Husten Repertory


[Frans Vermeulen]

Plants used for cough remedies i.e. Rumx. Stict. and Dros. contain a chemical found in Dactylopius coccus (Coc-c.), an insect that lives on Opuntia.

It is similar to SENEGA in its chest symptoms, with lots of mucus in the bronchial tree and difficult expectoration. It is one of the few remedies < in a warm room/on entering a warm room from the cold, like BRYONIA.

I remember Dr. Rood discussing VERATRUM VIRIDE, the white American hellebore. It has rapidly progressing lung congestion, dysponea, heaviness of the chest, livid and bloated fauces, and drop in blood pressure. I suggest thinking about it for ADULT RESPIRATORY DISTRESS SYNDROME.

CASTANEA VESCA for its short, tight, 'ringing', cough;

COCCUS CACTI for its spasmodic cough, > in the cold air;

CORRALIUM RUBRUM for its continuous "minute gun" type cough during the daytime and whooping-type cough at night. CORRALIUM has a profuse postnasal drip which is a good keynote for this remedy. Recently, a patient of mine had bronchitis. She told me she felt as if there were a long, thick string of mucus hanging down the back of her throat. CORRALIUM, saved the day.

STICTA is similar in this regard.

ANTIMONIUM SULPHURICUM and LEMNA MINOR also should be considered in postnasal drip.

NAPHTHALIUM is another hay fever remedy that is efficacious in long-continued paroxysms of cough, < at night, with tenacious mucus, and inability to catch the breath,

< inspiration (BROMIUM, MANGANUM, RUMEX).

MEPHITIS has severe, suffocative coughing spasms at night, with contraction of the glottis, < expiration. Cough “ till blue in the face" is Boericke's description.

[Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar]

Gall-ac. hat Stramonium-ähnliche Ängste, Tuberculinum-ähnliche Gewalt und Blutungen und Husten wie Phosphor.

[Richard Moskowitz]

Spongia tosta: eine Standardarznei für Krupphusten, Kehlkopfentzündungen und Bronchitis, deren Merkmale ein bellender Husten ist, und wozu auch Herzklopfen

und Angst gehören. <: nachts/Kälteeinwirkung; >: Hitze;

Ant-t.:Bronchiolitis bei kleinen Kindern, die Behandlung von asthmatischer Bronchitis bei Menschen jeden Alters, denn es ist berühmt für Linderung

von Hustenanfällen in der Nacht endend in Würgen oder Erbrechen. Mit Atemnot und Schleimrasseln, es kann nur sehr wenig Auswurfherausgebracht werden.


    Trio: Cough, Caused by least exposure of body parts to cold: Baryta carb, Hepar., Rhus tox.

    Cough, Drinking, amel: Causticum, Coccus cacti, Spongia.

    Cough, During sleep: Chamomilla, Kali carb, Lachesis.

    Cough, While eating: Kali bich, Nux vom, Thuja.

    Cough, < 3 h.: Antim tart, Kali carb, Sambucus.

    Cough, < 2 h.: Arsenic alb, Kali ars, Kali carb.

    Croup cough: Aconite nap, Hepar sulph, Spongia.

   Trio: Hands upon chest during coughing: Arnica, Bryonia, Drosera.

   Trio:        Rattling cough: Antim tart, Hepar sulph, Ipecac.

    Husten: Bry. + Dros. + Rumx. + Samb.

[Dr. W.A. Dewey]

Ambra.: Useful in nervous coughs followed by eructation of wind. Reflex coughs rather than those of organic lesions of the respiratory organs

[Dr. E.A. Farrington]

Ant-t.: in the course of lung affections, (child) the cough ceases or becomes more rare, yet there is no diminution in the mucus-production. There is just as much rattling of phlegm, yet the child does not cough so frequently. The mother thinks the child is better, but in reality it is worse, for the lungs are losing their power.


Spongia tosta - das breiteste Spektrum akuter Hustenarten


Senega has a very irritating, scraping sensation high up in the throat and fauces (elderly people with chronic coughs).

Obstinate coughs of old people with difficult expectoration. It has a peculiar symptom of catarrh of the chest # diarrhea

[Christiane Petras]

?Toxo.: Schleim löst sich nach tagelangem unproduktiven Husten und Halskratzen?

[William H. Burt]

Hyos.: Nocturnal spasmodic dry cough (< recumbent posture, > at once sitting up). Incessant dry, spasmodic cough, greatly < at night/lying down/in cold air.

Krampfartiger trockener Reizhusten; wenn Radium bromatum oder andere Nosoden hier keinen Fortschritt bringen, ist an Lyssinum zu denken.


[Carola und Ravi Roy]


Puls. (((<<< viele >>>)))



Atmen tief: Bry. Cina, Dulc. Euphr. Hep. Ip. Kali-c. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph. Tub.

Bewegung: Bry. Cina, Ip. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos. Hep. Nux-v. Rhus-t. Rumx:

Entblößen: Hep. Rhus-t.

Entblößen der Hände: Bry. Caust. Euphr. Hep. Ip. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph.

Essen: Bry. Caust. Euphr. Hep. Ip. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph.

Freien, im: Bry. Cina, Hep. Ip. Nux-v. Phos. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph.

Freien, gehen im: Cina, Ip. Nux-v. Phos. Rhus-t. Sulph.

Gehen: Cina, Hep. Ip. Rumx.

Getränke, kalte: Hep. Kali-c. Phos. Rhus-t. Rumx. Tub.

Getränke, warme: Phos.

Kaltwerden: Bry. Caust. Dulc. Hep. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph. Tub.

--------------- Arm oder Hand: Hep. Rhus-t. Sulph.

Liegend: Bry. Caust. Dulc. Hep. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph.

Im Anfang: Stict. short, dry, hacking, incessant, annoying cough

-------------- Aral. after the first sleep/keeps the parents awake/has asthmatic symptoms, and waking up with wheezing after the first sleep

-------------- abends: Dulc. Kali-c. Puls. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph.

-------------- nachts: Dulc. Kali-c. Puls. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph.

Rückenlage: Nux-v. Phos. Rhus-t.

Seitenlage: Bry. Kali-c. Phos. Puls. Sulph.

links: Bry. Ip. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph.

rechts: Cina, Ip. Kali-c. Phos. Tub.

< lying on the right: Stann-met.

Luft, feuchte: Luft, kalte: Dulc. Rhus-t. Sulph.

Luft, trockene: Bry. Caust. Cina, Dulc. Hep. Ip. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph.

Reden: Hep. Phos. Rumx.

Reden, laut: Bry. Caust. Cina, Dulc. Euphr. Hep. Ip. Phos. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph. Tub.

Sitzen: Phos. Tub.

Stehen: Euphr. Kali-c. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t.

Trinken: Euphr. Sulph.

Wind: Bry. Euphr. Hep. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos.

„Winterhusten“ Squilla wichtig



Aufstossen: Verat.

+ diarrhea: Verat.

Bewegung: Dulc. Euphr. Nux-v. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t.

Essen: Sulph. Tub.

Freien, im: Euphr.

Getränke, kalte: Bry. Dulc. Nux-v. Puls. Sulph.

Getränke, warme: Caust. Euphr. Ip. Kali-c. Sulph.

Liegen: Bry. Mang-met. Mang-p. Nux-v. Rhus-t.

Rückenlage: Bry. Euphr. Sulph.

Trinken: Bry. Euphr. Sulph.


Empfindungen und Art des Hustens:

Bellend:                           Dulc. Hep. Phos. Sulph. Tub.

Erschöpfend:              Caust. Ip. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph. Tub.

Erschütternd:              Bry. Caust. Dulc. Ip. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t. Sulph.

Feder in der Halsgrube: Cina, Sulph.

Fremdkörper im Kehlkopf: Hep. Phos. Rumx.

Gerstengranne im Kehlkopf: Rumx.

Hart:                                      Caust. Cina. Kali-c. Nux-v. Phos. Puls. Rhus-t.

Hüsteln:                           Bry. Caust. Cina, Dulc. Gels. Hep. Ip. Kali-c. Phos. Rhus-t. Rumx. Sulph. Tub.

Heiser:                           Caust. Cina, Dulc. Gels. Hep. Nux-v. Rhus-t. Rumx.


[Allen’s keynotes]

Phos.: Cough on going from warm to cold air

Bry.: Cough on going from cold to warm air


[Vera Resnick]


Dry cough                                                                                                            Acon. Menth. Laur. Nux-v. Bell. Hyos. Cham. Bry. Caps. Rhus-t. Sulph. Calc. Caust. Ign. Kali-c.

Dry, short, cough, with irritation from a dry spot in the larynx and << talking            Cimic.


Cough from excessive use of voice; “minister’s sore throat;” sharp pain in larynx – Coll.


Loose cough early in the morning. Dry at night and in the evening            Cham. Nux-v. Calc. Sil. Sulph. Ars. Lyc. Puls. Ph-ac.

Dry in the morning and loose in the afternoon +/o. evening                        Am-m. (coldness between the shoulder blades)

Racking cough                                                                                                Bell. Nux-v. Merc. Calc. Kali-c. Phos. Stann-met. Sulph. Carb-v. Rhus-t. Sil. Puls. Ign.

Deep, hollow cough                                                                                                Dros. Hep. Verb. Verat. Sil. Caust. Bell. Staph.

Titillating cough                                                                                                Hyos. Bell. Ip. Merc. Rhus-t. Ph-ac. Sulph. Lach. Nux-v. Staph. Verat.

Dry, teasing, incessant cough; twitching of muscles (eyelids)                        Cod.

“As from dust in the throat”                                                                                    Bell. Ign. Calc. Chin. Ars. Puls.

Spasmodic cough                                                                                                Hyos. Bell. Carb-v. Puls. Nux-v. Cina. Dros.

Rough. hoarse scraping cough                                                                        Nux-v. Puls. Ign. Verb. Hep. Stann-met.

Suffocative cough                                                                                                Ant-t. Ip. Sil. Cupr. Ars. Nux-v.

Starts from throat pit                                                                                                Cham. Ign. Bell. Lach. Chin. Ip. Staph. Stann-met. Calc. Caust.

From the chest                                                                                                Caust.

From the stomach                                                                                                Bry. Puls. Sep.

If there’s much expectoration                                                                        Sulph. Calc. Puls. Ph-ac. Staph. Stann-met. Carb-v. Ip. Hep. Bry. Sil. Chin. Lyc

Expectoration only early in the morning                                                            Nux-v. Cham. Puls. Bry. Phos. Ph-ac. Sep. Calc. Carb-v.

Expectoration tastes bitter                                                                                    Puls. Dros. Cham. Merc. Nux-v.

Expectoration is putrid. foul                                                                                    Puls. Ferr-met. Carb-v. Lyc. Stann-met.

[Dr. R.W. Nelson (1882)]


Brick dust, face livid                                                                         Phosphorus

Of brick dust, or bloody sputa                                                             Rhus tox

Of large quantities of pus                                                                         Lycopodium

Green, fetid                                                                                                 Carbo-v.

Of a sweetish taste                                                                                     Stannum

Copious mucus; tastes salty                                                                         Alumina

Expectorations— Difficult to get a little tough phlegm away             Lachesis 6x.

Like old catarrh                                                                                                Puls. Sulph.

Has sweetish taste                                                                                                Phos. Calc. Stann-met. Sulph.

Sour taste                                                                                                            Calc. Chin. Nux-v. Puls. Phos.

Salt taste                                                                                                            Lyc. Ars. Sulph. Puls. Stann-met. Phos. Sep.

Foul smelling                                                                                                            Puls. Sulph. Sep. Carb-v. Stann-met. Calc. Sil.

Mucus expectoration                                                                                                Chin. Staph. Ph-ac. Sulph. Puls. Ip. Lach. Lyc. Sil. Stann-met. Calc. Dulc. Phos. Carb-v.

Bloody mucus                                                                                                Chin. Merc. Acon. Bell. Carb-v. Ferr-met. Staph. Sil. Bry. Ars

Pure blood                                                                                                            Acon. Arn. Chin. Ip. Phos. Bry. Ferr-met. Ars. Sulph.

Lumpy expectoration in little fragments                                                            Sil. Calc. Lyc. Lach. Hep. Sulph. Kali-c. Stann-met.

Watery expectoration or consisting of thin mucus                                                Hep. Carb-v. Chin. Puls. Merc. Ars. Ferr-met. Sulph.

Thick mucus                                                                                                            Puls. Sulph. Calc. Phos. Sil. Stann-met

Purulent mucus                                                                                                Dros. Staph. Calc. Puls. Sil. Chin. Carb-v. Ferr-met. Merc. Phos. Sep. Stann-met. Lyc. Sulph

Yellowish                                                                                                            Puls. Bry. Carb-v. Sulph. Lyc. Phos. Calc. Ph-ac. Staph. Dros. Sep. Stann-met

Gray, grayish                                                                                                            Carb-v. Lyc. Ars. Sep.

Green. greenish                                                                                                Puls. Sulph. Calc. Ferr-met. Merc. Carb-v. Lyc. Sil. Ars. Stann-met.

Whitish                                                                                                            Carb-v. Ph-ac. Sil. Calc. Sulph. Lyc. Phos. Sep. Puls.

Tough. firmly adherent                                                                                    Sulph. Sil. Nux-v. Chin. Ars.

Copious                                                                                                            Puls. Dulc. Sulph. Sep. Stan. Sil.

Matter detached by coughing cannot be expectorated                                    Caust. Sep.

Exciting cause and time cough starts:

From every effort                                                                                                Ip.

From every movement of the body                                                                        Bry. Nux-v. Ferr-met. Chin. Phos. Sil.

From moving the chest                                                                                    Nux-v. Chin. Phos. Stann-met.

From a cold                                                                                                            Dulc. Carb-v. Sep. Cham. Puls. Hep.

< from cold air                                                                                                Dulc. Lach. Ip. Rhus-t

In the cold generally                                                                                                Carb-v. Ars. Hep. Caust. Phos.

< in the open air                                                                                                Phos. Sulph. Ars. Rhus-t.

Excited by eating                                                                                                Bry. Lach. Nux-v. Phos. Ars. Calc.

Excited by laughing                                                                                                Dros. Phos. Stann-met. Chin.

Nervous                                                                                                            Ign.

Reading                                                                                                            Nux-v. Phos. Stann-met.

Lying down                                                                                                            Hyos. Dulc. Puls. Sulph. Ars. Phos. Sil. Sep.

Reflecting                                                                                                            Nux-v.

After sleeping every time                                                                                    Lach.

From talking                                                                                                            Chin. Lach. Stann-met. Cham. Hep. Sil. Phos.

< in a room                                                                                                            Puls. Dulc.

Excited by a deep inspiration                                                                        Dulc.

Brought on again by drinking                                                                        Ars. Chin. Hep. Lach. Bry.

From the warmth of the room                                                                        Puls. Bry. Dulc.

> in the open air                                                                                                Puls. Dulc.

When raising oneself in bed                                                                                    Hyos.

Warmth. getting warm                                                                                    Cham.

Cough starts or gets < in the evening                                                            Carb-v. Caps. Rhus-t. Calc. Ars. Phos. Stann-met. Hep. Puls.

In the evening in bed after lying down                                                            Hyos. Ign. Ars. Calc. Carb-v. Puls.

At night. generally                                                                                                Merc. Caps. Rhus-t. Sil. Sulph. Stann-met. Dros. Cham. Hyos. Bell. Kali-c. Puls. Sep.

Before midnight                                                                                                Carb-v. Rhus-t.

After midnight                                                                                                Kali-c. Dros. Bell. Nux-v.

During sleep                                                                                                            Cham. Calc. Lach. Merc. Verb.

< after sleeping                                                                                                Lach.

Early in the morning and evening                                                                        Lyc. Phos.

Only early in the morning                                                                                    Ign. Nux-v. Chin. Ars. Stann-met. Lyc.

Day and night                                                                                                Calc. Carb-v. Lyc. Phos.


Accessory Affections (concomitants)

With congestive symptoms around the head                                                Bell. Bry. Nux-v. Sulph

With headache                                                                                                Nux-v. Arn. Bry. Sulph. Calc. Ip.

“As if head would flies to pieces”                                                                        Nux-v. Sulph. Bry. Caps. Bell.

Sensation of stitches in the head                                                                        Arn. Calc.

Throbbing in the head                                                                                    Ip. Puls. Ars. Lyc.

Retching and vomiting                                                                                    Ip. Nux-v. Puls. Carb-v. Dros. Bry. Ferr-met. Calc. Sil. Stann-met. Sulph. Caps. Rhus-t.

Affections of partly digested food (ingesta)                                                Ip. Nux-v. Calc.Carb-v. Dros. Puls. Bell. Calc. Lyc.

Previous to a paroxysm                                                                                    Bell.

Painfulness of chest (centre and sides) epigastrium and hypochondria            Nux-v. Puls. Arn. Bry. Lyc. Dros. Hyos. Phos.

Sensitiveness in area of liver                                                                                    Chin. Bry. Lyc. Bell. Lach.

Painfulness of umbilical region                                                                        Ip. Nux-v.

Involuntary urination with every cough                                                            Caust. Puls. Staph. Phos. Nat-m. Caps.

Inguinal hernia is painful                                                                                    Nux-v. Vert-a. Sil. Sulph.

Larynx is painful                                                                                                Acon. Arn. Bell. Hep. Caust. Calc. Carb-v. Arg-met. Phos. Lach.

Spasm in larynx                                                                                                Ip. Ign. Hyos. Bell.

Pains in the chest                                                                                                Acon. Bry. Bell. Ip. Carb-v. Chin. Staph. Ph-ac. Kali-c. Nit-ac. Caust. Lyc. Phos. Puls. Stann-met.

Burning in the air passages                                                                                    Carb-v. Caust. Spong. Sulph.

Pressure in affected parts                                                                                    Bell. Sulph.

Ulcerative pain in these parts                                                                                    Calc. Sil. Phos. Hep. Kali-c. Lach.

Stitches in those parts                                                                                    Bry. Bell. Sulph. Verat-a. Ars. Phos. Petrol. Caps.Carb-v. Kali-c. Nit-ac.

Pain “As if sore”, raw in these parts                                                                        Caust. Nux-v. Ip. Sulph.Carb-v. Phos. Bell. Stann-met. Arg-met.

Mucous rales                                                                                                            Ip. Ant-t. Calc. Caust. Cham. Bell. Puls.

Arrest of breathing                                                                                                Ip. Cina. Cupr-met. Ars. Ant-t. Dros. Bell. Sil.

Wheezing in the air passages                                                                                    Lach. Bry. Chin. Sulph. Kali-c. Dros.

Palpitation of the heart                                                                                    Puls. Ars. Sulph. Arn. Calc. Nit-ac. Nat-m

Shortness of breath                                                                                                Sulph. Rhus-t. Sil. Calc. Ars. Arn. Carb-v. Caust.

Dyspnoea                                                                                                            Ip. Sulph. Kali-c. Lach. Cupr-met. Lyc. Sep. Puls.

Rheumatic pains in limbs                                                                                    Caust. Puls. Bry. Acon. Caps. Rhus-t. Sulph.

Night sweats                                                                                                            Chin. Carb-v. Arn. Sil. Rhus-t. Kali-c. Phos. Sulph. Calc.

Sweating hands                                                                                                Ant-t.

Sweat about the head                                                                                    Ant-t. Ip.

Great weakness and lassitude after paroxysms                                                Ip. Chin. Verat-a. Ars.

Moaning. weeping                                                                                                Arn. Hep. Cina.

Sneezing                                                                                                            Bell. Hep. Cina.


[Dr. Boger]

Coccus cacti: any paroxysmal cough violent attacks not very close together, and are attended by much redness of the face and a general sense of feeling too hot. If irritation of the kidneys, with scanty, thick heavy urine,

passed pretty often also attends, it is doubly indicated and the results will be brilliant.


Cough remaining after acute catarrh

Dry chronic cough           

                                                                                                                        1. Sulph. Caust. Calc.

2. Carb-v. Sil.

Cough after catarrh

Copious expectoration of mucus           

                                                                                                                        1. Puls. Dulc. Chin. Ferr-met.

2. Ph-ac. Sil. Sulph. Calc. Carb-v.

Cough with chronic hoarseness

Burning and soreness in chest                                                                        Caust.

Throat is not so very painful                                                                                    Sulph. Phos. Calc. Carb-v.


Gastric cough: (worms, chronic weakness of digestion, liver complaints)

If cough results in vomiting which gives relief                                                Puls. Ip. Nux-v. Sulph. Sil. Ferr-met. Calc.

Worms; Irritation from teething                                                                        Cina. Merc.


Nervous, spasmodic or irritative cough:                                                             Bell. Hyos. Ip. Cina. Puls. Ambra. Con. Verat. Cupr-met.


Laryngeal: Caps.

Phthisical: All-s.



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