Mitteln Seiten r./l.



[M.L. Tyler]

Black type drugs left sided: Arg-n. Asaf. Asar. Caps. Cina. Clem. Croc-s. Euphorb. Graph. Kreos. Lach. Olnd. Phos. Sel-met. Sep. Stann-met.

Black type drugs right sided: Ars. Aur-met. Bapt. Bell. Bor. Canth. Lyc. Puls. Ran-b. Sars. Sec. Sul-ac.

Black type drugs right- or left sided: Apis. Arg-met. Bry. Calc. Coloc. Ran-s. Sulph.


Starts r. side, and cross to r.: Lach.

Go from side to side and then back: Lac-c.



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