Laurales = Lorbeergewächsen/= Pflanzen.


DD.: The Magnolid Clade (Piperales, Laurales, Magnoliales) corresponds to the early stages of life. CARB-V is indeed found on the Identity row of the periodic table, and like Camphora,

suffers fearful visions of the Bardo realm.


Amborella trichopoda


                       * Lauraceae

Anxiety (in general)




Magnolidae: theme of shutting yourself in and walling off the outside world. You can see this from the following rubric:


Mind: DELUSIONS, imaginations; world; she has her own little, in which things are clear, outside is uncertain. This seems to be the main idea in this epidemic with everyone retreating in to their own world and the outside world seen as dangerous and uncertain.

React to problems by shrinking and withdrawing. They feel impotent and small, and the mind, lacking vitality and enthusiasm, becomes dull and foggy. In the Piperales there are pleasurable

floating (womb-like?) euphoric states [Asar, Kava, Cub]. The Magnoliales are lost and bewildered.

Enthalten r. drehende. Campher.  in ätherische Öle. Lauraceae haben Cur.-ähnliche Substanz;



Styrax benzoin. = Sumatra benzoin

Styrax.tonkinensis = Siam benzoin. In U.S.Sumatra benzoin is employed  in pharmaceutical preparations/Siam benzoin used as food flavoring/in fragrances.

.Benzoinum oderiferum.                                        



Camph. = Carb-v + akut


Camph-br. = Cadm-s + brenNEN im Magen

Camph-mbr. = Camph + überlastetes Nervensystem

Cinnamomum cassia

Cinnm. = Ergot-ähnlich bei Gebärmutterblutung + weniger gefährlich

Laurus nobilis = Lorbeer

Lindera benzoin = spice bush/= fever. bush

Litsea cubeba. = tropisch Verb

Calycanthus occidentalis





* Monimiaceae (Siparunaceae)

Delusions, hearing, illusions of [Bold]



Peumus boldo.



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