Periode VII                            = Actinoides                                     Zerstörung/Magie/integral self


Uran Serie hohes Alter: Rückzug/Loslassen bei zunehmender geistiger Klarheit + nachlassenden körperlichen Kräften. Grenzen ziehen/überschreiten/aufgeben

Altruism/communication/wisdom/observe, perceive/overview, transparency/sensitivity/sympathy/compassion/universal truths

Old age


Francium (Fr). first element of the last series. It is the last element discovered in nature. Marguerite Perey in France discovered it in 1939. The element is extremely rare.

Some trace of Francium 223 amounts are found in uranium and thorium ores. Francium has an extremely short half-life. The half-life of the most stable isotope (Francium 223) is 21.8 minutes. Due to the instability and the rarity there is no commercial application for Francium. Unknown in homeopathy.

Radium (Ra). Actinium (Ac). Rutherfordium (Rf). Dubnium (Db). Seaborgium (Sg). Bohrium (Bh). Hassium (Hs). Meitnerium (Mt). Darmstadtium (Ds). Roentgenium (Rg).

und noch 7 andere.

    Francium: The feeling is, “Can’t hold myself to exist; you do it for me.”

    Radium: The feeling is, “I have to save myself from disintegrating, run for it. ”It is the beginning, and they are quite clingy. (Fears in Radium close to Baryta and Stramonium)

    Actinium: The feeling is, “Can I hold myself together?”

    Uranium: Very high feeling of duty and responsibility. “There are multiple me’s, many of my own self; there was chaos.”





* Actinoides =


Thorium (Th). Protactinium (Pa). Uran (U) (Transurane: Neptunium = Np). Plutonium (Pu). Americium (Am). Curium (Cm). Berkelium (Bk). Californium (Cf). Einsteinium (Es). Fermium (Fm). Mendelevium (Md). Nobelium (No). Lawrencium (Lr).


[J. Scholten]

The following themes characterise in this series:

führen, managen Organisation, Struktur verantwortlich ernsthaft, schwer König Macht, diktatorisch Schätzung, hochmütig scheitern, kränken Sexualität Religion allein, Isolation

Reiferes Altes Land Augen, sehen

Energy, disintegration, sense of responsibility; they attempt to act in spite of their doubts.

Sense of duty and control, very strong energy which must be channelled or it becomes destructive, causing breakage and fragmentation.

High level of psychological maturity, old beyond their years, intuition.

It belongs to stage 4 and is the 2nd element in the Actinides series.

Characterised by the following:

They attempt to take the first step and fail.

Group Analysis

• The elements in this stage are: Titanium (Ti), Zirconium (Zr), Hafnium (Hf), Cerium (Ce), Thorium (Th).

• They have the following symptoms in common: The theme is the foundation, the first step. They are starting to establish themselves; they join the group, they are amazed.


Themes of the Actinides

• Energy – disintegration. Life and death.

• Intuition, magic, miracles.

• Serious illness, death, devastation, immorality.

• Intergenerational and cultural abuse.

• Explosion, decomposition.

• Breaking glass.

• Loss of power and function.

• Precocity, old beyond their years.


Thema: Magie/Intuition;

Alter/Universum/Intuition (without analysis/what ever is observed is transparent, pure and objective/insight and overview is there at the same moment „As a hidden camera“. Aid = improving compassion.


Beziehungen, Familie, Anderer, Du

Liebe, Hass

Kommunikation, Sprache, Lernen

Präsentation, Jugendlicher

Haus, Nachbarschaft

5.6 Siliciumserie nach Sankaran Individualität

Eigene Entscheidungen treffen können und seine Wahl behaupten.

Die Fähigkeit entwickeln, Dinge für sich zu tun und dies auch mitzuteilen.

Sich seines Selbst bewusst werden und des Eindrucks, den er auf andere macht.

Invisible, Power, World, Intuition, Magic, Old age

Lustig DD.: Lach. Op. Acon.


[Jeremy Sherr]

Phytolacca is known as ‘vegetable Mercury’. Kent suggested that Phytolacca be proved again, so that is what I did. Although it was a  small proving with nearly all the

symptoms coming from one prover, the picture is very distinct and clearly fits the syphilitic miasm. Severe, bleak depression; black moods; suicidal tendency; feelings of persecution, with dreams and delusion of mafia, evil forces, assassinations and prison. And, of course, a syphilitic knife. This is a proving well worth reading for its clinical usefulness. Although I was a supervisor rather than a prover, I experienced one of the darkest times of my life during the proving, a severe intense forsaken depression that

I only later understood was related to the proving. The division between parallel lines that we find in other syphilitic remedies is also present in Phytolacca, however this remedy chooses to alternate between the two sides in a zig-zag fashion. The sharp alternation of moods between dark depression and elation suggests its usefulness inbipolar conditions. An additional meditation proving depicts a refined, arrogant, cynical, psychotic and depraved aristocrat, at once pristine and loathsome, disgusting and pure, like its Mercury analogue. Many aspects of Aurum and Platina appear in the Phytolacca provings. It is as if this remedy straddles the three neighbouring syphilitic elements, numbers 78, 79 and 80. The question arises, why does a plant produce such a bleak syphilitic picture, usually reserved for heavy metals or aggressive animals?

Kent lists only two black-type syphilitic plants, Phytolacca and Stillingia. Both remedies originate from roots. I realised that it is not the plant species but the specific part

of the plant that makes these remedies syphilitic. This demonstrates one of the dangers of Dynamic botanical or zoological classifications to define remedy families.

One can not assume that the leaf, petal, fruit or flower from the same botanical family will produce similar symptom pictures. Nor can one compare milk, blood and feather

of the same animal; the specific parts matter. To summarise, we can add an extra ingredient to the syphilitic formula, the root. Roots belong to the underworld, the dark realm of heavy metals, destruction and death: syphilis. Roots are the bones of the plant world, nourishing us from the hidden depths of darkness, an analogy I describe in the poem Roots

[Dr. Sujit Chatterjee]

As a continuation of the series of articles from the other song: International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, here, we will explore the Seventh Row of the Mineral Kingdom (the Actinide Series) along with an illustrative case example from Dr. Sujit Chatterjee.

In Row 7, there is a very high sense of duty and responsibility, under which people feel overloaded, overburdened, pulled back, held together and confined. They feel as if under tremendous pressure and so there is then the desire to break free, break out, let go or let loose. There is a splitting of oneself (of heavy matter) into many, leading to destruction and disintegration. What comes out is only energy.

Characteristics of the energy that is referred in this row can be as follows:

    It can either be minuscule or be immense and powerful.

    It cannot be confined and is beyond control of man.

    It can constructive or destructive, i.e. it can either make you or break you.

    The power is not of matter or gold or king but that which is beyond humanity. It is like the power of a yogi or sanyasi, like the process from life into death, where the experience is of being detached and extremely isolated. Like Jesus who had the power to heal, where he could produce anything from nothing. Such is the power that is beyond matter, which has the highest respect in the world and which is beyond material possession and prosperity.

Additional Issues of Row 7

    Issue of destruction and disintegration (Syphilitic miasm)

    Apocalypse, catastrophe, great or total devastation of self and of the world around.

    Extermination, disaster, decay and existential threat.

Key Words

    Heaviness/Tremendous pressure

    Letting go/Splitting up/Breaking loose



    Confined and cannot be confined



    Destructive/Constructive power

    Bursting/Burst into thousand pieces/Explosion

    Coming out

    Gigantic energy






DD.: Row 6

    In Row 6, it is still matter; it is whole and complete.

    But in Row 7, the pressure is too much and there is a breakdown. There is a desire and feeling that one should now cease to exist, should break up, should let go.

What remains is the energy.

Differentiation with Hydrogen

Hydrogen                                                                                                Row 7

Miasm: Acute                                                                                                Miasm: Syphilis

The feeling is “I want to come to earth. I want to be grounded.”            The feeling is “I am grounded, but I want to go high up, to break lose. Like a volcano bursting,

gushing like water.”

Hand gesture: like a dam bursting open.                                                 Talks of energy and burst. Nothing more than ultimate and highest energy.

The energy is immense, powerful and beyond control of man.

It either makes you or breaks you.

Here the question is about ones’ existence. “Do I exist or not?”           


Alleine (einsam an der Spitze)/starke religiöse Einstellungen (Stellvertreter Gottes/göttlicher Auftrag/göttliche Strafe/von Gott verlassen)/Gefühl des Gescheitert-Sein, depressiv, Selbstmordneigung

Physical complaints: Cancer (bone marrow disorders/leukemia).

Congenital deviations/genetic deviations.

Scholten: Magie, das Wissen und die Erkenntnis ist erreicht; Handeln und Erkennen geht von alleine

Sankaran: nach Ende der materiellen Entwicklung in Stadium 6, nun Zerfall der Materie in Energie (Strahlung);

DD.: Stadium 6: Empfindet Teil des Universums zu werden;

Stadium 7. Druck der Verantwortung (von Serie 6) wird übergroß + überladen und es kommt der Wunsch frei zu sein/auszubrechen (überschwere Materie zerbricht

zu vielen kleine, komplette Destruktion der Materie + Energie kommt frei)

Universum; Sinnesorgan, Intuition; 

Planeten: Pluto + Neptun

Vorwort/Suchen                                Zeichen/Abkürzungen                                    Impressum