Phyllanthus amarus o. emblica = ganze Pflanze/= Bhumya malaki (I)/= Thamalaki (I)/= Nelanelli/= Kilanelli/= Yerba De Guinina/= Herb Du Chagrin/= Amla


Vergleich: Siehe: Malphigiales + Immunsystem


Repertorium:                                               [Dr. George Mathew]

Gastro intestinal system and skin. It affects the whole of GIT from mouth to rectum. On the skin, it produces itching, +/o. eruptions/warts/moles etc.

Throat/respiratory system/female genitalia/ears/head/limbs/eyes.

Stomach: Appetite decreased with easy satiety. Thirst decreased . All gone empty sensation and burning in stomach, < morning  Nausea after eating + salivation,

> after sleep  Vomiting of food without nausea, 1. Vomiting of sour yellow fluid, 2. undigested food associated with headache. Dyspepsia. Alleviates thirst 

Abdomen: Stitching colicky pain in left iliac fossa, coming and going suddenly < sudden motion. Colicky pain around umbilicus, compelling to lie on abdomen,

< morning. Burning in abdomen, > after eating Dull aching pain in umbilical region, < evening/night, > cold drinks. Discomfort and colicky pain in night, Discomfort and colicky

pain in r. hypochondrium > eructations. Itching around umbilicus without eruptions, < perspiration/touch of clothing.

General Modalities: < morning (on waking)/stooping/motion/touch/empty swallowing/sitting, perspiration/walking; > Pressure, sleep, after eating, warm drinks.

Primary properties: sour and astringent. Sour tends to stimulate both Kapha and Pitta, but since the sour fruit has a cooling effect it can moderate Pitta.


Allerlei: Kerala cultivated or on waste land


Phytologie: Gastro intestinal system (mouth to rectum) and skin. (itching +/o. eruptions/warts/moles) throat/respiratory system/female genitalia/ears/head/limbs/eyes.

Eexcellent for poor memory. Have this in the form of murabba, pickles or dried form or the fresh raw fruit itself. Amla juice is also very effective.

Drink half a cup of fresh amla juice mixed with one teaspoonful of honey and one teaspoonful of lemon juice early in the morning on an empty stomach.

This will help one to relax and be free from anxiety.



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