Carassus auratius = Goldfisch


Kind: (Symptome einer einzige erfolgreiche Fall). Shyness, bashful/choosy/cheerful, dancing, singing/aversed to talk/cleans and wipes/sensitive to shouting/awkward (falling)/loves to eat fish/loves water but fears to go in the pool and not the sea.

Attached to father/looks into the mirror - proud, vain/loves the goldfish/mildness (cannot fight);

Negativ: Seperation/parting/close/fights/quarrelsome/egotism/thems around: friend/father/injured/wronged/self reproach/guilt/revolt/hardworking/lazy/responsible/talks (openhearted)/singing/company/sentimental/romantic/clothes stylish and coloured/fear/anxious;


Mind: Absentminded (missed train station travelling)

Anger (when reminded of past disease/at family/with repentance/sudden/throwing things/violent)/Fear - falling of/something will happen/of infection/of injury/of insanity/of pain/startles easily/from suddenness/being touched/of Tb.

Anxiety (of conscience/about health/when time is set/to be on time)

Always late

Aversion to routine work

Awkward in sari (is indian dress)


Cautious while walking lest she falls

Cheerful, happy


Company desire for (party)

Concentration difficult


> Consolation

Contradict disposition to

Contrary to father

Cooking aversion to/desire to

Delusion - must others desire to adjust/is bounded (to time/money/work)/catching someone at throat/has a  ligament torn at joint/has severe disease/is dominated (by father)/will loose father/must continue work hard despite pain/intruded (territory) on/someone behind curtain/is unimportant/wasting time doing nothing/has suffered wrong

Despair about social position of homoeopaths/of recovery

Eat - desire (> occupation)


Enjoy desire to/dancing

Exercise, yoga desire for


Forsaken from father

Guilt (after violence)


Indifferent with father


Jealousy of colleague in clinic

Impulse to jump in river


Lie down desire to

Love ideal

Mental occupation > headache/mental symptoms > after sleep

Mood changeable

Music - sensitive to (romantic)



Offended easily/indignation

Orders cannot take

Play desire to



Quarrelsome (with father/with friends)

Reading romantic novels/deep love for books

Rebellious (having hair cut/having hands waxed)

Religious traditions  - contrary to

Reproaches oneself


Responsibility too much


Sad (from disease)

Sentimental, romantic

Sensitive - to loud noise/to sad songs/suffering of others


Somniloquism (= speaks during sleep)

Special wants to be

Talk - aversed to/desires to (with friends)/encourage friend to talk from her heart/in sleep (“oh it pains!”/own name/“I missed her!”)/open hearted

Work - aversed to/lack of initiative/lethargy for oneself, enthusiasm for others/for others/being useful for others

Weeping - with anger at father/after emotions/mood/in front of others

Head: Injured

Pain - morning/during case taking/dull/frontal/”As if falling down”/< stooping/> mental occupation/< noise

Eyes: Pain - burning r. upper eyelid/around orbit (reading/> sleep)

Swollen r. upper eyelid

Twitching r./l.

Ears: Discharge offensive

Obstruction r.

Nose: Colds - progressing fast/severe/sudden

Coryza with yellow discharge

Discharge postnasal/stringy


Face: Eruptions - before acne menses/ acne erythematic

Mouth: Tongue - inflamed at base/fraenulum/ulcerated

Odour offensive

Throat: Irritated “As from a plug”/desires to swallow

Chest: Pain discomfort - continuous/with deep inspiration

Stomach: Appetite - increased/decreased

Hunger - cannot bear it any longer/22 h.

Nausea - morning/after breakfast

“As if not eaten enough”

Abdomen: Flatulence in lower abdomen

Pain - discomfort from eating fish/discomfort around umbilicus from eating spicy

Pain in iliac fossae from laughing/heaviness in lower abdomen/during menses

Ractum: Desires stools after eating spicy fish

Tenesmus druing menses

Urine: Urination frequent (despite being thirstless)

Female organs: Menses 10 days early/lomg/flow profuse

Extremities: Pain in joints - after exertion/after bruises/in hamstrings/sore bruised

Sleep: Disturbed


Speaks during sleep

Wakes up early

Dreams: Many

Generalities: Food and drinks: Aversed to: spicy (fish/cannot eat it); Desires: cakes/juices/oily food/roasted onions/salt/spicy food/tea; >: hot soups/hot tea/hot water;

Tendency to fall (with injuries l./playing)

Injuries - take time to heal/pain ”As if in electric shock”/leave marks

Tendency to put on weight/obesity

Sweat offensive


Vergleich; Carassus auratus (symptoms of fish and Aur-met.?);

Siehe: Pisces + Schillernd + Regenbogen


Allerlei. Freshwater fish/Goldfish have been killed with overfeeding (needs diet/susceptible to digestive problems/vegetable and animal protein/as much food as it can eat in 5 minutes/peas/spinach/lettuce/zucchini bits/plankton/beef heart/bloodworms/glass worms/brine shrimp/daphnia)/probably first developed in China/Japan. Today = exhibition fish and as pets.          

The pH level should remain between 7.0 and 8.0. Ammonia should be kept to a minimum/can damage their fins. Needs hiding places.                                                       

Comes in many shapes/sizes/colours/all types originated from Carassius auratus/took careful selective breeding and lots of patience to produce the different varieties/large variety of colours (greenish brown/orange/red/blue/black/bronze/olive green/dark brown/reddish brown/light brown/calico/red/white).



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