Spiralgruppe Anhängsel


Folgendes hat anthroposofische Einschlüße

The spiral tendency always arises when time enters space and develops towards a centre.


Frei nach: By: Wolfgang Held

In almost all organisms energie supplies to individual cells are mediated by adenosine-triphosphate (ATP). Food intake followed by digestion and metabolism yields ATP that is taken to every cell.

Almost all life forms use the enzyme ATP-synthase to produce ATP from its precursor adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and phosphate. Rotation occurs within the enzyme molecule whilst it is active. Until now only movements through small angles were known for enzymes.
Rotation around one's own axis and linear locomotion are the fundamental forms of movement in space. A combination of the two produces circular, vortical and spiral movements. This can be seen in plant growth. Spiral phyllotaxis indicates that upward growth combines with a rotary components. This can be easily seen in roses, for instance. A spiral line can be drawn around the stem as one moves upwards from one leaf tip to the next. Vortices are created in all air and water currents unless they are confined to beds or pipes. Meteorological high pressure vortices and natural currents in rivers provide evidence for our eyes.
All heavenly bodies (earth/planets/sun/comets) rotate around their axes as they move through the planetary system.

What is the essential nature of rotary movement? It gives stability and orientation in space. Thus the earth's axis of rotation maintains its orientation on the Pole star as its moves through the zodiac. At the physical level this creates individual identity, independent of the environment.

In the macrocosm the rotation of many heavenly bodies is not visible to the eye and can only be established by exact radar measurement. Rotation of the ATP enzyme also is not accessible to direct observation in the microcosm of the organism. It seems remarkable, however, that every movement in and of the body involves not only complex flow changes in body fluids but also multiple rotatory movements at molecular level, i.e. not accessible to sensory perception.
To have a body means to close oneself off and create a new world within the world at large. This independence from the world only comes to full expression in humans, because their body axis is in the vertical. Only in human beings, therefore, does emancipation, delimiting oneself from the environment, also cover the sphere of soul and spirit. Every organism at the level of life does, however, have a world of its own. This is reinforced at a level below sensory perception because the ATP enzymes rotate at every movement in and of the body.



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