Ninox novaeseelandiae = Ruru (= Soul. manager/Māori name)/= Morepork (European name)


Vergleich: Siehe: Aves + Greifvoegel


[Robert van der Touw]

Order: Strigiformes, Family: Strigidae

Freedom ↔ Restriction

Extra sensory perception

Awareness of mystical and spiritual experiences

Lack of self-awareness

The Four Winds Aotearoa

Source: to acquire the remedy


Focus and clear understanding of the subject

Ability to experience deeper emotions whilst staying connected to higher mental knowing - with wisdom; experience emotions with an objective mental viewpoint, unable to access emotions;

can’t seem to get to the heart of the matter; to the core of the issue,

Sensation abandoned

Sensation detached

When Ruaumoko, the being who causes earthquakes, heard of the beauty of the Hinutohu, sister of Tangaroa, she of whom it was said when she laughed:

Me te pohoi toroa tera, puaho ana (Like unto the white down of the albatross-so intensely white), he ascended to this world in search of her, and we are told that he assumed the form of Ruru

the Owl when he did so. He approached and entered the house of Te Hinutohu under cover of darkness, hence, presumably, his selection of a night-roaming bird as an ariā or borrowed form...

We have already seen in these veracious chronicles how it was that Popoia the Owl came to leave the underworld along with Pekapeka the Bat, and how both came to reside in this world; but

ever they shun the glaring light of Taiao (the sun), and move abroad under cover of darkness. [associated with the spirit world]

Hine-nui-te-Po [Great Lady of the night, goddess of Hades, who was first a ‘Dawn Maiden] spoke to Tane, saying, "I go now to the underworld, within the body of our ancient Earth Mother,

there to prepare a place for our children, and from which I will look upward and see you all far above me." ...

Tane pursued her, weeping as he went, but Hine turned and forbade him coming farther, saying, "Return, O Tane! For you is the world of light, for me the realm of the unknown; for you to rear

our children, for you to bring them into the world of life, while I will draw them down to the underworld and protect their spiritual welfare...

of my children of the upper world." Hine-nui-te-Po, was often depicted wearing a ‘hei-tiki’ – a carving of an image which holds its head tilted to one side as does an owl.

Forest Lore of the Maori (Also known as: Forest Lore and Woodcraft of the Maori.) Author: Elsdon


Spiritual insight, great mental clarity and emotional objectivity and detachment

Increased awareness of themselves; a clear intent in their healing process

Understanding dreams, visions, and subconscious thought projection

Can access inner secrets

Deeper understanding of themselves particularly those higher level psychic parts they did not fully understand

Unable to create the reality they know they desire

Lack of direction


Difficulty absorbing and retaining information

Inability to study and absorb information

Can’t focus or understand the subject

Completely unable to make important decisions; no awareness of all the various aspects involved

Sensory awareness (hearing and vision)

Clear (lucid) dreaming, clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travelling, seeing into other realities, etc.

Sensation their ‘third eye’ is opening; DD.: Halcyon-s.

Poor eyesight

Many unresolved emotional issues

Sensation emotional turmoil; > crying; but unable to

Has an understanding of what their soul is learning or needs to learn in this life

Feeling that there is no place to be quiet

Sensation of pressure in head as if it would burst

Unable to discern possible causes of ill health

Sensation as if she is dying

Delusion paralysed; constipation

The owl makes several appearances in Maori myth. When Rongo and his younger brothers constructed a sacred house of learning in this world, they named it Wharekura after a famed edifice that existed in Rangi-tamaku, the second of the twelve heavens, counting upward. We are told that, when the house of Rongo was completed an important ceremony was performed thereat, during which it was necessary to bury at the base of the rear pillar of the building something that would serve as a whatu,

a form of talisman, and the choice made in that case fell upon Koururu, the offspring of Te Arawaru, that is to say upon Ruru, the Owl.

This, we are gravely told, is the reason why the eyes of figures carved in human form by the Maori folk glare so persistently and why the images do not possess the powers of speech. So spake the Kahungunu folk, and Hori Whiu of Kaikohe has informed us that the spectacular exhibition known as pukana, the ability to glare wildly, as when performing a posture-dance, originated with Koukou the Owl, who glared in such a manner when Tirairaka the Fantail annoyed him. When the Maori folk came hither from far Hawaiki they became familiar with the glaring eyes of the owl and the energetic, ceaseless flitting of the fantail, and so they evolved the arts of pukana and of haka or posture-dances.

Delusion controlled by a dominating, and abusive mother

Her mother has psychic powers; must avoid her

Delusion her mother will kill her


Unable to breathe when standing


Upper Palæolithic period, has been found in the Chauvet Cave in France. It would seem the owl considered sacred even then. As a nocturnal bird it’s often seen as a symbol of death, representing the mystery and unknownable secrets of death and darkness. Owl is also almost universally perceived as wise and all-seeing or all-perceiving and is often associated with the moon, and with goddesses associated with the moon.

Mythology: Polyphonte, from the lineage of Ares, was beholden to honour Aphrodite, but scorned her in favour of Artemis to whom she became companion. Aphrodite caused her to fall in love with a bear by whom, under demonic urge, she bore two sons; Agrius and Orius, huge strong men. They had no respect for either the gods or men. “If they met a stranger they would haul him home to eat.” Artemis was disgusted and Zeus sent Hermes to punish them. Ares interceded and with the help of Hermes turned them into birds.

“Polyphonte became [a strix], a small owl whose voice is heard at night. She does not eat or drink and keeps her head turned down and the tips of her feet turned up.

She is a portent of war and sedition for mankind.

Orius became an eagle owl, a bird that presages little good to anyone when it appears.

Agrius was changed into a vulture, the bird most detested by gods and men. These gods gave him an utter craving for human flesh and blood.”


Inner wisdom



Feelings of persecution


Extra-sensory perception

Awareness of mystical and spiritual experiences

Understanding dreams,visions, and subconscious thought projection

Can access inner secrets

Delusion controlled, abused and dominated by others

Confidence, Determination

Outspoken, Confrontational

Speaking ones’ mind

Resentment, Rage

Anger; with tendency to destroy things

Inwardly focused



Lack of self - awareness

No deeper understanding of themselves particularly those higher-level psychic parts they do not fully understand

Sensation: too be exposed

Apprehensive, Forebodings

Feeling something bad will happen; and it will be my fault; Guilt


Harmony with self

Delusion he is a teacher

Delusion to share their wisdom but others do not always accept it

Sensation abandoned



Unable to access emotions; can’t seem to get to the heart of the matter, to the core of the issue

Death, darkness, endings

Sensation sinister; creepy

Terrible black thoughts


Blackness, Evil

Spiritual insight, great mental clarity and emotional objectivity and detachment

Love: nature, birds, moonlight

Excitement from music

Completely unable to make important decisions; no awareness of all the various aspects involved

Cannot support injustice; Indignation


Periodicity: lunar cycle; annual

Eyes: Sensitive to light, Problems with depth perception; balancing near and far. Very good vision in the dark/peripheral vision, Stereoscopic, Focus changes while reading.

Sx: focusing, blurring, depth perception, everything goes dark; Owls see mostly in black and white.

Ears: sides alternating, or left-sided, Discharge gluey,

Sensation “As of a body internally”/”As if stopped up”

Hearing acute, Hearing comes and goes; is on a different level (high pitch/low pitch).

Lakota: the old woman who guards the entrance to the Milky Way, which is the spirit road to the land of the dead, was called ‘Owl Maker’.

Sumero-Babylonian (3,500 BC) sculptures depicted Lilith as a winged female accompanied by owls; she was said to kill infants and endanger women in childbirth.

Pallas Athene, the Greek goddess of wise counsel, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, heroic endeavour, and fertility was also affiliated with the owl, and Hine-nui-te-Po, the Maori goddess of ‘Po’, the underworld, was often depicted wearing a ‘hei-tiki’ - an image which holds its head tilted to one side as an owl does.


Solitary, reserved


Aversion to company

Sensation as if observing from the outside

Delusion of solitude, Wants to be quiet, Aversion to small talk

Not inclined to have involvement with group

Wants to be quiet

Irritability; from noise

Vultures are associated with both death and rebirth

Owls are associated with death and endings

Illusions of



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