Mitteln Trituration


[Elaine Lewis]

Elaine shows us how to make our own remedies when we don’t have access to regular ones or regular ones don’t address the problem.

What’s the value of knowing this? It’s immense! If you’re sick from vacationing in Mexico, you can make a remedy out of the pathogen-infested local water (no offense to our lovely Mexican readers)!

If the polluted air or pollens in the air are causing your problem, you can put a cup or saucer of water outside for a few hours or days and let it collect whatever is in the air (make sure the water doesn’t evaporate out), and then make a remedy out of what you’ve collected. The list of possibilities is endless.  So now, if you’re ready, here are the directions:

Get a small bottle of spring water (in an emergency any safe water will do), the exact amount of water or the size of the bottle is not relevant. I always say a small bottle because small is cheapest. So, an 8 ounce or 12 ounce bottle, let’s say.

Pour half the water out (but save the water, don’t pour it down the drain; after all, you paid for it).

Now you have half a bottle of water. Pour in a small amount of what you’re trying to make a remedy of–let’s say for the sake of argument that you want to make “Homeopathic Pepsi Cola”; therefore, your water bottle should now consist of a solution of 90% water and 10% Pepsi–there’s no need to be fussy about your percentages–just guess at what 10% might be.

“Succuss” this solution (pound the bottle into your opposite palm) 40x and after having done that, get a piece of paper and write down “Pepsi 1X”–meaning that you now have Pepsi in the 1X potency, this means you’ve done a one-in-ten dilution with 40 succussions and you’ve done it once.  (Now, I know, some of you are going to say, “Elaine, is this a 1X or a 1C?”  Answer:  I don’t know!  What’s important is the number!  The first dilution!  You can call it what you want, X or C, I don’t care.  We’re not counting drops here, it’s just not necessary, this remedy, this way of doing it, will work just fine!)

Now pour out 90% of this solution–again, no need to be fussy– and refill half way with spring or distilled water, succuss 40x, and write down “2X” (meaning you’ve now dumped out, refilled, and succussed 40x, twice).

Now pour out 90% again and refill half way with water and succuss 40x again and write down “3X” this time. Keep doing this until you’ve reached either a 6X, a 12X or a 30X–depending on what potency you want. A 6X would have to be taken more often as it’s a lower potency; in a chronic case, 2- 4x daily, in an acute case, maybe every half hour; whereas, a 12X would be taken once or twice a day in a chronic case, once an hour in an acute case and a 30X on an as-needed basis–one dose may be enough depending on what’s wrong with you.  Dosing in acutes has to be more frequent.  Take less often as you start to feel better.  Always succuss your bottle a few times before each dose.

Now label your bottle (Pepsi 6X) and store it in the refrigerator. A sip is a dose. Before each dose, succuss a few times, as I just said; maybe 5x. When the bottle gets low (when 90% is gone), fill it back up half way with water, succuss 40x and now you’ll have a 7X; then, resume as before.

                                               If food has made you sick, and the food is still there, dump some of the offending food into an ounce of water in a disposable cup; stir it around, swish it around, then pour

                                               the liquid portion of that into your half filled water bottle and proceed with succussing, dumping out and refilling as above.


If you’re trying to make your remedy from something more solid, like for example, if you want to antidote the side effects of a medicine you’re on, like Penicillin, let’s say…empty a penicillin capsule into an ounce of water in a disposable cup (and if it’s a solid pill, mash it up with a hammer or similar mashing tool)– and let it sit in the ounce of water until the water is thoroughly saturated with this powdery substance. Stir the substance a few times, swish it around. Now empty this solution into your half-filled water bottle to get the 90% water, 10% penicillin ratio that we talked about before. Now proceed with “potenization”, the process described above, for making a remedy out of Pepsi; namely, succussing 40x, dumping 90% out, refilling half way, succussing again, and so on.


A brief note on dosing in acutes: Let’s say you’ve made a 6X. In an acute, you may have to take a swallow as often as every 10 or 15 minutes in a severe situation, take it less and less often as you get better. Always succuss the bottle before dosing. If you should get worse, stop the remedy; an improvement may follow. If it does, repeat only as needed.

If you’re making this remedy for a chronic case, figure on 3x daily, but be prepared to take more or less often, depending on how quickly or slowly you improve.



When your remedy bottle is no longer working, you’ll need to raise the potency. The way to do it is this:

1. Pour out 90% of your bottle.

2. Refill with bottled water half way.

3. Succuss (pound the bottle into your opposite palm) 40x.

4. Again, for the second time, pour out 90% of the bottle.

5. Refill with water half way.

6. Succuss 40x.

7. Repeat one more time. You will now have raised the potency by 3 steps. It should now start working again.


What if you have to make a remedy out of a solid pill?

I already answered that but I’ll say it again.  You need to grind or mash this pill up into a powder.  (You can even use two pills if you want.)  It can be done. I’ve done it using a chopping knife.  I could have used my coffee grinder if I had thought of it.  A mortar and pestle would be the best way but most people don’t have that in their home.


[Alize Timmerman]

Homeopathic trituration is a concept postulated by the German pharmacist Withold Ehrler in his book: Pearls of Pharmacognosis. The word Pharmacognosis refers to a divine knowledge of remedies. Working with C4 triturations and the proving of several substances has been done by Jürgen Becker in Germany and people of the Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands.

Ehrler discovered that in the process of making a new homeopathic remedy by grinding the initial substance in a mortar with a neutral substance, the person grinding the remedy experienced "symptoms" of the remedy.

These symptoms show to be rather consistent for a large number of people taking part on a grinding session, although a certain variance in symptoms was noticeable among the "provers". Furthermore, each successive step of diluting the remedy, showed a specific set of symptoms, thus creating a hierarchy of symptoms ranging from a mundane, physical level via more spiritual levels toward more esoterically levels.

Starting point being the C0 level, diluting the initial substance of the remedy a hundredfold and meticulously grinding for at least one hour so the initial substance is thoroughly mixed with the neutral diluting material (i.e. milk sugar), one reaches the C1 level. Repeating this process brings us to the C2 level and so forth. This process of diluting and grinding H. named "trituration".

In the Hahnemannian Homeopathy one usually proceeds to the C1, seldom to the C3 level. H. triturated the metals till the C#. Basically, till about 1980 most remedies were triturated to C1 level and thereafter potentiated. Ehrler was the first to explore levels beyond C3. Central in the trituration hierarchy as postulated by Ehrler is the C4 level, the hierarchy culminating in the C8 level.

H. stated in the Organon (§ 9): "In health the life force keeps all parts of the organism in harmony. The spirit-like life force governs without restriction and keeps all parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both feelings and functions, so that our indwelling, rational spirit can freely avail itself of this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence".

Thus Becker and Ehrler discovered that while preparing a remedy by diluting and grinding it with a neutral substance, the intrinsic knowledge how a remedy will work on human people discloses itself to the prover. The prover takes part on a sharing of knowledge on a level transgressing the pure physical world, coming to know the essence of a remedy: Pharmacognosis.

Key notions here are resonance and the expression of a remedy on the different levels of being. Trituration discloses the essence of a remedy step by step. Each trituration step is in resonance with on the one hand the person preparing the remedy and on the other hand with all people in a state similar to the remedy at that specific trituration level. So, when working with triturated remedies, the therapist experiences a journey through the layers of the remedy. The therapist working with triturations will enter in a resonant empathy, with the full force of the remedy revealed toward him or her and enabling the therapist to become also in resonance with the patient treated. When triturations are duly used, the therapist will be the "knowing witness" in the healing process of the patient, connecting the archetypical force of the remedy with the actual

need of the patient, truly making H.’s proposition "similium similia curentur" happen.

Theory of the Trituration Hierarchy

Trituration is a step by step process, each successive step with its own specific level of influence and resonance and therefore its specific point of action in a person.

A very concise listing of the eight levels takes us from the physical level (C1) via the spiritual level (C4) and the archetypical levels (C5, C6) to the collective levels for all humankind and transcendental levels (C7, C8).

C0 Material, substance, tincture

            Represents the raw material, the substance as such, things as they manifest themselves in nature, a tincture.

C0 + C1 Earth Mineral, metal

C1 Biological / Physiological level

            A look inside the organism, into the biological, physiological level of being. The vital force, the energy of the substance is revealed. The C1 level also relates to the

            hydro-carbonate nature of beings on earth.

C2 Sensations, Feelings, Emotions, Compensation experienced in the body

            It relates to a different level than the pure physical level of C1.

            Water Plant

C3 Mental, Thinking, Delusions, illusions, Religion, Mythical, contrast Good and Bad

            Exceeds the biological organism/entering the realms beyond ourselves, connections between entities, religion, level of judgment, weighting one set of values against

            the other.

Thinking in polarities.

Air Animal

C4 Acceptance, To be Buddha, Spiritual, Without judgment, Destiny, Synchronicity

            Central level, representing the spiritual life beyond seeing, feeling. The "begeisterung", inspiration, the freedom of choice, the path toward destination.

C5 Individual Archetype, The Source, Dreams

            Refers to the individual unconsciousness, archetype, dreams, shadows. The driving force of our unconsciousness relates to a major part of our vitality, our Source.

When somebody repeatedly comes in a certain situation for which a logical explanation fails. Coincidence or not?

                       Fire Human

C6 Collective Archetype, Vitality and vital sensation, Energy

            Not differing greatly from C5, but reflects more the collective aspects of the Archetype, flows working on mankind as a whole.

C7 Development of worlds, cultures

C8 Transformation of opposites

            C7 and C8: those levels basically go beyond the level of the understanding of individual persons.

            Represents the relevance of the substance on a global level

Creation of "oneness" the transformation of opposites, the creating of comprehensive concepts.


The C4 level constitutes the core level, the essence. The lower levels connect with the physical world, our mind, our conscience. The upper levels with the individual and collective archetypes, our cultures, culminating in the divine level where opposites may shift positions; the upper levels reflect the world outside ourselves.

Working with triturated remedies brings the therapist to questions like: "what is or should be the orientation of my approach of this patient.

As a result, the therapist faces different sets of confrontations, but with the resonance of the remedy as part of both the development of empathy by the therapist and the interpretation of the expression of symptoms in the patient one comes to the proper similium for the stimulation of the healing process in the patient.


We know that, in a generalization, minerals and metals work more on the biological / physiological level, plant remedies more on the level of feelings, sensations, animal remedies relate to propagation, future, the mental level, while nosodes often work very well on the spiritual level.

Similar to C4 hierarchy: C1 working on functional pathology (muscles, bones etc.), C2 on emotional pathology, C3 on delusions and feelings, and C4 on spiritual problems.


De C4-homeopathie of manenteix homeopathie is een nieuwe ontwikkeling in de homeopathie, die aansluit op de klassieke homeopathie van Hahnemann. Hahnemann experimenteerde zijn hele leven met verschillende potenties en merkte dat het werkte. Hij schrijft dat het voor een arts, mits gezond, goed is om te proven. Hahnemann streeft zijn hele leven naar een menswaardige behandeling van zieken.

Als een C4-middel een meer ‘soft and gentle’ resultaat zou hebben, zou hij het ongetwijfeld omarmd hebben. Hij stelde bijvoorbeeld de publicatie van de 6de editie van het Organon ook uit omdat hij dacht dat de tijd er nog niet rijp voor was.

In de C4-homeopathie gaat het om het vrijkomen van de Levenskrachten van substanties door resonerende groepsverwrijvingen. Deze levenskrachten kunnen behulpzaam zijn bij het beantwoorden van (onbewuste) levensvragen van de patiënt en ze in liefde teruggeven aan de aarde om de geschiedenis van de aarde tot een goed einde te brengen. De C4-homeopathie speelt zich dus af op het individuele niveau (van de verwrijver), het bijzondere niveau (van de substantie) en het algemene niveau (van de Kosmos). Dit maakt het een vorm van homeopathie die moeilijk te verklaren is. Men kann hem het best leren kennen door zelf stoffen te verwrijven.

Ook de klassieke homeopathie boekt goede resultaten bij mentaal-emotionele problemen, maar de patiënt kan met een C4-remedie sneller en gemakkelijker tot een oplossing van levensthema’s komen. In tegenstelling tot remedies uit de klassieke homeopathie, zijn C4-remedies altijd handmatig verwreven, verdund en geschud.

Daardoor kan een passende C4-remedie genezen op een dieper, spiritueel niveau. Door de potentiëring in drie opeenvolgende stappen zouden de hogere LM-potenties op hetzelfde niveau kunnen genezen.

C4-remedies zijn meestal verder verwreven dan de in de klassieke homeopathie gebruikelijke derde trituratiestap. De C4-homeopathie heeft mijns inziens een logische verklaring voor de kwalitatieve veranderingen in de opeenvolgende stappen bij de bereiding van remedies (zie par. 3.4.).

In de verschillende verwrijvingstappen van Equisetum arvense zijn duidelijk verschillende ervaringen naar voren gekomen. Dit kwam ook naar voren in de sfeer bij de verwrijving van de plant bij het Hahnemann Instituut, die bij de eerste verwrijvingstappen zwaar en tijdens de vierde (C4) en vijfde verwrijvingronde (C5) veel lichter was.

De ervaringen in de verschillende verwrijvingstappen zijn als volgt te typeren:

- C1: Wat is mijn opgave in het leven? Kijk naar het licht, wees onbevangen, vecht niet meer en onderzoek de verloren gegane kennis van de natuur;

- C2: Waar sta ik in het geheel? Initiatieproces, ik verdwijn in het niets;

- C3: Een kwestie van overleven of dood. Ik kan niets doen;

- C4: Universeel gevoel van liefde en verbondenheid;

- C5: Een nieuw begin. Werk in je eigen krachtveld en ga mee in de stroom van alles.


[Hogland / Schriebman]

"The proving of Calendula is so nearly worthless that we cannot expect at present to use it as a guide to the internal administration of the remedy." J.T. Kent, Lectures

August 2004 we decided to triturate Calendula., a very common local garden plant.

We know Calendula well as an acute remedy, good for healing surface scrapes, wounds, and burns. We hypothesized that this flower might have a larger scope of influence and were curious to explore this further.

As a plant remedy, Calendula had not ever been triturated but instead had only been potentized from the mother tincture. Kent had lamented that it lacked a proper proving. We were not aware of any more recent provings.

This plant grows prolifically in our area, giving us an additional opportunity to test the precept that a substance commonly found in one's environment is significant and often useful for healing the ailments that occur in that region.

Our trituration revealed the deeper nature of this remedy. Almost instantly, the conversation turned to the subject of death, accidents and trauma. Yet there was also a gentle protection that emanated from the bowl as well.

Clearly this remedy is deeply protective in nature. The core of the remedy is that it heals the traumas deep inside, which have become sealed off from consciousness, or which have occurred in pre-verbal times or even in a person's ancestral line. The remedy gently opens up this sealed-off trauma to allow for healing to occur.

Calendula still is a remedy for wound healing, as it always was. Calendula will penetrate past the surface wound and enter deep within the system if there are deeper wounds there. Calendula will dissolve these wounds so that they, too, can heal.

In Materia Medica we could now see the hints pointing to this deeper picture.

Boericke: "Useful for open wounds; parts that will not heal. As an intercurrent remedy for Cancer."

Prisma: we have the myth of Marigold, the king's daughter who was buried alive.

The words had been there all along but the meaning was buried.

The trituration gave us the experience underneath these words; a core experience that both reflected the common usage of Calendula as well as something much deeper.

Imagine the state of the unhealing wound, the state of the part that will not heal. Why does it not heal? We can see that it is not actively bleeding or traumatized, but that for some reason the healing is stalled.

Why is it stalled? It is inaccessible to the vital force. It has been sealed off.

Now we can very easily see deeper resonances in the emotional realm. To be sealed off: buried alive, like Marigold. What could be the purpose? We come to the overwhelming trauma, the accident resulting in death or near death, the unfathomable shock. The organism seals it off, puts it away, keeps it from the core so that the organism can survive. The initial trauma is encapsulated deep inside the system, able to be known as a story but emotionally inaccessible: living, but not alive, like Snow White in her glass coffin. (Could this remedy be useful in coma states where there is no actual brain damage?)

This is the etiological core of Calendula. Poor wound healing; sealing off an injury rather than healing properly; burying alive a part of yourself. Psychologists know that a sudden shock in utero or in the pre-verbal developmental stage can result in a child's sealing off an important part of the psyche. This piece is carried by the individual like a walled-off tumor.

In the post-trituration discussion, three of us revealed a serious break in our relationships with our mothers as infants or in utero due to traumatic circumstances: a car accident, a ruptured spleen, and a surgery for an ovarian cyst. Some weeks later, Diana shared that she also had a break in the relationship with her mother in the first few days. She was damaged by forceps and they didn't take her to her mother until the third day after her birth.

Her mother actually thought she was dead ("buried alive in the womb"). These incidents caused a shock and interrupted the bonding cycle during a critical period of time, causing this kind of deep trauma.

A walling-off is both protective and problematic, displaying the polarity of good and bad in the same action. The whole is protected but now the part is inaccessible and can become poisonous. Calendula contains the solution to this polarity as well. Its power at the higher levels of trituration allows for a re-awakening to the trauma, in a protected way, for the sealed-off part to be gently re-integrated, for true healing to occur.

In talking over the various symptoms and conversations directly after, we came to the conclusion that Calendula is one of those remedies, like Stramonium or Arnica, for "the trauma of trauma," for emotional as well as physical wound healing. One prover made the comment that Calendula appeared to be the glue that could put Humpty Dumpty back together again, healing the shattered pieces from emotional trauma.

Anneke's dog was extremely interested throughout the proving and hung around the table far more than she usually does. The dog was quite old, very stiff and nearly deaf. She died one week after this trituration.

Contact with the Calendula might have provided the dog a large measure of comfort, enough that she was able to leave life and her owners.

Physically we noticed a lot of itchiness (eyes/ears/mouth), which we consider common trituration symptoms. We had pain in the ears, with stoppages created and unblocked. We all felt hot internally. Sense of smell was acute and some were intensely conscious of the colors yellow, gold, or orange. We also discovered subsequently in the folklore that August is the best time to pick this flower. (We picked the flower and did the trituration in August a good example of synchronicity and resonance.)

It is also worth noting that six out of the seven people involved with proving this remedy experienced a serious trauma early in their individual existences. This would confirm our secondary hypothesis that a common plant will heal the illnesses that occur within the region where it grows, or perhaps this kind of trauma is just very, very common in life. Certainly further trials of different common plants will be necessary to truly confirm this hypothesis.

Jane collected the Calendula for us as she had an ample supply in her Berkeley garden. She reports: "I was asked to supply the living calendula plant. That morning I plucked a lovely plant with each stage of plant form on it:

open blossoms, blossom buds, green seed pods, leaves, and roots. I put the plant with roots and a little dirt in water and brought it in still very much alive. We used each representative part in the blender preparation, mixed it with enough milk sugar to conceal it before presenting it to the group. I had picked this plant from the grave of my dear departed 'Kitty Babes' (a sweet tortoiseshell cat) who had died a year before at a ripe old age.

I didn't mention this fact to fellow provers until well into the triturating after it was clear that there was a LOT of talk about cats and death going on among us."


Death, trauma, horses, cats, dogs (all three highly domesticated animals special related to humans), young girls, the sun, apples, gentleness, abandoned areas, Snow White, the movie The Ring, accidents, emotional wounding, sensitivity to trauma, decay, the trauma of witnessing a violent death, old times, and beauty came up prominently. Notable physical symptoms involved the ears, TMJ, sharp pains, and pains to the r. knee and l. hip.

Example: First Round of Trituration (Cl)

Jane: Meditating on the grinding, I thought of the Rene Descartes quote: "We will torture Nature's secrets out of Her." Destruction creates a remedy. I didn't like seeing the lovely living plant pulled apart and put in the electric blender, so I was comforting myself on the thought of its sacrifice to create a healing remedy.

Conversation about the trauma to a 16 year old dog that got caught between a couple of buildings that were close together. It suffered severe abrasions and deep tissue loss. Hearing stories like this always break my heart and make me physically wince and hurt. But just now I feel protected from the usual emotional trauma of hearing this sort of thing, that I have a little protective distance from it and don't feel as "thin- skinned" as usual.

Jennifer: The color (yellow/green) looks like baby diarrhea or a green pus abscess. It has a wonderful, grassy, earthy odor. The grassy odor is turning into a slightly rancid, not so fresh smell. Odor is becoming a bit rotten.

Judy: Very disturbed by all the talk of cats and death. Sadness over death. Near tears and wanting to leave. All I can think of is my last and favorite chicken taken a few days ago and torn to pieces by a bobcat.

Seeing the pile of feathers and her torn body was horrible. Intense "Radio signal" in left ear, unnerving. I was sent backward in my chair by the force of it: a very high and loud sound like someone tuning a shorthand radio and pressure coming at me into my ear.

Anneke: Very tight feeling in jaws, a deep ache extending from ears forward, can hardly move the jaws, tight and tense.



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