Medulla ossis suis (Medul-os-si) = Knochenmark aus Schwein;


Vergleich: Siehe: Calcium phosphoricum. cornus e cervi 


[D. Riley]

Important Proving Symptoms and Themes Noted by the Investigators

Improvement of previously experienced symptoms of nasal congestion and flatus.

Many dreams

Pain in stomach/lower leg


Mind: Dreams – remembered/vivid/sexual perverted/violent

Less inhibited/more joking

Less irritable with people at work


Difficulty concentrating while working

Restless activity


Generalities: Energy in- or decreased in the morning


Food: Desires: spicy sauces, soda, cheese, chocolate, meat, peanut butter;

Aversion: hot soups/drinks;

Heat flushes

Stiffness < physical exercise

Head: Flushes of heat in head and neck

Pain – behind l. eye/pressure (l.) side

Eye: Pain – burning (+ dry)/sore

Muscle twitches on r. lid

Soreness and swelling around r. eye

Nose: Congested nose and sinuses

Pain - sharp in l. nostril “As if nose bleed were to appear”

Face: Oily

Heat in face and cheeks with flushing

Pain in cheekbones associated with headache

Mouth: “As if cheek swollen”

Throat: Tight on swallowing

Parched and dry on waking

“As if lymph nodes swollen” on the sides of neck

Stomach: THIRST not quenched by drinking


“As if empty even after eating”

Pain – burning/cramping


Abdomen: Pain – 1. cramping with diarrhea/after eating, 2. Throbbing

Rectum: Flatus (offensive)

Pain – sharp/shooting up the rectum before the stool

Stool: Smells foul

Increased frequency


Cough: Waking with dry cough

Chest: Rapid heartbeat with nervous/excited feelings

Eeruptions – red/itchy temporarily > scratching

Female genitalia: Increased sexual desire

Watery leukorrhea

Back: Pain - aching in thoracic region on waking

Flushes of heat in head and neck

Eruptions – red/raised/itchy

Extremities: Nervous fidgeting of hands

Weakness and internal trembling in legs and fingers

Stiffness in knuckles on waking

Pain – in lower-leg sitting/when lifting leg

Dull, throbbing sensation in posterior l. thigh and knee

Pain sharp from buttocks to lateral thigh or triceps to forearm

Sleep: Sudden waking

Falling asleep

Interrupted/disturbed by nasal congestion

Sleepy in early evening

Easy waking

Perspiration: Smells of onions without having eaten onions



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