Holmium metallicum



Comparison. Dysprosium - Holmium - Erbium

Siehe: Stadium 13 + Periode 6 + Lanthaniden


[Rosina Sonnenschmidt]



[Stephanie Hile]

Investigating the Power remedies of the Holmium Group (Stages 12 & 13)

In the Lanthanide Series we're talking about the power to assert our autonomy. What's coming through in spades with Holmium is a sense of previously subdued Power coming to light - and subsequently the Wisdom of learning to deploy Power morally and responsibly.

The power, once awakened can manifest as anger/old anger turns to resentment. The repressed feelings come out as a rage against the machine...

Its exact expression depends on the Salts:

Holm-oxy.: anger at injustice and a sense of being wronged.

Holm-n.: the anger could be caused by feeling second best. Like Nux-v want the best - they put themselves first and are assertive, expansive and want to be admired. Don not want rules or limits.

Holm-p.: the anger or frustration is caused by betrayal by friends and loss of contact. Phosphoricums define themselves by these boundaries and fear loosing them. This is comparable to the spacey, boundless, gaseous state of the Nitricums (perhaps expressed in the 'polarity' Nitrogenium delusion - everything is meaningless). Phosphorus wants to be earthed to some degree.

Holm-m.: the anger is about the grief from deeper relationships - broken trust, neglect or loss of security.

Without wisdom and compassion power gives you the ruthlessness of a dictator, which is traditionally associated with Mercury, in Stage 12 of the Gold Series, the realm of external power. Mercury feels suspicious and threatened.

Thallium, next to mercury in Stage 13 of the Gold Series, tries to hold on to his power by being stubborn and dogmatic. He needs to be stubborn and irritable to get his own way because he has almost lost faith in himself and, more importantly, his strength . He eventually withdraws into himself.

Similarly the pathological Holmium (also Stage 13) has lost faith in his inner self - his own being and is also on the back foot. The remedy brings back some of this lost power.

Looking at my own life I can see a continuum of very closely related states that goes:


Exploring Stage15: Yielding and Loss

Stage 15 is well on the way down-hill. The remedies in stage 15 fight back against the odds fiercely when put under pressure but there comes a point at which they give way and become very dark

and very ill.



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