.

08,14:09:00 Busy making order, organizing, planning projects. Feel a lot of

physical and mental energy.

08,14:15:00 Beautiful weather, can't resist being outdoors, enjoying the

smells and working in the earth.

04,15:05:30 It‚s almost time to leave.  I‚ll be late.  Oh well, doesn‚t

upset me much.

02, 15:20:45 I‚m noticing tonight that I‚m staring more and differently.

Feel that I‚m not doing this proving properly because of inability to devote

time to clarify the sx.

04,16:18:00 Forgot to call supervisor, wrote it down in the wrong place.

Somewhat unusual for me, I usually remember appointments.

09,17:00:00 Upset about interaction with peer at work. Ongoing animosity but

some angry notes to me ˆI really felt like gut-punched. I had gone to

supervisor to c/o about her work.

02, 17:22:42 (writing about 2 16 @19:00) Hit an elk.  My husband driving,

daughter in back.  I was in the passenger front seat.  Quite lucky to be OK.

As far as sx go ˆ there was a good deal of calm in me, helping my daughter

cope and husband deal with it afterward.  I was fairly detatched even going

up and moving aside a chunk of the guts to get it off the road (the bulk was

moved by 3 guys).  Could look very objectively at the liver, etc.   Also

this didn‚t result in a nervous response later, at least so far.  I did

forget a few small responsibilities this morning but I don‚t think that

represents any Sx.  There was quite a moment of fright, bouncing in the car

to stop and watching the car behind us nearly swerve into us after flying

over the carcass.

07,13:00 Short tempered with family.  A little impatient with kids at

school; got

onto (scolded?) art class about coming into room noisily.

07,18:00:00 Short [tempered] with family.

04,18:11:00 Haircut, fluffy, cute.

07,19:00 Very short tempered with family.  Low patience for non-compliance

with kids,

and husband‚s work schedule.  He has been gone every night.  He says I‚m

being non-

supportive.  He says I‚m being selfish.

04,19:00:00 Slight feelings that people are talking about me behind my back.

Partly why I got my haircut, though internally I wanted to anyway.

08,19:12:00 Driving the car about seventy miles, driving slower than usual,

not wanting to speed up and pass although I know this frustrates my husband

who is with me.  Just want to feel unhurried and enjoy the scenery.

08,19:18:00 Cooking food to take to an elderly friend and observe myself

doing it in an extremely efficient and matter-of-fact way, wanting to do it

well but not spend too much time.  This focused, practical frame of mind has

been quite typical lately. Not cutting corners, but not wasting time either.

Not planning, just jumping in and doing and finishing.

07, 20:00:00 Very short tempered with family.  Had an argument with husband


kids went to bed, yelling.  And he tells me I only think of myself and how

things affect

me.  I did not cry like I usually do when we have these kin of talks.  I

just thought about

what he said and decided I would really try tomorrow to think of everyone in

the family

before myself.  Although I did not view my actions in the same way he did.

I do not

think he is wrong; I just looked at my life like everyone was doing things

to me, so I was

frustrated.  He said I was only having a selfish outlook.

08,20:11:00 Received bad news about my brother's state of health. Felt like


but wanted to suppress that feeling, didn't feel it was helpful.   Instead

was sad but

philosophical about it, thinking about the positive things in his life.

07,22:00:00 Mood seemed okay unless challenged or provoked.  Then I seemed


attack, verbally.  I couldn‚t let anything pass, I had to make a response.

04,24:10:00 Losing some words.  e.g. „anemia‰  couldn‚t think of the name of

the condition.  At a meeting with an acquaintance I‚ve had some problems

with in the past.  I don‚t know if it‚s self-consciousness that causes the

lapse.  I‚m having difficulty following the conversation.

04,24:10:00 It‚s hard to be cordial to this woman. Persistent thoughts about

this woman, she‚s out to get me for some reason, (possibly jealous of my

position in the esteem and affection of another woman.)[I honestly think

this is part of what‚s going on, not part of a delusional state from the

remedy].  She doesn‚t have the same ethics I do, I‚m trying to be

professional about it all, but she‚s bugging the hell out of me.  My

thoughts go round and round and round.  Discuss it with my husband, my best

friend, my proving supervisor, another friend, still another friend.  I‚m

trying to work this out.  Why is she acting this way?  Feel tired and

depressed.  I‚m annoyed with myself that I‚m focusing all this attention on

this woman, but I must, can‚t get out of the circles.

04,24:00:00 Feel restless as well as depressed, at loose ends, can‚t focus

on study.

04,25:00:00 Spent the entire morning on the phone trying to work out my

differences between myself and the colleague referred to yesterday.  This

obsessing is an old issue.  Feel depressed, puzzled, while on the phone I

clean walls in the room off the bathroom.  Try plucking my eyebrows, I‚ve

got the idea they are too bushy.

04,25:00:00 In the past week I‚ve bitten off all nails.  Compulsive finger

picking. I feel very insecure.

04,25:00:00 Feel tired, flat, low energy.  Discouraged sort of.

02, 25:07:40 In the past week, lazyness increase. Irritibility also

increased at times.

04,26:08:45 I feel domestic, cleaning walls and such yesterday, a corner and

the compost bucket the day before.  Today I‚m going to make soup and


07, 27:00:00 Good mood until we drove around to look at houses.  Then got


later that evening.  Snapped at husband about not picking up the mess

04,27:07:00 GOD I am sick of these people!!  What a pain!  It continues on

in this vein, people calling in sick, coworkers complaining about the help I

assign them.  My attitude plummets.

04,27:13:00 I feel very tired, dragging through the day, I wish it were

over.  I‚m tired of the regulars and don‚t want to even be friendly to them.

I am (friendly) though, and wonder if they know I don‚t care.

08, 27:14:00 Mood is fine, however. More than usual number of phonecalls

from patients and "sucky" people.  I mostly deal with them with good will

and equanimity and let a couple of them pass.

04,27:16:00 I feel pretty self-indulgent.

04,27:00:00  Depressed, tired, flat, disinterested in Husband‚s budget,

tired of spread sheets.

04,27:00:00 I‚m irritable, easily bothered.  At work by customers mostly.

Tolerant of family and friends.  Would rather be alone, but then I can‚t

really motivate myself to do anything.  State of ennui.  Everything takes

too much effort.

04,27:00:00 Desire to be more perky and not so flat and bored.  I bore

myself, you see.  I‚m tired of hearing myself talk.  I feel very self


04,27:00:00 I was off work.  No customers to hate.  Tired, listless.  Feel

very loving with mate.

07, 28:00:00 Very short mood, weepy, at anything gone wrong.  I wanted to

cry and

 go home after the timing was off for me to join my family (at church), but

I stayed and

hid out in the nursery.  Hard time focusing on tasks, tried to do work 12:30

to 14:00.

Mind wandering on other thoughts.

04,29:00:00 I write an email to the woman I was obsessing about one short

week ago.  Send copies out to all concerned.  It‚s all out in the open,

everyone can see what I said.

07, 29:00:00 It is getting much harder to make myself fill out my journal,


my days are bad; much conflicts with people around me at home and work.

08, 36:18:00 Extremely annoyed by two members of local homeopathic study

group whose personal sniping at each other and one of them threatening to

stop coming because of it, could bring the group down. Feeling "Why can't

they leave their petty personal trips out of it? They are ruining it for the

rest of us."  Indignant and disillusioned in both. One is a close friend,

but I feel very angry with her part in it and feel I don't want to

commiserate with her about it.

07, 44:00:00 Bad problem at work for last five months is really escalating

this week,

especially today.  A bad note from the Parent challenging what I said.  They

say it‚s not

trueˆit is.  Bothered me very much all day, hands shaking, couldn‚t cut

paper, kept

messing up.  Took all my thoughts all day.  Kids came home, very short


yelling.  I was rough with them putting them to bed.  They were all crying.

After they

were in bed, I cried and cried.  I hated myself.  Why did I act the way?  I

wanted to drive

away and never come back.  I almost did.  I don‚t know why I didn‚t.  I just

kept crying.

I did not want to be around my family.  And I especially did not want to

have the Parent

attack me again, as the frequency is getting to be every day not ̃I can‚t

stand it.

04,44:00:00 My attention span for reading is different somehow.  As if I

forget what I just read, but somehow still remember it in the back of my

mind.  Feels like I‚m preoccupied.

04,45:09:30 I feel self-conscious about how I‚ll look.

04,45:00:00 Thinking a lot the last week or so about the transient nature of

life, how short life is.  How we get old and then die.  Rather melancholic

ponderings about my kids when they were little.  Noticing aging people, my

own gray hairs, etc.  I don‚t feel particularly old, but life feels so very


07, 45:00:00 Official school meeting.  I got very mad and make a remark

back.  I was asked to leave.  I had a Large rock, size of a softball, inside

my stomach. It

stayed for three to four hours.  You could have felt the rock with your hand

on my


04,46:00:00 Feeling a bit confused.

07, 46:00:00 I have had a hard time writing in this journal, because I have

had many

conflicts with several people recently.  It‚s the part of myself I do not

like.  I‚m ashamed

of myself.  I do not like to show this side of me.  It has not been seen for

a very long time,

four or five years.  Now weekly and more often daily.  I do not like myself

right now.  I

had been doing so well, especially the last two years after Sepia and

Ferrum.  Now doing

so bad.  Most conflicts are my fault due to me being so thin skinned and

taking every

comment so personally.  I feel attacked by the people I‚m in conflict with,

and I can‚t just

ignore them or let their comments roll off my back.  I must defend myself.

This has

caused many problems in the last two months.

04,46:07:00 I‚m feeling a bit more superstitious the past two weeks, since

that passive-aggressive „attack‰ by another person.  I wear a special

necklace made of lapis so I‚ll be conscious of speaking and protected  from

speaking wrongly or too much.  Wearing a black undershirt feels really good.

I like the lace around the neck. I was told the Navajos always wear

something black as a protection against evil spirits and evil influences.

04,46:00:00 It‚s not that I feel superstitious but I‚m thinking and

remembering more about when I was more enmeshed in the magical thinking

realm and acting accordingly. Is this denial, compensation or what?

04,46:10:30 I had a cup of tea, looked for my stir stick, it wasn‚t there,

dug into my purse to get out a spoon to stir the tea.  Drink the tea, set it

aside.  The red stir stick is right there on the table by my left hand

(where I had looked for it before).  Red stir stick on a white table cloth,

but it disappeared.

04,46:12:00 Confusion, I think I hear instructor say look in the back of the

packet, it‚s really the front of the packet.

02, 46:23:30 Noticed several times that I wrote words wrong while taking

notes ˆ getting to the end of words and realizing I had switched parts

around, semi aware yet lazy enough to not stop in the middle.

04,157:00:00 Evening:  I don‚t want to talk to anyone. I don‚t like this

flatness and tiredness.  Feeling of defeat. Doubt of myself, my abilities,

can‚t concentrate, just want to read light fantasy novels and sleep.  And

clean house!


10,01:00:00 Dream: I was commuting between work in Denver and was driving on

the freeways. Some anxiety anticipation about getting there on time.

04,01:05:30 wake up with the alarm (have to work at 0630)

Lots of dreams, but don't remember any of them.  Seems like they were fun


10,01:04:30  Nightmare. In the dream a man held something threatening (I can

‚t remember what) and was menacing me with it. A male friend (I didn‚t see

him in dream) kept the first man at bay several times. One time he chased

this man and then they jumped into water, like an ocean and the man who was

the menacer dove deep in the water and got away.  I was witnessing this

dive. Then this man was menacing again and then I woke up.

08,01: 05:30 Frequent waking, light sleep. Dream: helping others, mostly

children in a war-like siege situation.

09,01:07:00 Selecting vintage wine at wine shop with a coupon.

02, 01:19:53 I‚d dreamed of trying to get something logistically organized ˆ

but I forgot whether this was a place to meet or what.

04,01:24:00 Lots of dreams-don't remember them.

09,02:00:00,  „Lead shoes‰ mentioned in a dream but that‚s all I remember.

10,02:00:00 Just before waking.  Several dreams in a row of common things in

My life. Can‚t remember them--just that they were one after another and


07,02:02:00 I woke from a dream that I had captured some little animal that


flying around, like a bat.  But after I caught it in a cage, it grew very

large, the size of an

opossum, and had no wings.  It was black and furry but had white fur on the

face.  It

looked like a „furbie‰.  It looked at me and then tried to push very hard

with its feet to get

the lid off the cage.  I knew it was trying to escape, so I put the small

cage into a larger

cage, one I could walk in to.  I put the smaller cage on a table inside the

larger one and

got out quickly.  Then the animal did escape; he became small again and flew


much like a bat.  I walked away and then I woke up.

07,02:05:00 I had another dream, about people this time, but couldn‚t

remember it in the morning.  Neither dream was scary or intense.

02, 02:07:40  Dream after asleep again:  We lived in a house made of cement,

in a place that was similar to another country like Mexico / India.  Outside

there was a table that was set up.  First I recognized old cloths of mine;

they were to be given away.  Next a lady was giving away food, breakfast and

one piece of raw meat to each neighbor.  Some of the meat was covered but

most was just there.

02, 02:21:40 dream from this morning. There were stairs leading to and from

our house‚s doorway, as if the side walk went between a wall by the street

and the wall of our house.  I went out the door to the right, down the

stairs to the open street.  There was a table with clothes that I recognized

as my old coat, etc.  These were being given away, I didn‚t want them.

Another woman was giving away food ˆ breakfasts of bread and meat to take

home.  A young man ran up the stairs on his way past our house and I felt a

twing of worry for my daughter who had a room just off the open doorway.  I

realized I wouldn‚t necessarily be aware of any harm to her if I were in my

own room.  Woke uncertain about the reality of my house for a few minutes.

04,02:23:15 Someone telling me "A kid's hands are his work‰ Meaning you can

look at a kid's hands and tell what they should do as their life's work.

04,02:23:15 Dreamed a friend wanted to borrow my car, because hers wouldn't

turn off.  I don't want to lend it to her, but feel like I should be

generous.  I'm a bit leery that something will happen to my car if I lend it

to her.

04,02:23:15 I'm at some sort of gathering, see a girl with her left eye very

crossed.  Think "left-sided strabismus" in the dream.  Big party scene that

I'm not really participating in. Dancing and partying.

04,02:23:15 Dreams with lots of people.

10,03:00:00 Early morning dream that I used a Polarity massage technique on

a client.

08,03:06:00 I am in Russia, feeling very confused in not understanding the

language and only a little of people's gestures and expressions.

04,03:06:30 Husband being suspicious of how I spent "the money".  I tell him

I'll put his name on my checking account if he wants.  He makes many excuses

why that won't work.  I tell him it will work and explain how. If he wants

to take over the money management I'll let him.  He doesn't want to though.

The theme here to me is that I'm proving myself to him.

02, 03:07:02



Invited to a dinner with many important people.  A princess in white but

modern clothes was there with a few people at the beginning.  I knew we were

meant to meet and be together; I was male at that moment.  That meeting took

place and we loved each other.  There was a shift into my own spot, own

female sex.  We were downstairs (basement) in a wealthy family‚s house but

they never came to the gathering.  I seemed spread out at the table,

scattered stuff around me.  I was looking at the wall between the two

doorways that had the coat of arms of all the guests displayed.  For those

without such family background there were simple solid colored cloths with

some embellished design (one for all).  One of those was for me.  A kind man

waited for me;  I was the last in the room.  The lights were turned off.  I

was still collecting my stuff.  He and I went into the hall to climb the

stairs which were supposidly behind some cupboards.  I opened the cupboards

and found supplies for making / decorating cakes.  I found a bag of two

sweets ˆ nougat and chocolate, rare delicacies.  We decided we could take

them, they wouldn‚t be missed.  The stairs never appeared but the sense was

we left, carrying on a pleasant conversation all the while.  [I seem to

remember a scene afterwards with rain, stairs and bicycles outside the

house; I was obviously not of the right class, riding away on a bike but

everyone mistook me for part of the household.]


My husband and I had two guests sleeping on our beds.  They left.

Another guest was expected.  H. helped remake the beds but very sloppy.  I

lay down to rest.  The two guests were expected to return instead.  I fixed

the beds back with old sheets, straightening out them better.


A cat had a very valuable diamond on its paw.  It was the Forgotten or

Forgetting Diamond.  It had been taken from a ring of several precious

stones.  This ring was somehow related to my history, had been mine or from

my town.  I held the diamond.  It had appeared like a multi-faceted, clear

stone set in a silver setting when the cat had it.  In my hand / finger I

saw it as a smooth cloudy stone, similar to an Indian Star Ruby but the

color was a rich tan/okre.

09,03:09:00 About in-laws and being snubbed by sister-in-law at some kind of

family reunion. She had new haircut and looked very sophisticated.

04,04:00:00 Lots of dreams, no recall.

09,04:00:00 Dream: 1. Sitting in culvert of some sort with some man. Wonder

why we are there and why we have to sit in the mud. Floodgates of some sort

open and I am washed away in the water. I am deep in the water and then

float to the top but am being pushed backwards with the rush of the water. I

loved it after I was sure I would rise to the top. Still wondering if I will

have to land back in the mud.

09,04:00:00 Visiting someone‚s 3-story home. Lot of details of why I am

there are forgotten. Some man invites me to the back yard to sit on a

ball-like thing on which we fly around the back yard. It was exhilarating

and then becomes a little scary when we are as high as the roof of the house

that seems rather dilapidated. Whew! Exhilarating, but too much and I asked

to come down.

04,04:00:00 My daughter has sent pictures of her college.  Then I am there

at the campus.  There is a field lying fallow, weeds are coming up in

patches.  The weeds are tufts of irises, tall ones, say 3 feet tall.  I joke

and say „the corn didn‚t come up well did it?  They need to replant.‰

Whoever I‚m joking toward doesn‚t think that‚s funny.  I know this type of

iris is a weed, not corn at all, the feeling is that tobacco was supposed to

be growing there.  Someone tells me I‚d feel better if I was wearing a silky

shirt.  I say I don‚t have any, you should buy me one.  (another joke)  The

scene of the dream and the fallow field is like the island where the boys

lived in the movie „Hook‰.  There‚s a kind of underground house, or like the

inside of a huge plant room like are at zoos. No feeling from the dream,

just having a good time seeing „where my daughter lives‰ and joking about

the corn.  As the alarm rings I‚m looking as someone holds up a large spoon,

it‚s made from a new sort of metal.  The steel is a different color, sort of

pewter colored.

07, 04:10:30 I also had a dream about a flying squirrel.  He was hurt and I

was going

to help him get down the mountain. It was very muddy on the mountain.  Bet a

guy was

there and made a ramp so the squirrel could just slide down the mountain, so

he didn‚t

need my help.

02, 04:20:52 Dream this morning was of new boss and I.  I had to fit through

a very

narrow place.  I had done so before but it seemed even narrower and I had to

move the

walls to fit.

10,05:00:00 Had a dream that I had Gall bladder problems and was taking

[remedy]. When I woke up I thought I should get a pap smear as I haven‚t had

one in many years.

04,05:07:35 Many dreams, not remembered.

04,05:00:00  We bought a big craftsman style house.  My ex is in the living

room playing the same simple phrase over and over on the piano.  The ŒB‚ key

below middle ŒC‚ is broken, won‚t give a sound.  He tries it again and

again.  It‚s always broken.

04,05:00:00 I‚m at a large movie theatre, restaurant, mall-type complex.

Lots of people.  My daughter loses $11.27 down a revolving doorway.  We try

to figure out how to retrieve it.  No use.  My 14 year old daughter takes

the electric bill from me and pays it.  She wants to help out.

04,05:00:00 At the theatre my current husband and 2 friends are in front of



Argentit w = Ag2S/= Argentum sulfuratum naturale/= Silbersulfid.


Argentum: Festhalten an/Angst Tradition/Bewährtem/geschaffene Position/Erfolg nicht halten zu können

Sulphur: Positiv: 1. anderen zu Beziehungen verführen/Harmoniebedürfnis; Negativ: philosophieren, Beziehungen/Äußerlich verwahrlosen, 3. Eifersucht

Argentum                   Kunst/Kreativität                        Handhaben/in Stand halten

Sulphur                       Gruppe/Familie                       Erinnern


Positiv: Zielgericht/schwimmt mit den Zeiten;

Negativ: < Veränderung, Immunsystem/Herzrhythmusstörung;



Vergleich: Argentit w Ag2S + Silberglanz (Ag2S) = unterschiedlich.

Siehe: Argentum + Sulphur


Wirkung: lithämisch/sklerotisch



Vorwort/Suchen                                Zeichen/Abkürzungen                                   Impressum