Phyllanthus amarus o. emblica = ganze Pflanze/= Bhumya malaki (I)/= Thamalaki (I)/= Nelanelli/= Kilanelli/= Yerba De Guinina/= Herb Du Chagrin/= Amla


Repertorium:                                               [Dr. George Mathew]

Gastro intestinal system and skin. It affects the whole of GIT from mouth to rectum. On the skin, it produces itching, +/o. eruptions/warts/moles etc.

Throat/respiratory system/female genitalia/ears/head/limbs/eyes.

Stomach: Appetite decreased with easy satiety. Thirst decreased . All gone empty sensation and burning in stomach, < morning  Nausea after eating + salivation,

> after sleep  Vomiting of food without nausea, 1. Vomiting of sour yellow fluid, 2. undigested food associated with headache. Dyspepsia. Alleviates thirst 

Abdomen: Stitching colicky pain in left iliac fossa, coming and going suddenly < sudden motion. Colicky pain around umbilicus, compelling to lie on abdomen,

< morning. Burning in abdomen, > after eating Dull aching pain in umbilical region, < evening/night, > cold drinks. Discomfort and colicky pain in night, Discomfort and colicky pain in r. hypochondrium > eructations. Itching around umbilicus without eruptions, < perspiration/touch of clothing.

General Modalities: < morning (on waking)/stooping/motion/touch/empty swallowing/sitting, perspiration/walking; > Pressure, sleep, after eating, warm drinks.

Primary properties: sour and astringent. Sour tends to stimulate both Kapha and Pitta, but since the sour fruit has a cooling effect it can moderate Pitta.


Vergleich: Siehe: Malphigiales + Immunsystem


Allerlei: Kerala cultivated or on waste land


Phytologie: gastro intestinal system (mouth to rectum) and skin. (itching +/o. eruptions/warts/moles) throat/respiratory system/female genitalia/ears/head/limbs/eyes.



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