Mammalia = Säugetiere



Siehe: Animalia + Insektivoren + Tierische Fetten + Tierische Geruchsstoffe + Tierisches Gewebe + Raubtiere. (Mammalia Anhängsel) + Sarcodes + Reiche/Kingdoms +

Anhang (Ghanshyam Kalathia/Zdravka Hristova) + Comparison Rodents + Insects + Molluscs (Bhawisha Joshi) + Vergleich. Mineralien + Pflanzen + Animalia.

Tieren. Nitrogen. Pflanzenx + Felidae (= Katzenartigen)


God sleeps in rocks

Dreams in plants

Awakens in animals

And acts in men.


[Sankaran (2005)]

Animal kingdom remedies often show a mode that is multifaceted and changeable with abrupt changes, so they are unsteady and restless. Causative factors and 201

aetiologies contributing to this state are often rejection, neglect, being looked down on, failure in competition and defence or love and aggression (Sankaran, 2005: 3).

Arising in the Mind themes were issues of disappointed love and heartbreak which were experienced by several of the provers, predominantly the female provers.

These were expressed as chest pain, heaviness, crying, emotional pain, heat, anger and the need for love and attention. Provers 12, 15, and 4 expressed a shyness and

a fear of failure in general and in exams.

The symptoms and dreams presented by the provers show a close resemblance to the themes and sensations of the animal kingdom as well as more specifically the

aquatic kingdom.


[Anne Vervarcke]

The fish knows... everything. (Cfr. Arizona Dreams) The second observation is most notable with patients who need an animal remedy. Time and again it appears to be an animal

that they know about. This is not necessarily so for the homeopath but the patient will have some affinity with the animal, either fascination or disgust. Strangely enough the

patient does not need to attribute the right characteristics to the animal. It suffices that they symbolize the disturbance in his individual case. I learned from successful cases

with animal remedies that different patients experience or symbolize different aspects of a certain animal. Experience or symbolize different aspects of a certain animal.

Several Lac caninum cases I had illustrated this.

There were for instance three distinct aspects of a dog in the these patients: the feeling of being inferior, loyalty to wards the pack and retained aggression.

In a workshop I also heard an Albatross case that differed completely from my two Albatross cases: the patient from the workshop felt as if breaking out of an egg and made a connection to the

substance himself, while my first patient evoked among other features, the sensation of flying and the second the energy and superhuman stamina. Of course there must be enough 'bird

characteristics' to be able to speak of a coherent pattern, but the individual interpretation depends on the patient.

Another example is some Rattus cases. I recognized Rattus as the remedy

1.      case because of the temptation to which the patient could not resist and for which he was treated as scum;

2.      case because the patient spoke with an enormous repulsion about the gluttony, filth and contagiousness with which she linked the animal (and therefore herself)

3.      case because the patient spoke of fear of attack and aggression in a merciless world.

In a successful Lac Defloratum case the clue was the aspect of being lost from the herd and being unable to find anyone known, while another case revolved around the abuse of women by men.

Sankaran also had a Lac Defloratum case describing the boredom of a cow tied up and walking around in circles. And what about a remedy like Apis which symbolizes the queen bee. We know

this remedy from provings and a number of successful cases, but there are many other sorts of bees. How you think would a twenty seven year old man express his bee disturbance (case?)?

I think this fact explains why there is so much confusion about the miasma of the animal remedies. As the patient experiences a different aspect of the animal, a different miasma can be applicable.

In other words, one and the same animal remedy can correspond to more than one miasma.


First consultation: 5-11 -2004

The patient comes with her mother and her answer to my question what I can do for her is:

P: I often don't feel well... I feel very, very tired... mama thinks it is only in the school year... I'm super, super tired... I only want to sleep... I don't feel like going to school... everybody is

irritating me... I'm like a granny (grandmother)... in the evening I fall asleep... I just want to lead a normal life like any 17 year old... go out and the like... Now I have to tell myself I feel good ...

I'd prefer to lead a common, common life... I had a boy friend but I stopped the relationship because I didn't have enough energy...

With girl friends they understand ... but in a relationship it is too difficult when you don't see each other for weeks... I have to cancel all kinds of things.. I have to rest.. I'm just very, very, very tired..


H: How did it all start?

P: The first weeks in school it was kind of OK... I got more and more tired... until I couldn't get on... in the 4th year... when I had it the first time... mama, I don't feel like telling more, mama will you tell it?

Mother: Since 3 years.. .She's been ill, psychological... She is really very much attached to me, she literally hangs (clings) on me.

P: It is stronger than me... Sometimes I'm very angry too.. .but it only takes three seconds and then... I love her very much... and then I get very angry again... I don't mean what I’m saying at those

moments... that she hates me and doesn't listen to me... I feel alone, very much alone, alone in the world... When I don't have mama, I don't have anybody... then I am alone in the world... and then I

can't solve it myself... It is always of and on...The patients almost weeps when telling came quite unexpectedly, like an eruption...she is all the time pinching her own hands.

Then she goes on telling about her school, she had to double the year because she lacked the energy but she says she likes the Studies

(Help for Youth and Handicapped).

Mother: Two years ago she gave up her music classes, which she liked a lot. It seems the more she gives up the less she is capable of doing

P: Last week I went to a party but I couldn't keep awake and went home early... Before I used to go jogging with mama but now... the day seems too short... schoolwork always seems

more...when I study I always have the feeling: it is not enough... and then I end up by having a ten... I looked for a new and calm hobby...beads...I like to be at home...when I'm with mama I feel


Mother: She is afraid her mother will go away or let her down.

P: I just want to live a common life...


H: How would that be?

P: Going to school and after school maybe go and drink something...having a hobby... studying... watching TV and be calm... normal... I don't want to pass my life sleeping ... mama don't laugh at me!


H: How is it now?

P: When I don't feel well, I feel panicky, I have a headache, I feel restless...


H: Describe this more.

P: I can't concentrate... feel nervous (hunted)... restless... everything takes too long...


H: More about that.

P: It's a feeling I have to do everything quickly... I lose my way... and then it even takes longer...



P: When I do things quickly then I can rest quickly... not that I want to do something special... something that has a meaning... only something I don't have to think with: computer, TV beads...


H: Then what?

P: This relaxes me a bit... otherwise I'm not able to...


H: Describe once more the two possibilities...

P: When I'm calm everything is normal, common... I go to town... when I'm calm I feel common... like I was before... common.


H: And the other possibility?

P: Very head doesn't work properly... I don't know where to begin... I cry a lot then.. .I'd rather fall asleep for a hundred days until I'm back to normal again...


H: What is the panicky feeling?

P: That I will never get ready with school work... I have four more hours of work... my head doesn't function... I see for instance


Mammal Themes: Family/Nurturing/Female Complaints/Protecting Children/Fear of snakes

Belonging to group, herd and paying the price for that, connection with family (father, mother, siblings). Safety within the group. Fight for the supremacy within the group. Conflict with self over control of sexuality. Dirty feeling, self critical. History of abuse. Fear of snakes. Problems with breasts before menses, problems with breast-feeding. Caring for young ones.



• Verlangt Zugehörigkeit zu einer Gruppe, sehne mich nach einer Gruppe; wenn ich leide, kümmern die sich um mich (ich um sie)

• Verachtung und Herabsehen auf eigene tierische Anteile => Ich und der andere (Opfer-Täter)

• 2 Seiten: Dualität („In mir die Lustige und die Wilde, die ich hasse“)

• Widerspruch in sich selbst

• Schuld: Ich lebe meine Bedürfnisse nicht, tue es für andere! - Abhängigkeit: Sucht, Gier, essen….

• starke mütterliche Instinkte: Mutter sein, Probleme mit der Mutter, meine Familie

• Kopfschmerzen - Verstand und Instinkt

• Leidenschaft

[R. Sankaran]

Auf der Ebene der Energie (der tiefsten Ebene) sehen wir einen „Konflikt zwischen zweien“ im Sinne von „wer gibt nach“.

• Was innen umwickelt wird; „versucht, sich zur Wehr zu setzen, den Zugriff zu bekämpfen“ Etwas ergreift Besitz, hält sich fest, quetscht es, zerdrückt es, drückt es zusammen und es wird sehr eng

• Sinusitis und ein juckender Hals übermannen mich

• Streitereien mit dem Sohn

• Die Schwere zieht dich herunter

• Das Gefühl überwältigt dich


Remedies. associated with love of animals.


Tierisches hemmt Wärme.

Empfindung von gefangen, eingesperrt mit Wunsch frei zu sein, ist vorhanden bei allen Tieren, am deutlichsten bei Vögeln

Animal remedies = in general energetic and rapid in action. Most violent = the poison from snakes. On the opposite end of the spectrum Calc. (usually listed with the mineral remedies)/deep slow action and its cold, torpid, slow functions/stagnations. (the energy or violence represented by Bell. = C/= A).

A snake moves quickly across the land while an oyster stays in the same place on the bottom of the sea. The high calcium content in the oyster shell is the responsible for the mineral symptoms observed Calc. One can not completely understand the nature of Calc. without studying animal's marine habitat and life cycles.

Desire to please to get care and be protected/desire to be accepted by the group/loyalty to the family and friends. Strong feelings of inadequacy/guilt and constant self-reproach (Lac-d); DESIRE to hide and cover up one’s weaknesses; also feelings of embarrassment/shyness. SENSE of dependency can lead to vulnerability to abuse. Headache (over l. eye); desires/aversion/< milk; pain in extremities (wrists/ankles/feet)/love of animals (mammals); feelings of competition/love of competitive sports; jealousy.

In need of a mammal remedy: issues about their mother or mothering and about nourishing and being nurtured.

[Misha Norland/Peter Fraser]

Mammals were the latest class of vertebrate to evolve and, following the demise of the dinosaurs, became the biggest animals on the planet. Physiologically they differ from other animals in that they feed their young with milk excreted by the mammary glands, giving perhaps the closest bond between mother and offspring of any creature. The vast majority are fertilised internally and give birth to live young (covered in fur)

One of the factors that have made mammals so successful among vertebrates is their ability to regulate their internal heat at a constant temperature despite changes in external conditions. This means that they

have been able to colonise every habitat on the planet, adapting to every extreme of climate. Some groups also make seasonal adjustments, either migrating to a warmer area for part of the year or lowering their

metabolism sufficiently to allow hibernation during the coldest months.

In homeopathy, the Mammal remedies are indicated in people who are particularly influenced by the group or family and are sensitive to the idea of whether they are being looked after or look after others.

While birds have a strong sense of responsibility and desire to protect their young they are not necessarily affectionate, whereas a healthy mammal shows much affection for their young, playing with, washing

And cuddling them.

The uniqueness of the breast to mammals is psychologically representative of the mother bond and of nurture and may be indicated where there are physical problems regarding the breast or the issues that the

breast represents. There can also be problems around the menstrual cycle. In any group of mammal there is a clearly defined hierarchy and so people needing these remedies are very conscious of their position

in society or within their family and this is likely to be a major issue for them.


Sankarans: Säugetier-Themen

• Verlangt Zugehörigkeit zu einer Gruppe, sehne mich nach einer Gruppe; wenn ich leide, kümmern die sich um mich (ich um sie)

• Verachtung und Herabsehen auf eigene tierische Anteile => Ich und der andere (Opfer-Täter)

• 2 Seiten: Dualität („In mir die Lustige und die Wilde, die ich hasse“)

• Widerspruch in sich selbst

• Schuld: Ich lebe meine Bedürfnisse nicht, tue es für andere! - Abhängigkeit: Sucht, Gier, essen….

• starke mütterliche Instinkte: Mutter sein, Probleme mit der Mutter, meine Familie

• Kopfschmerzen - Verstand und Instinkt

• Leidenschaft


Alle Kalk ist aus tierischen Überresten entstanden/alle Carbon aus pflanzlichen Überresten/Nitrat durch Pflanzen aus Luft gebunden/Oxygen durch Pflanzen hergestellt

Plants are producers/Animals are consumers


Hinweise auf das Königreich der Tiere

Auf der Ebene der Energie (der tiefsten Ebene) sehen wir einen „Konflikt zwischen zweien“ im Sinne von „wer gibt nach“.

• Was innen umwickelt wird „versucht, sich zur Wehr zu setzen, den Zugriff zu bekämpfen“. Etwas ergreift Besitz, hält sich fest, quetscht es, zerdrückt es, drückt

es zusammen und es wird sehr eng

• Sinusitis und ein juckender Hals übermannen mich

• Streitereien mit dem Sohn

• Die Schwere zieht dich herunter

• Das Gefühl überwältigt dich

Unterkönigreich – Schlangen.x

• Gespaltener Geist, zwei Seelen in der Brust, Antagonismus mit sich selbst

• Zwei Seiten: nett nach außen und aggressiv nach innen

• Maske, Tarnung

• Versteckter Angriff im Sarkasmus: „... kriege ich eine sehr übertriebene „Können-wir-uns-bitte-hinsetzen-Stimme“„.

• Gefühl von Zusammenschnüren, Strangulieren, Ersticken

• Eifersucht

• Redselig

• Manipulativ

• Lebhaft und anschaulich

• Die Beute im Ganzen schlucken

• Stämmiger Körper

• Langsame Verdauung; eine einzelne große Mahlzeit kann mehrere Tage dauern

• Sie schlucken große Beute im Ganzen

Angriff und Verteidigung

• Sie ergreift ihre Beute mit ihren kraftvollen Kiefern und wickelt sie so in ihre Schlingen ein, dass die hilflose Beute keine Chance hat, zu entkommen. Mit jedem Versuch

einzuatmen, zieht die Schlange ihre Schlingen enger und verhindert die Ausatmung: damit wird das Opfer erstickt.


Tarax. = Löwenzahn/= Saubleamle/= Saurüssel/= Saustochkraut/= Pissenlit/= Dandelion/= Paardebloem/= Kamphool (I)/= Pu-gong ying/Blätter/Wurzel/= Sonnekraut/

= Augenmilkkraut/= Kuhblume/= Kuhlattich/= Krötenblume/= Mönchskrone/= Schäfchenblume


Phasco-ci. = Koala



Adeps suis. = Schweinefett


Alces alces



Alouatta seniculus.x

Macaca rhesus/= Rhesus Monkey Milk/= Rhesusaffenmilch/= Affenmilch    


Bonobos werden oft auch als Kamasutra-Primaten oder Primatenhippies bezeichnet, weil Sex bei ihnen nicht nur der Fortpflanzung dient, sondern auch soziale Beziehungen stärkt.

In Bonobo-Gesellschaften ordnen sich Männchen den Weibchen unter, obwohl sie kräftiger sind. Kein Wunder, dass die Tiere von linksliberalen Homo sapiens als Vorzeigevorfahren

romantisiert werden. Eine neue Theorie versucht zu erklären, warum die Evolution eine soziale Spezies wie die Bonobos hervorgebracht hat.

Schimpansen leben in streng hierarchischen Gemeinschaften, die von Alphamännchen dominiert werden. Kleine Trupps bewachen die Reviergrenzen, Zusammenstöße mit Eindringlingen

enden oft tödlich. Da mag es überraschen, dass Forscher an den Tieren den Ursprung der Moral studieren. Immerhin: Schimpansen vertrauen ihren Freunden.


* Walen

Ambra. = Sil + Hemmung (Stuhl) + erröten/= Nat-m - allein sein wollen/= fauler Materie in Fäzes vom Potwal = Physeter macrocephalus.


Del. = Haut

Orcinus orca. „Hotel Mama“

Physeter catodon = Pottwal

Walrat (= Spermazet/= Cetaceum/= fettartige, Palmitinsäurecetylester enthaltende weiße Masse aus Stirnhöhle und Rückenkanal der Pottwale/gebraucht in Parfums).

Wal: Lac enthält: Solids 1.8, Fat 34.8, Eiweiß 13.6, Lactose 1.8, Ash 1.6;

            [Medicine Cards]


Rekords Keeper

Whale is very much like a swimming library. Whale carries the history of Mother Earth and is said to have been placed here by the Ancients from the Dog Star, Sirius.

Biologists say that Whale is a mammal, and very possibly lived on land millions of years ago. In tribal legend, Whale's move into the ocean happened when the Earth

shifted and Lemuria, the Motherland, went below the waves.

All of our petroglyphs speak of the Motherland, Mu, and the disaster that brought the red race to North American from the West, beyond the great waters. The symbols

in the pertoglyphs speak of the rivers and mountains crossed by our ancestors when they sought solid ground as the water receded.

Whale saw the events that led to the settling of Turtle Island (North America) and has kept the records and knowledge of the Motherland alive. It is said that Mu will rise

again when the fire comes from the sky and lands in another ocean of Mother Earth. The native medicine people are waiting for this event as the next sign of Earth changes.

Earth's children will have to unite and honor all ways and all races in order to survive. Whale medicine people are coded in their DNA to understand that sound frequencies

can bring up records in the memories of ancient knowledge. They are usually clairaudient, or able to hear both very low and very high frequencies. They are usually also

psychically developed and fairly telepathic.

Many times, however, they are not awakened to their gifts until it is time to use the stored records. Many Whale medicine people are able to tap into the universal mind of Great Spirit, and have

no idea how or why they know what they know. Only later, when they receive confirmation, do they begin to understand how they know or why the received impressions.

Whale medicine teaches us to use the sounds and frequencies that balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms. To recall why the shaman's drum brings healing and peace is to align with Whale's message. The drum is the universal heartbeat and aligns all beings heart to heart.

Before the advent of speech and the primordial language, hand signs were used, and many tribes were silent most of the time. The language that was understood was the sounds of Great Spirit's other creatures, the animals.

If you pulled the Whale card, you are being asked to tap into these records and to allow yourself to be sung to be those who have the original language. We are the only creatures who do not have our own unique cry or call. Find yours. Allow your voice to use this sound to release tension or emotion. Whale signals a time of finding your origins, of seeing your overall destiny as coded in

your DNA, and of finding the sounds that will release those records. You may never again be the same. After all you are the melody of the Universe, and the harmony is the song of the other creatures. In using your voice to open your memory, you are expressing your uniqueness and your personal sound.

As you open to this uniqueness, the animals that are your nine totems may then send their sounds of calls to you or through you. This will open your personal records so that you may further explore your soul's history and commune with Whale, who carries the history of us all.


If Whale has beached itself in your cards, the contrary medicine implies that you are not following your sonar or homing device. On some level you have forgotten that you hold all the answers

you need to survive, to grow, and to claim the power of your chosen destiny.

It may be that you are having to deal with a lot of chatter in your hear and cannot get to your personal records. If so, you may need to use other sounds to enter the silence.

The drum or rattle, the Indian flute, or the sounds of nature may help. The call of Whale is the lullaby of the tides. Rock yourself gently and float into the world of the sea. Flow with the waters

of time and collect your answers - they are the only truth that will lead to your personal pathway of knowing.


Whale is saying that you must desire to know. You must seek the Whale song within you. In hearing Whale's call you will connect to the Ancients on a cellular level, and then as you relax into the flow of the song's rhythm you will begin to open your unique library of records. It may not come all at once. It may take practice, but if you hold the desire to know close to your heart, it will be Whale's gift to you. Look to the Great Star Nation and send gratitude to Sirius for the song of Whale.


Whale figures in the folklore of all cultures and is a creature of antiquity. In Amerindian legends the whale is associated with the time before the sea swallowed up whole continents in a great

world-wide catastrophe. It is therefore regarded as the carrier of ancient knowledge.

Whale as a power animal is concerned with bringing messages out of the depths of your being - out of ancestral memories that lie deep within you in your DNA code.

The answers to many of life's greatest perplexities lie hidden there, as well as the records of your own past and the indications of your own destiny. Whale can help you to go deep down into the oceans of Time and discover and understand the ancient wisdom. Whale can also help you to find your own unique sound pattern and your own power song that can link you to the "heartbeat"

of the universe. Whale has a power song of its own which informs Sirius what Earth children are doing! Wisdom of the Past. Acknowledge your mission. Trust your path. Become your chosen destiny.

Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David.


** Paarhufer

* Boves

Carb-an. = Carb-v + Drüsenverhärtung/= Carb-v. + tiefer greifend/= Sep + bösartig

Fel tauri. = Ochsengalle

Hepar bovis. w Rinderleber


Cameli dromedaries = Dromedar Pel camelii = Camelfell

Camelus ferus dactrianus = Trampeltier


Lac jama = Lac glama/= Lamamilch/= Lac-ja.

            Enthält: Solids 12.0, Fat 5.6, Eiweiß 4.3, Lactose 3.3, Ash 0.8;

Frax.x Lama hat bei Azteken gleiche Funktion

Lac cameli. Dromedari = Dromedarmilch/= Lac-dr.

* Ruminantia = Wiederkäuer


            [Medicine Cards]

            Antelope: Action

When time was just beginning and the "Tribe of Man" was small, Antelope saw that the two-leggeds were naked, hungry, and in danger of extinction. The Ancestors would soon vanish

from Mother Earth if action were not taken.

Antelope took action and came into the camp, calling all the two-leggeds together for Council. "Great Mystery sent me to teach you a lesson. The lesson is do. You have no need to be fearful

if you know what to do and then you do it," Antelope said.

"And what shall we do?" asked the People. "If you are naked and cold, you should kill me and take my coat to keep you warm. It is my gift to you. Do it."

"We will," said the People. "But what of our hunger. We are starving. What can we do to save ourselves?"

"If you are hungry, you should kill me and take my flesh, for it will nourish you and make you strong. It is my gift to you, and a part of my evolution. It is my service. Do it."

Antelope knew that humankind would survive the Ice Age if the People learned to eat meat. Before the movement of the great ice mountains, fruits and vegetable had been plentiful, and the

two-leggeds had had no need to eat of the bodies of their fellow creatures. The clans of the second world, the world of Ice, ate Antelope. Taking the instinct and wisdom of the four-leggeds

into their bodies, the People learned, through each creature's essence, how to survive. They were taught never to waste, or to take more than they needed. When they were in need, the two-leggeds knew how to take action.

Humans learned Antelope's lesson well. Because of Antelope, humans took proper action and survived to this present day. Antelope taught humans to honor the gifts sent from Great Mystery, and to avoid indiscriminate destruction of life.

Antelope signifies knowledgeable action; action that has its basis in clarity, focus, and commitment. Antelope is a symbol for the antenna of your hair, which attaches you to Great Mystery by its long cords of light. As we look at Antelope, we become aware of our mortality and the short time we have on this planet. With this is mind, we must act accordingly. Antelope medicine is the knowledge of life's circle. Knowing of death, Antelope can truly live. Action is the key and essence of living.

Antelope powers have been courted and shamanized since the dawn of time.

Antelope clans have been many, and the power of Antelope people is great. Antelope medicine gives you strength of mind and heart, and the ability to take quick and decisive action to bring our goals to fruition.

If you feel stymied, momentarily lacking clarity or focus, call on Antelope medicine. If you are balled up and twisted in knots, Antelope powers will speak to you of proper action and soon set you free. Many ingenious solutions to such problems are whispered by Antelope. Listen, and even more importantly, act. Surround yourself with the illumination and secret knowledge of Antelope. Combine this with action and you will overcome any obstacle or hindrance in your path. If Antelope is your Centering Tree and strong personal medicine, thank Great Spirit. Say what should be said. Your judgment is sound and your actions will be successful. Always listen to what Antelope has to say to you. For Antelope indicates a message of higher purpose. Antelope arms you with

the Bow of Authority, and forces you to act on behalf of self, family, clan, nation, and finally Mother Earth.

Antelope says, "Do it now. Do not wait any longer." Antelope knows the way, and so do you. Take courage and leap; your sense of timing is perfect. The time is now. The power is you.


Antelope is a signal that you are listening, and not acting on the will of Great Spirit. You may be taking more than your share. Antelope medicine in the contrary makes you crazy and quarrelsome. You will certainly be indecisive and not know what direction to turn. You might be lying to yourself and others. Stop lying even in you think it will get you off the hook. Contrary Antelope will trip you at every turn.

Quit being so conventional and following others all the time. Take your own authority. Let Antelope's heart beat strong in you, and you will know the way. But as always, the message is "Do it!" The fear of the unknown subsides once action begins. Contrary Antelope may also be telling you that a decision to start is now necessary. The main element in procrastination is lack of conviction. To hone your chosen destiny is to honor your commitment to doing what you "proclaim" you are doing. Walking your talk is the essence of Antelope people. Talking your walk is contrary

Antelope personified. To right contrary Antelope, three steps are necessary:

1. Have the desire to do something.

2. Make the firm decision to begin that action.

3. Do it!


Antelope is a hunted animal so its future is always uncertain. Its major concern is with the Now, and with mortality and survival. As a power animal Antelope stresses the importance of making the best of what you have and of the time at your disposal, and the need for sustenance and nourishment, not so much in a physical sense but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Antelope can

give you the power to strengthen your mind and heart, and to acquire the courage necessary to help you make the right decisions. It emphasizes how important it is to know exactly what you want, and to then make up your mind to do something positive in order to bring it about.

Antelope points to a higher purpose, beyond the obvious. So listen to what Antelope has to tell you and look carefully at what it is trying to show you. Decisive action.

Time to respond. Take action. No procrastinating. Decide and do it now.

Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David.

Bovisgruppe = Kuh


Cervidae = Hirschen



Capra ibex.x = Steinbock

Mosch. = Moschusrind



Oves. = Schaf


                       Malva sylvestris = Große Käsepappel/= Käslikraut/= Hanfpappel/= Hasenpappel/= Johannispappel/= Pissblume/= Rosspappel/= Schwellkraut/= Stock-rose



Rangifer tarandus = Reindeer

            Cladon-r. = eine Rentierflechte

Ran-g. = reindeer flower

Loxodonta Africana. = Elefanten 

              Lac-lox. = Elefantenmilch

                            Drachenblut. ist entstanden im Kampf von Drachen. mit Elefanten


                             * Canes = echte Hunden


Canes aureus = Schakale/ägyptische Gott Anubis mit einem Schakalskopf dargestellt/bewohnt von Seele.x

Canis lupus. = Wolf

Canis latrans = Coyote = nativ american Trickster. = Symbol des Chaos

Canes. = Hundegruppe


Vulpes vulpes. = Fuchs = Trickster = Götterbote (Japan)

Lac oryctolaginum.x

Lac phoca vitulina. = Milch des Seehundes


              * Carnivoren


Acinonyx jubatus = Gepard ist im Verhalten Hund.x ähnlich

Ailuropoda melanoleuca. = Giant Panda


Lutra lutra = Europäische Fischotter Kot. riecht nach Moschus.

Meles meles = Dachs

All-u. = Hexenzwiefel/= Daslook/= Bärlauch/= All-s-ähnlich Asparagales.


Mustela nivalis = Weasel/= Marder

                                               Panthera leo = Löwe

              Lina. = Frauenflachs/= Lin sauvage/= Toad-flax-Snap Dragon/= Common toadflax/= Froschkraut/= Löwe maul

Panthera panthera = Panter = Bacchus. geweiht

Panthera pardus = Leopard

              Acon. = Blauen Eisenhut/= Monkshood/= Ziegentod/= Teufelswurz/= Sturmhut/= Venuswagen/= Fuchswurz/= Giftkraut/= Kappenblume/= Wolfskraut/= Würgling

 Arn. = Wolf(erei)/= Saukraut/= Bergwohlverleih/= Fallkraut/= Teufelsabbiß/= Mönchswurz/= Engelkraut/= Leopard's Bane

 Panthera pardus Urin.x Quelle:

Panthera tigris. = Tiger

Procyon lotor. = Waschbär



Equus quagga = Zebra

                             Onop. = Eselsdistel/= Scottish Thistle/= Cotton Thistle/= Krebsdistel/= Wolldistel

                 Danio rerio = Zebrafisch.

                             Glofisch = gentechnisch. veränderte Zebrafisch/phosphorisierend

                             Tradescantia zebrina = Zebraampelkraut Commelinidae.

                             Cleopatra soll in (verdünnter?) Eselsmilch gebadet haben um jung und schön zu bleiben

Lac.x tapir (Tapirus terrestris) = Tapirmilch (Flachlandtapir)


              Equis asinus asinus

              Esel = Symbol Kronos (= Zeit)


Equus = Pferd.


              * Rodentia = Nagetieren

Pest.x übertragen durch Flöhe auf Nagetiere und lebt in Nagetiere

Comparison Rodents + Insects + Molluscae (Bhawisha Joshi)

Castm. = Biebergeil

Castm. = Bieber N. Amerika

Pel cavae cobaiae = Goldhamsterfell/= Mesocricetus auratus/= Golden Hamster

Pel caviae porcelli = Meerschweinchenfell/= Cavia porcellus

              [Katrin Blawat]

              Meerschweinchen – Knuddelmimosen

              Der Mensch braucht Kuscheltiere. Die Natur scheint das eingesehen zu haben, jedenfalls hat sie mit dem Meerschweinchen ein weiches, wurstförmiges und wenig wehrhaftes

              Lebewesen hervorgebracht. "Form follows function" in schönster Ausprägung. Und es wird wohl niemand bestreiten, dass man höheren Erwartungen ausgesetzt sein kann als jener,

              ein gutes Knuddeltier für Kinder abzugeben. Doch das kleine Vieh schätzt es überhaupt nicht, wenn ein Kind mit ihm spielen und toben will, wie man es unter Freunden nun einmal

              macht. Undank, dein Name sei Cavia porcellus. Wir bieten ihm Streicheleinheiten, Futter und einen quietschbunten Plastikkäfig - und bekommen als Dank ein trübsinnig herumsitzendes

              Tier, das sich wahrscheinlich zurück in seine südamerikanische Heimat wünscht. Dabei würde es dort auch nur am Spieß über dem Grill enden.

              Meerschweinchen achten die Freundschaftsanfrage eines Menschen nicht. Wir sind ihnen egal. In ihrer animalischen Arroganz wollen sie sich nicht mit uns Menschen, sondern viel lieber

              mit ihresgleichen einlassen. Auf unser Geschmuse reagieren sie nicht selten mit irgendwelchen Verhaltensstörungen, bloß weil wir ihr Bedürfnis nach Ruhe oder arteigener Gesellschaft

              nicht immer über alles stellen. Bitte, ihr quiekenden Fellwürste, ihr dürft gerne solche Mimosen sein. Nur seht dann doch bitte nicht aus wie ein Tier, dem nichts wichtiger zu sein scheint,

              als von einem Menschen auf den Arm genommen zu werden.

Marmota marmota = Murmeltierfett.x Enthält Cortison. Höhegruppe

              Murmeltier lebt gesellig/haben Alphamännchen und Alphaweibchen/nur Alphaweibchen kann Jungen gebären, alle andere Weibchen abortieren ihre Foetusen/alle Tieren kümmern sich um

              die Jungen/das Alphamännchen ist der Wächter, der bei Gefahr pfeift. Feinden sind Füchse/Eule/Adler/Mensch.

              Fett enthält viel Cortison. Gebraucht bei Arthrose der Gelenke. Quelle:              


Castoreum. “North America”

Hystrix. = Stachelschweinstachel/= Porcupin

o        Tree Porcupine - Sphiggurus spinosus (Sphigg) = Baumstachler/fällt oft und scheidet ein Antibiotikum aus.

              Carex hystericina = Porcupine Sedge Commelinidae.

Mus. musculus = Maus

Mus maximus = Rattus norvegicus.

Sanguis-s. = Rattenblut von gezüchtetem Ratte = Rattus norvegicus

Ondatra zibethicus = Bisamratte

Abel. = Hibiscus esculentus/= Bisamstrauch/= Rosenpappel/= Sumpfeibisch

Adox. = Moschuskraut/= Bisamkraut/= Otternkraut/= Stockfarn/= Wanzenwurz

Sciurus vulgaris = Eichhörnchen

Didelphimorphia. = Opossums spritzen ein stinkender Flüssigkeit, die Todesgeruch imitiert/= hergestellt aus Blut des Oppossums


* Lagomorpha

Oryctolagus cuniculus.x

Lepus europaeus.x


* Eulipotyphla (Insektenfresser)

Erinaceus. europeus = Igel

Talpa europaea.x


Pel myotis.x = großes Mausohr/= Fledermausfell/= Myotis myotis


Allerlei: Fauna Rom Göttin der Tierwelt (Wein. und Myrte = in Floras Riten verboten).

Mustela nivalis = Weasel/= Marder

              [Medicine Cards]

              Weasel: Stealth

Weasel has an incredible amount of energy and ingenuity, yet it is a difficult power totem to have. It is not without significance that ermine or weasel pelt is worn by royalty.

Weasel ears hear what is really being said. This is a great ability. Weasel eyes see beneath the surface of a situation to know the many ramifications of an event. This too is a rare

gift. The chiefs sent Weasel to the enemy camp to smoke them for power. "What are the medicines of the enemy?" the chiefs asked Weasel upon its return.

Weasel never failed to give an accurate account of the enemy's numbers, strengths, and weaknesses. It was Weasel who tearfully told the Original People of the coming of

the white boat people. "These brothers have strange new medicines," said Weasel. "They will tell us that to live the way we do is wrong. They will confide us with their talking

bark. They have stolen thunder from Sky Father and placed it in their weapons. They have no respect for the animal brothers and sisters, and they make their thunder speak to

the animals and kill them. They will make the thunder speak to us also. Their numbers are too many to count, and these white brothers will steal everything from us but our spirits.

The great dark shadow of the ravenous bird of death has fallen over the People." Weasel fur changes color with the season. Silent Weasel has many lessons to teach you.

Weasel could confound Great Spirit, pick Great Spirit's pockets, and then leave Great Spirit contemplating the divine navel. If this is your personal medicine, your powers of

observation are keen. You seem to be saying, "Leave me alone and I will do the same for you." You might even look a bit guilty at times due to what you know from observing life.

You may be a loner hiding yourself away from others, or perhaps even a recluse. You are a powerful ally to have in any business organization since you can see what the competition

is doing. People may make a great mistake in sizing you up since they do not immediately see your powers. But the first time they try to outsmart you, they will soon learn that your

intelligence is greater than their own.

Look to Weasel power to tell you the "hidden reasons" behind anything. Some people are put off by Weasel medicine, talent, and abilities, but there are not bad medicines. We all have

power, or we would not be here to heal Mother Earth. Perhaps if you have Weasel power you could use your secret gifts for the good of all. Observe who or what needs attention, or a

solution, and offer your assistance in your own quiet or discreet way.


Is contrary Weasel in your cards? If so, look out for intrigue. Someone may be using covert tactics to Weasel into the hen house. Perhaps you should lock your doors and dress your

teenager like a nun. Or perhaps you may be lying to yourself about something you know to be true. This can be a lie on any level, for instance, storming the refrigerator at 3 h., and telling

yourself no one will miss the half- eaten portion of the pie. If you scratch someone else's automobile in a parking lot, leave a note. Don't slink away because you can. Honesty to self and

others is of the utmost importance.

Another message of reversed Weasel is to acknowledge why you have been doubting your feelings. Weasel upright observes all actions, feelings, and situations with keen senses.

In the contrary, those abilities of observation are dulled until confusion sets in. When you don't know how you feel or what is occurring around you, doubt becomes the barrier to your

progress. Then you may find a bit of paranoia seeping into your life.

If you want to right the situation, start by shaking the dullness out of your head and observing the obvious. No one can fool if you watch your step, honor your knowing, seek

the "hidden reasons," and use discretion in the process.


Weasel has an acute sense of hearing and the ability to see beneath the surface. As a power animal, Weasel helps you to develop your inner hearing so that you can listen to your inner voice,

and to heighten your perception so you can see beneath the words and actions of others and ascertain their true motives and intentions.

Weasel is a help in determining the reasons why something may not be obvious. So ask Weasel for help in those areas of life which are confusing and worrying, and ask for

answers to why you feel as you do about a particular situation. Look beneath the surface.

Be the detective. Honor what you find. The truth is out there.

Source: Sams, Jamie and Carson, David.

Creek Indians: Rabbit stole fire from the Weasels.



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