Ceiba pentandra = Kapockbaum/= Kapok/= Java cotton./= Java kapok/= Silk. cotton/= ceiba.


[Jan Scholten: Lamu Provings]

German: Kapock (Füllhorn mit Baumwollfüllung).

Culture: sacred symbol in Maya mythology; official national tree of Puerto Rico and Guatemala.


Theme: flour, nutrition, hunger, malnutrition.

Problem: feeling special and still having to do normal and boring work.

They are often women feeling special, ladies of the upper class that still have to do hard work, planning for guests, cooking, household. They would like to do creative and management work, having success and money, having servants that do the normal household work for them.

Stage 11

The maintaining is a strong theme, the theme of Stage 11. Things can be done, have been done in the past, but have to be kept on going.

Mind: Ladies of a manor (Germany) working hard, planning for guests, cooking, baking, thinking about elaborate recipes, getting prepared, discussing, being in pleasant anticipation.

Work that has to be done: hard work, kitchen work, cooking, washing; solid and stable.

Ladies doing daily work, continuing; a waste of potential, of intelligence and energy.

Woman like to have a successful business, make a fortune with cosmetics, trading everything (in Manhatten), start again, build up their lives, belonging to the elegant, established upper class.

Tired, sick, heavy, hopeless, exhausted, from too much work, hardships, better lying down, rest, sleep.

Sadness, weepy, from hardship and transience of life.

Women wanting to be feminine, long hair, cosy, warmth, in a comfortable group, respected as a woman, being valued, independent.

Desire for parties, music, singing, opera, orchestra's, creativity, dancing, celebrating.

Songs about: home, country, departure, homesickness, farming, harvesting, autumn.

Fear: people would talk badly about being a bad mother, having children not nourished.

Woman giving way, change places, not wanting to disturbing anybody else. In the end realising that success and wealth doesn't make happy; need for deeper sense in live.

Work that is boring, made light by singing, being happy, just living easily, experiencing the lightness of being.

Head: headache.

Sleep: sleepy, tired.

Generals: Diuretic, aphrodisiac.

Type II diabetes.


Vergleich: Siehe: Malvales: + Fasergruppe + Lebensbäume (Maya) + Sukkulenten


Allerlei: Staatssymbol (Argentinien)



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