Persea americana (Pers) = Avocado


Vergleich: Siehe: Laurales


Kinder: Geben alle Nahrung zurück;

Negativ: Irritiert, empfindet sich als minderwertig, pessimistisch bezüglich Arbeit, die zu verrichten ist, Milch abgeneigt, verlangt Salziges;

    AILMENTS from - failure - social failures, and from loss of position

    Confidence - want of self-confidence. Pessimist.

    Irritability - impotence, with.

    Sexual desire, wanting or increased, without erections.

Therapeutics: Cancer of uterus.

The Garuda Essence: to improve a foggy memory (absent-mindedness and forgetfulness).

Ayurveda: It is soft, oily and heavy, increasing Kapha dosha. Reduces excess Vata. The oilyness can enhance the bodies balance of chemical energy, which stimulates Pitta;


Persea Americana

Gemüt: Beschwerden durch gesellschaftlichen Misserfolg, Versagen in der Gesellschaft/durch Verlust der Position


Reizbar, gereizt (mit Impotenz)


Männliche Genitalien: Erektionen – schwierig/unvollständig

Pollutionen < im Schlaf

Sexverlangen fehlend/vermehrt (ohne Erektionen)

Weibliche Genitalien: Krebs - Uterus

Allgemeines: 1 h.



Speisen und Getränke: Abgeneigt: Milch; Verlangt: Salz;

[Jan Scholten]

1.3. Persea americana

Number: 62254.08

Series: Hydrogen and Ca

rbon series; emphasis on

Carbon series.

Glades: Lauraceae; Laurales; Magnoliidae.

Phase: 5; Subphase: 4.

Stage: 8.

Names: Persea gratissimum/= Avocado/= Avocatier/= Avocado.

Content: asparagin, dopamin; fitosterol, lecithin;

Vitamin A, B, D, E, G.

Use: food, as butter.

Botany: female flowers open one day before the male lowers.

Mind: Does not want to look at himself, because his ideal image and that of reality are too different.

Desire compliments to come to terms with himself.

Beautiful, light, soft.


Mother too protecting, too feeding.

Irritability; anger from the past that cannot be released.

Simple people, strong chin. Stubborn.


Sexual desire increased, without erections.

Ailments from loss of position, job.



Desire: salt, salty food.

Aversion: milk.

Sense proving, 1-6-2009, Utrecht.

Prover 1.

Food, feeding.

Use as butter, food.

Image of a feeding mother.

Child that has all it needs.

Individuality lacking.

Hard core, stubborn, obstinate.


Antidotiert: Hemmt Ur-ac.


Wirkung: aphrodisisch,

Allerlei: requires a humid environment, this makes it sensitive to salinity and to wind, which cause the flowers to dry up.


Phytologie: Geraspelte Kern = abortiv

Fruit balances cholesterol by increasing beneficial HDL levels and reducing LDL



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