Oleum pini


Vergleich: Siehe: Tracheobiontha + Lacs vegetabil + Öle


[D. Riley]

The Important Proving Symptoms and Themes Noted by the Investigators

Most important symptoms: gastroin-testinal system, with nausea and abdominal pain


Mind: Restless/thoughts rushing through the mind (at night)

Wakes up still dreaming

Irritable before the onset of menses

Generalities: Chilly (not able to warm up easily)

Energy increased

Desires sweets before menses

 > Lying down, with nausea and abdominal pain

Head: Lancinating in forehead on awakening

Nose: Postnasal discharge from allergies

Mouth: Vesicles on the tongue and legs with foot tapping

Improvement of premenstrual ankle swelling

Tingling on the back of the hand or on the palm with stitching pain in the bones of  

the back of the hand or the toes

Trembling of the hand when feeling jittery

Pain - aching (in the ankle when walking/the leg and lower limbs/in shoulder/thigh)/sore in the leg from the knees down to the foot (soles of the

Feet)/throbbing in the hands and feet after  eating eggplant

Sleep: Deep/too long

Difficulty in falling asleep

Sleepy in the afternoon at 16 h.

Sleepless after waking

Waking from cough, sudden waking, or “As from fright

Difficult waking in the morning, or frequent waking

Waking with a strong desire to urinate

Skin: eruptions above the inner right eyebrow



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