Leontopodium alpinum = Gnaphalium lentopodium = Edelweiß./= Silberstern


Vergleich: Enthält: Tannin;

Compositae.: Verletzung/vulnerability;

Siehe: Asterales + Berggruppe + Sterngruppe

Gnaph. Leon. Arn.


Repertorium:                                     [Uta Santos]

Mind: Weakness of memory

Nase: Smell of sulfur and garlic

Mouth: Taste of sulfur and garlic

Teeth: Clenched/grinding/pressure as if lock-jawed (physically as well as in a dream)

Inner pressure < external pressure

Any touch is painful, oversensitive towards being touched, oversensitive to pain.

Stomach: Burning/flatulence/re-occurring sensation of bloating and pressure in the bowels.

In one place in the stomach, located under the xyphoid, there is a sensation of heat. All the time I feel bloated like a balloon, the colon is filled so much with gas that

the diaphragm is pushed upwards thereby causing a strong pain in stomach.

> zusammengekrümmt sitzen/Druck auf den Magen/Ruhe (nach dem Schlaf)/Wärme, < enge Kleidung/nach Essen von rohem Gemüse/Genuss von Kaffee/Alkohol.

Rectum: Durchfall/constipation/bowel motion every 3 days; Urge more often, but the stool does not pass. >: eating (warm > than cold food)/sitting bent/pressure

on stomach/resting (after sleep) and warmth, <: tight clothes/after eating raw vegetables/coffee/alcohol;

Stool: clay-colored and sheep-dung like.

Limbs: walking/movements/actions/restless > motion in general


Paralysis l. arm

> Aufrecht stehen/> Geradeaus blicken stiffness/tenseness/looking aside was impossible.           

Genitals: Sexual desire increased

Back: in back/coccyx: feeling of fragility (Verletzung?)/

Generals: Sensitive to cold

„As if been hit by a blow“/“please don’t touch”/soft touch could cause severe pain.

Schwerpunkte der Symptomatik betrafen die Extremitäten, den Bereich des Gehens, des Bewegens  und des Handelns


Zieht Fliegen an/hat Schweiß-ähnliche Substanzen.


Antidotiert von: Arn.


Allerlei: Edelweiss often grows in stony places, hardly accessible and demands of the collector: boldness, physical flexibility and endurance. It is therefore the image for

these attributes and in myths and legends it is the sign of love and the proof of the bold hero’s love, who offers this flower to his beloved as the token of his love.

Mythos: Entstanden aus Tränen. einer vereiste Junkfrau wann sie sah wie ein Jungemann abstürzt und stirbt.

Eine schöne, junge Frau ist erstarrt im Eis. Junge Männer wollten sie besitzen und stürzten ab. Dann fing die junge Frau an zu weinen, aus ihre Tränen entstand das Edelweiß.


A last dream as a metaphorical language typical for this plant:

I am walking about in an hotel, I am looking for my husband, who wanted to enjoy a hot bath somewhere in the hotel. I am wearing Jeans, a T-shirt and I am carrying a brief case with me. Downstairs there are swinging doors in wooden frames and milk glass or frosted glass. Steam is coming towards me. All the guests are wearing towels and are hanging at the side of the doors as if wrapped in white plastic/ synthetics. Staff is running around and is handing out rose-colored pieces of soap. One of them is soaping the guests’ faces. I find my husband at the end of an aisle, he also is wrapped in a white bath towel. He is being pursued by someone and wants to get away from there.

We flee along aisles, dark aisles in this otherwise white house and we end up in the office section. We hear voices calling and hide in the dark behind the door of a cabinet

in the nearest office. A person in a business-suit enters and switches on the light. We are shocked, the office is ravaged and on the floor there are shapes of human beings,

who have already been carried away.

Then: With my husband on an island with wild cliffs and an amazing, beautiful coast, fog is lifting, the sun shines on and reflects from a blue-green ocean. Feeling of freedom…

Contrasts: The white, clean-soaped figures enclosed in plastic/synthetics wrapping and the dark aisles…

Light (in the sense of enlightening, perspective, clarity) focuses on something, which was formerly alive (the dead ones who have been carried away), who have met their

death in a place of bureaucracy, of formalism… contrary to the hotel, then this amazing, beautiful nature, where fog is lifting and clarity and foresight comes up…


Again and again the color white appears in the dreams, which Aeppli, a Jungian analyst, explains as follows: “White is not yet a color, it is purity beyond life, is a demand

to be dissolved into its spectral colors, the colors of the vivid life”.

In fact, again and again a kind of non-vitality appears, a white, which is cold, sterile, without life and constraining.

This constraint, stiffness, paralysis and threat probably are related to public places, which are under social rules like the classroom, the hotel, the office, while nature means freedom.

Ascending is threatening, be it on the narrow glass catwalk (the dream with the white moon- boots), on which every step is followed by the anonymous viewers, or be it in

the escalator, which is threatened by social descent, the free fall, or be it the mountain heights, where a cold adverse wind obstructs walking forward and one is not allowed

to protect oneself.

Authentic feelings and instincts are suppressed and even more predominant in a dark and threatening way. (I mentioned only the dreams about the dogs of the one female prover, there have been more on this topic). 

Summary and a hypothesis: aspects of the Compositae: oversensitiv and vulnerable, physically as well as mentally

Gnaphalium botanically the most similar, has its center of gravity (concerning its symptoms) also in the area of extremities, and Arnica as a potent antidote of these long-lasting, strong and extremely uncomfortable proving-symptoms also shows strong resonance with Leontopodium.

As a special topic of Leontopodium I assume that the patient would feel weak and insecure [socially highly normative context, where you have to behave differently than

your own feelings and impulses tell you and you are constantly threatened to be blown down by a social cross- current “wind from the front-side” (= gesellschaftliche Gegenwind)].

Harsh socialization with the center of gravity of whatONE DOES” leads to an early suppression of one’s own emotions and instincts, which might lead to the behaviour

that accepts external rules as a yard-stick in every situation of life and that the person is not used to follow his own findings any more, even if these seem adequate and in

tune with his own inner voice.

As a metaphor the image comes to mind of the hero, who risks death to pick the Edelweiss from the highest rocky mountains as a proof of his love for his beloved who

herself not only agrees to his high risk, she maybe even expects or demands it, as she measures the love she receives from her admirer by his extraordinary gift.

She lacks the sense necessary to realize emotions in the very immediate encounter.

“if he risks his life, he probably loves me, how else could I know it, and if he dies due to this, he dies as a noble, white, pure hero and his death raises me as a white widowed virgin, untouchable, spending a lifetime in a cold, glass coffin”.

The opposition of nature and culture, of emotion and instinct on the one hand, and the social taming on the other hand seem to be a conflict; conscious of its own lack of protection, Lentopodium compensates by submission under a cold, non-vivacious entity, which knows only itself as white and the other as black, where everything alive

is shattered as if on a rock face.

Mir scheint sehr klar, dass Leontopodium deutliche Züge eines Korbblütlers hat:

Die Überempfindlichkeit und Verletzlichkeit sowohl im körperlichen als auch im seelischen und auch in den träumen erlebt ist sehr deutlich.

Gnaphalium, die botanisch ähnlichste Arznei, hat ihren Symptomen Schwerpunkt ebenfalls im bereich der Glieder, und Arnica als wirksames Antidot der langanhaltenden starken und äußerst unangenehmen Arzneisymptome zeigt ebenfalls deutliche Resonanz mit Leontopodium.


Als Metapher dafür könnte man sich ganz gut das bild jenes Helden merken, der den Tod riskiert, um das edelweiß vom höchsten Felsen zu pflücken als beweise der liebe

zu seiner angebeteten, die diesem tun nicht nur zustimmt, sondern es vielleicht sogar verlangt, weil diese äußerliche, hervorragende der Maßstab ist, mit dem sie die liebe

ihres Verehrers misst, weil ihr die sinne dafür fehlen, Gefühl in der unmittelbaren Begegnung wahr zu nehmen.

„wenn er sein Leben riskiert, dann wird er mich wohl lieben, wie sonst wollte ich es wissen; wenn er dabei zu Grunde geht, stirbt er als edler, weißer reiner Held und sein

Tod erhöht mich als edle weiße verwitwete Jungfrau, unberührbar, schon zu Lebzeiten im kalten gläsernen Sarg.


Phytologie: Diarrhea/Blutdruck regulierung/




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