Helonias diocia Anhang


[Dr. Shruti Nair]

Excellent female remedy which is usually indicated in prolapse and malposition of the uterus. There is extreme consciousness of the womb. Menses too frequent and too profuse. Sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis, with great languor and prostration, are excellent indications for this remedy.


Melancholia, affections of stomach, gastric disturbances, pain in the kidneys, Bright’s disease, diabetes mellitus, albuminuria, diseases of kidney, urinary difficulties, uterine affections, uterine displacement with leucorrhea, uterine hemorrhage, amenorrhea, leucorrhea, climacteric affections, threatened abortions, breast affection, chlorosis, dysmenorrhea, impotence, lochia, menopause, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, pruritis vulvae, rheumatism, sterility.


Female Reproductive System:

    A female remedy for those who are unduly exhausted by frequent pregnancies, abortions, enervated by indolence, luxury or over domestic work

    Loss of sexual desire and power with or without sterility

    Profound melancholy, deep undefined depression with a sensation of soreness and weight in the womb, a consciousness of womb

    There is sensitiveness expressed as a consciousness of womb

    Mental symptoms associated with uterine disorders

    Mind symptoms


    Cannot endure least contradiction

    Desire to be left alone

    Great weakness of memory

    Restless, wants to be continually moving about as she feels better when mind and body are employed

    Fault finding

    Undefined depression of mind

    Salivation in pregnant women

    Pruritis vulvae

    Prolapsus with ulceration and a constant dark, fetid body discharge

    Excessive uterine hemorrhage, hemorrhage of dark foul blood from atony of uterus

    Albuminuria during pregnancy

    Threatened abortion from atonic condition

    Nipples sensitive, painful, breast, swollen, worse on pressure of clothes

    Menses too frequent and too profuse from atony of uterus, passive flow, < from slightest motion

    [Dunham] it produces profound melancholy; deep, undefined depression with a sensation of soreness and weight in the womb, a consciousness of a womb

    Suppression of menses when kidneys are congested

    Leucorrhea is foul, lumpy or waddled

Different types of pains proved from this drug:

    Piercing, tearing pain in back

    Intense cutting, tearing pain in urethra while urinating

    Sharp cutting and drawing pain during menstrual periods

    Bearing down pain in abdomen

    Colic like pain in hypogastric region

    Painful soreness over ovaries

Ailments from

    Hard work – mental or physical

    Frequent pregnancies or abortions

    Over domestic work

    Uterine hemorrhage



[Henry Minton]

Uterine therapeutics

Time and quantity of the menstrual discharge

    Profuse, menorrhagia: helonias

    Suppressed in women, albuminous urine: helonias

    Mammae, soreness of: helonias

During menstruation – concomitant symptoms

    > mind and body are actively employed: helonias

    Pain < standing up, from back to uterus: helonias

    Urine, albuminous: helonias

    Weakness, debility, lassitude, exhaustion, etc: helonias

Amenorrhea – causes and concomitants

    Dullness, mental: helonias

    Girls, anemic: helonias

Abortion – Miscarriage – Character of discharge

    Passive: helonias

Mental condition

    Dull and gloomy: helonias

Leucorrhea – Character of discharge

    Debilitating: helonias

    Profuse: helonias

[B.Sc. Meera]

Female Genitalia

    Itching (pruritis): during pregnancy: helonias


    From anemia: helonias

    From debility: helonias

    Disposition (habitual tendency): helonias

    From exertion: helonias

    From fatigue: helonias

Mental condition,

        from emotions: helonias

        from excitement: helonias

    Sequelae: helonias

    Threatened, from atonic conditions of uterus: helonias

    Uterus, general atony (inertia): helonias

    Weakness: helonias


    Hemorrhage, for several days in threatened abortion: helonias

    Hemorrhage, parturition: helonias

    Prolapsus (falling, procidentia): helonias

Ante partum and Post partum

Post partum

    Uterus – subinvolution: helonias


Hence Helonias is predominantly a female remedy prescribed mostly as an acute and specific remedy. It is prescribed for symptoms like sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the

sacrum and pelvis, with great languor and prostration. Prolapsus with ulceration and a constant dark fetid, bloody discharge. Excessive uterine hemorrhage. Leuchorrhea with atony and anemia.



Very worn out but unable to sleep. Restless, > moving about. Will keep busy to get through the tiredness. Which means she won't stop, even when told that she is wearing herself out.

Proving: Prior to taking the remedy I never felt better; soon after taking there was an entire change in the surrounding circumstances; I very soon became irritable, gloomy, and dull; could

not endure the least contradiction or receive any suggestions in regard to any subject; all conversation was unpleasant, and what I most desired was to be left alone, reserving to myself

the privilege of finding fault with everything around me;


    Ailments, from joy, excessive. > "Enervated by indolence and Luxury"

    Restless women. > Industrious, mania for work. Fastidious.

    Censorious, (critical). > "Suggestion will not receive"

    Forsaken feeling. Sadness, company aversion desire for solitude.

    Discontented, everything. Envy - seeing other people happy.

    Sexual desire-diminished.

    Housekeeping - aversion to.

Therapeutics: Conscious of womb, (prolapse). Backache, dragging in pelvis. Repeated miscarriage.

Sensations: Dragging downwards.

DD.: Sepia. Ferr-met. Stann-met. Ph-ac. Pic-ac.

Miasm: Sycosis


ConsciousNESS of the womb. Feels the uterus all times, feels it move and shift with her movements.


Nephritis of pregnancy. Anaemia.

Heavy, sore, tender, ulcerated or prolapsed uterus. Heavy dragging in pelvis.

Fatigue or hysteria with prolapse or other uterine complaints.

Debilitated women worn out from hard work, after abortion, miscarriages, haemorrhages with prolaps of uterus.

Who always complain of tired backache and tired feeling.

Muscles – ache/sore/heavy.

Sudden temporary loss of vision on turning the head.

Chilly - aversion to open air;

Dropsy after it haemorrhages.

Diabetes - 1st stage, urine profuse, clear, saccharine, lips dry stick together, THIRST, restless, emaciation.

Albuminuria - acute or chronic, during pregnancy, and WEAK, languor, drowsiness, unusually tired, yet knows no reason.

Dull ache and heat in region of kidneys instead of menses (r.), can outline the region of kidneys.

Female genitalia: Aphthae during pregnancy, bitter taste in early hours.

Menses - too early, profuse from uterine atony in women enfeebled by loss of blood.

When patient loses more blood than is made in intermenstrual period, flow passive, dark, clotted, offensive.

Uterus heavy, sore, tender, ulcerated, prolapsed or other malpositions.

Conscious of womb.

Sensation of heavy dragging of pelvis.     

Foul, lumpy or curdled leucorrhoea, with pruritus vulvae.

Vulva aphthous.

Breast swollen, painful and tender < pressure for clothes. Tender nipples.

Anaemia due to excessive loss of blood during menses.

Prevents miscarriages.

Nephritis of pregnancy, albuminuria.

Threatened or incomplete abortion.

Chest: Squeezing in the chest.

Extremities: Sore pain in outer side of thighs.



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