Eunectes noteaus = Yellow Anaconda


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Eunectes murinus = Green Anaconda Boidae


In Wikipedia wird keine Giftigkeit angegeben!

[Lorey Foley]

Vergiftung: paralysis of lower part of the body;


• Much like Elaps.

• Very shy, not aggressive at all

• One of the most poisonous of snakes, but they have small teeth, bite is harmless.

• This snake stays in salt water • Most watery of snakes. Can stay submerged for up to two hours, at higher depth, can absorb some oxygen thru water

Does surface to breath

Usually will leave swimmers alone, wants to do it’s own thing

• The hardest snake to understand

• Not seductive

• Poor integration of upper and lower parts of body

• Clear division between upper and lower parts of body

• Theme of “distance” (like sea remedies)

• Need to have space where it is “just me” and where I can recover my energy

• Could be confused with Sep. Nat-m. not with Lach.

• “I wish I could put together these two sides of me to become an entire person. But this is extremely difficult for me”

• “You don’t love me enough. You don’t understand me enough. So I can show you that I don’t need you.”

• Maybe half their body is seductive, but the other half won’t support this

• Strongly inhibited in area of genitals - I dislike my bottom, but like my breasts

• My lower part is dirty and disgusting - like the bodies of old people taking off their skins

• Frigid (like Sepia)

• Often Depression

• Horrible stories effect them profoundly • Sensitive to hearing cruelties

• Very swift

• Deadly, almost like Mercurius = a watery Mercurius

• Like a bird thru water

• Deadly bi-polar nature

• One of most poisonous in nature


Nerve symptoms on lower part of body

Nerves and muscles

Menses: scanty, too short, dark

Lots of skin eruptions/erythema (nodosa/from exposure to the sun)

Neuralgia with herpetic symptoms, with burning, stinging, extremely painful

Can have > at seaside in terms of mood

Extreme << from sun (ambivalence here)

Affects speaking, dysfunction in bronchial area


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