Erbium: carbonicum:


[Jan Scholten]



Stage 14.



Fehlende Kraft eigene Autonomie zu wahren (gegen Vater), führt zu drohendem Verlust des Selbstwertgefühls; daraus evtl. distanzierte Haltung zu allen Werten im Leben (Ironie + Infragestellen

von Moral und religiösen Motivationen); evtl. schwacher Vater ohne Autonomie/ohne Selbstkontrolle, der sich selbst + Pat. nicht helfen kann.



Powerless to remain independent from father

Powerless to keep independence and self-worth

Powerless to give meaning freely

Father: helps to keep their autonomy

too weak to keep his autonomy

has only formal independence

has only formal self-control

in a gloomy state

diverting in order to stay free

brings forebodings of failing

Forebodings of loss of father

Ironic father


powerless to give freedom

Idea that God is powerless

Forebodings of losing freedom and self-worth

Powerless to find the values in life and freedom

Powerless to remain independent from father

They are too weak and powerless to keep their independence from their father. They have a gloomy feeling that something terrible is going to happen that will make them too weak to stay free of their father. This can lead to a feeling of having no self-worth. Their lack of power to be themselves leads to a feeling of having no real value for themselves. This can lead to a distant attitude, questioning

the values in life. They can become very ironic about religion and morals, questioning the motives and morals of others.

They have a feeling of being too powerless to be in control of their own life and personality. They can try to persuade their father to empower them. But he often has no real power in helping them.

Their too weak and powerless to be able to give them strength and autonomy, although he can hide this behind irony and distance.

Their father can be a weak person, too weak to stay independent. He has no real self-control, although on the outside he may look like he is in control. His irony and distant way of behaviour may give

him the air of being in control. But it's a mask that covers his feeling of having no real power and the least force will make him give up his autonomy. By dodging all the real issues he tries to hide his

lack of power. Their father may get into a gloomy state of fearing something terrible is about to happen, without knowing what.



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