Pulmo vulpis o. Vulpes pulmo (Pulm-v) = Fuchs.-lunge. 


Vergleich: Siehe: Mammalia + Vulpesgruppe


Negativ: Mager/fröstelt, Atemnot mit rasseln, kurzatmig + jede Bewegung verursacht Asthma, < Kälte/BEwegung/Berührung/Wärme;

persistent shortness of breath causing a paroxysm of asthma on the slightest motion. Strong, sonorous bubbling rales;


Atmung: Asthma, asthmatische Atmung/Atemnot, Dyspnoe, erschwertes Atmen/rasselnd

Brust: Entzündete Bronchien/Ödem der Lunge, Lungenödem


Sanguis vulpes

Foxes are intelligent creatures, as well as being cunning and clever; they hunt alone. They have a good climbing ability; they can attack unsuspecting prey by hanging from

tree branches. They are swift and agile runners, and use many cunning hunting techniques, such as stealth and stalking. These animals have considerable endurance; they can run at a speed of up to 48 km per hour. All foxes seem to be monogamous and both parents care for the young. Their life span is about twelve years.

Themes for fox

Cunning, deceitful and tricky

Foxes are the most deceitful among the Canidae. They are clever and intelligent; they carry out their work by attractive tricks. On the other hand, they have a fear that someone will steal their possessions by deceit or trickery. Expressions from the proving: “I don't trust anyone.”; “I keep thinking people will steal things from me.”;

“I realize how much I hide from myself, the truth, from lies.”

Solitary, loner, independent

Foxes are the only solitary Canidae; they like to stay on their own. This quality is expressed in humans by a dislike for domination and extreme sensitiveness to external disturbances. They do not like anybody controlling their lives. They like to live life freely and independently, they wish to make their own decisions. If anybody tries to

control them, then they become irritable or angry and try to escape from this situation. Their experience is of being controlled, “trapped and suffocated”.

Company; Aversion to; Sight of people, avoids the/ Company  Aversion to; Alone, when, amel/ Anger; Controlled, being/ Controlling; Control of his environment, need

to be in, at all times/ Delusions; Control, people are attempting to control her / Freedom; Desire for; Authority, with total aversion to).

Felidae remedies are also independent and do not like domination but they have an air of command and extreme responsibility, with a show of power and strength.

Foxes independence means escaping from the control of others and wanting to live life according to their own wishes.

Constant alert and watchful

“All my senses seem more acute.”; “I am sleeping very lightly and wake with the slightest sound.”; “I felt really threatened by people sitting behind me and I had to keep

an eye on them.”; “I chose to sit close to the door.” These expressions from the proving show the extreme alertness and hyper vigilance of foxes, because they have this fear

of being pursued and attacked. They are always ready to escape and very suspicious of being deceived and being trapped. Foxes are the smallest of the wild Canidae and

solitary; they do not have the strength of the group to fight back, so they need this hyper vigilance. They do not have any defence except running away or escaping away

from confrontation and danger.

Alert; hyper vigilant, sleep, even during/ Sensitive to (the slightest) noise.

Trapped; need to escape and hide

Foxes have the feeling of being pursued and being attacked, so they need to stay alert; their main defence is to escape and run away.

Escape; run away, to; hide, and, as she feels threatened/ Fear; behind him; when someone is/ Fear; danger, of impending; escape, with desire to/ Escape, attempts to/ Hiding himself; fear, on account of / Hiding himself; running away, and).

They do not trust anybody and are sensitive to being deceived and being trapped; they have a fear of narrow places

Fear in a narrow place.

Other symptoms

    Sexual thoughts and fantasies

    Attracted/ Sensitive to the colour red

    Fastidious for CLEANING and ORDER

    Anger, impatience and irritability

    Get very nervous if any sharp metal is pointing in my direction.

    Dreams of robbery is very strong in proving

    Darkness; Desire for

    Wandering; Desire to wander


Proving by Nuala Eising

Pulmo vulpes (fox’s lung tissue)

The uses of tissues and organs as remedies have thrown light on many curiosities of ancient medicine. As the fox is probably the longest-winded of all animals, the doctrine of signatures pointed to his lungs as a likely remedy for shortness of breath.

Other symptoms

    Pulm-v. has persistent shortness of breath, causing a attack of asthma on the slightest motion. Strong, sonorous bubbling rales.

    FEAR: puppets hairy, of in children – Mangialavori

    RESPIRATION: ASTHMATIC: exertion, after – Mangialavori

    RESPIRATION: DIFFICULT: exertion, after – Mangialavori

No proving available


Wirkung: Tuberkulin

Allerlei: China: Fuchs: Schlauheit, Sinnlichkeit, Verführung, Geschlechtskrankheiten, Dämonie.



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