Naja naje haje


Vergleich: Comparison.: Naja. + Naja-mos.

Repertorium: Naja naje haje _+_naja_mossambica_+_ophiophagus

Siehe: Schlangen allgemein + Cobras general. + Repertorium. (Naja haje. + Naja mossambica. + Ophiophagus Hannah).


[Dr. Farokh Master]

Naja Haje: The Egyptian Cobra

The Egyptian Cobra is one of the most well known, the largest, most dangerous and the most feared snake of the cobra family. It is a stealthy, silent hunter.


• Vipera haje

• Naja haje

• Coluber haje

• Cerastes candidus

• Coluber candidissimus

Common names:

• Naja haje

• Aspis


The Egyptian cobra has a large but depressed head, which is very difficult to distinguish from its neck. Its neck, like all other species of the cobra family is dilatable upto 15-18 cms wide, forming

a ‘hood’. The eyes are big and have round slits. The body is cylindrical and stout and the tail is long. The average total length of the Egyptian cobra is 100: 200 cm, with a maximum of 300 cm.

The colour of this cobra is highly variable ranging from greenish yellow, grayish, brown grey, copper-red with dark spots or bands around the neck and body.

Habitat: The Egyptian cobras found mostly in Africa and in parts of Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East. Apar. from deser. climate they also occur in oasis, steppes, dry to moist regions

with water and vegetative regions, agricultural grounds, hills and grasslands.

Behaviour: In captivity, the Naja behaves quite docile and can be handled easily. Although certain accounts say that they can be quite aggressive. They are very curious and follow every movement

inside and outside their enclosure.

When they sense danger, they become erect and spread their in an attempt to scare and ward off their attacker, but seldom attack unprovoked. Food: reptiles (toads/lizards)/birds/rodents/fish.

History: Ancient Egypt: the wide hooded Egyptian cobra was worn on the crowns of the Pharaohs as an emblem of royalty, as a symbol of sovereignty, deity, and divine authority. From this position

the cobra was said to be able to protect and defend the king and his kingdom.

Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt had asked for an Egyptian cobra to be brought to her in a basket of figs. She, along with her two attendants intended to commit suicide by allowing the snake to bite her,

so making her immortal.

They are used by snake charmers to sway to flute music or slither up ropes.

Toxicology: The venom of Naja is a neurotoxin and causes widespread tissue damage.



Prover 1.



1. Pain in the umbilical region, radiating to anus since 2-3 yrs - on & off < during stool

2. Tendency to catch cold, coryza with fever: < dust/< cow’s milk/< cold drinks

3. Allergic constitution

4. Headache from strong odors Associated with nausea > eating

5. Pain in both lower limbs < sitting for long Sciatica < l. limb

6. Chronic headaches: forehead < emotional excitement/< lack of sleep/< hunger/< strong odors/< sun

7. Acne, greasy face Tendency to scar: after every injury

8. Abdomen “As if distended”

Physical Generals:

Appetite: Cannot tolerate hunger: sweating, trembling, giddiness, headache

Craves: chocolates, pungent;         Aversion: meat++, garlic;

Stool: constipation

Urine: Normal

Thermals: Hot

Perspiration: on scalp, back

Female organs: Irritability & dullness before menses

Itching & burning of vagina before menses

Sleep: on left side

Mind: Conscientious. Untidy <. Fastidious. Strong sense of duty ++.

Cannot support injustice. Dogmatic. Sympathetic. Benevolent. Cannot answer when emotionally upset. Sensitive to criticism, to rudeness.

Anger: weeping alone. Injustice cannot suppor.. Religious. Fear of lizards. Reserved



Nose: R. nostril blocked

Throat: Irritation r.

Extremities: Tingling numbness: l. palm > l. forearm

Heaviness in l. hand

Sleep: Disturbed thrice, unrefreshing

Ver.igo: After getting up from sleep

Eyes: Heaviness of eyes


Mind: Dullness till afternoon.

Back: Pain - lumbar lower region.

Stomach: Nausea - afternoon till evening

Generals: > Icecream

Dreams: Dr Master has changed. He has become very arrogant towards us. He has turned into an angry man and he is shouting & yelling at all assistants.


Mind: Anxiousness decreased

As such I am short tempered person, but now my irritability has decreased

Feel very calm & peaceful person

Wants to stay alone.

Extremities: Legs: pain bilateral

Dreams: My mom was talking to some guy, I don’t remember how I took the mobile & star.ed conversing with him. In a shor. conversation I felt he is the man whom I should get married (but in real life I don’t even make

friends easily even after seeing them or understanding them nicely). In the second phase of my dream I am at some other house which is mine but in reality it is not mine. It is on the 1st or 2nd floor, one guy of the building

is doing something with his car, I was standing in the balcony & he looked at me very lovingly,

I got scared and I went inside.


Stool: Hard & unsatisfactory

Abdomen: after stools pain in lower abdomen radiating to genitals, ext. rectum.

Extremities: Pain - whole l. hand

Mind: Standing & absorbed in my own thoughts & when people were telling me things, I didn’t want to talk, as if I became a dead body or a robot just following instructions.


Throat: Irritated

Cough: Dry, irritating

Extremities: Pain bilateral lower limbs esp below knee


Extremities: Pain bilateral lower limbs esp below knee.

Female organs: “As if menses would appear”


Female organs: “As if menses would appear” persists.

Nose: Obstructed - r. nostril.

Discharge - thin, watery from r. nostril.

Head: Headache with feverish feeling.


Female organs: Itching of vagina < evening. It is a symptom before menses.


Extremities: Sciatica - r. sided

< standing


Head: Heaviness < after sleep

Eyes: Heaviness < after sleep

Head: Pain l. side

Eyes: Pain l. side

Sleep: Sleeping > for 2hrs

Abdomen: Sudden pain lower abdomen + r. groin while performing namaz (= Verbeugung)

Mind: Irritation increased

I am getting irritated on people walking on bridge because they walk as if they are walking in a garden.

Dreams: I got a dream that we family members are going somewhere in car & under Chembur bridge someone told me to get down & go somewhere, I don’t remember what happened afterwards. In the second phase:

my cousins came to my home. In the third phase: Shivin was teaching us something, in reality the next day he taught us Cupr-met.


Eyes: Stye l. eye + itching

Few days back I had a stye in r. eye.

Extremities: Pain - both legs r > l

Muscular spasm of shoulder is also going on due to much usage of the muscles & also may be due to heavy hand: bag.

Head: Pain

Nose: Sometimes obstructed


Cough: cough & cold


Dreams: I am a teacher in village school and two small boys of same home are coming to school, of whom one is in my class. They are so poor that they can’t even afford buying clothes. The kid comes without a shirt to

school & after seeing their condition I m planning how to help them & what are the things his family will require.

09/07/09 to 15/07/09

Got burnt on left leg, hence discontinued medicine.


Back: Stiff for 2 days

Female organs: Leuco: white & sticky


Extremities: Pain in r. hand

Female organs: Pain in uterus radiating to rectum


Extremities: Pain - l. entire hand/shoulder

Stomach: Nausea < morning


Female organs: “As if menses were about to appear”


Eyes: Burning both/l. since 2-3 days


Female organs: „As if menses were about to appear

Eyes: Burning + tiredness of both eyes

Extremities: Pain - entire r. hand

Neuralgic pain - l. foot

Numbness + stiffness of l. foot

So severe was the pain that was unable to put my foot on the floor. < slightest touch/< slightest movement/< hanging legs

Mind: Crying with pain

Sleep: Unable to go to sleep due to pain

Back: Stiffness


Pain persists but reduced.

Mind: I am very frightened, fear that l. leg is paralyzed.

Or after I sleep I will not get up in morning, so took a dose a Hypericum.

Pain lasted for 3 days.


Extremities: R. arm: dull heavy pain, in triceps


Pain lasted for 2 days.


Female organs: Menses: started today

Chest: Pain < during menses

Palpitation 3 - 4x < first day of menses


Eyes: Stye: l. eye upper lid

Stopped drug as got cold & cough.


Eyes: Stye: pain + increased in size + redness

Mind: Since a few days whenever I see people spitting on the road I feel like slapping them on the face which never happened before.


Eyes: Stye: has reduced in size.

Discharge: cream like, sticky from eye

Mind: 2-3 times someone is watching me, but when I saw there, there was no one.

Face: Small swelling in pre - auricular area which is tender to touch.


Swelling still persists, but reduced in size.

November 2009

Chest: Palpitation < during menses

Mind: Confused in taking decisions, which was never there before.

Aversion to talk, don’t want to answer people & if I have to then I get irritated.

Dreams: 2x of ghosts

Dream of criminals, they came in our area & are trying to kill us & in that situation, I am trying to hide from their eyes & working hard to escape from that environment

Combined dream of some racing competition + somebody’s wedding function is there & I am getting ready + I am standing in a queue to go to washroom.

I have got some skin disease which is very ugly. Thickening of skin, incurable disease & I am visiting many doctors, but there is no hope, it is incurable.

Eyes: „As if someone has beaten up my eyes”, bruised sensation in both eyes

Eyes have become very sensitive to sunlight

Extremities: Sensation of heat in my l. thigh

Female organs: Menses: flow less.

December 2009

Dreams: I & my brother went to one of our relative’s house but they were invited for lunch by their relatives, so they took us to their home, we went but I was very embarrassed eating over there as I was not invited, feeling

of running out soon from that house, then I came down & saw that 2 of my aunts came to our house & I was really very happy. I have to go to someone’s wedding & I also got a dream of water, many sprinkles? STREAMS.

It is very beautiful & pure.

I am going to someone’s wedding & other phase is my best friend & some foreigners & myself, we are enjoying a lot, laughing & playing games, it was a beautiful & relaxing dream.

Dream of sitting in 1st class compartment of train & then I realized that this is 1st class, if TC comes & catches me then, so at the next station I get down & go in next compartment, but that is also 1st class this happens

3 – 4x - in this dream I am searching my own safe place.

Extremities: Numbness of r. leg & l. entire body

Mind: Getting sad on listening to sad stories

Feeling as if house has become very small

Anger, whenever I see people spitting on the road I feel like slapping them on the face which never happened before.

I think I am getting much sympathetic & helping people a lot in spite of present environmental condition.

Female organs: During menses I have heaviness of l. mammae & numbness of entire l. side of body

Respiration: Difficult in inspiring & pain in diaphragm, menses during

January 2010

Mind: Sadness after anger, it is tremendous sadness.

Anger, I am very abrupt now when I get angry which was never the case before, because of my cowardly nature.

Anger has increased.

Dreams: Some racing competition is going on & I am one of the participants.

Of the same place, when before terrorist came to our area, the area is the same but in reality it is not the same place where I live.

Again something happened & my family members went to some other place & I m alone there,

I am very afraid & terrified being in that area. Scared of my security, again the same feeling to hide myself from sight of others.

I am in 7th std, I am degraded, but I am very happy to meet my old friends.

And they are all shocked seeing me back. I have gone to someone’s wedding.

I am in train, the train has halted somewhere & there is darkness outside & again the same feeling of insecurity.

Dreams of quarrelling, with a maid of an aunty who stays on the 1st floor, I argued with her horribly in front of my main door: in that I won (I proved my point) but then when she left I thought shit how I quarreled with

her like a lady living in slum area & star.ed fearing about my image.

In reality - Next day I had a fight with somebody, in the bus I had a fight with the conductor. I was quarreling with him in anger + crying at that moment because may be I was helpless & also I didn’t want to be late for

clinic or else I would have not left him accepting my mistake though it was not.

Throat: Pain r. side (last month & this month)

Ear: Pain + irritation: r. side


Prover 2


Chief Complaint:

1. Tendency to catch cold < cold drinks < cold food/< sun. Nose: sneezing, coryza, l. > r.

2. Hair fall

Physical Generals:

Appetite: good, finicky eater.

Hunger at noon.

Craving: Spicy++, Sour++

Aversion: Sweets+++, dry food, cold food & drinks.

Thirst: Increased

Stool: Constipation before menses

Urine: Normal


Chilly, < draft of air

Perspiration: Moderate - axilla

Sleep: on l. side

Mouth: Salivation during sleep

Mind: Fear of water

Sensitive to rudeness+++, gets hurt.

Disposition: weeping/yielding



Likes travelling



Laughs unnecessarily



Self conscious

Proving symptoms


Generals: Body Pain -mild


Head: Pain - mild

Type of Pain – pulsating; < morning till afternoon 15 – 16 h. < reading newspaper/< rest/< sitting idle; > sleeping

Extremities: Pain - l. leg Dull pain

Sleep: Drowsiness++

Sleepy feeling even after sleeping

Dreams: Of Sir scolding me


Extremities: Pain - l. leg persists. < evening/< standing for long


Eyes: Irritation: r. eye - outer canthi. > rubbing with hands


Mouth: Stomatitis - Lower lip + irritation and discomfort. < touch

Eyes: Irritation. Feel like scratching. > scratching


Mouth: Stomatitis

Burning pain, severe pain < touch/< talking/< eating

Type of Pain - smarting

Severe irritation

Abdomen: pain colicky. < afternoon 16 h.


No dose taken.

Mouth: Stomatitis <<<

< night +++ ( after 12 midnight)/< eating/< drinking/< touch; > keeping mouth open

Sleep: disturbed because of the pain.


No dose taken.

Mouth: Aphthae: irritation persists

With severe burning pain +++

< night +++ (mostly 23 - 12 h.)/ < talking

Look of aphthae: very reddish at edges and also redness surrounding the aphthae

Extremities: Pain l. hand, right finger

Mind: Frustrated feeling & agitated because of pain


No dose taken.

Mouth: Aphthae persists with irritation & Pain.

< night (23 - 12 h.)/< eating/< touch; > keeping mouth open

Generals: Restlessness

Sleep: disturbed because of pain


No dose taken

Extremities: Pain r. wrist joint

> evening/> night; < morning on waking/< movement of wrist +/o. hand

Mouth: Aphtae: little better


No dose taken

Mouth: Apthae better, no pain

Nose: Sneezing 2 - 3 episodes

Throat: Dry

Stomach: Thirst: increased


No dose taken

Eyes: Irritated < morning

Irritation persisted for thirty minutes: < keeping eyes open; > closing eyes

Nose: Sneezing 2 - 3 episodes

Mouth: Dry

Throat: Dry

Stomach: Thirst increased

Dreams: Of water, I am with my family and then suddenly water is coming from all sides. We escape by going on a rock like thing and water is coming from all sides. I have tremendous fear of drowning.


No dose taken

Nose: Discharge ++ - thin, watery, r. nostril followed by l.

Sneezing +++

> warm water

< sleep after

Mouth: Dry

Stomach: Thirst increased


Nose: Discharge: watery, thin, transparent - l. side

Sneezing: violent +++


Body pain < evening

Cr: spicy food




Bitter taste


Dry, shor. bouts


Irritation +++



Thirst increased


Nose: discharge same like yesterday continues.

Sneezing >

Body aches.

Eye: heaviness >

Mouth: bitter taste: persists

Cough >

Throat: irritation >

Stomach: thirst short intervals.


Nose: discharge: stopped.

Cough: better.

Eye: Heavinress>

No bodyache

No Sneezing

Thirst Increased.


All symptoms of cough and cold >

Not taken medicines for one month as I was fasting.

07/10/09 - 09/10/09

No symptoms.


Extremities: Pain and weakness: l. hand

With sensation of no strength in l. hand

Pain - l. leg

Numbness: l. hand and l. leg


Dreams: As if I am a criminal, along with two of my friends and I have a fear of being caught by police. Of a violent bomb attack. Here I am going from clinic to home, when suddenly the entire atmosphere gets tensed,

havoc everywhere. Suddenly police vans come, traffic is curtailed. I am telling all the people to come out of their houses and shops, which means I am helping people to be safe and come out of their buildings because bomb

is planted in their houses. I am running and shouting and telling people to come out, also telling people that if they see a stony object then it is dangerous as it can be a bomb.

Mouth: Aphthae: lower lip: r. side


Female organs: Leucorrhoea: whitish, yellowish, thread like

Face: Eruptions: small boils, especially around nose and near eyebrows

Mouth: Aphthae present, but not painful


Female organs:

Leucorrhoea: whitish, yellowish >


Eruptions: small boils, especially around nose >, no pain, and near

eyebrows - increased in size, no pain.

Mouth: Aphthae: gone


Female organs: Leucorrhoea: mild

Face: Eruptions: small boils - persists

Extremities: L. hand: pain and weakness


Female organs: Menses: delayed,

Face: Eruptions: small boils on nose gone, on eyebrows persists


Female organs: Leucorrhoea: whitish, yellowish mild

Menses delayed

Face: Eruptions on eyebrows persists


Female organs: Menses delayed


Female organs: Menses delayed

Face: Eruptions on eyebrows reduced


Female organs: Menses: appeared

Bleeding heavy for 2 - 3 days


Mind: Feeling of dullness

November 2009

Chest: Pain l. > r. mammae

Heaviness of mammae < during menses; > after menses

Female organs: Menses: delayed by one week

Profuse on 5th and 6th day

Face: Eruptions: boils with no discharge

Nose: Discharge - watery

Stomach: Thirst increased

Rectum: Diarrhoea: loose, watery stools

Dreams: Clairvoyant. I saw a dream that I am on a beach with not many people. Then suddenly the waves star. coming towards me and slowly the waves are getting higher and covering the entire beach. The water spreading

all over. I am deep in water. Water is rising and I am shouting for help. All people are drowning as if a Tsunami has com. The other day in news it was shown that a cyclone would hit Mumbai.


Mouth: Aphthae: lower lip

Pain - burning and irritation < warm food and warm drinks


Mouth: Aphthae persists: lower lip

Pain -burning and irritation

< warm food & warm drinks


Mouth: Aphthae >

Irritation >>


Chest: Heaviness (may be pre-menstrual symptom)

11/12/09: 16/12/09

Chest: Heaviness persists


Female organs: Menses: profuse

Abdomen: Heaviness


Female organs: Menses: profuse


Face: Eruptions: boils

Dreams: Clairvoyant. I saw a dream of one of my cousin who had not visited me since a long time, and in reality the next day that cousin came home.

January 2010

Extremities: Pain - l. hand and l. leg, Associated with tingling numbness

Unable to feel strength in hand

Head: Hair falls out: which was present is better now

Female organs: Leucorrhoea: white, creamish, thick. < menses after, lasted for 1 - 2 weeks

Menses: delayed profuse, bright red, clots: occasional

Chest: Heaviness

Tenderness of mammae. < after menses

Mind: Anger at trifles

Says things directly to the person in his face


Can express my views more openly now

I have become more active after drug proving


Prover 3.



Chief complaint:

1) acne scars since 3-4 years

2) facial hair since 2-3years

Physical generals:

Desires: sweets, ice-cream, spicy foods and fried food

Aversion: papaya, chickoo

Thirst: 1 – 1½ litre/day

Stool, urine: normal

Perspiration: axilla, back, scalp of head

Sleep: good

Dreams: I have gone to new places eg, Egypt, and is in pyramid and searching something.

Thermal modality: hot

Menstrual history: Menses lasts for 4-5 days, regular, dark red, non-offensive, no clots, moderate

Before menses: occasionally get cold

During menses: mild pain in back-lower and lower limbs


- I am shy, quiet in nature who does not speak much in group

- I enjoy drawing, painting and love adventurous activities, dare-devil sports

- I hate politics in which unnecessary people keep criticizing each other, I don’t believe in groupism instead I feel if every1 are together than all can help each other in various ways

- I donot like gandhiji, as he was responsible for partion which affected many lives, instead believe in people like bhagat singh n group who sacrifice their life for country without hurting any body

- I like to do social work, teach the child of bhaji wala uncle.

- I love animals

My childhood:

Was good enough, I was good in academics and always participated in programmes held during annual day, independence, republic days………

I didn’t enjoyed family functions, as my paternal grand parents never liked us as they wanted BOY child from my parents􀀯 it was like they always ignored me and my family….which resulted me being quite at social


Today I have forgiven them 4 whatever they did as they are elder and know much better than me, my parents continue to serve still for the relatives but I cannot, I have lost all patience and am tired of such sick

behaviour and feel cant tolerate anymore

My college days were also good, enjoyed every moment. During my years at college I was bit more introver. than usual.

Proving symptoms


Face: Whitish scaly eruption under right eyebrow with itching and burning

Sleep: Sleepless till 15.30 h., but felt fresh and felt like going out


Face: Eruptions are the same

Sleep: Sleepless till 15.30 h., but felt fresh and felt like going out


Face: Eruptions are the same

Sleep: Sleepless till 15.30 h., but felt fresh and felt like going out

Fever: Feverish feeling only for ½ day


Fever: No feverish feeling

Sleep: Sleepless till 15.30 h., but felt fresh and felt like going out

Eyes: Itching and tired feeling in eyes > ice application


Extremities: Severe pain in r. knee < sitting, standing

No complaints on walking

Sleep: Sleepless till 15.30 h., but felt fresh and felt like going out


Did not take medicines


Sleep: better

Face: Eruptions

Eyes: Itching eyes > ice application

Mind: Let go nature, not affected by others’ opinion


No new symptoms


No new symptoms

11/04/10 - 12/04/10

No new symptoms


Prover 4



Pustular boils on upper back and arm. Leaves scars since 4 - 5 yrs.


Physical generals:

Appetite: moderate.

Hunger headaches.

Thirst: 1 glass/day.

Desires: sweet

Perspiration: scanty, back.

Thermals: hot.

Sleep: position: abdomen

Dreams: daily events.

Mentals: Anxiety about family members. Cannot show her anger. Can forgive but cannot forget. Artistic. Creative. Perfectionist. Fastidious. Secretive. Won’t share anything. Consolation aggravates. Shy.

Proving symptoms


Nose: Sneezing with profuse watery coryza dripping from the nose

Female organs: Leucorrhoea: profuse, watery, non-offensive, non-staining, no itching

Stomach: Appetite - increased

Sleep: Disturbed, gets sleep early morning around 4 h., therefore difficult to get up at 7 – 8 h. to do routine activities.


Mind: Sensitive to relationships (family, friends)


Indecisive (thinks a number of times before doing it and then regrets Imaginary fears, for e.g. while travelling in train, feels what if my train crashes with another train.


Nose: Violent sneezing, 5 - 6 at a time followed by dry nose followed by profuse watery discharge from nose

Sneezing paroxysmal

Generals: Weakness with feverish feeling

Mind: Irritable

Anger at trifles


Female organs: Menses delayed by 5 days

Last menses 28/03/10 and then on 02/04/10

„As if menses would appear


Sleep: Sleepless until 4 h.

Mind: Irritable, tendency to let go things


Prover 5:



Chief complaint:

Known case of polycystic ovaries.

Irregular menses since 8 - 9 years.

Menses every 2 - 3 months.

Metrorrhagia with clotted flow of dark red blood.

Tendency to catch cold.

Physical Generals:

Appetite: Good

Craves: Sweets +2

Aversion: Tomatoes, aubergines

Thirst: Good

Stool: Constipated and unsatisfactory

Urine: Normal




Profuse (face, axillae and chest).

Sleep: Position - abdomen

Dreams: No dreams

Mind: Very reserved childhood

Hides her true emotions


Very short tempered, but now is better


Perfectionist individual

Uncleanliness aggravates

Fear of dogs and water

Suppressed anger in childhood

Hatred towards father, used to keep grudges against people. But now has learnt to forgive



Reading, listening to music and playing outdoor games

Proving symptoms:

March 2010


No symptoms


No symptoms


Skin: Intense itching in the left palm, nodular eruption with punctum

Urine: Increased frequency of urination at night


Female organs: Leucorrhoea: before menses/Leucorrhoea: sticky,white


Skin: L. palm - excessive itching

Dreams: Of being photographed


No symptoms.


Sleep: Extreme drowsiness and sleepiness

Eyes: burning with drowsiness


No symptoms.


Mind: Very irritable and impulsive

Anger at trifles

Just wanted to shout at people but controlled herself


No symptoms


Stomach: Pain in abdomen during menses

Back: Pain - severe low back pain during menses.

Unable to bend forward

Mind: Dull and lazy


Drug not taken


Chest: Pain on right side of chest radiating to left shoulder, < pressure

Prover 6


Extremities: Tingling numbness in both legs

Pain ankle joint r > l


Sleep: Sleepy (< evening)

Head: Eruptions: scalp


Abdomen: Sensation of tightness in waist region

Mind: Weakness of memory

Generals: Excessive heat feeling > fresh air


Extremities: Pain in joints of lower limbs: ankles and knee


Generals: Feverish feeling

Extremities: Numbness: in both soles

Nose: Coryza





Excessive feeling of heat

Head: Pain???

Generals: Body pain


Mind: Dullness

Head: Heaviness

Extremities: Tingling numbness


Mind: Unwanted thoughts coming and going


Abdomen: Squeezing sensation

Stomach: Nausea: < brushing; < eating while


Extremities: Eruptions: both/l. thigh

Itching < undressing


Extremities: Pain - knee < motion

Pain - calves


Face: Eruptions: herpes: lips




Prover 7:




Baldness. Dandruff: itching of the scalp.

Eyes: strabismus: bilateral.

Lean thin person.

Nail biting.

Physical generals:

Thermal: chilly

Desires: sweets, fried food.

Aversion: coconut

Sleep: unrefreshing, position: back with hands on the head.

Dreams: daily affairs, movies.

Perspiration: chest, back.

Physically: restless, fidgety.

Oily scalp, face.

Mentals: Irresolute, yielding. Weakness of memory. Difficult concentration. Conscientious of triffles. Lack of confidence. Anger from criticism. Timid, lazy. Likes company. Self reproach.Loves music, loves change.


Started taking drug on 05/02/10


Nose: Sneezing 6 – 7x daily < exposure to cold air

Discharge - scanty, transparent, thick


Same symptoms + ??

Throat: Dry


Nose: Obstructed


Sneezing - SQ

Sinusitis - pain left maxillary and frontal sinus. Pain goes to l. upper molar

Discharge - thick, sticky, yellow - stains handkerchief

Crust formation in nose

Boil in the nose (one side, then another)

Larynx and Trachea:

Voice - nasal

Extremities: Pain in the legs - muscular, dull pain < standing

Anterior thighs < calves

With desire to sit, lie down or move about


Prover 8:



Tendency to catch cold < cold weather, cold draft, < cold food and drinks.

Cough < sitting

Acne: face. Oily face.

Physical generals:

Appetite: normal

Hunger < evening 17 - 18 h. Hurry while eating.

Thirst: normal.

Desires: spicy, pungent.

Sleep: on abdomen.

Perspiration: face

Stools: normal.

Urine: normal

Thermals: chilly.

Menstrual history: 2-3 days/ 30 days.

Non clotted.

Mentals: Lives with parents and younger brother. Loves travelling, loves music.

Proving symptoms:

February. & March

Mind: Lack of concentration while reading


Head: Frontal heaviness with prostration

Sleep: Sleepless

Eye: Boil right supraorbital

Extremities: Pain - r. wrist



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