Carcinosinum Mexico Anhängsel


[Rosario Sánchez]

Tissue of the mammary gland of an intraductal Carcinoma in situ and of an invasive breast cancer with Paget’s disease of the breast and metastases of 13 from 20 axillar lymph nodes were used,

obtained by the Department of General Pathology, mediated by Dr. José Rodríguez Ramírez. During a pharmacology lesson a potency of C 30 was produced at Homeopatía de México.

The remedy preparation 1 part of the tissue and 4 parts of alcohol.

Results and summary

The proving confirmed that Carcinosinum is a reactive homeopathic medicine, as it provoked the reappearance of very old symptoms that had not been present for many years. It showed a

special impact on the mental sphere, central nervous system, respiratory tract, digestive and urogenital tract as well as the extremities.


Outstanding mentals:

Difficult concentration, sadness with desire to listen to music, anxiety, despair and annoyance.

Carcinosinum produced notable alterations like:

Several dreams: very vivid dreams, dreams of dead persons, mutilations, war, soldiers, cemeteries and persecution.

Vertigo: on rising, when moving the head, appearing suddenly etc.

Catarrhal discharges, inflammation of tonsils, purulent; inflammation of ganglia, painful;

increased and frequent appetite, insatiable; marked abdominal distension, dark menstrual blood; burning in urinary organs, warm and intense color of urine. Numbness and burning of

extremities as well as cramps, itching and dryness of the skin; bumps on different parts, symptoms changing the location etc.

Clarke’s Dictionary (3rd edition), Materia Medica by Vijnovsky and computer software RADAR (with a totality of 373 Symptoms).

The numbers in parentheses after each symptom (striking mental and emotional symptoms, striking general and local symptoms) correspond to miasmatic seriation.

Striking mental and emotional symptoms:

Anger (with nonconformity/with annoyance/bother or boredom/ennui)

prolonged aggressive, thereby offensive, ironical and sarcastic

Anxiety (about future)

tears the skin around the fingernails

Old anxieties and fears


Apathy (lack of interest in things which were important before)

Desperate (during pain)

Difficult concentration

Despondent (with no desire to do anything and a desire to lie down)

Distracted (while reading)



Irritable (in busy places/during pain)

Bad mood, with tendency to anger

> occupation

Oversensitive to music (with desire to cry/with marked sense of rhythm)

Very sensitive to reproaches 

Resentment, rancor about past events with desire to take revenge

Mental restlessness

Restless, cannot get comfortable

Sadness (with desire to cry/disinclined to talk/from listening to music)

„As if something terrible or very sad would happen“

Strong desire for sympathy

Head: Stabbing headache on the right side 

Internal throat: Purulent, greenish secretion of tonsils

Stomach: Increased appetite (with desire to eat frequently/with anxiety about eating)

Abdomen: Pain in the belly > pressure

Paroxysmal pains

Male organs: Ejaculation during sleep

Female organs: Scanty and dark menses

Expectoration: Purulent

Chest: Pressing pain in breasts, from left to right

Back: Jerking muscles of extremities and back

Bumps on the back

+Fever: with exhaustion

Skin: „As if a drop running over the skin“

Generals and local symptoms:

One-sided symptoms or symptoms side # side, paroxysmal and intermittent, burning and stabbing pains.

Generalized adenopathy with fever

Symptoms one side of the body # to the other

< in the morning/in the afternoon/by cold and damp air/by heat/after eating

> by cold/in the course of the day/after nap

Burning pain


Food and drink: Desire: sweets;

Great fatigue + WEAK (< morning on rising)

Weakness, sensation as if beaten

SENsitiv to cold air


Mind: Difficult concentration (2a) (4) (35) (36) (39); with mental restlessness.

With sensation of emptiness in head.

The preparation of a class requires more mental effort.

Desire to listen music and feels that the music is romantic, melodious, and she cannot concentrate (4).

Sensation of inner restlessness while reading, distracting him, and does not remember what he has just read, then several thoughts arise in his mind; this occurs during the day.

Distracted (13) (36) and apathetic.

Makes mistakes in talking, says one word instead of another (11).

Forgetfulness: forgets what day it is (13).

Difficulty remembering names of persons or places (102).

Difficulty coordinating thoughts (102).

Sensation of unreality, as if he were in a dream, as if he is not himself, looks in the mirror and

does not recognize himself, with fear of going crazy (23).

Abstraction of mind, sensation of mental emptiness (34).

Sensation of slowness in thinking (35).

Desire to listen music, which she feels is melodious (4).

Sadness after listening music with ineffective desire to cry (8a).

Feels that the music is sad with desire to cry, but cannot cry (4).

Sadness, which provokes weeping, aggravated by music (105).

Despondency, does not want to go out or to see anybody (34).

Tendency to remain motionless with mental emptiness; listless (when alone) (34).

Sadness with desire to cry, want‘s to go home and lock herself in, with no desire to do anything, although she makes effort and begins to work with enthusiasm, she feels that idleness is depressing (34).

Great depression (4 days after 1st dose): no desire to do anything, not to get up, not to study, does not want to see her friends; very thoughtful and precipitate11, thinks of different subjects (8a).

Feels that it is not relevant to do important things (6).

Feels sad and depressed (41).

Cries a lot, very sad, thinks of past events, with sensation of incapacity, solitude and hopelessness, resentment and fear because of disapproval of those surrounding her (4).

Sadness during stool, then he laughs when he notices that he was sad (23).

Desire to cry (4).

Sensitive with desire to cry (13).

Weeps easily (4), [30] when talking (34).

Desires to be alone, which ameliorates (11).

It bothers her to be with too many people, she is bothered by their talking (36).

Desire for solitude (which had disappeared over time) with desire to concentrate on herself and bad mood (105).

Reserved (38).

Lack of interest in her usual occupations (105).

Indifference to having failed an exam (4).

Wants to do other things when she has to study, like watching TV or reading journals (13).

Loss of interest, gives up and thinks that everybody is against her (4).

Postpones things and feels worried (6).

Disinclined to read or study, feels lazy (13).

Great confidence while taking an exam without having studied (103).

Things which formerly provoked anger are now of no importance (4).

Annoyance from listening to people’s talk.

Feels annoyed, is fed up, with desire to scream and cry (103).

Mental tiredness, feels annoyed, with no desire or motivation to do anything, tired of doing

the same thing each day, with desire to cry (in the afternoons at 14 h.). Feels annoyed from hearing the conversation of others (34).

Boredom (105).

Irritability (10) (23) (8) (13).

Angered easily, < in crowds and from approach of strangers (10).

Irritability from headache, when trying to talk, from waiting (23).

Angry in the morning, expressed by gestures (8).

Irritability while driving the car (39).

Irritable, does not want to talk to his wife (38).

Does not tolerate any comments about his symptoms, does not want to talk to anybody (39).

Uncustomary sensitivity to shouting and calls (6).

Rage with weeping, cannot bear anything or anybody (25).

Desire to fight (4).

Rage with aggressiveness: desire to hit, beats and breaks things in his surroundings (10).

Anxiety (10)  (11) (4) (6) (8a).

Slight anxiety in the moment of the first dose, nervousness, with profuse sweat on palm of hands. [60]

Anxiety, restlessness and great insecurity.

Anxiety, wants to finish before she has began.

Feels tensed with anxiety to finish something that is not urgent.

Anxiety about future (his and his partner).

Anxiety about things that he has to do.

Anxiety at dawn, + restlessness, nausea, slight abdominal colic, dryness of mouth and bad taste.

Anxiety about what may happen.

Feels worried, but does not know why (4).

Unpleasant or erotic, fleeting, sudden and difficult to control thoughts, passing quickly, leaving an uncomfortable sensation in general, worse in the morning (10).

Very sentimental, cries when thinking of past events (25).

Reminders of past situations (of more than 10 years ago), tries to find an explanation for something that was no longer important (4).

Reminders of adolescence as if it were recent (4).

Unpleasant thoughts about past things (105).

Bad mood (13) (35) (105) (39): with desire to discuss in the morning on rising (35).

Disposition to anger (39).

Annoyed (34) (39): Intolerant, irritable over the smallest mistake of others, the entire world seems to be unable to do or say anything right (34).

Complains to his secretary of not being efficient (39).

Resentment (4).

Desperation and desire not to work during pain.

Desperation for a few seconds (8).

Very sensitive and desperate, weeps about trifles, feels anxious (2a).

Very impressionable by stories, news and movies (34).

Fear because of so many sudden symptoms (4).

Fear with trembling in the whole body (4).

Fear of going crazy (23).

Fear on approaching others in the street with aversion to touch (4).

Impatient  (11).

Hurried and sensation that the time passes very quickly while writing (7).

Mental restlessness with difficult concentration (4).

Inner restlessness, + blurred vision (4).

Restlessness, desire to go from place to place, does not feel comfortable anywhere (39).

Feeling of solitude or abandonment with sadness and desire to cry (34).

Sadness with feeling of solitude and hopelessness (4).

Feeling of lack of love (4).

Feels better when occupied by work (34).

It bothers him to have nothing to do, desires to be occupied without knowing with what (35).

Wakes up early, earlier than usual, with necessity to do something, to be occupied (34).

Aversion to closed rooms.

Anxiety in closed rooms.

Sensation as if people retreat from and approach her (102).

Sensation of unreality, as if he were in a dream, as if he is not himself, looks in the mirror and

does not recognize himself (23).

Imagines she sees someone crying, carrying a baby (4).

Sensation as if the upper jaw and the teeth were very large, then the nose and the cheekbones,

disappears on opening the eyes, but reappears each time on closing them again, lasts for 5

minutes and disappears on changing position (34).

Sensation that she is getting fat (4).

Flushes easily (notes, that this had not happened for many years) (34).

Vertigo: after the first dose (4).

Sensation of rotating and losing equilibrium, feels unsteadiness while ascending stairs (4).

Objects seem to move around her on raising or turning the head, also occasionally when

sitting quietly (102).

Vertigo on turning the head from right to left, with slight oppression in the Fossa

suprasternalis and with occipital headache and heaviness from nape to shoulder blades (4).

Loss of equilibrium on turning the head, with stopped up ears (4).

Vertigo on moving the head backwards (4).

Sensation as if everything would move with her when lying down (103).

Vertigo when lying down as if she would tumble forward and fall (4).

Vertigo which obliges her to sit down (4).

Continuous vertigo all morning, aggravated on the bus (4).

Vertigo with mental dullness12 and impossibility to coordinate ideas (102).

Feels dazed, as if things were moving in the same place (102).

Vertigo after eating, as if everything were turning and she were about to fall (103).

Sensation of rotating forward, as if the whole body were floating, the head remains in the

same position and prevents her from floating totally (4).

Sensation of moving forward, as if she were trembling (4).

Vertigo, not allowing her to fix her vision well (4).

Vertigo on rising from sitting or lying, with sensation as if everything would turn around and

with obscuring of vision (2a).

Vertigo after rising and disappearing by exercise (4).

Vertigo during menses with tendency to fall forward and sensation that something is crawling

over the right cheek, leg and hand (4).

Vertigo with heaviness in occiput (4).

Head: Frontal headache, radiating to ears, with diminution of hearing acuity (4).

Dull frontal headache with sensation of pressure above the eyes, recurs on the following day

at night, accompanied by rigidity of nape, ameliorated by lateral motion of the head (10).

Aching headache in the morning, mainly in the forehead, ameliorated by occupation (10).

Right-sided frontal headache as from a weight (25).

Pain in the forehead and occipital region in the afternoon while taking an exam (26).

Pulsating pain in the left forehead, synchronous with heartbeat, appearing after eye strain (13).

Gradually appearing frontal headache (4).

Excavating frontal headache (4).

Pain in the left forehead, then in the entire forehead in the morning (38).

12 translator’s note: original Spanish: „entorpecimiento“, means mental dullness or numbness

Pain in right temple like a blow, extending upwards and to right side of face (4).

Violent pain in the right side in the morning, beginning in vertex and extending to right side, with increased intensity in the right eye, stabbing and with sensation as if it would burst, > from strong pressure Right-sided hemicrania, ameliorated by covering the right eye (4).

Frontal headache, mainly on the right side, aggravated by movement, for three days at 15 h.

Stabbing pains (7) (25) (6) (13) (4) (5a).

Throbbing headache in temporal region, synchronous with pulse (4) (13) (7), beginning after exposure to sun for 2 hours, aggravated by walking and movement and ameliorated on lying motionless (7).

Left-sided headache like pricks and numbness13 (25).

Pain in temples which come and go like stabs (6).

Stabbing pain in temples, disappearing when sleeping (6).

Violent stabs in the left side of the head, lasting 5 to 20 minutes, decrease and reappear intensely (13).

Violent stab in the left side after continuous mental effort, the stab was fleeting (6).

Stabbing headache, especially parietal and temporal, not disappearing when sleeping (5a).

Stabbing pain as if the head would burst, with much heat especially in temples, > in a fresh place and aggravated on ascending stairs

Pains, < movement (7) (104) (25) (10).

Right-sided supraorbital headache (at night) and < movement (104).

Headache only when moving, with sensation of numbness and desperation (25).

Pain in temples and temporal bones, aggravated by abrupt motion of the head, with sensation of pressure as if by a band (temporal bones) and above and behind the ears, this occurs between 16 – 13 h.

Pain in nape with heaviness, feels that the head would let go, as if it were too heavy and inner pain > pressure (2a) (101).

Pain in the entire head, ameliorated by pressure on eyes and temples (35).

Heaviness in occiput (7) (4) (13) (2a).

Sensation of emptiness in head and heaviness in occiput at night, which prevents sleeping although he is tired, < lying on the back (7).

Heaviness in head with pressing pain on the right side (102).

Painful heaviness in nape on waking, extending to ears (4).

Heaviness or tug15 in the occiput (4).

Heaviness in nape, extending to the neck (4).

Headache and pain with sensation of heaviness in the region of the 2nd cervical vertebrae, radiating to the entire head, appears half an hour later on the left side of the head (13).

Headache with sensation of heaviness in the entire head, accompanied by slight sleepiness (11).

Heaviness from nape to shoulder blades, accompanied by hyaline nasal catarrh (4).

13 translator’s note: original Spanish: „ Dolor de cabeza en lado izquierdo como piquetes y aturdimiento“, „aturdimiento“ means a physical disturbance of the mind similar to the effect of an

external agent like a blow, or a temporary emotional disturbance (numbness, stupefaction)

Heaviness in occiput, aggravated by cold and ameliorated by prolonged sleep; the pillow feels very hard, as if made of stone (4).

Pain in nape with heaviness, feels that the head would let go, as if it were too heavy, and internal pain, ameliorated by pressure (2a).

Moderate headache, progressively worsening, as if the cranium were very heavy (in the entire head) with much sleepiness, > after sleeping for one hour; much thirst on waking (34).

Headache in the afternoon  (10) (26) (5).

Headache from 12 – 15 h.

Headache each afternoon, with sensation of weakness in the whole body, which obliges to sleep (5).

Suddenly appearing headache in the afternoon, accompanied by general weakness and sensation of heaviness (5).

Bursting pain (101)  (34).

Frontal headache and pain in maxillary bones, as if the bones would burst (+ nausea, sensation of heat, claustrophobia and desperation).

Pain in temples, root of the nose and behind the eyes, as if they would burst, > after sleep (34).

Headache, < at night (7) (104) (10).

Violent headache from the heat of sun, ameliorated by cold, cold drinks and when unclothing (23).

Pain, alternating the location (23) (13) (14) (38).

Headache preceded by dazzling of eyes, begins at first in vertex and left temple, moves then from vertex to forehead (23).

Headache and pain with sensation of heaviness in the cervical region, moving to the right side when sleeping for a while (14).

Sensation of a blow in the right temple (4).

Sensation of a blow in the head, in the right petrosal bone. (4).

Dull headache in temples for more than one hour (13).

Dull pain in the temple and right forehead (4).

Congestive headache with some sneezing (6a).

Headache with crystal clear coryza (8a).

Headache after long walking, as if a nail were piercing in the top of the head and emerging below and behind the ear, the pain appears suddenly and disappears slowly (34).

Headache, radiating to ears and with diminution of hearing acuity, + by general weakness (4).

Slight left-sided hemicrania (4).

Itching on right temple as if she had dandruff (4).

Copious dandruff, especially on temples, with bloody crusts (4).

Dryness of hairy skin, increasing by anxiety -while taking an exam- (this symptom was present 4 years ago) (11).

Eyes: Itching in eyes (at night), as if they were very dry (102).

Itching in both commissures of the left eye, all day long, (in the afternoon) and + slight lachrymation (23).

Swelling of eyelids (4) (5a) (2a).

Swelling of upper eyelids (4).

Sensation of inflammation of the left upper eyelid, very painful (5a).

Increased intensity of swelling of the lower eyelids in the morning, disappears in the course of the day and reappears at night with increased intensity (2a).

Swelling of the left upper eyelid with scanty, purulent secretion on pressure (5a).

Sensation of a tired vision and as if the pupils were dilated and the eyes bulging, swollen and hard (34).

Burning in eyes (23) (4).

Sensation of sand in eyes with burning, aggravated by rubbing (4).

Sensation as if the eyes were filled with dirt.

Pressing pain in right eye with sensation of grit, the sunlight bothers her, and this sensation obliges her to take off her glasses (2a).

Dull, mild and constant pain in eyeballs, drawing backwards (5a).

Vision: Dazzling in left eye, as if out of focus, sees tiny lights: yellow, red, green, like sparkles, also in the other eye; afterwards headache (23).

Blurred vision with inner restlessness (4).

Ears: Stabbing pains (4)  (5).

Throbbing pain in right ear (for 2 to 3 minutes) (4).

Slight, burning stabs in left ear for 1 to 2 minutes, then in right ear for 20 seconds (5).

Violent throbbing in the right ear while kneeling in the church, lasting for 10 minutes and + much heat.

Pulsations in right ear when lying on that side, ameliorated when changing position.

Throbbing in right ear on ascending stairs, with much heat and hypersensitivity to noise.

Slight pulsations in right ear since 5 p.m., five times and at intervals of 3 minutes.

Buzzing16 in the ears (4) (5) (34) (2a).

Buzzing in the ears as from the sound of the high voltage power line (4).

Sensation of obstruction in left ear, as if stopped up completely, with buzzing and with

dryness of nose, for four days (5).

Stopped up ears  (4) (5) (23) (34).

The right ear stopped up and unstopped in the morning, then in the afternoon acute pain inside the ear on swallowing or burping (23).

Stopped up ears and roaring in the ears (4).

Ears feel stopped up as if flying in an airplane, not > yawning.

The right ear feels stopped up, and slight pressing pain all day long, disappears at nightfall (34).

Paroxysmal pains.

Violent paroxysmal pain in the left ear while sitting and reading, begins from outside inward, and disappears (present at 24 h. and 17 h.) (7).

Alternating pains (4) (7).

Pain in right ear and then in left ear, as if after being strongly scraped (4).

Sensation of a blast in the right ear and then in left ear (4).

Pain in left ear, but when looking in the mirror she notices that the right ear is flushed, and that the body is hot in general without feeling inner heat (4).

Irritation of the left ear (4).

Itching in right ear, with crawling sensation in the auditory canal as if by an animal (4).

Hypersensitivity to noise (5)  (34).

Intolerance to noise after bathing, music bothers him, even if the music is low, > lying down (5).

Earache, < daylight and noise, and slightly > pressure (34). [230]

Pain in the right outer ear, as if this region were infected (where the earrings are put) (13).

Pain, radiating to root of nose (8a).

Mild earache in the morning at 10 h., slowly progressing, as if the pressure were increasing (34).

Hearing: “As if the hearing had improved” (4).

Nose: discharge (9) (101) (23)   (4) (39) (8a)./catarrh.

Profuse nasal secretion, aggravated by cold air, constant sneezing during the day (9).

Fluent nasal catarrh, crystal clear, only right-sided, with lachrymation on the same side and

with stabbing frontal headache, the nasal flow decreases when walking in open air (101).

Crystal clear nasal secretion with lachrymation of the right eye, < heat of sun, > bathing (101).

Left-sided discharge of crystal clear mucus (101).

White nasal secretion (102).

Very profuse, watery nasal secretion in the morning (23).

Clear nasal secretion, accompanied by lachrymation and some coughing, < afternoon.

Nasal catarrh in the morning on rising (4).

Right-sided hyaline, clear, semi-thick nasal secretion on a rainy day, very profuse at night.

Fluent coryza, liquid, crystal clear, accompanied by headache (8a).

Profuse, thick nasal discharge, adhesive and yellow, with formation of crusts in mucosa (9).

Mucosity, retronasal, adhesive (4).

Fluent coryza in cloudy weather and cold air (39).

Bloody nasal secretion in the morning (102).

Only one-sided nasal discharge (101) (4).

Green mucus from the left side and transparent from the right side (101).

Burning pains: burning in right Fossa nasalis with catarrh (4).

Burning in left Fossa nasalis (4).

Irritation in right Fossa nasalis as if skinned (4).

Frequent sneezing in the afternoon with burning in eyes and transparent coryza (38).

Burning in nose (6).

Excoriated nose with outer burning (102).

Burning in nose (103).

Frequent sneezing when exposed to open air (6).

Green, thick secretion with nasal obstruction, < heat and > in the open

air, with frequent sneezing and stopped up ears, as if they would burst (6a). [260]

Frequent sneezing in the afternoon (38).

Epistaxis (6) (102) (104).

Right-sided nosebleeding after walking on cold floor (6).

Epistaxis on the right side while bathing - coagulates easily (6).

Pruritus nasalis (102) (4) inside the nose (102).

Itching sensation in the nose, as if by a crawling animal in the right Fossa nasalis, which provokes sneezing (4). [270]

Sensation that something is in the nose which provokes itching of the skin (4).

Dryness in the Fossae nasalis which provokes frequent sneezing (4).

Irritation of right Fossa nasalis when singing (4).

Stabs at the root of nose, radiating to ears and left temporal region, several times in the afternoon for several days (8a).

Left-sided obstruction (6a) of nose, violent sneezing, + hyaline secretion all day long and tickling in nose and pharynx, on the following day the rhinorrhea < and sneezing + much fatigue 8a).

At 2.30 h. in the morning she wakes up from a pestilent odor which disappears after 5 minutes (34).

Anosmia, total loss of smell, even for strong odors (39).

Face: Bursting pain in bones of the face, as if she had sinusitis, on the following day the pain returns in the morning (9 h.), but light and > occupation.

Pain in right malar region (4).

Slight pain in the temporo-maxillary articulation at height of right condyle with sensation as if he had eaten something hard (5a).

Confluent, maculopapular, not itching eruption (104).

Small pimples on face, mainly on forehead, after bathing (13).

Sensation as if the face were rough (104).

Light pricks in face (23).

Heaviness at the root of nose, extending to ears and occiput, preventing rapid movement (4).

Flushes of heat in face and very hot hands, ameliorated by wetting with cold water and holding ice in the hands (13).

Mouth: Increased salivation (4) (102) (2a).

Cottony saliva and bitter taste (9).

Thick salivation (102).

Bitter taste (9) (42).

Oily sensation on palate after tasting food, disappears when drinking water or brushing teeth, but reappears when eating any food (6).

Excoriating pain in commissures of lips, < r. (13).

Burnt sensation of the tongue (34).

Pain in gums on the left side, as if he had a small ulcer, all foods causes burning sensation (40).

Pustule on oral mucosa of the lower lip, with itching and burning on touch (13).

Pimples in the mucosa, like cold sore, from eating spicy food (13).

Reddish area on right lower gum and sensation as if an abscess would form and with burning (101).

Sensation of numbness of the tongue at night after drinking a carbonated drink, with unpleasant taste, earthy and bitter; this recurs on the following day in the morning (42).

Sensation as if the left middle border of the tongue is waking up after anesthesia (34).

Very fine tingling on the left border of the tongue, < after eating or smoking, changes to burnt sensation of tongue after some days (34).

Teeth: Right-sided toothache as if from biting ice (4).

Pain like hypersensitive teeth18, later on the left side, and afterward in the lower incisors (4).

“As if she had bitten a stone with her teeth on the left side”, feels the vibration that results from the impact of teeth with a stone and extends to right ear (4).

Pain in one molar on chewing (14).

Bleeding of gums during and after brushing the teeth (13).

Moderate bleeding of the right-sided upper gums while brushing the teeth (34).

Throat: Sore throat with nasal and pharyngeal secretion, profuse, yellow, thick and easy to expectorate (9).

Sore throat on waking, disappears on rising (101).

Violent pain on waking, as if she had a foreign body from throat to chest, this pain provokes dry cough, and the more she coughs the worse the pain (101).

Sore throat with sensation of dryness and sensation of scratching while coughing (102).

Tearing sore throat on waking, aggravated by swallowing and movement (23).

Very violent sore throat in the morning on waking, with sensation as if the throat were „closed“19, + itching in right ear.

Violent sore throat in the morning with swelling of cervical lymph nodes and pain over the whole body; < sun, > in the shade and during the course of the day.

Sore throat on waking (disappeared at 11 h.).

Sore throat in the morning with sensation of irritation and with swelling; since waking and lasting for 2 hours; decreases during the course of the day, for several days (25).

Burning in throat (4) (2a) (11) and difficulty to articulate words while speaking, the speech is slow and salivation increased (4).

Burning in throat at noon with < by cold and secretion of stringy mucus of pharynx, with tickling, cough and increased salivation (2a).

Burning on swallowing and dryness, < damp weather and ameliorated by warm weather (2a).

Burning in esophagus after eating spicy food (11).

Burning in throat and increased salivation (4).

Swelling and ulceration of tonsils with pain on swallowing, with difficulty moving head, neck and entire body (6a).

Enlarged and red right tonsil, with purulent, yellow greenish cream and coating and metallic taste (2a).

More secretion from the right tonsil than from the left one (2a).

Wakes up with pain in left tonsil with difficulty swallowing of saliva, the tonsils are swollen and ulcerated (l.) (6a).

Pain in tonsil as if by a fishbone, radiating to the ear (41).

Approximately each hour sensation as if from needles in the right side of pharynx, appears

suddenly, lasting for seconds, and repeats six times at intervals of approximately 5 minutes (34).

Itching sensation in throat and nose, which provokes cough and lachrymation when breathing deeply (13).

Pain in tonsils, accompanied by aching pain in back (6).

Sensation of dryness and as if it were scratched when coughing (102).

Dry and irritated throat on waking (4) (2a).

Sensation of a foreign body in throat, as if something were obstructing (23).

Sensation of suffocation when drinking water (4).

Irritated throat, as if „closed“ (4) (25).

External throat:

Swelling of lymph nodes on the neck on waking, ameliorated as day warms.

Swelling of the left retroauricular gland, painless on palpation (104).

Unbearable discomfort in tonsils with swelling of cervical glands, painful to touch, < at night and + pain in temples (2a).

Itching on neck, followed by dryness.

Itching and redness of skin of neck after seeing a person with dermatitis.

Pimples on neck with much itching, which become enlarged by rubbing of clothes or

necklace, the itching extends to the back (13).

Pressing pain on the left side of neck, ameliorated by movement (25).

Aching pain in muscles and joints of neck (6a).

Pain in one lymph node below the left mandibular angle on pressure (36).

Pain in neck, like torticollis, after drinking a cold drink, aggravated by turning the head to the

left side (40).


Nausea, almost to the point of vomiting, at night and in the morning (102).

Nausea with sensation of emptiness in stomach and with borborygmus in abdomen and

flatulence one hour after breakfast (102).

Nausea when brushing teeth (4) in the morning (102).

Nausea at night with eructations after eating egg (102).

Nausea before eating (103). [350]

Nausea from eating snow (23).

Nausea from the odor of ground bread20 (4).

The odor of food is unpleasant (4).

Nausea with increase of heat and salivation (4).

Nausea and slight colic, dryness of mouth and tongue, accompanied by anxiety and difficulty to sleep (6).

Nausea during pain (34).

Nausea all day long and with sensation as if the wind were knocked out of her stomach, the same in the chest, behind the sternum, as if she were beaten, with strong desire to lie down and sleep (34).

Intense nausea, especially when seeing food (34).

Nausea from odor of food (39).

Increased appetite (13) (102).

Very hungry, nothing satisfies -even after eating- craves everything (102).

Increased appetite, especially in the morning (102).

Much hunger with anxiety about eating (102).

Sensation of hunger or craving, not satisfied by eating (4).

Wants to eat without being hungry, with constant sensation of emptiness in stomach (4).

Eats very well until satisfied and is ravenous after 2 hours, as if she had eaten nothing (13).

Ravenous hunger at midnight with burning in stomach and esophagus, > by eating (34).

Very hungry on rising (34).

Huge appetite, yet a little food satisfies (2a).

Sensation of hunger after eating with burning in epigastrium (38). [370]

Always feels hungry (4).

Burning pain (4) (34) (23) (9) (38).

Burning in epigastrium (4).

Burning in stomach, < by eating (34).

Burning pain in epigastrium, which is enlarged, < by movement (22 h.), “As if the stomach were connected to the vagina by a cord” (4).

Discomfort in epigastrium (4).

Pain in epigastrium and mesogastrium (4).

Pain in epigastrium one hour after eating (22 h.), as if there were something radiating up into the esophagus (34).

Increased thirst (102) (9) (4) (37) (2a).

Thirst at night before lying down (102).

Much thirst -at night- which obliges him to rise and drink water (9).

Increased thirst at night, wakes up in order to drink water, + by profuse sweat over the whole body (37).

Intense thirst day and night (9).

Thirst for large quantities of water in the morning (2a).

Many eructations tasting of food (102).

Eructations after eating, sometimes nausea during movement (102).

Eructations tasting of food and of putrid odor (7).

Sensation of emptiness in epigastrium, in the morning between 7 h. and 10 h., like painful hunger, > eating something (26).

Sensation of emptiness and fullness in the stomach (4).

Sensation of emptiness in stomach, not ameliorated by eating (4).

Sourness and burning in epigastrium, ameliorated by eating (23).

Violent burning in the epigastrium and great acidity, ameliorated by eating.

Very acidic regurgitations 2 or 3 hours after eating, worse at night (34).

Persistent regurgitations (23).

Desire for spicy food with much appetite (102).

Desire for fresh food like fruits (23).

Desire for sweet bread and cold milk, which he did not like before (usually preferring salty) (26).

Great distension of stomach after eating (lasting for 30 minutes) (13).

Painful distension of stomach after dinner (13).

Very strong throbbing in the Fovea suprasternalis with oppression in chest and sensation of asphyxia one hour after eating sardines (9).

Lack of appetite (104).

Audible borborygmus with discomfort in stomach (4).

Hypersensitivity to tobacco and alcohol (38).

Abdomen: distension (7) with discomfort and flatulence, although he had eaten lightly (9).

Distension on waking (9).

Distension one hour after eating with colicky pain (23).

Abdominal distension with nausea and vomiting in the course of the afternoon and part of the night (9).

Abdominal distension all day long, with constant sounds and discomfort (9).

Constant abdominal distension regardless of mealtimes.

Abdominal distension, as if she had eaten much, sensation of emptiness at the same time, but without any interest in food (4).

Abdominal distension after eating (4).

Abdominal distension with violent pain in belly, aggravated by movement, (l. Fossa iliaca), > passing flatus (13).

Distension due to flatulence with pain – in the left Fossa iliaca – disappears on passing flatus (27).

Colicky pain.

Intense colic in the lower part of abdomen during eating, passing quickly (101).

Violent colic in the lower part of abdomen at 3 h. in the morning, waking her from sleep;

this recurs at 8 a.m. in the morning and is ameliorated by stool (101).

Colicky pain in the afternoon (from 16 – 20 h.) (102).

Colics in abdomen at night, as if the menses would appear, < r. side (102).

Wakes up with desire for stool, with intense colicky pain below the navel and painful distension of the abdomen with audible sounds (7).

Colicky pain in the left Fossa iliaca with desire for stool (4).

Colicky pain, aggravated by movement – lasting for 20 minutes (13).

Colics in the right flank, of short duration and ameliorated by pressure on abdomen (13).

Colicky pain in the left Fossa iliaca with desire for stool (11).

Pain in hypogastrium like an intense spasm, aggravated by movement and ameliorated by rest (4).

Flatulence in the afternoon after eating (25).

Much flatus after eating and during stool, which is easy to evacuate (34).

Easy discharge of flatus (4).

Rectal flatus (103).

Borborygmus with sensation of diarrhea, but the feces are normal (38).

Very audible bowel sounds after breakfast, intermittent at an interval of 2 hours, > by stool.

Sensation of diarrhea, as if bubbles were in the bowels (11).

Sensation of bowels moving (103).

Sensation of an acute complaint in the left Fossa iliaca, as if the bowels would move (23).

Stabbing pain in hypogastrium (4).

Stabbing pain in the left Fossa iliaca (4).

Stabs in the suprapubic region (4).

Prick in the left hypochondrium and left knee, like a cramp at the same time (4).

Pain in the right Fossa iliaca, as if pierced by something (102).

Pain in the belly as if something were inserted into the mid line, 2 centimeters below the navel, ext. downwards (4).

Violent pain in the right Spina iliaca and sensation as if the breath would cease and with moaning (4).

Acute violent pain in Fossae iliacae on urinating.

Heaviness in the belly immediately after eating, < urinating (6).

Pain in the Fossae iliacae and right Fossa renalis, ext. forward and downwards (4).

Bruised pain in the most lateral part of the left external iliac crest (35).

Pulling pain through groin after coitus (6).

Pain in the right side of abdomen as if something were inflamed, all night long (42).

Piercing pain in the hepatic region (4).

Pain in the right side of abdomen with distension, aggravated by walking and ameliorated by sitting (101).

Rectum: Diarrhea.

Diarrhea in the morning on rising, light coffee-colored, semi-liquid, not fetid, accompanied by borborygmus (at 7 h., 10 h. and 2.30 h.) (10).

Two evacuations at dawn (9).

Liquid, light coffee-colored diarrhea, accompanied by much noisy flatus and pain in thighs (7).

Liquid evacuation with remnants of reddish excrements, debilitating (after eating greasy food) (11).

Sensation of relaxation of the rectal sphincter, with cylindrical excrements of uncustomary increased volume and without strain (4).

Semi-liquid, coffee-colored diarrhea with remnants of food floating in the water, preceded by violent colics, every 30 minutes, > 13 h. (13).


Difficult and unsatisfying evacuations with hard feces (102).

Constipation with little desire for stool (23).

Great constipation (4). [460]

Two evacuations during the day, in the morning and afternoon, with formed feces, but with

some difficulty to expel them (6).

Irritation of the anal region (4). [470]

Feces and flatus of a strong and putrid odor (36).

Stool: Soft, dark and easy evacuations (34).

Urging to evacuate brown liquid feces with remnants of food in the morning (36).

Urging to evacuate scanty feces with colicky pain in the left Fossa iliaca (11).

Easy, profuse and cylindrical evacuation in a usually constipated woman (4).

Feces in form of conjoined balls and difficult to expel (6).

Feces are thick and difficult to expel and leave a burning sensation in rectum (6).

Somewhat loose evacuations with tenesmus and some mucosity, and preceded by abdominal colic (13).

Two scanty, pasty stools, which ameliorate the nausea and abdominal pain, but provoke fatigue and much sleepiness; wakes up on the following day with headache and pain in eyes,

without appetite and with physical fatigue (11).

Wakes up several times at dawn, between 2 h. and 6 h., the feces were thick, profuse, odorless, and accompanied by much abdominal distension (9).

Excrement with some parts of green color like spinach (4).

Yellow ochre feces for several days (4).

Crawling sensation in the perianal region as if by an animal, extending to genitals (4).

Urinary organs: Frequent micturation (38) (39) (41).

Burning in urethra with emission of warm urine every 15 minutes (41).

Burning sensation in urethra in the morning at 11 h., 5 minutes after urination.

Dysuria with diminution of the stream of urine (4).

Itching in the urethra (4).

Irritation, like cystitis, then irritation in the anal region (4).

Painful sensation of the left kidney (4).

Pain in the right kidney, as if something were clotted, disappears after half an hour.

Urine with much white sediment, without any ailment (13).

Urine of a strong yellow color and with medicinal odor (37)

Male organs: Ejaculation during sleep (9) (35) (6).

Itching of genitals, especially on glans (38).

Redness and itching in the Sulcus balanopraeputialis after coitus, aggravated by warmth, with scanty production of whitish smegma, ameliorated after bathing (this symptom was present 8

years ago and since then he has not had these ailments) (26).

Violent and persistent erections (9).

Pulling pains through groin after coitus (6).

Female organs: Dark red menstruation.

Scanty menses with dark blood (101).

Scanty menstruation with dark, fetid and stringy blood; abdominal distension 3 days before menses, worse in the afternoon, with difficult discharge of flatus which relieves, and

with eructations tasting of food (27).

Scanty vaginal bleeding, dark coffee-colored, all day long (2a).

The palpitations disappear with the onset of menstrual flow (only traces) (4).

Coffee-colored menstrual blood (13).

Very scanty and stringy menses, with dark red blood and fetid for some hours on the first day, later with normal odor; abdominal distension three days before menses with difficult

discharge of flatus and eructations tasting of food (13).

Delayed menses with colicky pain, as if the menses would appear (102).

Profuse menstruation (13).

Very profuse menstruation, irritating, and accompanied by anal itching (34).

The menstruation is more profuse during sleep and on movement (34).

Menstruation like tar (4).

Prolonged menstruation of a bright red color now (4).

Early and fetid menstruation (41).


Yellowish, mucous vaginal secretion, slightly itching (102).

White discharge like cream of milk with odor of ammonia (34).

Burning in vagina with sensation as if a drop of discharge would come out; the leukorrhea is white, transparent, scanty and very excoriating, then yellow (41).

Scanty vaginal discharge, transparent like water, slightly itching, staining the linen slightly white (42).

Scanty vaginal discharge, yellowish and liquid (101).

Slight transvaginal bleeding with transparent mucus and sensation of heaviness in hypogastrium, as if the menses would appear (103).

Pain as if the vagina would open, with discharge of a yellow liquid (101).

Menstrual pain, incapacitating, accompanied by nausea, rectal tenesmus, vomiting of a crystal clear liquid which relieves the nausea, and incapacity to walk, speak, think and write (4).

Soreness and cutting pain from the waist downwards with intensely red menstruation (4).

Dysmenorrhea.x very acute pain in sacrum, extending to thighs and M. quadriceps, nothing relieves, accompanied by irritability (4).

Pressing pain in region of ovaries and pain from waist to hip as if she were pulled by something very heavy (4).

Premenstrual colics with uncustomary increased intensity, especially in the morning, the menstrual flow appears in the morning and disappears in the afternoon with very intense colics.

Acute and sharp pain in the region of uterus, lasting seconds, after some minutes pressing pain in the left ovary, also passing quickly; similar pains in the right ovary on the next day in the afternoon (37).

Herpes on the left side of the vulvar region with much burning (41).

Itching of genitals during menstruation, worse at night (34).

Itching and sensation of humidity on genitals and perianal region, relieved by washing (34).

Irritation of the genitals and in the urethra (4).

Pruritus vulvae at the onset of menses (13).

Intense itching of the pubis (13).

Sensation of vaginal flatus (103).

Sensation of uterine prolapse after walking (41).

Sensation of vibration in genitals (4).

Great sexual excitement (41).

Larynx and Trachea: Hoarseness in the morning on waking (25).

Cough: Cough (9) (23) (101) (102).

Dry cough with retrosternal pain and difficult expectoration (9).

Dry coughing fits, provoking desire to vomit (101).

Dry cough with itching in throat in closed and warm rooms (102).

Dry cough with irritation in throat, with desire to vomit and scanty white expectoration (102).

Dry cough in the afternoon and at night at 11 p.m., with scanty whitish phlegm (23).

Cough, which provokes involuntary urination (101).

Violent cough in the morning, which provokes vomiting of white phlegm (101).

Cough with nausea in the morning with phlegm difficult to expel (102).

Cough in cold places or in open air, ameliorated in warm and closed rooms (102).

Cough when beginning to eat (104).

Yellow and sometimes green expectoration (102).

Cough with yellow greenish expectoration (23).

Productive coughing fits (5a).

Gray greenish sputum, difficult to expectorate (8a).

Cough with difficult greenish expectoration (7a).

Chest: Pressing pain in the upper part of chest (9). [540]

Violent pain in the whole thorax, aggravated by inspiration and by lateral movement of the waist.

Retrosternal oppression, as from a weight, with sensation of insufficient air, not > deep inspiration (4).

Oppression at height of fourth rib, suprasternal (4).

Stabbing pain in the left costovertebral angle (4).

Pain in breasts (102) (25) (4).

Alternating pain from right to left breast (4).

Pain in left breast with sensation of pressure above and below (25).

Heaviness and congestion of breasts (4).

Stabbing pain in nipples (4).

Stabs in the left lateral region at base of left breast (4).

Itching and burning pain in left breast (4).

Burning in the armpit, extending to the left breast, after applying lemon and deodorant (4).

Itching of breasts, < l. side, with deep pain > pressure. (13).

Smarting in the left nipple with scanty milky secretion (4).

Irritation of right nipple (4).

Dryness of areola (4).

Intensified color of areolas (4).

Smarting23 in areolas, aggravated by scratching (4).

Irritation of the nipples, aggravated by warm water; rubbing of clothes is intolerable, (l.) with itching and burning pain which makes it unbearable (4).

Sensation of sudden electrical stabs in the heart when outdoors (23).

Palpitations in chest and ears while boring the head in the pillow (after anger) (34).

Palpitations at height of intersection of the left mid-clavicle line and fourth intercostal space, + anxiety (4).

Painful chest palpitations (6).

Small and intermittent stabs in the precordial region after bathing with cold water and due to anxiety, < deep inspiration (6).

Back: Soreness below the vertex of the right scapula (angulus internus) from walking in cold air after being in a moderately warm room, disappearing with warmth of bed (7).

Waist pain as if it were beaten (104).

Pain with sensation of weariness in back and feet after a long walk, then pain in the r. lumbar region, as if in the kidney, like sudden spasms, lasting for seconds and disappearing slowly (34).

Pain with sensation of weariness in the upper region of the back, caused by cold, > warm weather (4).

Stabbing pains.

Stabbing pain in the hip, from dawn to noon.

Stabbing pain in region of right scapula, < movement and ceasing when lying on the back (26). [570]

Stabbing pain in the external superior quadrant of the right buttock (4).

Light pricks in the back (23).

Lancinating pain, piercing from the left scapula towards the armpit, beginning on waking and ceasing half an hour after rising.

Backache as if from fatigue, rheumatism or pressure, > massage, and which appears after lengthy sitting (102).

Backache as if she were carrying something very heavy on the shoulders; also the sensation as if the clothes were very heavy (25).

Pain in the left lumbar region, like a tension, aggravated by bending (36).

Violent pain in the hip, as if she would open (as if in childbirth), < bending, stretching and when carrying something heavy, disappearing on resting (101).

Sensation as if the waist would separate in two parts when lying down about 10 p.m.; this symptom recurs at the same hour the following day (38).

Cutting pain in the right Fossa renalis, like a fast axe blow in horizontal direction at waist height, and ext. upwards like a cramp (4).

Cutting pain in the waist, with burning sensation ascending the back (4).

Heaviness in shoulders with sleepiness (11).

Oppression or heaviness in the right Fossa renalis (4).

Weariness of shoulders, causing them to stoop (4).

Backache when lying down on back, ameliorated by stretching (102).

Pain in back and in the intercostal spaces from coughing (102).

Pain at height of kidneys from eating pork and chocolate (4).


Bumps on back (101).

Two annoying papules on the right buttock (4).

Two furuncles appear on the Regio subscapularis dextra on the following day after the intake of medicine, one of 4-5cm, like a great bump, painless, the other of 1-2 cm, disappearing after some days (5).

Ecchymosis on the right deltoid (4). [590]

Feeling as if a cold slug or drop were running over the left side of the back (105).

Limbs: Pain in Musculi gemelli of the pelvis (9).

Pain in knees during the day (9).

Pain in right knee (9).

Pain in right arm from cold (38).

Pain, > continued motion.

Pain in the right wrist at beginning movement, > continued motion (104).

Pain in joints of fingers (morning), > continued motion (27).

Pain in right knee on walking (25).

Pain in joints of the hands in the morning, ameliorated by movement (6).

From 13 – 15 h. pain in back of foot while standing for a long time, commencing when beginning to walk and > continued walking, but does not disappear entirely; causing irritability towards himself (4a).

Pains, < movement.

Pain in the right hand, radiating to the fingers, < movement (11).

Fleeting pain in the left tibia, aggravated by movement (6).

Pain in the left foot on bending and pain in the left knee, caused by humidity and cold, (walking) (4a).

Pressing pain.

Sensation of pressure, as if the right biceps were strongly clasped (4).

Pressing pain in the left buttock when sitting or lying on the back, ext. over all parts of the pelvis until the foot, ceasing on changing position and leaving a painful sensation in the

whole extremity; the same is felt in the right one, but with lesser intensity and duration, > walking (7).

Violent pain in the hip, ext. to the legs, relieved by nothing, it is a sensation of great pressure which prevents finding a comfortable position, the pain is exasperating.

Pain in the left ankle as if bound, then vibrant pain in the right ankle, this pain then changes to numbness and cramp which ascends the left calf to the back of knee (4).

Pressure at inner side of biceps (4).

Stabbing pains.

Needle-like pricking pains in the fingertip of the left middle finger (4).

Fleeting pricks in fingertips (4).

Sensation of slight electrical pulsations at night while rising from lying (l. arm and l. leg) (23).

Throbbing pain while writing, leaning on the left elbow, beginning in the elbow and ext. hand, disappears on releasing the elbow and reappears when bending the elbow (7).

Stabbing pain in left forearm, aggravated by cold (8).

Stabbing pain in left wrist, worse dorsal, disappearing on moving the wrist (36).

Three pricks in left little finger, as from a needle, radiating to the palm of hand (4).

Prick in the second toe of the right foot like hammering (4).

Prick and cramp in the sole of the right foot at base of big toe (4).

Burning and throbbing pain in the left bunion when touched (4).

Very cold feet, accompanied by heaviness in nape and stabbing and shattering pain as from thick needles, piercing the skin in the tips of toes from prolonged walking, > rest (2a).

Slight electric shocks in the sole of feet on deep inspiration (13).

Brief and lightning-like pain in fingertips (4).

Prick in the left foot, ascending to the back of knee, changes to burning on raising the leg (4).

Prick on the outer side of the right foot like scraping (4).

Rheumatic pains.

Rheumatic pain in the joint of the right ring finger (this finger was injured several years ago when playing baseball) (4).

Rheumatic pain in the right hand on rising in the morning (23).

Rheumatic pain in both knees in the afternoon, then only in the right knee and finally in the

left knee, with increased intensity (23).

Pain in the right wrist like a cold, the region is cold and there is pain at inner side of right

knee (4).

Pain in bones of the whole body after cold and damp weather, beginning in feet and

ascending until becoming generalized, with chill in knees.

Rheumatic pains in elbows and hands, aggravated by cold and ameliorated by local heat, stabs

in the wrists from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., pain in shoulders as if dislocated, aggravated by

movement or when trying to take hold of something (8).

Rheumatic pain in the right ulna and ankle from exposure to cold air; moving in the afternoon

to the left radius (38).

Burning pains.

In the afternoon burning along left leg, fleeting and intermittent, sensation as if it were next to

a fire, in intermittent form. [630]

Wakes up at 3 a.m. in the morning from burning pain in left arm, forearm and hand, with

progressive intensity, coldness, and is aggravated by lying on these parts (34).

Burning and itching in the toes, aggravated by bathing and worse at night (13).

Burning of varicose veins of the right leg (13).

Burning of soles of feet, as if burnt, beginning in the heel and radiating forward in both feet (4).

Pain as from a blow in the right arm and forearm with increase of temperature and burning on touch and on rubbing (4).

Sensation as if hot water were poured on the left ankle (4).

Burning in the left powerless hand, extending to the forearm and with numbness (4).

Heat of the hands, ameliorated by cold water and when holding ice in hands (13).

Red and warm hands (4).

Very hot feet (9).

Pain as if a nail were piercing into the right heel on walking and resting on it (7).

Violent pain in the middle fingertip of the right hand as if something were piercing, with a

wound, discharging a sero-sanguineous and white-greenish liquid on pressure, the pain wakes

him from sleep and lasts for approximately one hour (9).

Tugging27 from the left buttock to the foot when lying on the back (7).

Tugging28 pain in the left leg, appears and disappears suddenly (8).

Pulling29 like pain in knees after much walking, ameliorated by extension (6).

Pain in right ankle as if sprained, ameliorated by movement (102).

Pain from right arm to scapula, as if she had carried something very heavy (103).

Sore pain in the right shoulder at night on exertion and leaning on the hand, during fever (4a).

Aching pain in the right thigh, then in the left thigh (4).

Bruised pain at base of the big toe of left foot (similar to gout, but without inflammation) (39).


Cramp from the palm of the right hand till the elbow (101).

Cramps of the r. arm ext. the arms, like shooting rays (4a).

Very intense cramps in both legs at 3 a.m. in the morning, that wake him up (9).

Cramping pain in the left calf (4).

Pain in both calves in the morning and afternoon, and cramps in knees, as if from strong exertion, ameliorated by walking and holding the legs up.

Continuous involuntary movement of the lower extremities from thighs to ankles when sitting (10).

Restlessness in lower extremities when writing or reading, worse in the afternoon (10).


Tingling and pain in the arms when holding them in the same position for a short time (102).

“As if the r. arm were asleep at 18., with tingling and sensation of heaviness, caused by typing, < rest and persisting the whole night, with increased intensity on the following day on waking.

Pain in the muscles of the arms from exertion, with sensation of numbness and tingling (102).

Tingling from the elbow toward the fingers, with sensation of weariness in arm and forearm (11).

Tingling and involuntary contraction of the fingers (third and fourth) of the left hand when lying down (repeats 4x) (11).

Numbness of fingertips (42).

Involuntary movement of the left thumb (4).

Pain when stretching the arms at night with sensation of numbness, > movement (103).

Sensation as if the hands were slightly swollen (4).

Swollen feet (4).

Tremor of arms with sensation of heaviness and with weakness in shoulders when falling asleep, > stretching (4).

Weakness in arms and legs (4).

Weariness of legs with weakness, as if from strong exertion (11).

Sensation as if his hands were powerless (40).


Red, slightly itching bumps on the left wrist (101).

Four bumps on the forearm, only itching when exposed to sun (101).

Bumps on the l. forearm, then on the r. forearm (101).

Confluent maculopapular eruption on arms and thorax, few on the legs (r.) (104).

Papules on the inner side of the right thigh (4).

Small, itching vesicles on the soles of feet, some are confluent (4).

Bumps31 on the right leg (101).

Itching of fingers of the right hand with violent scratching, causing swelling and redness.

Peeling skin of the right heel, for several days (4).

Inflamed lymph nodes in the armpits, painful to touch on the right side.

Perspiration of hands, sometimes cold and sometimes warm (40).

She crushed a finger of a hand in a very heavy door, thought that it was broken, put it in cold water for a few seconds and did not move it for 15 minutes, with pain that shook the whole

body, then the pain ceased but returned upon movement of the finger; shortly after the finger were inflamed and red on the crushed area, after one hour she had nothing anymore, the finger

was not even purple, there were neither inflammation nor pain (34).

“As if a drop were running up the leg”. Sensation of a drop on the left leg, running upwards from the Achilles tendon (4).

Hangnails on the little finger, thumb and index finger, which she bites and tears with the teeth (4).

Peeling skin on the fingers of both hands, which he tears with the teeth (9).

Sleep: Sleepiness.

Desire to sleep all day (102).

Sleepiness all day (23).

Sleepiness all day, falls asleep if he has nothing to do, but does not sleep and is not tired if he is occupied (7).

Very sleepy early in the morning with difficulty rising; also sleepiness after eating between 17 h. – 18 h., ceasing after this one hour (26).

Sleepiness with desire to sleep at 16 h. (5).

Awakens feeling sleepy after having slept for 9 hours (11).

Has a prolonged early afternoon nap, which is uncharacteristic (4).

Sleepiness after noon, worse after eating between 15 – 17 h. in the afternoon (40).

Very sleepy between 10 h. and midnight as if he had not slept (5).


Cannot sleep, feels restless and desperate, and cannot find a restful position, this occurs after midnight.

Difficulty falling asleep, sleeps very lightly (8).

Sleeplessness, cannot sleep, wakes up at 2 h. and cannot sleep until 5 h. (13).

Wakes up two times during the night with much heat, sweat and great discomfort, with difficulty to fall asleep again, with sweat over the whole body so that she uncovers herself;

later, at 5 a.m. in the morning much coldness.

Restlessness the entire night, turns from side to side between sleeping and waking, + slight pruritus vulvae (34).

Restless sleep (4).

Startles very suddenly during sleep, causing him to spring up several times (9).

Fear on waking after nightmares.

Vivid dreams, unfolding like a complete story (102).

Vivid and abstract dreams (34).

Vivid dreams, anxious (25).

Dreams of incurable diseases and dead persons.

Dreams that he operates on his son and removes his spleen and pancreas, leaving a feeling of displeasure and fear (11).

He dreams of dead persons (9).

He dreams of his deceased grandmother, deceased for 33 years, she was ill and they tried to bring her to the doctor, but were unable to do so and to find medicines (9).

He dreams of deceased old men (9).

He dreams of his dead wife (9).

He dreams of death watches, accompanied by excessive perspiration and awakes weeping (9).

He dreams of death watches of unknown persons (9).

Dreams of cemeteries: dreams that he is going from cemetery to cemetery seeking a grave for himself, but does not like any of them, and is told smilingly by a dead person when approaching to a tomb (the person died one and a half year ago): „I know what you are seeking but you still have a lot of time left“ (9).

Dreams that he sees himself at the cemetery where he is helping another person arrange a tomb (5).

Dreams of murders: she dreams that someone is shot and beaten and his hands and legs are detached (4).

He dreams that he is fighting with an unknown person, who beats his head against the pavement in order to kill him, then he wakes up suddenly with perceptible palpitations in chest and epigastrium, then quickly falls asleep again (7).

Dreams of wars with smashed corpses around him, flying airplanes and armed soldiers, and of himself, there, stricken with fear (9).

She dreams that an airplane crashes, awakens thinking that it happened in reality, two days later an accident happens similar to what she has dreamed (25).

Dreams that all his teeth fall out (5).

Recurring dreams of wanting to run and hide, but only moves slowly or not at all, then she is caught and feels powerless (4).

Dreams of persecution (4).

Unpleasant dream, which he does not remember, but which provokes anguish and fear (11).

Dreams of spirits (4).

Unable to recall dreams until a few hours after waking (7).

Dreams of cats attacking him (9).

Dreams of the past: dreams of her adolescence, as if it were recent (4).

Dreams with great influx of images of the past, of himself, as a child and adolescent; there is much fatigue and confusion about himself on waking (40).

Dreams of forgiving persons who have offended her (4).

Incoherent dreams, as if he were in the past and of events that he had not lived (6).

She dreams of two girlfriends who she has not seen for a long time and of which she has had no news.

He dreams of persons whom he has not seen for years or of unknown persons of whom he has only heard (9).

Amorous dreams (35).

Very pleasant dream: dreams that she had a daughter, awakens with sensation of great happiness.



Chill: Chill in hands and feet with congestive headache, myalgia, arthralgia and fatigue (6a).

Chill and sensation of cold, trembling at night, fever and restless sleep, thirst for large quantities of tepid water, which does not satisfy the thirst; much cold and then suddenly much

heat with sweat. The following day fatigue on waking with soreness of whole body, as if she had made much exercise, ameliorated for 15 minutes by bathing in tepid water, then all was

worse again, with increased debility in her movements; BP 90/60, on the following day 80/40, feels powerless and vigorless.

Chill in the back all the time after a long walk, then in the thighs (only in the front of thighs), then on back and arms, backache as if she were beaten, the chill over the whole body < on lying down, then she wakes up perspiring – lightly - over the whole body and with an oily face (34).

Fever: Slight fever at night in bed, heat of legs with sweat on covered parts, with strong palpitations and much restlessness; waking him frequently (23).

Perspiration: during the day from least exertion and excessive sweat during the night, from head to knees (9).

Excessive sweat during the night (9). [740]

Noticeable perspiration after exercise and much thirst; the perspiration decreases during the day (9).

Excessive night sweats soak the bed sheets (9).

Perspiration from least motion, accompanied by much thirst (9).

Cold perspiration over the whole body for two days.

Skin: Dryness of the whole body with itching, not > scratching, with pain on scratching; then the itching appears also on back, hip and abdomen (102).

Small eruptions on the chest, of 1-2 mm diameter, of a light red color, painless and not itching, disappear immediately with pressure; disappear on the following morning (7).

Itching sensation over the whole body, as if animals were crawling over the skin (4).

Goose pimples as if she were cold, especially on arms, legs, chest and neck, with itching vesicles on the left side of neck (13).

Generals: Fatigue32.

Slowness and weariness on walking (102).

Fatigue in the morning with difficulty rising and aching body (102).

Extreme fatigue, especially on rising, feels flushes of heat in face and very warm hands, > wetting with cold water and when holding ice in hands (27).

Weariness all day long and on walking, everything seems to be far away (4).

Fatigue with difficulty initiating any activity, but cannot rest because of anxiety (4).

Fatigued, exhausted, with sensation of heaviness in shoulders and neck and with sleepiness (11).

Fatigue with no desire to do anything (for one and a half hours), with desire to be alone and to lie down (11).

Fatigue for 5 days with no desire for activity, especially in the morning and at noon (11).

Extreme fatigue, especially on rising (13).

Fatigue, listlessness and sleepiness, as if powerless (13).

Fatigue on waking and during the day for several days.

Fatigue on waking, cannot recover. [760]

Sensation of heaviness in the whole body (102).

Sensation of heaviness, which impedes movement or rising (4).

Great weakness on walking, bruised pain over whole body33 and pain in joints, weakness on walking due to sensation of heaviness.


Extreme weakness.

Weakness, ameliorated by exercise and better in the afternoon.

Lack of energy in general.

She has no energy, walks slowly, as if she were dragging her feet (4).

Very debilitated and very sleepy at 14 h.

Mental dullness, sensation of being stunned, as if she had just awakened (102).

General feeling of discomfort with desire to lie down (1a).

Sudden exhaustion with sleepiness in the forenoon, after having slept well (105).

Desire to lie down, which ameliorates, but aggravates upon rising (4).

< on waking (102) (11) (13)  (4).

Sensation of a short wave of vibration through the whole body on waking (4).

< by movement (11) (6) (8).

Emaciation: lost 2 kilos in 6 days (23).

Makes a thin, weak, debilitated impression to those around him, as if he were very ill (6).

Lost 3 kilos of weight during one week (39).


Great sensitivity to cold air (23).

General coldness (4).

Perspires, but does not feel warmed by the sun (4).

Great lack of vital heat in bed during the night, whole body feels freezing cold and cannot get warm despite being well covered (105).


Sensation of cold gives away to a sensation of heat, which begins in the lower limbs and rises to the face and makes her feel hot. (4).

Heat in the morning on waking (102).

Flushes of heat when seeing people in the street who are dressed up warmly (4).

Flushes of heat during menstruation (4).

Intolerance of heat and warm rooms.

Heat bothers her more than usual (105).

Feels bad in closed rooms, desires open air (36).

Symptoms alternating the side or changing location (4) (5) (26) (38) (101) (23) (4 a) (13) (14) (37) (34).

Cramping pain over the whole body and rheumatic pain in the bones, beginning in the feet and ascending until becoming generalized, more constant and stronger in knees.

Sensation as if an ant were crawling over the whole body (6).

Sensation of vibration in the body (4).

Sensation of a drop running over the skin (4) (103).


In the afternoon radial pulse of 110 beats/minute, persisting until 11 p.m., > by vomiting (9).

Slow and jumping pulse (23).

Full and slow pulse (64 beats/minute) (105).

Weight gain (13).

Translator’s note: the time modality „in the afternoon“ may also include “in the (early) evening” in our culture, the daily routine in Mexico is different from ours regarding mealtimes and time of sleeping.



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