Bungarus fasciatus Anhang


[Farokh J Master]

The subject of snakes has always been a fascinating experience for me as a student, as well as a doctor. Snakes depict many different things, but usually they depict the life process. They depict the

force or energy behind every moment or purpose. Energy in our day-to-day life reminds us of heat, power, sound, vision, in fact all the functions of the body. Similarly, a snake expresses itself as a

symbol of intelligence, emotions, sexuality, digestion, respiration and excretion. The above idea inspired me to read about snake remedies and try to have deeper understanding of the same. When I was studying, I noticed that most of the snake remedies are not well proved.

A poisonous snake with erect front fangs. It grows up to 1 meter and 50 centimeters (and is as thin as your little finger). It is very beautiful; black throughout with 19-27 (+ 3-5) golden yellow broad rings on body and tail, two colors in about equal width. Top of head blackish-brown, a light reverse V-shaped mark on occiput. Middorsal line bulging and forming a ridge; cross section through body triangular; the end of tail round and blunt.

Head elliptic, not so distinct from neck, top of head covered typically with nine large scales, no loreal; supralabials 7, in formula 2 - 2 - 3. Dorsal scales in 15 rows throughout, vertebrals enlarged in hexagonal form; ventrals 214-230; anal entire; subcaudals in single row, 29-39.

In general it ranges south of 250N (Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, southern Yunnan); in eastern part it ranges northward reaching Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

Habitat plains and hills at elevations from 180 to 1014 meters above sea level. Found in vicinity of aquatic area with good plant cover. Nocturnal. Feeds on snakes, occasionally on lizards or other vertebrates. Oviparous, during May and June 6-14 eggs are laid under dead leaves or in holes, diameter of eggs 45-54 mm x 20-24 mm.


It is one of the few poisonous snakes that bite only at night. So, if the sun is out it is a very neat and discreet pet. During the daytime one can beat torment stab, decapitate or even nail the Krait to the ground and release it - it stays phlegmatic up to the point of suicide. As far I know no one has ever succeeded to persuade an adult Bungarus to bite during the daytime, except when it is treated with stimulants like amphetamines.


Their bites are highly venomous and lethal within a few minutes, the poison containing mainly neurotoxins and some haemotoxins. You don't even have time to inject antivenom. As a result mainly the nervous system is affected and to a lesser extent the blood. There is redness and swelling around the wound, which is self-limited. In addition there is dizziness; dribbling; paralysis of the facial muscles, the lips, the tongue and the larynx.

The pulse is weak and the blood pressure falls rapidly. Breathing becomes increasingly hard and eventually the person suffers from total paralysis, shock and coma.

Current Status

Banded krait is one of the famous edible snakes, and also a kind of medicinal snake (gall bladder used/the body macerated in wine). For a long time in the past, it was killed in large numbers every year.

Protective Measures and Suggestion: Banded krait has been classified as a major protected wildlife in Hainan Province. It is suggested that the banded krait should be classified as state major protected wildlife; the capture and killing of banded krait should be strictly forbidden.


Mind: Abusive [after indecent act/with irritability/after molestation (after breast being molested)].

Activity desires – morning/daytime ++/and sleepless

Anger - # quick repentance/at trifles/violent.

Anxious at trifles

Aversion to noise during headache

Awareness heightened of breasts.

Cheerful in morning.

Company desires it

Concentration difficult.


Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences


Emotions - cannot control/need to be controlled by the intellect

Fear – night (being alone)/being incurable


Forsaken feeling.

Guilty feeling (after anger)


Impulse, morbid – to fight/to argue/to speak, nasty things


Injustice; cannot support.

Inquisitive .

Irritable - from contradiction/during ovulation/when questioned/with easy and quick remorse/from trifles



Music - desires - sad music/sad songs.




Sensitive – (to noise) ++.

Sentimental weeping, when seeing sad movies

Shameless – exposing breast

Snappish during ovulation

Speech loud +.

Striking – from anger/during perspiration/during quarrels

Taciturn during headache

Weeping- after anger/causeless/with pains/at trifles

Head: Dryness of scalp.

Eruptions - boils.

Pain - + nausea/+ pain in neck/> after eating/ext. cervical region/> lying quietly/> external pressure/> sitting quietly/< writing/in forehead/temple l.

Eye: Pain - burning.

Lachrymation – morning/evening.

Nose: Smell diminished.

Face: Lips cracked

Mouth: Bleeding gums when cleaning them

Dry in afternoon.

Gumboil r. upper molar.

Pain in tongue – l. side 16-22 h/chewing/sore

Salivation during siesta

Stomach: Appetite - diminished during menses/increased (afternoon 15h.)

Hunger unbearable.

Thirst - afternoon 16 h./for large quantities/for small quantities of cold water

Abdomen: Flatulence.

Rectum: Constipation.

Stool: Hard (first part - followed by - soft stool.

Odor - offensive.

Female organs: Menses - bright red.

Pain in ovaries – l./r. (during ovulation)/at night (22.30 h.)/midnight/during menses

Larynx and trachea: Scraping, clearing larynx before talking


Chest: Mammae l. < before menses

Back: Pain in cervical region – l./r./ext. head/ext. occiput/ext. down the spine/during menses

Stiffness in trapezius

Limbs: Chilliness in knee.

Cold palms of hand.

Eruptions on ankle – medial malleolus red punctate.

Heat, sensation of in upper part of thigh

Heat in evening 21:30 h./knee - hot to touch.

Pain – in ankle walking/l. knee (morning/night/lateral aspect/flexing limb/beginning to move/> pressure/walking)

Hands “As if paralysed”

Sleep: Disturbed after midnight 2 h.

Sleepiness sitting in a room

Waking – of dry mouth/by thirst

Dreams: Abusing after indecent act/after molestation (breast being molested)/nearly run over by a car walking on the street/film actors/anger (from being neglected/throws things)/anxiety in small children/ape distributing

nuts/loss of control over the body (hands)/death (of husband/religious preachers/teacher)/embarrassment (by dark spot on her dress - as if is having her menses/from slipping on the floor)/exposing her (l.) breast/forgetful does

not recollect the person with whom she is talking on the telephone/friend/frightful (of an ape/waking him)/helping friend/old (ancient) house/people were laughing at her/man huge and strong (who was controlling him)/

having menses/molested at the genitals by a lady doctor/naked people/friend exposes breasts (and genitals)/naked husband/praying/romantic/seduction by exposing thighs and breast/giving suggestion to a friend/unprotected/

wedding [cousin getting married/getting married to same person whom she is already married to (who has been giving emotional pain)]

Generals: Nibble, desire to.

Food and drinks: Aversed to warm food;

 Desires: butter/cheese/ice cream/tea;

< Hunger

“As if paralysed”

Stamina increased.


Prover 1.

Short clinical history

1. Mind: Irritable & quick tempered equally matched by a good sense of humor.

Marked fear of ghosts & dogs.

2. Craving: I love eating tasty food, chocolates, and fats.

3. Generals: I cannot bear tight clothes, heat, going out in the sun

4. Past History: Jaundice twice.

Malaria - twice.


Took a dose on the 25th of December 2002. Some days after that I experienced a bad account of temper.

I was travelling by an autorickshaw with my wife and I noticed that the autorickshaw meter was running faster than usual. I was very angry and I asked the rickshaw driver to pull by the side.

I threatened him with dire consequences. I spoke a lot of nonsense. It was as if I could not bear the injustice. He was overcharging me (the meter showed that I had to pay Rs. 14 but I paid only

Rs. 10). I told him to vamoose. My wife was shocked at my outburst. She asked to me keep my anger in check because it could land me in trouble.

31st December 2002


1. My bowel movements are much better than before.

2. My flatulence has also reduced remarkably.

7th January 2003


1. There is a huge man in my room. I have to sit & listen to whatever he says. I don't want to, but I have to. I dare not contradict him. I try to escape from him by going away into the bathroom, but I feel I cannot because I hear his voice even there.

2. I am in car which is driven a big man. He is talking something that does not interest me, but I have to listen to him, again out of fear. We are approaching my old building and I feel `at last I will be able to get rid of him'.

17th January 2003


1. There are 2 crows that give information about everything (had read about Odin & his 2 crows - Hunnin & Munnin 12 days back.)

2. Amir Khan (famous actor of India) wants to dispose off a baby.

21st January 2003


1. There is a big ape 30-40 feet long. He is smiling & giving away nuts. I am afraid to take the nuts from him. Then I muster courage and take nuts from him, he tells me that I'll have to share them with him. I agree, but I keep half of the nuts near him & run away quickly.


Prover 2.

Short Case History

1. Mind:

Desire for appreciation.

Do not like to be alone in the house.

Easily hurt.

Fear of dogs, of being alone at night.

Loves dancing.

Loves traveling.

Sensitive to criticism.

Very particular about cleanliness, neatness and order.

Very sensitive.

2. Craving:

Fatty food, ice creams, juices, and sweets.

3. Stomach:

Cannot usually tolerate hunger.

4. Stool:

Constipated when tensed. 5. Female:

Before menses Previously used to have sore throat, fever and pain in the breasts. Now tends to get very irritable before menses.

6. Back:

Frequent backaches.

Pain in the cervical region; worse when tensed. Pain extends towards occiput and then to the forehead. At that time I don't like to speak to anyone — very irritable.

7. Past History:

Pilonidal sinus at the age of 19.

8. Family History:


High blood pressure.


Started taking medicines on 23rd December 2002 - took 3 doses.

23rd December 2002


1. My cousin is getting married again (she is already married and has filed for Divorce. I wonder why she is getting married to the same person again who has given her so much pain)

2. I am in my old house and someone says there is a phone call for you. I don't recollect knowing this person but he knows me very well.

3. I am in a clinic with junior students. Someone senior to us takes us to a temple, I see a statue of Ganesha and I pray. One lady pinches my breast and asks for something. I get very annoyed and shout at her.

She starts abusing me. I also start abusing.

24th and 25th December 2002 (took 2 doses each)


1. Very irritable and abusive on the 24th evening.

2. There is laziness to do things but I don't get tired easily.


I feel fresh in the mornings; something that I hardly feel otherwise. 26th

December 2002


I am so fresh today at 11.00 am in my clinic. I usually feel drowsy and sleepy.

27th December 2002


1. I am feeling active.

2. I don't react much. I am taking things lightly. But when I get angry - I get abusive.

3. Felt very romantic today.


I am exposing my left breast and at other time my thighs to attract men.


Yesterday I got pain in my left breast. My menses are due in 3-4 days.


If I get a little less sleep - it's o.k. I don't need my afternoon nap (which is usually the case).

28th December 2002


Extremely irritable on slightest things, but tend to cool down very fast. (Usually I cannot forget things fast). Slightest things told to me provoke me and make me angry.

29th December 2002


Got up early but active throughout the day which usually I am not.


1. Got my menses today.

2. Pain in ovarian region at night.


Last night again I had a pain in my left breast.


This remedy has increased my stamina.

30th December 2002


Of wearing just a towel and roaming around exposing my breasts. Dream of Ameet (my husband) also being naked and some lady doctor is caressing his genitals.


1. Pain in my left ovarian region at around midnight.

2. Menses - bright red flow, pain continuous on the second day. Pain in the right lower back, right ovarian region, and lower abdomen (during menses). Appetite less during menses - I don't feel like eating.


Last night I had pain in my left knee - lateral aspect. I had experienced it 2 days back also. I really got scared because my grandma had arthritis and my dad at present is suffering from severe arthritis. I felt I also would become severely affected by arthritis like them. I was really scared.


Developed a strong desire for butter. Something, which was never present before.

31st December 2002


Irritable - cannot tolerate injustice. First I tend to snap back, but then cool down immediately.

6th January 2003


I am unnecessarily getting impatient and snappish.


I am having tremendous pain in the cervical region extending towards the occiput; more on the left side. Both trapezius painful & stiff. The pain leads to headache & nausea. This is my old symptom but the intensity is too much. I have never got it with this intensity.

8th January 2003

Took 2 more doses of the medicine - 3 pills twice a day.

10th January 2003


1. Very active, with less sleep also I could manage.

2. Got angry very easily and also cooled down easily.

3. Awareness of breast; preoccupied with breast.

11th January 2003


1. Extremely irritable feel like I could slap someone.

2. Don't like to talk to anyone.

3. Today I was scared to sit alone in the drawing room at night. I told Ameet to sit with me.


1. I have called women to do waxing (from the parlor). But they do it for my Bhabhi and others but not for me. I get so angry. It was too much. I throw things. This dream woke me up. I had a terrible headache with nausea on waking. After sometime the headache went off.

2. I am living in a new house. I say that I don't like it because it is open from all directions. I am really scared because it has no protection - anyone can fall off and die.

I am worried about small children.

Head and Back:

1. Severe pain in cervical region - sometimes left sided, sometimes right sided; extending to occiput and then extending till the forehead.

2. Concomitants:

- Cervical pain is associated with sick headache.

- I really get disturbed of this pain.

- I don't like to talk to anyone and I don't like noise. I just want to sit quietly.

- Even while writing this, I am having a sick headache.


Constipated - daily I pass stools - slightly hard but unsatisfactory.


Severe pain in left knee - I think it is more so at night and in the morning. I really got scared because my dad has just got severe arthritis. I panicked as if it is the beginning of arthritis.


Desire for butter, something that otherwise I am never able to take.

13th January 2003

Had a meeting again for the drug proving.

14th January 2003


Headaches, which I don't get so frequently.


First part hard last part absolutely soft and sticky.


Severe pain in the right ovarian region at night 10.30 p.m. was very uncomfortable; felt I would cry. Tried to lie down on the right side for some time and then went off to sleep. In the morning the pain was still there and lasted till around 10.00 h. This was around the ovulation time.

15th January 2003


Feeling very touchy. Extremely sensitive either get angry or weep. But do not remember for long time. Usually I can't forget hurts easily.


1. Of death of my Sir and one Maharaj. Also dream of death of Ameet.

2. My friend is exposing her breast and her husband is exposing his genitals.

17th January 2003


1. Slight hoarseness of voice.

2. Have to keep clearing the throat before talking.

21st January 2003


Forgetfulness I am usually very particular about things but now I easily forget so many things.


Hunger at around 3 p.m. just cannot control it unbearable. Even if I had lunch at 1 p.m., after 2 hrs, I am hungry again. I have put on 2 kgs because now I am not able to control my hunger. I eat more than usual.


Pain in the right ovarian region at 10.30 p.m. lasted for 2 minutes not as severe as the last time. Menses is due in 5 days.

23rd January 2003


1. Today I reacted very abnormally to a situation; this is usually not my normal reaction. I was very angry and then I started crying; was very touchy. Usually my reaction is not so aggressive I cannot tolerate injustice.

2. I am also feeling very depressed today. I cannot figure out the reason.

24th January 2003


1. Last night I was very depressed. I was weeping quite a lot but without knowing the reason. It was terrible. Dwelling on past disagreeable things extremely touchy very very low. I don't seem to like anything.

2. I feel that I was controlling my emotions very well but suddenly now I feel that the inner layer is getting exposed. I feel exposed. I can't hide my emotions.

3. Today also I got extremely irritable at small things.


Pain in left breast before menses. Menses are due in 3-4 days.


Sensation of heat in the upper part of left thigh as if someone has kept something hot over there.

28th January 2003


Dreamt of exposing my left breast.


Appetite increased a lot want to eat all the time; don't seem to have any control on my weight.

31st January 2003


Everything is fine with relationships but I suddenly get this strong impulse to say such things that will spoil my relationship with others in my surrounding. I really don't mean to do it.

3rd February 2003


Pain in cervical region. This is my old symptom, but the intensity is too much.

6th February 2003


1. I have become very sensitive. I just snap back. Later on I realize my mistake. All my previous complexes are coming back, but I don't remember or keep a grudge on it for a long time.

2. Memory has become pretty weak. Extreme forgetfulness. This has never happened to me before.

7th February 2003


Got my menses on 1st Feb.

Back and Head:

Very severe pain in cervical region. My old symptom but intensity is too much. This pain tends to extend to head and also extends downwards. Almost feel like crying with pain. Even last month I had this severe attack of pain after menses.

14th February 2003


I have become very snappish and I cannot control my hand if I get angry; I just hit the person. It has never happened to me before.


Again I had a very severe pain in the right ovarian region. This was my ovulation time.


Prover 3.

Short Case History

1. Mind:

Critical, rude and abusive at times.

Fear of performance on stage.

Feels insulted easily.

Irritable at trifles. Will not talk to the person who has irritated him.

Likes music.

Likes to be alone.

Loves travelling.

Sensitive person.

2. Craving:

Icy cold drinks, meat and sweets.


Dose taken on Sunday 22.12.2002

23rd December 2002


I am going in the share-a-rickshaw and there is one passenger who is sitting next to me. He removes the blueprint of his flat and starts looking at it probably because he is renovating his flat. He is calling one person for the prices of bathroom tiles. I intervene and tell him that the person is charging him more. I advise him how to design his bathroom and give him the design for his bathroom and give him the shop number from which I bought the tiles for my bathroom. He is happy at my suggestion.


At around 11.00 h. got severe pain in both legs from the calves to the ankles. Felt as if the legs were very heavy - This lasted for 2 hours.

24th December 2002


Today I saw that my grandpa is wearing plastic sandals and they are looking cheap. I offer him my Adidas chappals, which was very dear to me and which I had brought from Dubai for myself. I am very possessive about my things usually and I never share them with anyone, so I was puzzled by this present behavior of mine.

Dream: I am walking on the street and a car comes from behind and dashes against me and I wake up.


At around afternoon time I felt heaviness in the whole head. This lasted for about 6 hours.

13th December 2002

Had a meeting today and I was told to take the medicine again since I did not get symptoms after 25th Dec.

14th January 2003

1st dose taken at 11 h. - No symptoms.

2nd dose taken at 20 h. No symptoms.

15th January 2003

3rd dose taken at 10 h.


Developed a pain on the left side of the tongue. This started at 4.00 p.m. in the afternoon and lasted till night. The pain got worse when eating.


I have noticed that I have developed numerous red punctate eruptions on both the medial malleolus region. No itching on the part.

16th January 2003


Soreness of tongue still persists.


Eruptions on the legs are still present.

17th January 2003


1. No soreness of the tongue.

2. Developed gumboils near the right upper molar tooth.


Eruptions on the legs are still present.

18th January 2003


Gumboils gone by afternoon.


Eruptions of legs still present.

19th January 2003


Bleeding from gums in the morning after brushing.

20th January 2003


1. Depressed a lot because things are not happening as per my wish.

2. I started investing in stock market. Felt as if I can take more risk. Usually I am not the type who will take risks.


Had pain in both the ankles on walking.

21st January 2003


Bleeding gums still present.


Pain in ankles has gone.

22nd January 2003


Bleeding gums continues.


Eruptions on the legs are fading.


Prover 4.

Short Case History

1. Mind:

Always very hopeful and positive.

Anger: when someone shouts or scolds I feel angry, but I tend to suppress it. Also, when I get angry, I tend to have an internal trembling with palpitations.

Consolation aggravates me tremendously.

Hasty by nature: Very fast in eating, writing, walking, working.

Sensitive to sarcasm.

Weeping always alone.

2. Aversion:


3. Craving:

Desire for cold water only.

Cheese +++, chicken ++, fish + and rice.

4. Mouth:

Recurrent aphthae in the mouth with burning; worse on eating or chewing something.


Started taking medicines on 26th December 2002 - took one dose at 11 h., another at 16 h. and the third dose at 21 h. Then on 27th December 2002 took another dose at 11 h., another at 16 h. and then at 21 h.

27th December 2002


Dryness in the mouth: drank water but still felt that the mouth was very dry. In the afternoon - dryness in mouth was not

much; but again in evening it started, by about 6.00 pm had to go and drink cold water from fridge but little in quantity but dryness in the mouth was still the same.


1. Since morning, I was feeling very very hungry although I had eaten my breakfast, yet in the clinic I felt very hungry in the morning and could not control it; so I ate two bananas.

2. Constant hunger present even after lunch; had to nibble onto something ate a piece of cheese, two toasts and tea, sweetmeat, and some chocolate.

3. I was eating throughout the evening, but still felt hungry and wanted something more to eat. First time in all these years I felt so hungry. I thought that it might be due to the winter season, but I have always controlled my hunger very well; never felt this hungry.

4. At night took dinner at Dr. Master's clinic & went home for the 1st time I had to cook Maggie noodles again at night (12.30 p.m.) and eat it, as I felt so hungry as soon as I reached home. Even my mother was surprised she thought I have not eaten my dinner. After eating Maggie I went to sleep. 5. Two times at night at 4.00 h. and 5.00 h., I had to get up especially to drink cold water as my mouth was very very dry. I never get up at night from sleep. This happened for the first time. Usually I am so tired that I sleep at 1.20 h. and directly get up at 6 h.; I never wake up in the middle of the night.

28th December 2002

Mouth: Dryness in the mouth remained the same.

Stomach: Intake of water (thirst) increased wanted cold water only.

29th December 2002


1. I think I have become very sensitive over trivial matters. I keep them in my mind and have started thinking over them; previously this never happened. I never got so worried, or, I never got affected easily, but since today morning, for the second time, I felt very hurt on something; e.g. when Dr. Master scolded me, or when the patient shouted on the phone due to some delay I never bothered about such things previously and it has happened to me many times so I was sort of habituated to it, but I don't know why the tears came into my eyes on the above 2 occasions at that moment.

2. Now by afternoon, I am very surprised to think about what made me cry like that earlier. I seem to find it a bit funny, as I never cry that easily; or I have hardly cried in my life on such small things.


1. Feeling very hungry in the morning though I had my breakfast and had snacks too.

2. Empty feeling in the stomach in the afternoon.


Constipated; no urge for stool - Usually my bowel movements are always regular. Every morning I go after waking up; but today morning, no urge at all, without any discomfort in the abdomen.

30th December 2002


1. No urge for stools even today in the morning, but still I went to toilet though had no urge at all.

2. In the afternoon, I had heaviness in the stomach and got an urge to pass stool but I couldn't.

3. Slight discomfort in abdomen in the morning, which increased by afternoon.

4. Again; very hungry feeling, but could not eat breakfast so by 12.30 pm I was so hungry that my stomach started

growling, feeling very giddy and wanted to eat something cold, like ice cream, or a sandwich, but ate a samosa.

5. Felt very heavy in stomach in the evening, but still my appetite was very good. Slept on the stomach, which gave some relief got a good sleep.

31st December 2002


Stools not satisfactory felt a lot of discomfort in the stomach.

Generals and Sleep:

1. In the afternoon, I was in my clinic and was feeling very sleepy, so had a nap sitting on a chair. I do not know how but this happened in front of a patient who entered in, but even after seeing that patient entering the clinic, I could not wake up or move myself. My hands and legs were as if paralyzed; even though I wanted to move for a few seconds I thought, "what is happening". Though my eyes were open and I was watching the patient, still I could not control my body parts my hands were not moving to write I couldn't get up from my seat this happened for the first time in my life; as I have never slept this way in the afternoon at anytime. After a few moments I came back to my normal position; I was feeling very embarrassed in front of the patient. I don't know what had happened exactly but one thing I do know is that this was a very unique experience in my life; after this incidence I think I am really afraid to go to sleep.

2. I was feeling very sleepy in the evening, but was really very afraid to sleep after the above incident. 3. A very unique thing is that what had happened in the afternoon; I dreamt of the same thing at night was feeling so bad and embarrassed in front of the patient and due to that I suddenly got up and was again very afraid to go to sleep.

1st January 2003


I don't know why, but I feel that my speech has become quite loud. My mother & younger brother have observed it. I use to always speak in a low tone but these days my voice has become quite loud.


Stools semisolid, but took a very long time.


1. Constant feeling of sleepiness and drowsiness throughout the day, since morning.

2. Was very sleepy in the afternoon, but was very afraid of going to sleep. I just tried to control my sleep and tried to read something.

2nd January 2003


I have become very sensitive; feeling bad and crying on small things if anybody tells me anything I get easily affected and think a lot about it and even cry at times. This also happened a few days back. I felt funny later on when I thought about it.


Dry mouth and dry lips, maybe due to winter, but my lips never cracked earlier as much as they did this time.


Very hard stools - severely constipated.


Easily tired but was afraid to sleep. I don't know why, but I feel as if I may not get up if I sleep. This happened for the second time-fear to go to sleep.


There is a great desire to eat cold food - like ice cream and cold drinks during winter. I have always loved hot dosas and idlis, but for the first time I have a desire for ice cream.

3rd January 2003


1. Dryness of mouth and lips same, but is slightly less in the morning after waking up.

2. Also cracks on the lips are less in the morning on waking up.


Stools - unsatisfactory, took a long time to pass it.

4th January 2003


My Mummy says - I have started talking a lot and arguing a lot on trivial matters; previously I never bothered about small things. I also personally feel that I have started talking a lot, even with friends and outsiders.


Heaviness in stomach is the same, since my bowels are not clear. I have to strain a lot.

5th January 2003


I don't know why but my sensitivity has increased, I feel bad very easily. I cannot control my tears and feel very sad. E.g. if my friend says do this, I don't do it, or if someone says why are you doing this, and not that all such trivial matters also tends to hurt me a lot.


My mouth feels very dry and I constantly drink cold water very frequently.


My appetite is very good I feel hungry very fast and want some dry, cold food.


Today evening for the first time I passed stools very comfortably and felt very satisfied.


I feel like having a kulfi or ice cream every afternoon; sometimes I have it and sometimes I control it and drink a lot of cold water.


There is a great desire to eat ice cream and drink cold water, especially in the afternoon.

6th January 2003


My voice has become quite loud.


One dream that I saw last night was that — I pulled my mother's leg and she fell down very badly with a loud noise and when I go to see her, she disappears — on seeing this I suddenly got up from my sleep. The main thought and feeling that I got during this dream was that I felt very embarrassed and shameful that how could I do this (pull my mother's leg) and the noise was so loud as if someone had fallen from a building due to that noise my sleep got disturbed. Another thing I noted in that dream was that my hands were not in my control when I was pulling my mother's leg.


My stools were not satisfactory but ok; did not strain but passed after long time.

7th January 2003


1. Dryness in mouth; I have to drink cold water.

2. Cracks on my lips are less in the morning.

3. I have developed an aphthous ulcer, a very large one on my tongue but this is my usual complaint, except that this time, for the first time, it is painless; no burning & no excessive salivation with it, which was usually the case earlier.


No discomfort in the abdomen.


Constipation is the same; no urge at all.

8th January 2003


Last night I saw a dream I have worn a very tight jeans and a tight T-shirt to the clinic and I am taking the follow-up of a patient. Suddenly my legs slip and I fall down as I have worn very high pencil heel. The patient (male) starts laughing very loudly; listening to him even Sir and Pinky start laughing very loudly. I feel very ashamed and start crying. Later on I felt in the dream itself that I had thought beforehand that something unusual is going to happen today as I am wearing a modern dress and was afraid that people would laugh at me. So when I fell down I felt very shameful and thought that I was right. Also, when I woke up in the morning, with the recollection of the dream, I heard some people laughing — but when I opened my eyes, my mom & brother were laughing among themselves over some other topic.

10th January 2003


I think my sense of smell has diminished as I cannot get the scent or fragrance of perfumes and even if food is overcooked or burnt, I realize later on when my neighbor tells me. Actually the above symptom is happening since last the 7-10 days, but today I am sure about it since

1. When my mother was spraying Baygon (an insecticide) in the house, my brother started shouting as the smell was so strong, but I could not get that strong smell, so I got a confirmation that my sense of smell has decreased.

2. My friend assistant doctor was cooking something and she burnt the food slightly. Sir immediately came inside the room to check where the strong smell was coming from and

asked what was burning. That was the time I realized that my friend had burnt the food, but I could not get the strong smell; I could only see the fumes of the burnt food. Actually I realized very late about this symptom of loss of sense of smell.


I passed stools in the morning - very satisfactory.

17th January 2003


Constantly feeling hungry throughout the day eating relieves my hunger, irritability and also my headache.


Desire especially for cold food like ice cream.

20th January 2003


1. I have developed a lot sensitivity weeping or rather sadness at trifles especially when someone talks abruptly I cannot take it, these days it matters a lot to me.

2. There are no changes in my menstrual cycle, but recently, for the first time in my life I felt very nervous and anxious during my menses thinking that my menstrual flow was irregular.

3. My speech and style of speaking has really become bolder, much louder and open. Now I speak out boldly even against Dr. Master, which I don't like but later on I realize that what I am doing is wrong. I was never so abrupt or open hearted.


Last night I had a dream that I am having menses and I get a very dark spot on my dress and my friends are just laughing at me and I feel very very bad and embarrassed. I cannot change my dress, nor can I go back home — what to do, so I was just hiding from people. This is something that

happened to my friend in college in the past, and I even see that friend in my dream, laughing at me at Dr. Master's clinic.


1. My obstinate constipation has troubled me a lot and is worse in the morning.

2. Constant discomfort in the rectum and very hard stools taking a lot of time to pass occurs once in 2-3 days I have been able to pass very hard stools today.


1. Great craving for ice creams and cold drinks. I felt very satisfied when I ate ice cream.

2. I do not prefer warm food nowadays; infact have an aversion towards it.

23rd January 2003


1. Very talkative; I just want someone to converse with me constantly and give me company.

2. Desire for company is also very important I need someone to sit and chat with me the whole day.

3. On returning home at night, I would go to sleep immediately. But nowadays I want to ask a lot of questions to mummy and always want her to talk to me for a while. Even in work place, I want to know what is happening and constantly want to be inquisitive and talkative.

24th – 27th January 2003


A small eruption/boil has developed on my scalp, very dry, no oozing but very hard and itching, remained for 10-12 days and then disappeared on its own.


All these days my constipation remained the same but there is no urge or discomfort in the abdomen, constant thirst or desire for cold water.


Prover 5.

Short Case History

1. Mind:

Dominating - Since childhood I have been very dominating by nature, which makes me very stubborn.

Fear of water.

I am very possessive.

Irritable over small matters. Don't like someone talking loudly; I don't like arguments.

My decision making power is very poor; always ask others to take decisions for me (I tend to rely on others).

Very abusive by nature; even tend to hit anybody in anger.

2. Craving:

Chicken +++, spicy.

3. Past History:

Mitral regurgitation,

Malaria 3 times,

Typhoid 2 times,

Dengue fever.

4. Family History:

Father Diabetes Mellitus;

Mother Hypertension, Rheumatoid arthritis.


Started Medicine on 23rd December 2002.

24th December 2002


1. Was feeling relaxed, wanted to enjoy.

2. Angry on slightest thing.

3. If I did not get what I wanted, I would get irritated.


1. Heat in the head with headache.

2. Pain especially in the left temple, forehead and nape of the neck; better by pressure. Headache was accompanied with nausea; better after eating.


Had Burning in the eyes.


Dryness of mouth.


Wanted to drink water (Cold Water). Wanted sips of cold water.


1. Had temperature around 100° F at 12.30 h.

2. Chill began in the knee, which was externally warm to touch; also the palms were cold to touch.

3. Fever that got better after a rash came up.

25th December 2002


1. Aggravated by loud noise wanted to stay alone.

2. I was weepy but could not weep.


I had dribbling of saliva during my afternoon nap.


Sleep got disturbed at 2.00 h. suddenly felt like vomiting; felt better after vomiting.

26th December 2002


1. I had violent anger, which I could not control. I had a fight with my father. I had a feeling of guilt after that and I cried. I didn't speak to my father for 20 days. Ultimately my father started talking to me. Same thing happened with another friend. Didn't speak to her for days.

2. I kept on thinking about it and could not get over it.

3. Angry from any loud noise. Want peace of mind.

4. Anger remains for days.

28th December 2002


1. Brooding.

2. Cannot concentrate on work. Cannot think clearly.

3. Desire for company.

4. Forgetfulness - while writing I forget what I was writing.

5. I am feeling lonely as if nobody is there.

6. I had changeable moods.

7. I had sudden impulsive behaviour. I became very abusive and slapped three people today. I wept after that.

8. I previously could not say no to anyone but now I am able to do it.

9. Irritated on small questions. Angry on those who ask questions or on those who tend to lie. Anger remains throughout the day.

10. Loves to listen to sad songs.

11. My restlessness has reduced.

12. My speech has become loud.

13. Previously I was a spendthrift. Now I think before buying.

14. Revengeful tendency has reduced considerably.

15. Want peace in the room.

16. Weep easily when seeing sad scenes (Never experienced this before).


No dreams in this whole period (usually I get a lot of dreams).


Pain temples < When hungry

< Sunlight

< Talking

> Silence

> Eating.


There was watering of eyes in the morning and evening.


Stool very offensive with lots of flatulence.


Pain at the nape of the neck.


Pain in both knees < when walking

< initial motion

> pressure

> sitting

> flexing the limb


1. Desire for ice cream, cheese, butter, and tea.

2. I cannot remain hungry, otherwise I get angry, and also get a headache, and cannot concentrate.

3rd February 2003


1. Anger from slightest contradiction.

2. ANGER controlled nowadays, don't show it in front of people, occasionally it comes when somebody irritates me or affects my work or does not live up to my expectations.

5th February 2003


Stool hard, then soft, with a very bad smell.

6th February 2003


Stools same as yesterday i.e. hard, then soft, with a very bad smell.

7th February 2003


1. Headache every morning, especially in the frontal part, more over the brows; extends to the occiput.

2. Dull pain especially on the temporal region

< Exertion

< From exposure to the sun

< Waking on

> Eating after

> Hard pressure


1. Dryness of mouth every morning-feel thirsty all the time; < drinking cold water. 2. Gum - Bleeding gum occasionally, at morning waking on.


1. Irritation in throat in the morning

2. Pricking sensation

< Morning

< Evening


1. Hungry especially in the forenoon, at around 11.30-1.00 p.m.; very irritable when hungry; has to eat something; if remains hungry for a long time gets a headache.

2. Ravenous appetite.


Pain in cervical region; < In any position,

> Pressure.


Craving Cheese +++

Coffee +++

Ice cream +++

Tea ++

10th and 11th February 2003


1. Photophobia increased on the 11th Feb.

2. Watering of eyes every morning, some times due to draft of fan, or when in closed rooms especially in hot rooms.

3. Morning irritability in the eyes is less.


1. Weakness.

2. Wants hard pressure to relive the pain.

15th February 2003


1. I like to go for parties; enjoy a lot there.

2. I like to talk to people but this time I am so conscious about my looks, that in the party I do not talk with every body; there is feeling that people should come and talk to me.

3. Desire for company has decreased; I don't mind sitting in one corner.

20th February 2003


1. Anger on contradiction has decreased. 2. Anxiety reduced about any work; about myself, whether I will able to do it or not.

3. Forgetful - For names, Recent events - forget even what I had said 5 minutes back; had to keep reminding it to myself.

4. I am able to solve my problems; I am very practical, my expectations are very less.

5. I don't like consolation; that irritates me.

6. I love music very much, which relieve all my anxieties.

7. I want my work to be perfect, neat and clean. Nobody has to tell me that I have done wrong. Confidence in work in any situation has increased.

8. Irritability is less.

9. Nowadays I am slightly reserved; I don't like to tell anybody my feelings.

10. Possessiveness has decreased.

11. REVENGE feeling is very less.


No dreams since 2 months.



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