Lampona cylindrata (Lam-cy) = white tailed spider


Vergleich: Siehe: Spinnen


Biss: localised burning, stinging feeling followed by various illnesses. Itchy lumps, swelling, blistering, ulceration, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea.

Allergic reactions/large welts/bad deformities/blisters.


1. The bite produces a clearly visible puncture mark/mild sting to sharp pain of short duration, itchiness, local swelling or a lump and no systemic symptoms or anxiety.

2. The bite can cause a local burning pain sometimes followed by blistering and ulceration, however the symptoms have no predictable pattern.

3. The speed of tissue damage and of other symptoms varies widely. Ulcerations may begin with surface blistering or with a darkening of the flesh beneath the bite.

Reaction can be either rapid and painful with violent vomiting and diarrhoea or gradual with relatively little pain.

4. If necrosis occures (1. cutaneous blistering and inflammation, 2. cyanotic lesions, 3. substantial recurrent local tissue necrosis with a deep rolled ulcer

involving fat and skin and exposing muscle.)

First aid: An amino acid L-cysteine ointment can counteract the necrotic effect of the venom. Aloe vera in ointment or fresh leaf form can also greatly help to neutralise the effects of the bite, if it is applied generously over the wound 3 - 4x daily until healing occurs. (Lucilla sericata).

Vergiftung: Rötung, Schwellung über Stunden bis Tage; Jucken, Brennen; öfters nekrotische Ulzeration (Heilung braucht 10 t. – Monate (Superinfektion);

(auch später wieder auftretende Blasen + Ulcerabildung);

Übelkeit, Erbrechen; Kopfschmerz, Fieber, Kälteschauer;

[Alistair Gray]

The species carries the virus Microbacterius ulcerans and although no deaths are known to have occurred from it's bite, there are recent reported cases of slow healing ulcers, persisting at the site of the bite. A vaccine has been developed in Queensland currently.

For example a White Tailed spider may feed on a black house spider from which it has lured from it's retreat by imitating the vibrations of the black house spider's entangled prey.

The White Tailed spider has been found in Australia for many years, this spider is easily identified by it's elongated shape, cylindrical lemon pip shaped abdomen, and it's velvety black and dirty white markings at the top of the abdomen and tip of the tail. The legs are glossy with a reddish dark tint. Male spiders have dark legs.

White Tailed spiders only bite if provoked and are not normally aggressive to humans. The symptoms of the spider bite vary according to specific reactions, including localised burning, stinging feeling followed by various illnesses: Itchy lumps, swelling, blistering, ulceration, nausea, vomiting.

Occasionally the bacteria on the fangs of the spider may cause infection or other specific allergic reactions. And it is suspected of causing skin necrosis in 14 spider bites over the last 10 years.

However until recently none of the victims could positively identify exactly what bit them.

The bite is believed to cause severe illness of a short duration, although the portion of venom containing flesh dissolving enzymes would fit on the head of a pin. The illness is sometimes followed by necrotic sores. The species carries the virus Microbacterius ulcerans in it's venom, and it is this microscopic organism that seems to cause the infection resulting in the spread of ulcerous sores.

The bite is not lethal, but is dangerous;


1. Visual disturbances

2. Sensitive to water, noise, the sound of water, music, smell acute

3. Heightened senses (smell heightened)

4. Hates water and hates colours.

6. Long and squashed

7. Impatient, irritable, snappy, yelling.

8. Desolation, alone, home isolated from family/"I can't be bothered, I don't want any people".

9. Hatred of customers

10. Elation,

11. Lots of sudden things (elation/desire for sleep).

12. The desire to steal things/desire to kill,

13. Hurried Rushed too fast (with customer service),

15. Not coping. "not happy, not me, not coping".

16. Impaired intellectual function, clarity

17. Focused

18. Mistakes

19. Addiction, wants to take more money, gambling,

20. Injustice to children

21. Feeling feminine, feeling beautiful,

22. Feels attacked by people, spiritually,

24. Confidence, attraction, telling people what she thinks,

25. I can do things, defiance, taking things against instruction,

26. More awake, more active, very active, cleaning, organising, vacuuming, very efficient, very elated, I feel amazed.

27. Generally alert and focused becoming tired and falling apart,

28. Difficulty sleeping, > talking, walking, sex, > chocolate, sweets (ice cream/chocolate)

30. His life long love of being of service to people was entirely annihilated, he felt agitation and hatred, before he felt god will reward me. On proving "I want the reward now, give me the reward" before impotent now strong desire for sex.

32. Cured symptoms, menstrual symptoms and want of self confidence.

33. Needs attention, feels as if he is being ignored,

34. Crawling nostril

35. Metallic Taste

36. Heart palpitations/heart sinking

38. Abdominal sensations l. to r.

39. Calves

40. Problems with calf muscles, problems with the buttocks.

41. Head aches

42. Skin colour changes (face yellow)

44. Muscle relaxation,

45. Pimples, nausea, cold, wind all around her,

47. Bubbles in the phlegm, blocked nose, acute sharp smells.

48. Bruises


[JJ Kleber]

Sind nächtliche Jäger.

Viele plötzlich eintretende Empfindungen [Abneigung/Begehren (sexuell/Sachen/Kleptomanie) mit dem Wunsch alles sofort zu bekommen] ohne jede Reflexion; wird ungeduldig und reizbar, wenn nicht gleich bekommt was er will. Wenn sich angegriffen fühlt, sofortige extreme Gegenreaktion (bis Wunsch zu Töten); auch plötzliche Abneigung bis Hassgefühle (Menschen/Farben/Gerüche).

Ungeduldig/reizbar/ruhelos/braucht Aufmerksamkeit, „Wie isoliert“ von Familie, möchte alleine sein (anti-sozial), aber unglücklich da sich isoliert fühlt;

„Wie verhext o. verzaubert zu sein“/“Als ob Körper dem Kopf nicht gehorcht“; starke Zukunfts-/Krankheitsangst, unentschlossen mit dem Gefühl mit zu viel Entscheidungen belastet zu sein; wie alle Spinne überempfindliche Sinne (Geruchssinn); Jucken mit Empfindlichkeit der Körperhaare; beim Essen sowohl Hunger, wie mangelnder Appetit, aber immer ohne Interesse, ohne Spaß am Essen, ohne Essensvorlieben.

>: Bewegung + Aktivität (gehen, tanzen, singen);


Repertory:                                                            [Alistair Gray]

Mind: abrupt


anger [hearing music/at pain/from sound of water/colours (< red)/with crying from pain/with himself]

anxiety (exaggerated/about family/about own health/with palpitations/with sensation of lump in throat/> walking)



mental symptoms > chocolate/> cleaning/> coffee

aversion to blue/red/yellow

company, aversion to

concentration difficult

confidence want of self

confusion - „As (after) being intoxicated“

confusion of mind


> dancing/desires it/behaviour

death desires


delusion - is alone/animal in abdomen/will be bitten/skin is black/will die/floating in water/someone did grasp his neck/is ignored/will become insane/things seems too long/things happen in slow motion/is neglected/objects move to quickly/of being poisoned/hears rain at night/body is smaller/omeone has put a spell on him/is squashed/time passes too slowly/time passes too quickly/time seems earlier, passes quickly/under superhuman control/despair with pains/despair from sexual craving/sense of direction improved

eating > mental symptoms

elation (from walking)

estranged from her family/ignores his friends and relatives


fear - alone/of driving/something (bad/unpleasant) will happen/to go home/insanity/noise of rushing water/of panic attacks/being poisoned/poverty/of robbers

fight, wants to

forgetful (of well known streets/thinking of something)

forsaken feeling



high spirited


hurry (everybody moves too slowly/walking)

impatience (everything goes too slow)/impatient


industrious, mania for work


irritable (hearing or seeing/during headache/everything goes too slow)

kill - desire to/impulse to



laziny morning


loses way in well known streets

memory wanting

mistakes - in calculating/of perception

misunderstands what has seen or heard

mood - impatient/impulsive

>/< music - aversed/irritates/sensitive to

> singing

news, depressing or sad, after

> occupation

perception slow




quiet, wants to be


cannot rest until everything is on it rightful




senses acute (for birds)

sensitive - to noise splashing water/to music


sounds exaggerated

spaced out feeling

speech, finish sentence, cannot

steal, desire to

suicidal disposition/thinks of


sympathy - compassion

> talking

< thinking of pain

time passes too quickly (appears shorter)/too slowly (appears longer)/passes to quickly, appears


> walking/quickly

Head: band, constriction, tension (band or hoop)/in forehead (over the eyes)/in occiput/>/< bending forward

Cutting in l. temple

Sensation of formication

occiput „As if occiput frozen“


pain grasping [forehead (> eating)]

headache (boring r. temple)/“As if by a pressing band“/sharp

light headedness

heaviness (in l. temple/in sides/on rising)/“As if heaviness“ in forehead/temples

pain many

pulsating in occiput in evening

tension, drawing upward of skin of forehead



Eye: burning

Discharges - in morning/mucus pus (in canthi/sticky/white)



heat in

heaviness (lids)/“As if heaviness“ (in eyelids)

lachrymation when yawning

lids puffy

pain - burning/>/< closing/light (artificial/strong)

photophobia < artificial light


Vision: acute

Blurry/cloudy/unable to focus


Nose: „As if crawling“

Discharge - running/thick/white


Smell: acute/sensitive

Ear: noises - r./l.< noise/of hammering sounds/whistling/aching/stitching

Hearing: acute/exaggerated

Face: congested

bluish circles around eyes/purple/red flushes/spots/yellow

lips - dry/cracked

eruption - acne/dry/pimples

(flushes of) heat

pain . in cheek/neuralgic/< touch

Mouth: dry (lips)

sides red/bluish tongue/red edges of ness tongue/red tipp of tongue

heat/“As if hot“

pain - burning (> cold air/palate/on tongue l./on tip of tongue)/on tongue

taste - acute/bitter/metallic/sour

ulcer - (on tipp of tongue) Tipp

wart (lip)

Throat: dry < swallowing

Mucous - difficult to detach/red as blood/taste metallic/tenacious

„As if mucous in it“

pain - r./burning/sore ext. ears/swallowing

scratching on swallowing

swelling/“As if swollen“

External throat: „As if someone grasped it“

induration of glands

pain in general cervical glands (< touch)

swelling in cervical glands

Stomach: „As if something alive“

Appetite - diminished/increased (after eating/in morning)/insatiable/ravenous (eating increases the hunger)/thirst

Distention (< eating)

Emptiness (> eructations/not > eating)

Fullness /“As if full“

Heaviness (morning/afternoon)


nausea [< coffee/after drinking (< milk)/< eating/from exercising/thinking of food/during menses/on rising/during sleep/> after stool]

pain (aching/burning/cramping/gnawing/tearing)/painful

Abdomen: „As if something alive“/“As if stopped“

Distention (> diarrhoea)




movements felt (l./while walking)

noises (like crying of an animal/rumbling)

pain (cramping > flatus)/iliac region (fossa)/pressing/stitching/tearing)



Rectum: constipation/difficult stool (insufficient incomplete)



pain - (<) burning during stool agg during


Stool: loose/thin/unsatisfactory/watery/yellow

Bladder: urination involuntary (incontinence at night)

Kidney: pain - > lying on knees and elbows

pain pressing (in region of kidneys)

Urethra: pain burning < during/after micturition

Urine: colour greenish (dark)

Male organs: pain in testes l./on sitting

sexual desire increased (morning)/decreased

Female organs: fullness (vagina)

Menses - profuse at night/clotted/milky/pale watery/stringy/scanty/tenacious

sexual desire increased

Larynx and trachea: tickling

Respiration: difficult in daytime/inspiration/during palpitation/with suffocation

Expectoraation: viscid

Chest: eruptions pimples

„As if heart is grabbed“

itching in clavicle

noises, crunching

„As if open“

pain - l. (ext.back/ext. shoulder)/aching in mammae/burning in lungs/dull in region of heart/>/< pressure/in sternum

palpitation - in heart [with anxiety (during deep inspiration)]

„As if heart sinking“


Neck: pain


Back: eruptions - pimples in cervical region

Pain [aching/cervical (l./ext. shoulders/“As if grasped“)/l. (rheumatic)/lumbar region (l./crushed)/ext. lower extremities/< motion/sitting/sore/< standing/stitching]

Palpitation in neck

Perspiration in cervical region

Stiffness (in cervical region)

Tension in dorsal region

Extremitties: cold, icy

Cramping in lower limbs

blue lower limbs

eruptions - pimples thigh/r. foot/r. palm of hand

itching - ankles/(in) between fingers (< scratching)/lower limbs (foot/heel)/>/< scratching

lump forearm

numbness (arms/legs/while sitting)

pain [aching (feet/lower limbs/wrist)/elbow/hand/lower limbs (shins)/shooting (l.) elbow/shoulder/must stretch/twitching in thigh/< touch]

perspiration in flexure of elbows

restless lower limbs


swelling - ankles/wrist

tingling (elbow)

weak (hands/thighs)


Sleep: generals - lassitude/weakness


Sleepy (afternoon/overpowering/and weary/yawning)

Sleepless - from anxiety/from itching/from thoughts


waking [from dreams/frequent from noise/“As from fright“/after midnight (3 h. - 4 h.)/“As if slept ones fill“/with desire to urinate/with pain]


Dream: anger/large black birds/dogs/anxious morning/clairvoyance/concerned/out of control/country/crime/dancing/danger/devil/disease/driving car/fever/fights/

playing games/happy/high places/hot weather/open houses/intoxicated/invasion of her space/lewd/lascivious/black men/murder/will be murdered/mutilation/

nakedness/open spaces/pain/plants/pursued/those in need rescuing/robbers/romance/rooms/sand/shocking/spaceship/stealing fruit/stool/swords/of having committed

theft/thirsty/toilets/urinating/vertigo/violence/is vulnerable/wedding(s)/windows broken

Chill: Lack of vital heat/chill, coldness

Skin: coldness


Eruptions - pimples (white after scratching)

Itching (< after bathing)


Generals: activity - desires it/physical

> open air

Foods and drinks: Desires: chocolate/sweets; >: chocolate/sweets; <: alcohol/tea;


coldness of whole body/“As if icy cold“

energy lots of

fullness internally

> eating

flushes of heat/“As if hot“/vital lack of heat

heaviness - external/internal/“As if heavy“ tired legs


„As if light“

> rapid motion/> rubbing

senses hyper acute

> talking

walking - >/desires it

wave-like sensations




[Alistair Gray]

The information listed and collated here about the White Tailed Spider is selected from a number of books and web sites. There are a number of Lampona spider species and the White Tailed spider Lampona cylindrata is often described as Lampona obscena.

The White Tailed spider preys on snare making spiders and insects.

The White Tailed spider is not lethal but can cause systemic symptoms, such as headache, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, muscular pains, chills.

The Puffin Book of Australian Spiders – Hunt 1982. There are a number of different kinds of White Tailed spiders. The common species seen in the houses of Australia [and now New Zealand] are Lampona cylindrata. This tells you about the nature of it's body, it is cylindrical. The female can be between 14-21mm long and the male about 12mm long. Young White Tailed spiders are black on their back White on the abdomen and as they moult throughout their life they become darker until only the White Tailed is left.

They are considered to be vagrant spiders meaning that they wander about at night. During the daytime they rest in silk tubes under bark, stones or logs. The silk tube is also used to enclose the females eggs and she stays close by until the eggs hatch. The spiders lay only about 20 eggs and many of the young ones survive.

A guide to Australian Spiders by Kline 1969. Lampona are small medium size spiders with dark cylindrical bodies sometimes having White stripes on the abdomen, there are 16 species that are wide spread. The legs are short, prograde and usually shiny often reddish. These nocturnal hunters are found by day under bark, stones and leaf litter, sometimes with a tubular silken retreat.

Dangerous Australian Spiders 1998. The White Tailed spider is 11/2 cm long and has a long body, it does not have a nest but roams in search of it's food. It hunts other spiders during the night but stays in the silk sack during the day. The sack is also used as a nest. In the bush it is found under bark or in the leaf litter. When it wanders into a house

it will usually be seen at the top of a wall, and it also crawls into clothes that are left on the floor. Very little research has been done on White Tailed spiders, but it is thought that these spider bites can cause severe skin damage. A bite from a White Tailed spider causes skin around the bite to die, this may start with blisters, or the skin becoming

a darker colour. It is very painful, and a person who is bitten may also experience vomiting and diarrhoea. A person bitten by a White Tailed spider needs hospitalised treatment. The dead skin is often needing to be scraped away and replaced with skin from another part of the body.

The Silken Web, The History of Australian Spiders 1994 Simon-Brunet. The female Lampona cylindrata one of the largest Lampona spiders measures up to 20mm in body length, with the slimmer male measuring about 12mm. This species is dark plum coloured to black, depending on it's age, and recency of moulting. It's legs may be reddish brown to black depending on it's age. The colouring and patterns darken with successive moults. Its abdomen is glossy and pitted at the adult stage and has an outstanding patch at the dorsal tip of its abdomen. Juveniles have double series of light patches on the dorsal surface of their abdomen which deepen with every moult until they disappear altogether leaving only the distinctive white tail in the adult.

The White Tailed spider preys on snare making spiders. During the evening it positions itself on the outer edges of the web of the snare builder and plucks and strums the thread to imitate the struggling of an ensnared insect. It makes an enthusiastic appearance and rushes forward expecting to have captured an insect, but instead is attacked

and eaten.



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