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Nature is always twisted; even in crystals we find dextro or laevo rotatory forms.


Wala preparations undergo dynamization by a swift, horizontal movement of the arm from back to front, resulting in a vortex being created within the container

Anthroposophical potentising continues for a period of 2½ minutes for plant substances and 4 minutes for metals, afterwards the liquid is allowed to settle until

all movement ceases.


[Dr Chetna N Shukla, Harry van der Zee, Eileen Nauman]

When birthed, every volcano automatically creates a huge vortex, the energy of which can be a mile wide in radius. The larger the volcano, the larger the area affected

by its energy.


[Jill Newman]

The spiral represents anything that expands and contracts: the rising and setting Sun, waxing and waning of the Moon, the seasons, and life and death. It symbolizes

the movement of consciousness towards the inner understanding of the Oneness of the All. An inward spiral, clockwise, represents the focusing and projection of an

intention, like a prayer. The outward spiral, counter-clockwise, represents fulfilment of the intention, God's answer. Double spirals have been used to symbolize opposing forces and the androgyne, the personification of opposites blending to make a whole.

A clockwise spiral is generally regarded as a portal to ‘the sun’ - symbol of exit from reincarnation, an anti-clockwise portal as a portal to ‘the moon’ symbol of reincarnation.

Sinews, tissues, blood and bones are all organic forms that are spiral in their construct. So we see in trees, their sap, branches and trunk grow in spiralling movements.

Spirals, in essence, depict life, movement, development and growth.

We see spiralling movements everywhere in nature: smoke billows, waters, air movements, weather, plants, birds ascend together in spiralling columns. out into the cosmos,

we now know that our Milky Way is a giant corkscrew spiral as are most star nebulae. Humans repeat the pattern on Earth with their ancient use of labyrinths and rock art.

The spiral has more than one meaning. It can represent the gyre – the basic unit of energy of the universe.

Alternatively it can also represent a portal. Vortexes of energy can occur within spiritual experiences and are frequently a means of travel from one level or layer to another acting somewhat like a tunnel. Thus the out-of-body traveller may find himself or herself picked up in one area and dropped in another – all this remember is within the experience. Sign placed on a rock or stone a spiral sign can mean that that is the spot where this may happen. In other words this spot can produce a spiritual experience.


[L.R. Twentyman]

The human bodily organization is not fully symmetrical; left and right do not fully mirror one another. Where does the twist come from?

The brain is initially symmetrical; the distinctions between left and right are built into it from the use of the limbs. In early childhood it is still possible to determine left or right handedness by appropriate exercises. One gains the impression that the symmetry of the body stems downwards from the head. If we were only head we would be symmetrical. Logical head-bound thinking wants to have everything and all arguments balanced and symmetrical. This is the typical male sort of thinking. and it finds the twist in things

difficult to put up with. Nature. however. is always twisted; even in crystals we find dextro or laevo rotatory forms. and Einstein spent a great part of his life trying to reconcile

the bipolarity of forces like magnetism and electricity with the apparent unipolarity of gravity. The spirit of levity escaped him. If symmetry stems from the head. whence

emanates the twist of asymmetry? Our abdominal organs show the twist early in embryological development. The alimentary tract begins to coil, .the stomach moves to the left.

the liver to the right. the spleen and pancreas to the left. The kidneys retain a symmetrical relationship. consistent with their origin as pronephros in the head region. but the

suprarenal glands sitting on the top of the kidneys show asymmetry. the left being semilunar. the right triangular in shape. This twist builds itself upwards into the thorax where

the heart comes to lie slightly to the left and the left lung has two lobes whilst the right has three. Moreover the blood vessels develop so that the aortic arch in mammals and

man persists on the left. the right arch atrophying. whilst in birds on the contrary it is the right aortic arch that persists.

In this way the arteries in man come to be centrifugal to the left and the veins centripetal to the right. In the brain it seems that the functional distinctiveness of left and right hemispheres is built into it from the use of the limbs. In this way we have come to be a wonderful balance of two spatial principles. and we can find these two aspects sculptured

in the inner ear. The semi-circular canals. at right angles to each other. manifest the tendency to symmetrical order. right-angled and right-minded regularity of the 3 dimensions

of space. The cochleae. the snail shells within our ears. on the other hand are spirally formed.

Emmanuel Swedenborg (swedish philosopher-scientist of the 18th century): drew attention to the peculiar way in which the arteries lead into the skull. Both the vertebral and

internal carotid arteries supplying the brain enter the inner sanctuary of the skull with a sort of 'S' shaped twist. In this way. Swedenborg suggested. the full drive of the

pulse-beat is held back and the brain can take its blood in freedom. Altogether the head rises poised and balanced freely on the top of the vertebral column; it should not be held rigidly as a mere appendage like an animal's head. Many migraine sufferers have stiff or stuck necks. and one wonders whether the success of osteopathic manipulation of the

neck in some of these patients is due to the freeing of the head from the trunk. freeing the brain from the surging forces of the blood. The liberating action of the serpentine entry

of the arteries into the skull becomes frozen in these necks until it is again released.

So far we have been considering the one-sidedness of migraine as an expression of the upper. cephalic. pole being overwhelmed by the dynamics of the lower abdominal pole. Processes which should run their course in the digestive and metabolic organs may for various reasons be incomplete. Then the brain may be called upon to complete vicariously

the digestive and metabolic processes. functions for which it is not suited. Certain foodstuffs are not. in some individuals. overcome in the digestion and then pass as foreign

and still undigested foreign substances into the brain: chocolate and cheese are well-known examples. These food sensitivities are not really allergic but rather poisonings.

They may arise on the basis of specific enzyme deficiencies.

We can now more easily pass on to the migraine phenomena related to menses.

It has been said in an aphorism that migraine is cephalic dysmenorrhoea and dysmenorrhoea uterine migraine. and in psychoanalytical circles migraine has sometimes been understood as symbolic labor pains. The old Greek story of the birth of Pallas Athene from the head of Zeus expressed this in the pictorial language of mythology.

Zeus had become aware of the fact that his spouse Hera had conceived without male help. He developed a headache diagnosed by the midwives of Olympus as pregnancy.

He was delivered by his skull being cleft open by Hephaestus with an axe.

Pallas Athene sprang forth delivered by a cephalic caesarean section.

We are here faced with the polarity of the uterus and skull. In the one the brain. in the other the embryo-fetus float. In the one case man conceives thoughts in the head. in

the other woman conceives babies in the uterus. These features again lead us to look at the architecture of the human organization. From the top cervical to the lowest lumbar vertebra the architecture is predominantly segmental. Each segment is based essentially on a vertebra with posterior spine. two transverse processes and two ribs.

a five-fold star such as we find imaged in the starfishes amongst the echinoderms. In the neck and lumbar regions of man. the ribs appear lost. but they reappear. in metamorphosis. in the limbs. the five suppressed ribs coming to visibility in the fingers and toes. But in the skull and pelvis the segmental character is almost completely overcome by the spherical form. The radial. segmental architecture of the spine is replaced by the dome of the head. and the head of the fetus fits almost perfectly into the containing dome of the pelvic cavity. The sea-urchins among the echinoderms echo this metamorphosis.

In nature we find two animal phyla in which these architectural principles find expression. In the Arthropods. coming to highest expression in the insects. we find segmentation carried to its limit. The body is rigidly divided into segments. the appendages are segmented; even the life history is divided into segmented stages. egg. caterpillar. chrysalis. butterfly or imago. These stages are sharply separated from each other. At another level of animal organization. the snakes carry segmentation to another extreme. with up to

450 vertebrae. The great contrast to these articulated creatures is found in the molluscs. and again amongst the reptiles the tortoise stands in polarity to the snake.

Poppelbaum and Jaworski: in their own ways seen the interiorized correspondence of the molluscs in the head and pelvic organs. Poppelbaum emphasized the molluscs as corresponding to the head whilst Jaworski emphasized more the molluscan note in the female genital organs and functions. The same note which is sounded in the formation

of the uterus and vagina sounds again in the realm of the cephalopods in the squid. cuttle fish and octopus.

From this region of the animal kingdom homeopathy has prepared the remedy Sep. from the ink of the cuttlefish. Sepia is one of the outstanding homeopathic remedies for

migraine headaches. and it also exercises an immense influence on the uterus and gynecological functions. Is there not something wonderful when we find nature as it were mythologizing?

Most migraine attacks in women associated with menses. Sep. helps not only in the treatment of these patients but in understanding the dynamics of the condition.

Jaworski: traced the asymmetry. as a female note. so marked for instance in the spiral of the snail-shell. right back to the asymmetry in the process of oogenesis [the differentiation

of the ovum (egg cell) into a cell competent to further development when fertilized].

In the divisions of the oocyte leading to the formation of the ovum. the cell divisions do not lead to two equal cells. Instead. small so-called polar bodies are cast off.

Cell division leads to unequal cells. ovum and polar bodies. In spermatogenesis. on the contrary. cell division results in equal sized cells of the next generation.

There are other homeopathic remedies for migraine which have been found to have a tendency to left or right sidedness. Lyc. two members of the Papaveraceae family

Sang. and Chel. have a marked right-sided action and they have all been recognized as having a relation to the liver and gall systems.

Spig. mostly on the l. sided of the head and has strong affinities with the heart.

These instances help us to see into the way in which. in migraine. the processes of the lower genital and metabolic organizations come to obtrude into the head organization.

Can we characterize these polarities any further? The distinction mentioned between the conception of babies in the uterus and thoughts in the head points to another aspect

of this polarity. In the womb. real. live babies are conceived. but in the head only those shadowy images we call thoughts. These thoughts have more the quality of mirror

images; they are not substantial but image realities. It is within the world of images which arise in our heads that we can wake up in freedom; they do not compel us.

But we live into the realm of substantially real metabolic activities and metamorphoses found in our lower functions and then actively transform these processes. In doing so

we loose our awake consciousness. we enter the realm of the unconscious. a sleep consciousness. We can. even if at first only as a guess. begin to see how here we enter the

realm of the will over against the awake life in that hall of mirrors we call our head. the realm of the image life of our thinking.


[Peter Rice:

Why do the shoots of pole beans grow counter-clockwise and not clockwise?

Most of twining plants grow clockwise indeed, like Morning Glory (Ipomoea) and Convolvulus, but some grow counterclockwise, like Honeysuckle (Lonicera).

Read also: Darwin C. and F. The power of movement in plants. Appleton and Co. 1981.

[L.R. Twentyman]

"The spiral tendency always arises when time enters space and develops towards a centre. The fact that this dynamic shows up so clearly in Fe ores points to the fundamental role played by the Fe process, for it transforms spherical forces quite unrelated to the laws of the earth into radial forces working towards a centre.

Or we can say that the function of Fe is to help cosmic, weightless elements to enter the sphere of gravity. This is a characteristic of Fe to be found at every level of its functioning".

Amethyst. R.- und l. drehende Kristalle unterscheiden sich, und besitzen daher auch verschiedene Heilwirkungen auf Körper und Psyche. Die rechtsdrehenden Kristalle (männliche Kristalle mit Yang Eigenschaften) lassen sich durch ihre spitz zulaufende Spitze erkennen. Linksdrehende Kristalle (weibliche Kristalle mit Yin Eigenschaften) können durch ihre Kanten unterschieden werden.

Arion vulgaris = Große Wegschnecke/rechtsdrehend

Bergkristall. In rechtsdrehende und linksdrehende Kristalle unterschieden. Die rechtsdrehenden Kristalle (männliche Kristalle mit zugesprochenen Yang Eigenschaften) lassen

sich durch ihre spitz zulaufende Spitze erkennen. Linksdrehende Kristalle (weibliche Kristalle mit Ying Eigenschaften) können durch ihre kantigen Spitze unterschieden werden.

Im Allgemeinen ist man davon überzeugt, männliche und weibliche Kristalle üben ihre stärkste Wirkung auf das jeweils andere Geschlecht aus.


Blut.: Not only may these streams spiral around their own longitudinal axes, but even around each other as in the single-stage tube heart of the chicken before the valves have developed. The spiraling of the blood flow is mirrored in the musculature of the heart and arteries, both of which move in a twisting motion which augments the momentum

of the blood as it circulates.

In unserer Welt gibt es VIELE spiralförmige Strukturen.

Bestimmte Huftiere haben gewundene Hörner

Tornado. und Wassersog sind spiralförmig

Bakterien bauen sich auf aus linksdrehendem Eiweiß



Astrophytum capricorn. = Bockshornkaktus Caryophylales.


Camph. = r. drehend (in Matr-d. = l. drehend)

Cich. = Wegwarte/= Chicoré sauvage/= Wild chicory/= Sonnenwirbel/= Zigeunerblume/= Blue Dandelion/= Blue-sailors/= (Wild/Garden) Chicory/= Coffeeweed/= Endive/

= (Wild) Succory.

Cich-i. = Wegwarte/= Chicoré/= Cobaea scandens = Glockenrebe/= Cathedral bells

Convo-a. = Ackerwinde

Calystegia sepium = Echter Zaunwinde Solanales.

Curcubita pepo. = Kürbis



Corylus. avellana contorta = Haselnuss (wächst in Windungen)

Cusc-eu. = Teufelszwirn/= Spinnegewuppe hat eine schwarze Wolke über sich schweben wie Cimic

Cuscutta sandwichiana.

Cuscutta reflexa.

D.N.A. hat spiralförmige Struktur

Hamamelis japonica.  = Jaspanische Hamamelis

Heliobacter pylori.

Ipomaea purpurea.

Junc-e. = Flatterbinse/= poor man’s candle/ = Korkenzieher-Binse

Lac-def.: Hergestellt mit centrifuge.

Lagenaria siceraria Solanales.

Lathyrus sativum. = Erbse


Luf. rechtsdrehend

Operculum [= Verschlussdeckel Turbo petholatus (= Seeschnecke.) = Maona Perle. o. Chinesiches Katzenauge./zeigt rötliche Wachstumsspirale Mollusca.]


Nautilius pompilius

Pandanus tectorius (= Hala/= Screw Pine/Quelle: Remedia at.)

Pemphigus spirothecae = Laus erzeugt spiralförmige Gallen. an Pappeln Arthropoda.

Pin-c. = Dreh-Kiefer/Nadeln drehen sich über die Länge um etwa 360°

Salix matsudana = Korkenzieherweide 'Tortuosa'

Sarcolacticum acidum. = rechts drehendes Milchsäure

r. gedrehte Schneckengehäuse = Muschelhorn./ruft zum Gebet/ist eins der 8 Kostbarkeiten

Schneckenmachat = Fossilien. Mollusca.

Sciurus vulgaris able to circle a branch at lightning speed

Sicyos angulatus Cucurbitales.

Siderit. = Meteorgestein

Sil. hat spiralförmige Struktur


Squil. = Meerzwiebel/= Sea onion/= weiße Zwiebel/= „Auge des Typhon (= Riese + Drachen/= Wirbelsturm)“

Tornado. = Spirale

Vitis. vintifera = Weinrebe

Zuckerwatte = fairy. floss/= cotton. candy/= suikerspin



Weinbergschnecke, geröstete

Helix tosta


Calcarea helicis pomatiae

Cratena peregrina


Patella vulgata


Cypraea eglantina

gezahnte Kreiselschnecke

Tectus dentatus

Bänderschnecke, weißmündige

Cepaea hortensis




Helix pomatia

Schneckenstein, blauer

Topas, blauer


Schneckenstein, blauer

Topas, blauer


Lagopus mutus

Schnurbaum, japanischer

Sophora japonica


Alfa alfa



Schneeball, wilder

Ceanothus americanus


Cimex lectularis


Galanthus nivalis


Helleborus niger

Schneerose, sibirische






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