Blockages in Homeopathy


Homeopathy vs. Ayurveda.x (Stephanie Hile/Alan Schmukler)


A blockage is a situation or condition which prevents the full development or movement of vital energy. When there is a blockage or obstacle to healing, two important effects are:


1) The patient’s simillimum does not function or does so to some extent, therefore the Law of Healing is not fulfilled.

2) It is very difficult to extract the patient’s symptoms, meaning they have reached a point of no return or are wedged.

In both cases, we should utilize further methods that specifically suit the condition of the patient before classifying him as incurable.


The blockages are classified as follows:

A) Constitutional blockage.

These are “hereditary” and due to the parent’s miasm. Syphilitic, sycotic or psoric conditions prevent the full development of one’s own constitution. Constitutional blockages were once treated

by Paracelsus’ formula: Mercury-Sulph./Nat-m./also used as an alchemist’s method and rediscovered by Hahnemann, who modified it to: Mercury, Sulphur, Thuja.

Psora is defined as a morbid disposition in a purely functional dynamic state of defense activity, without structural pathology.

On the contrary, syphilis and sycosis go beyond the functional to the structural, where they make an injury and fix it in an organ – from the most external, which is the skin to the most profound

and vital, which is the mind. Hahnemann prescribed Sulphur to remove the psoric reactivation, if the patient did not respond to the well chosen remedy, or when the remedy was unclear, or to

desensitize the patient, or to achieve a therapeutic and prophylactic effect.

Syphilitic constitution: Mercury

Sycosis: Thuja for sycosis.

The goal was to create a clean terrain.

Other remedies used as drainage for the hydrogenoid constitution such as:

Animal Origin: Sep. Lach. Castor. Bufo. Aran.

Plant Origin: Chel. Euph. Thuj. Staph. Dulc. Sabin. Semp.

(Drainage of cancerous or precancerous conditions by Nebel): Anag. Anac. Nux-m. Rhus-t. Ran-b. Rhod.

Child with an oxygenic temperament: Thuj. Nat-m. (originators of warts in childhoodI.

            Mineral origin: Nit-ac. (painful adenoids)/Cinnb. Phos-ac. Pic-ac. Fl-ac. Mag-s. Nat-c. complemented by Nat-m. Ant-c. complemented by Calc. Nat-s. Petr. Sil. Caust. Graph.

Nosodes very useful and an excellent therapeutic resource, but should never be used in a mechanistic manner.

Med. for the blennorrhagic antecedent,

Malan. and Syph. for family alcoholism

Syph. Psor. Tub. for any tuberculosis antecedent

Carc. for a family history of cancer.

After the nosodes, the constitutional remedy is prescribed.

B) Acquired or circumstantial blockage.

C) Blockage by suppression or surgery.

D) Iatrogenic blockage.


A) Constitutional blockage -

B) Acquired or circumstantial blockage. In the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, we see in everyday practice patients who do not show characteristic symptoms on which to base the similimum, which corresponds to the patient as a whole. Those cases are described by Hahnemann as defective diseases, in which the characteristics of the current condition hide the constitutional symptoms.

The current condition may be the result of emotional trauma, physical injuries or drug intoxication (anxiolytics, corticosteroids, antibiotics, vaccines, etc.) or of wrongly prescribed homeopathic remedies. In this case it is not feasible to distinguish the true symptoms of the constitutional chronic illness because of an extremely acute energy imbalance (psoric crisis) which does not allow the recovery of internal homeostasis, resulting in significant energy loss finally leading to sycotic or syphilitic destruction.

“In dealing with love conflicts or deception think of: Am-c. Ant-c. AUR-met. Bell. Bufo. Calc-p. Caust. CIMIC. coff. with. dig. Payable. hell. Hyos. IGN. IGN. kali-c. lach. merc. NAT-M. nux-m. nux-v. PH-AC. phos. sep. STAPH. stram. sulph. Tarant. til. Verat.

“In a deceived friendship think of: ign. mag-c. mag-m. nux-v. ph-ac. sil. sulph.

“In economic failure think of: Ambr. arn. aur. calc. CIMIC. Place. with. dig. ign. kali-br. lach. nat-m. nux-v. ph-ac. Puls. rhust-t. sep. stann . staph. sulph. Verat.

In unrelieved bereavement: aur-m. caust. places. IGN. mur-ac. gels. nat-m. ph-ac. plat. staph. sulph. “In the repercussion of accidents or injuries: bell. cic. Glon. Hyperic. mag-c. NAT-S. staph. sul-ac. “For vaccines: ars. sil. Thuj.

C) Blockage by suppression or surgery. After the ablation of organs, including the extraction of teeth, it is very difficult to maintain a sense of balance. If we ignore the vital force and only eliminate symptomatic organs, Hering’s Law of Cure is not properly observed. This will create physical, mental and emotional suffering.

D) Iatrogenic blockage can be created by:

Repetition of the same medicine too often. Changing the remedy too soon, etc.


The purpose of the first prescription is to put the vital energy into action, in order to obtain balance and a positive change in the patient’s attitude. It should overcome the negative mental factors, hatred, resentment, aggression, fear, anxiety, distress, etc. These factors block or interfere with energy flow, preventing true healing. If the energy flow is interfered with, then irreparable damage may occur. This happens when the physician does not wait the necessary amount of time, or the second prescription is not correct or timely. In these cases it is possible to resume, wait for original symptoms, then move on to higher potencies prescribing.


In conclusion, the patient presents himself for treatment of a single organ, not understanding the holistic nature of the biological process. For the practitioner, it is necessary to understand the different manifestations of disease on all levels, because the patient as a trimiasmic entity, whose adaptative mechanisms to the environment have failed.



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