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[Dr Patricia Le Roux]


We are going to treat self-immune disease in children.

It is very important to have a good understanding of the allopathic approach, especially where immunology is concerned.

Referring to Pr Madeleine Bastide, immunology is one of the medical specialities where the holistic approach is most easy and logical to apply.

The immunity system is still a mystery for conventional and non conventional medicine. Due to its complexity and its originality.

Its distribution all over the body through the lymphatic system and the ganglions and its presence materialised by various organs the functions of which are different

in appearance (marrow, thymus, spleen, liver...) and especially its role, connected above all with the phenomena of cell communication, make it an ideal subject to illustrate

the concept of global awareness. This is why the following teaching case is interesting as it permits and leads to a link between allopathy and homeopathy thus opening

a way to global awareness.

This chapter is specifically pediatric: idiopatic thrombopenic purpura in children (PTI).

I will first explain the allopathic view of idiopatic purpura the way it is taught by the conventional medical faculty in France. Then I will present one of my personal cases and its homeopathic approach.

In conclusion I will give basies that this case has permitted to underline, concerning the problem of vaccinations and the immunological approach.

Convential approach

The idiopatic purpura is a most frequent immunologic disease in childhood. It is an hemorragic disorder, where the number of platelets or thrombocytes is badly diminished, and the megacaryocytes of the bone marrow raised. The spleen is normal and there no other morbid signs.

They are two possibilities of evolution, acute and chronic.

Acute Purpura

It is the most frequent, 80% of the cases and boys and girls equally before the age of ten.

The case history, is usually tonsillites at the beginning , two weeks before the purpura appears. It is often after a cold or a throat infection .

Begins suddenly, the bleeding symptomatology other then the purpura is found in 1 third of the cases. The hemorragies that threaten life are rare (1% of meningitic hemorragie). Spontaneous healing occurs in less then a month, in half of the cases. In 10% of the case it becomes chronic.

Chronic Purpura

It should be mentioned that purpura is considered chronic after 6 months.

The beginning is usually slower. The chronic disease is more often seen in girls after the age of ten. In the chronic form the pathogenesis of the disease is related in acute

forms to immunological complexes found in the blood after an immunological response to a viral infection. These complexes, are absorbed at the surface of the platelets

and weaker them.

In the chronic disease, it is the synthesis of antibodies against the platelet that is responsible for the symptoms. The platelets are sensitive to those antibodies and therefore destroyed by the reticulo-endothelium system.

These explanations are hypothetical. We are only capable of measuring the quantity of antibodies on the platelets.

We must add that the spleen has an important function, in the majority of those purpuras.

It could be the principle actor in destroying the platelets. Also the bone marrow, could interfere in the production of these antibodies.

Allopathic treatment

In the bleeding situations, first it is advised to rest. Intramuscular injections are forbidden and disprine also.

In case of acute heamorragia, cortisone can be prescribed. Cortisone can shorten the acute forms but does not prevent chronicity.

Spontaneous healing is rare between 6 and 12 months. Splenectomy is proposed after 6 months, with a success rate of 70%.

This operation has a high risk rate and is not possible before the age of five.

It requires anti-pneumococcic vaccination and antibiotics for 18 months...

If splenectomy is a failure, immunsupressors or gammaglobulin at high dose can be proposed.

In the very hemorragic situations, transfusions can be undertaken which help to solve acute hemostatic situations. But they are not very useful as the platelets are

instantly destroyed.

After healing, normal life is possible. Platelets must be checked every 3 months for one year, and once a year for 5 years.

It is recommended to avoid vaccinating for 18 months after the healing.


The clinical case presented here, gave me the opportunity to discuss with a well known children cancer-professor in the Timone (University Hospital in Marseille).

I was enquiring about another patient in his ward and was able to start a discussion with him about the treatment given to Laura ( clinical case presented here).

I will never forget his very panic- reaction: "What? You prescribe snake venom?"

Once he recovered from his initial shock we had an open discussion about all the alternative possibilities that could be used for sick children in hematologic and cancerological wards. The optic being an effort to help comfort and relief for patients suffering from serious and painfull diseases.

The clinical case, Laura, presented here is one of idiopatic purpura, diagnosed in the hematologic ward and cured homeopathically.

It will be followed by a study of the remedy and its spirit then its summary.

Clinical case

Laura, 4 years old, was brought to me by her mother in march 1998. She has been suffering for 8 months from purpura, treated by several blood transfusions in the University Hospital of Marseille.

When she comes to me she has 73000 platelets. She is covered in bruises and her mouth is full of petechials eruptions. She is tired, goes in and out hospital and the family of course is very anxious. A splenectomy has been proposed, but the parents are very doubtful about it.

Laura has had all the vaccinations one can propose, including, Hepatitis B. Here BCG has always been negative. It is to be noted that in the family the father is hyper-thyroidic and the grand mother suffers from insulino-dependant diabetes.

This purpura appeared after a normal pharingites. The child has a tendency to have tonsillitis on the right side.

Laura is alert, a nice child, very independant, obstinate with a strong personality. She is gentele and cries easily. She is also very tickly. She is extremely chatty and touches everything. She doesn’t concentrate at school. First a sulfuric sensation, but everything in her behaviour encourages me to attach her to the animal reign.

Laura has this characteristic of the animal: she uses seduction, and tries to please you. She is dressed for that first consultation in orange and red. Her movements are short and pugnacious. She loves to play lying down on her stomach.

After considering all this, I refrain from prescribing SULFUR. Taking into account her hemorragical state I start antidoting her BCG (VAB 50000K) and give her PHOSPHORUS.

A month later. The platelets are at 40000, and blood transfusions every 15 days. I go on searching for her remedy, seeking to attach her to the animal reign. The mother then tells me she talks so much she exhausts all those around her. She is extremely jealous of her sister.

Use again the "Purpura" rubrica in Kent as a base of research and to remedies seem obvious to me, LACHESIS an CROTALUS.

I ask if she tolerates clothes round her neck. She hates them, doesn’t like seafood and spinach. She prefers sugar and sweets.

She is then given an antidote to PENTACOQ (= Mehrfach Impfung) and prescribed LACHESIS (9,12,15,30 CH).

In May 1998, she is better. She has only one transfusion every month and a half. But the platelets stay down at 40000.

I then prescribe CROTALUS 9CH,12CH, 24CH, 30CH), remembering the right laterality of her tonsilities and give a antidote to ROR (Measles mumps and rubella vaccination), combined to the antidote of Hepatite B.

She comes back in July and has not had a transfusion for 3 months. I then give CROTALUS 10000K.

I see her again in october 1998 for bronchitis that I treat with ANT-T.

Her platelets are up at 150000.

She still has petechial eruption but less bruises. There has been no transfusion since June 1998.

I see her again in december 1998. The purpura is healed.

Synthesis , the spirit of the remedy

Snakes poisoning and its hidden meaning

A study of the essence of snake venom appears to me to be of particular interest because we often prescribe these remedies and they can be extremely useful.

Why has venom from a snake cured a blood disease and a self immune disease?

After having cured little Laura I set out to answer that question in an effort to achieve a better understanding of the general action of snake remedies and their hidden meaning.

First of all I tried to approach the snake through its symbolic relevance.

Since the beginning of the history of humanity the snake is the symbol of evil and often devil.

Take for instance the legend of Achilles: Thetis, the nymph, wanted her son Achill to be invulnerable so she dipped him in the waters of the Stynx. The only part of his body not to be touched by the water was his heel, which she was holding on to. The resulting wound on his foot kept him tied to earth. From this wound, all his war like energies were liable to escape as he was trying to fight against himself.

At the siege of Troy, guided by Apollo, Paris strikes Achill on the heel with his arrow. The heel being the only part of his body that is not immortal. He looses all his energy and dies. Subsequently this Greek legend is taken over by judeo-christian religions.

Wounded on the heel, at the creation of all its energies, humanity is symbolised by Eve, wife of Adam, and who will give birth to Yod, the Messia who is going to overcome the devil. "I will place hostility between you and Isha says God, between your semen and his. This one will wound you at your head, and you will wound Isha at the heel, (Genesa 3, 15)";

The snake symbolising here the head as such, is the false husband to whom humanity has given itself, along with the totality of her energy (symbol of the open sore and wounded foot). Where as the true divine husband nourishes humanity in order to enable it to rise to the status of wife, the snake devours humanity constantly keeping the wound open to draw off its entire energy. These two well known, ancient texts are explanations in themselves as to the image we have of the snake.

A horrible creature which bites at the heel and empties the body of its divine energy while causing it to bleed through a wound.

What we must understand from this is that the snake has inflicted an endearing wound to humanity. It is not for nothing that Christ washed the Apostle’s feet before inviting them to partake of the last supper. This act represents the healing of wounded humanity

The patient and his disease

It is important to point out the precise scientific and pediatric aspects of idiopatic purpura. As we have seen , it is a frequent disease and allopathic treatment is not easy as it is usually palliative (transfusions/splenectomy).

The auto-immune disease is self -destructive. The image of the snake biting its tail is very expressive.

As it can not rise to reach paradise, this horrible animal has only one solution to survive: self-destruction, by biting in its own tail. But what pushes any living creature to self destruction and why? It is certain is that over- vaccinating children who are oversensitive opens the way to disease. If we doctors vaccinate without carefull consideration

we are acting like Paris. We cause further damage to the weak point in the vital energy of our own patients.

It is therefore obvious that before multiplying vaccinations on a child , we should undertake an indepth study of the patients antecedents: for example the insulino-dependent diabetes of a grandmother and the self-immune thyroiditis of the father were good reasons for giving little Laura the strict minimum of vaccinations.

The meaning of this self-immune disease: Why did Laura then have elective blood symptoms?

Taking into account the symbolic meaning of the snake we can say that the wound has been opened for her by vaccinations.

This wound at the heel is materialised first by tonsilitis. It has opened the door to a loss of vital energy.

She was self destroying her platelets then the bleeding symptoms appeared putting her life in danger.

Laura corresponds to Crotalus in many ways. Her animal attitude and her snake context made highly possible for her to develop blood self -immune disease.

Vaccinations + Tonsillitis + Snake poison.

Only a homeopathic approach could disconnect all those wounds, heal her, and let us be preventive.

Having therefore understood the incorporal meaning of her disease, we are now sure that vaccinations must be suspended for her and when ever her vital force goes down, we can use CROTALUS to cure her.

In conclusion to the story, it is clear that allopathy had no solution to this case. The homeopathic approach led to an understanding of the deep mechanism of this disease in that child.

It is this deep understanding of disease that leads to real healing.


First practical aspect of this case is the good knowledge of the allopathic and the homeopathic approach.

It is of great importance in the practice of daily medicine, especially pediatrics.

A second aspect to consider is the chapter on immunological disease and its homeopathic approach. It is particularly vital to understand the latest considerations of the holistic potential of immunity in the coming years.

1. The problem of vaccinations and new vaccine preparations:

A lot can been said about vaccinations especially Hepatites B and new vaccine preparations.

Our previous case is a clear case of oversensitivity to vaccination.

We must try to understand why this child was oversensitive, and then expose the practical attitude to take in our everyday practice.

*First of all one may wonder whether the adverse effects obtained with certain vaccinations (Hepatitis B) are due to certain relationships between viral antigens and self antigens. This means that in certain cases there is a close relationship between the genetical particularities of the virus in the vaccinations and the antigens of the patients body.

*Another suggestion is that the special method of preparing the vaccinating antigene (producer cells) may be responsible for the wrong response of the body to the vaccination.

Producer cells are the basis for the fabrication of the latest vaccinations. In the case of Hepatitis B Vaccination, the vaccine is cultivated on cancerous, undifferential cells so called producer cells....

*A last suggestion is that the organism is not capable of analysing the" strangeness" of those new vaccinations. This is when a self-immune response appears.

After having explained a few ideas (proposed by Madeleine Bastide, professor in immunology in Montpellier) about the questions of immunity linked to vaccinations,

we must now try and come back to the origins of the vaccinations and Pasteur’s initial approach.

What is sure is that Pasteur attitude to vaccination has now been totally bypassed and even swept away!

Pasteur’s worked on a real identity: the vaccine itself was the pathogenetic agent, and it was diluted or killed and simply attenuated. This is no more the case of the new vaccinations. They are genetically engineered and cultivated on producer cells and the pathogenic agent is not found anymore in the vaccination.

Pasteur’s principle of identity has been betrayed, and therefore the immunity system has to adapt to a certain extent and sometimes perhaps it can only respond in a perverse way. This explains the greater number of accidents linked to vaccination especially in connection with self-immune diseases.

This means there is a real problem with the new vaccinations. The medical corporation must be told about this and must fully understand the implications.

The present tendency is to elaborate sophisticated vaccinations, obtained by genetic engineering. The new vaccination against Hepatitis A and Whooping cough, tends

to improve with each vaccination, but the immunity system can only try to adapt as much as it can take, and adverse effects may multiply.

Whatever the case, a vaccination should only be done when there is a complete agreement between the physician and the patient. This explains why the character of legal obligation is not really acceptable from point of view of the patients freedom. We live in democracies, and each family should be able to evaluate the advantage/risk ratio,

as in other pathologies, decide on the vaccination or not.

Tuberculosis vaccination is compulsary in France only (last country where BCG is compulsary in Europe). It is an interesting example because the incidence of this pathology (Tb.= in France is the same as in countries where the vaccination is not compulsary.

We homeopaths must be able to understand all this, and keep our holistic approach. We must discuss a vaccination program with the parents when it concerns their children and help them to take all aspects in consideration.

A vaccination program should be set up for their child as it is very important for their health, and each child is different and needs a different approach.

When we have to cure cases (and this is very frequent!) of oversensitive reaction to vaccinations we can give antidotes to vaccination.

In a certain way we do in reverse what Pasteur would have done 100 years ago on the perverse effects of the vaccination in order to have an adequate response to vaccination.

We realise in pediatrics that most of our patients with immunological disorders or allergic states, need antidotes to their vaccinations to allow the action of the simillimum.

If the blocked state caused by vaccination on a sensitive organism is not taken away by antidote, the result of a well prescribed remedy will have no effect.

As a conclusion to these frequent problems, it seems important to remember here that vaccinations initially have brought progress and relief for severe diseases (Polio, Tetanus for example).

But vaccination can not solve all our health problems, and multiplying sophisticated vaccinations is leading to saturation of our immunities.

It is also important to consider that more and more, cancers, self immune diseases, aids, are deeply linked to saturation of immunity.

Immunology as a speciality must be considered the most holistically as possible. Its comprehension and function should lead to a very different way of healing and open way to giving alternative medicines their proper

place in this field.

2. Immunology and homeopathy:

I will refer again to Pr Madeleine Bastide and her very interesting holistic approach to immunology presented in Monaco in November 1999.

I will come back to the notion of global awareness and its application in immunology.

This term can not be expressed by an amount of interactions such as they are described in the classical notion of immunity response. Its definition does not call forth an anatomical or localisation activity. Global awareness can not be reduced to the biological components of the body.

We all know that the immune system has a function of defence. But it is one of the systems that is the less systemic as its anatomical and functional process is present in all

the body (Thymus, marrow, ganglions). This explains why several unconventional therapies, far from a mechanical allopathic therapy, seem especially well adapted to correcting the impairments of the immunity system. There are three fundamental points that can help us to understand how this is true.

* The immunity system of mammals is totally adapted to defending its own biological system. It is known that organisms have made this system evolve, making the immune system more efficient, recognisable, and giving it the facility to memorise its own defence tools.

The immunity system is a hybrid system , half mechanical, half informational. It can produce double -faced molecules: they serve as mediators between mechanics and information. They even have cells that have a function of representing the outside world to the body.

The basis of immunity response is very sophisticated, as an application of molecular identity.

* The immunity system that works on the model of the identity law ( which means pain curing pain), and that adapts to the defence processes of the virus or the bacteria that

is different from it , can then develop wrong responses when vaccinations are made with cells identified to the aggressor (virus or bacteria)

But if the law of similarity seeks to recognise strangers, maybe the components of the vaccinations do not represent sufficiently the aggressor . Therefore the immune system can reply in a perverse way (self immune/allergy).

We have here an explanation of Laura’s self - immune disease...

* Self- immunity can have a mechanic explanation by the presence of true cross reactions against bacteria which , by provoking antibodies responses would give way to self- immune disorders through antigenic patterns.

In a different approach, to global awareness , it can be a deeper disease in the organism, with a true loss of identity of the patient, who’s immunity system in its function of protection of the living can no longer differentiate, the self from the extraneous aggressors.

The elimination process would therefore be this error in identification on what an aggressor can be. (Dr P Servais)


Studying idiopatic purpura, self-immune disease in children is of great interest.

It a good demonstration on how allopathic medicine can lead to homeopathic and holistic approach.

To understand such complicated diseases we must definitely be very good doctors. And this is a compulsary requisite to being very good homeopaths!

It is also interesting to point out that immunity considered as a systemic speciality of conventional medicine can lead the allopathic system to holistic considerations.

I presented this subject in a teachers forum in Naples last February, and it lead me to this very constructive conclusion quoting our famous French author Montaigne:

"To teach consist less in filling a jar then nourishing a fire" We must try and go ahead in our thinking and learning of homeopathy and realise how to feed the fire

(sulfur fire of course): this will then lead us to entire satisfaction.


[Farokh Master]

Vaccination and Homoeopathy

Different Views of Homoeopaths towards vaccination:

Hahnemann, himself, was impressed with the homoeopathicity of the principle upon which vaccination is based, and cites certain diseases which have been known to be

cured after vaccinia: yet the majority of homoeopaths, while they do not refuse to vaccinate, feel that it is a very crude method of procedure. Opinions vary: one class

does not hesitate to vaccinate, others vaccinate only under protest and then antidote its possible ill-effects by an appropriate homoeopathic remedy: still another class will

not inoculate under any circumstances whatsoever.

It is known that the vaccine virus arouses certain latent psoric or scrofulous taints in the system, bringing about a state which has been called Vaccinosis.

This refers to a condition of permanent impairment of health, which may lay the foundation for tubercular or other sycotic chronic disease. It is well to recall in this connection that the method known as "internal vaccination" had been successfully employed by the use of a homoeopathic preparation called Variolinum, a potentized preparation of the smallpox virus, which comparatively recently was so successfully employed as an immunizing measure in the State of Iowa, U.S. that legislative recognition was finally given to the method.

Did Hahnemann praise vaccination???

Those who argue that Hahnemann praised vaccinations, they refer to a quote written in the Organon from which they conclude that Hahnemann much appreciated vaccinations.

Hahnemann: “By the way it is notable, that since the general distribution of Jenner’s Cow Pox vaccination, human small-pox never again appeared as epidemically or virulently as 40 - 50 years before...” § 46 Organon

What was the real reason for Hahnemann to accept vaccination so positively?

In the chapters that precede paragraph 46 in the Organon he explains in detail the phenomena that existing disease symptoms will disappear temporarily or permanently due to the addition of a new disease. He refers to experiences gained by Dezoteux, Leroy and Wendt: who had observed the cure of former diseases after the application of smallpox vaccinations. Hahnemann’ point was to confirm his discovered Law of Similars and these reports encouraged him and were very convenient for him in confirming in his new healing principle: that a disease is extinguished by a similar one. At the same time Hahnemann made other statements which give one feel that Hahnemann never favored vaccination!!!!!

From the statements given below we can conclude that he rejected vaccinations? Hahnemann writes in the preface of the 6th edition of the Organon:

“Hence Homeopathy avoids everything in the slightest degree enfeebling

... hence it employs for the cure only those medicines whose power for altering and deranging dynamically the health it knows accurately.”

Whereas vaccines as we know is a living culture with added substances (stabilizers) which prevents this culture from having a life of its own.

These toxic substances, like mercury, aluminum, organic solvents, etc. surely evoke reaction with the remedy we give to our patients, further the culture of a vaccine prospers on a foreign individual: chicken egg protein, monkey kidneys, human embryos, peanuts. In any case, it contains traces of foreign protein. Every experienced homeopath knows about the importance of single remedy.

Hahnemann wrote an annotation on this point: homeopathy does give simple medicines, which it knows exactly. It does not give mixtures”.

Who has eradicated many infectious diseases?

Aphorism 4 says:

“He is, likewise, a preserver of health if he knows the things that derange health and cause and sustain disease, and how to remove them from persons in health.”

True prevention requires knowledge about the general living conditions which cause diseases. This concerns the adequate supply of fresh foods and a balanced nutrition, human housing conditions, proper clothing to protect themselves against cold and heat, pure drinking water, ways to keep body and clothes clean, and an efficient waste disposal, functioning canalization, etc. not to mention social peace and working conditions, family bonds and social order. It surely makes sense to everybody that the probability of infectious diseases like diphtheria, measles and pertussis and the general health of the population suffer during times of famine, destruction of all civilizing institutions by means of wars and insufficient care of the sick.

These universally accepted correlations between living circumstances and development of disease are evident for everybody skilled in the art of healing.

But a constant, consciously applied propaganda beclouds the correct view of these facts in even practicing homeopathic physicians.

Therefore it is not surprising that some homeopaths also attribute the decrease of infectious diseases at first to the effects of vaccinations. But it has been known for a

long time that infectious diseases like measles, diphtheria etc. had already definitely declined before the introduction of vaccinations. This decrease began when, as a result

of technological progress, social advancement, and general hygienic knowledge, it became possible to cover the basic needs of men.

What is the damage???

It is undeniable that countless people have lost their life and health by means of vaccinations. What does it mean when a physician himself sees healthy people pass away, rendered chronically ill, or crippled due to vaccinations? Why did Hahnemann abandon his occupation after his first experiences in medical practice? Did he point with shrugging shoulders to the doctrine of his times and continue to apply detrimental methods although humans got ill because of the prevalent applications of that time?

Is it at all thinkable that he would have referred to a general hypothesis and continued to vaccine unconcernedly if he had observed with his own eyes the first signs of disease caused by vaccinations?

Hahnemann shows his tactfulness and responsibility toward sick persons in his instructions on remedy provings. In paragraph 137 of the Organon he writes about the effects of excessively large doses of medicines: “not to mention that it is dangerous – something that cannot be a matter of indifference to anybody who respects mankind and counts even the lowliest of men as his brother.”

James Tyler Kent and vaccination:

I have investigated the pros and cons of vaccinations and after perennial observations and accurate weighting of circumstances I came to the conclusion, that the proofs that argue for vaccinations are very doubtful. In fact vaccinations have contributed enormously to damage individuals and the entire mankind. They caused many humans to get sick, have produced many

ulcers and have masked, I don’t doubt this, many constitutional ailments.

If I weigh all this then I can’t see any reason why I could recommend vaccinations. I have refused vaccinations for many years and if a patient absolutely wants to get vaccinated then he has to resort to another person. I do not assume responsibility. I have applied an array of medicines prophylactically as long as the disease was prevailing and therefore I have several arguments for it, that the indicated remedy prevents the disease.

Published in: “The Homeopathic Recorder”, Vol. XVI, No.12, 1901

'Post-vaccination syndrome' has for several years now been an increasingly common diagnosis in my daily practice

The PVS can be divided into an acute and a chronic syndrome.

The following are the main symptoms of the acute syndrome:

absent - mindedness,



Cot death


encephalitis +/o. meningitis,

excessive somnolence,



frequent and inconsolable crying,

limbs swollen around the point of inoculation,

penetrating and heart - rending shrieking (cri encéphalique)


whooping-type cough,

The chronic symptoms seen are as follows:

Asthma, behavioral problems such as fidgeting, aggressiveness, irritation, moodiness, emotional imbalance, confusion, loss of will-power, mental torpidity.

Bronchitis, Colds, amber or green phlegm,





Disturbed development,

Disturbed sleep with periods of waking and crying,

Eczema, allergies,


Excessive thirst,


Growth disturbances,


Inflamed eyes,

Inflamed joints,

Inflammation of the middle ear,

Lack of concentration,

Lack of coordination,

Lack of vigor,


Loss of eye contact,

Loss of memory,

Muscle cramps,

Rigidity of the back,




A child aged 4 years comes with tics on the face since few months, it all started after taking a booster injection of DPT two months back; also the child had a very aggressive

behaviour which worried the parents. He was very rude with his class mates, he was also having bouts of anxiety in the morning, he had a known fear of dog, no appetite and shrieks when anything is refused. I gave Stramonium 30, few doses with total disappearance of tics and the abnormal behaviour.

Few rubrics very useful in practice to treat a case of vaccination syndrome:

Mind: ANXIETY after vaccination: Thuj

Head: INFLAMMATION of: Brain: from suppressed eruptions:

Eczema from after Vaccination suppressed: Bac.

Head pain: GENERAL from Vaccination: Thuj.

Eyes: INFLAMMATION after Vaccination (in conjunctivae): Vaccination

Eyes: INFLAMMATION: Cornea, Keratitis after Vaccination: vac. vario.

Stomach: PAIN in general after Vaccination: Thuj.

Stomach: NAUSEA after Vaccination: Sil.

Rectum: DIARRHEA after vaccination: ant-t. apis, sil. thuj.

Stool after Vaccination: apisin. thuj.

Respiration: ASTHMATIC after vaccination: thuj.

Respiration: ASTHMATIC in children after vaccination: thuj.

Cough after VACCINATION: thuj.

Extremities: EMACIATION: Upper limbs: After Vaccination: maland. thuj.

Extremities: ERUPTIONS: Pustules: Leg: After Vaccination: sulph.

Extremities: ERUPTIONS: Varicella, like: After Vaccination: syc-co.

Extremities: PARALYSIS: Lower limbs: After Vaccination: thuj.

Extremities: SUPPURATION: Finger, Nails: After Vaccination: Thuj.

Extremities: FELON: ONCHYIA: PARONYHIA: Runs around: After Vaccination: Thuj.

Extremities: SWELLING: Shoulder: After Vaccination: apis, thuj.

Extremities: SWELLING: Upper arm: Vaccination: Sil. sulph. Thuj.

Sleep: RESTLESS: After Vaccination: thuj.

Sleep: SLEEPLESSNESS: After Vaccination: mez. thuj.

Skin: ERUPTIONS: General: After Vaccination: crot-h. maland. mez. sars. skook. sulph. vario.

Skin: ERUPTIONS; Eczema: After Vaccination: ammc. kali-m. maland. mez.

Generalities: After Vaccination: acon. ant-t. apis, ars. bac. bapt. Bcg. bell. bufo carc. crot-h. diph. echi. graph. gun. hep. kali-chl. lac-v. lepro.

Maland. med. merc. merc-cy. Mez. nat-bic. ped. phos. psor. rhus-t. sabin. sarr. sars. sep. SIL. skook. SULPH. syc-co. THUJ. Tub. Vac. vario.

Generalities: After Vaccination: Diphtheria injections: diph. merc-cy.

Generalities: After Vaccination: Yellow fever vaccination: ars.

Generalities: After Vaccination: Meningitis injections: apis

Generalities: After Vaccination: Smallpox vaccination: maland. thuj.

Generalities: After Vaccination: Typhus: bapt.

Generalities: VACCINATION: Prophylactic: sulph. thuj. vario.

Generalities: CONVULSIONS, After Vaccination: Sil. thuj.



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