Cladonia rangifera (Cladon-r) = eine Rentierflechte/= Reindeer Moss


Vergleich: Aquavit (hergestellt mit Clad.).

Quelle: Schimmelpilz 1-Allergen = Cladosporium mix. Nos.

Findhorn Flower Essences: LIBERATION - Clear unconscious, deep-seated negative or destructive emotions. Purify the emotional body and make space for growth that promotes personal integrity.

Siehe: Fungi


Thema: Win - Win;  Lösung: negativ: Angst/sich nicht verbunden fühlen/isoliert fühlen/vergesslich/Verwirrung/ungeschickt; positiv: Sich arrangieren/Zusammenarbeit/Respekt vor anderen;

Positiv: Aktiv: being mischievous/being forthright and standing up for oneself, Passiv: Zufrieden/schöne Fantasien;

Negativ: A. Heaviness and congestion, B. Chronisch,


Aktiv: 1. Ruhelos/fühlt sich gefangen, 2. Irritiert/tadelsüchtig, 3. Konfrontation/Wut/Gewalt,

Passiv: 1. Apathisch/abwarten/verzögern, 2. Depressiv, 3. Hoffnungslos;

DD.: durch Vergleich in Repertorium: 

Sulph.             Hurried feeling, Dry/burning lips/eruptions on face/taste bitter and metallic, painful nodules on scalp and glands enlarged,  abdomen distended + heavy,

                        constipation and diarrhoea and cramps in bed, periodic 4 - 6 weeks for 1 - 2 days




Op.                         Verlangt frische Luft/glücklich/fühlt sich wohl

Am-c.                         Schwäche/Beschwerden mit Hören/Kehle zu/erstickend/“Als ob Fremdkörper in Kehle“/geschwollene Drüsen/schmerzhafte Schwellungen/Furunkel





[Misha Norland & The School of Homeopathy]
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Reindeer Moss (Cladonia Rangiferina)

About the Plant
Cladonia rangiferina is also known as Reindeer Moss, Caribou Moss, and Reindeer Lichen. These names, and its highly branched growth pattern known as fruticose are often misleading in its appearance to moss. Its most common name is Reindeer Lichen this is because it is a vital source of food eaten by reindeer. It is a  lightly coloured plant that has a 3 dimensional branching with a  bushy appearance, it belongs to the Cladoniaceae family.

Cladonia Rangiferina generic name comes from the Greek word ‘Kladon’ meaning sprout, because of its shrub like appearance with its branching segments of the lichen.

The species name comes from the reindeer and caribou genus ‘rangifer’.

Source and Description
Reindeer lichen is a slow growing plant that is only reported to grow by 3-5mm per year. Due to destruction by overgrazing, burning or being trampled on it is leaving us

with the consequence that it may take decades for this plant to return to those areas. 

As we are aware Reindeer Lichen it is extremely branched, each dividing into between three and four thicker branches. The colours vary from whitish, grayish or a brownish grey.  It forms extensive mats up to 10cm tall, with the branching at a smaller angle.

It has no sufficient protective layer but a loose layer of hyphae that covers the photobionts (Trebouxia irregularis a form of green algae). Lichen have two separate organisms fungus and algae, because of this successful combination the fungus provides moisture and minerals, where the photobiant algae provides photosynthetic nutrition.

Lichen can survive for long periods of time without water. They dry out and go dormant when there is little water or light. They can begin to grow again even after very long periods of dormancy.

Being a hard plant in can grow in a variety of habitats from hot and cold climates that are well-drained, open environments. It can particularity dominant the ground in many pine forests and low alpine sites, in addition to rocky ground and in humid areas.  Renideer linchen is refereed to as any several species that are consumed by the reindeer

in Euraisa and Carbiou of North America it constitute about 90% of their diet during the winter months and 50% in the summer.  

Medicinal uses
In the 15th century the Doctrine of Signatures stated that ‘a plant could treat a disease it most looked like’ this created the phyto-therapeutics in traditional medicines such as traditional Indian medicine, Chinese medicine and Western herbal medicine.  The term lichen comes from the Greek word ‘leprous’ referring to the use of lichens treating skin disease, due to their peeling skin appearance. It has been used in the treatment of pulmonary and cranial diseases.

During the Middle Ages lichens figured prominently as the herbs used by practitioners. Northern native people used it t treat colds, arthritis, fevers and other problems. It was also used as a poultice to relieve the aches of arthritic joints. In addition it could also help with constipation, convulsions, Tb. and a useful remedy of whooping cough. 

The medicinal use of lichens in the 18th century where it was first used as a drug, being claimed to be good for coughs, jaundice, rabies and restoring hair loss.

In Spanish folk medicine lichens were used to treat a variety of medical aliments.

Smith an Artic Pharmagcognoisa states that reindeer moss tea was used for chest pains by native hunters who were climbing hills in order for them to maintain their wind.

In the 1800’s Sweden led the world in lichen alcohol production where the rest of Europe and Russia followed. It was seen as an alternative to grain alcohol. Lichen brandy was very popular, and was also used in the making of Akvavit, a traditional caraway-flavored spirit.  Russia also made a molasses (black treacle); this was made from lichen highlights. Most lichen contain 94% carbohydrates, but due to their growth on rocks and stones, result in a rock dissolving acid that can burn your insides, however Reindeer moss in the most nutritious and least acidic.

Lichen is soaked in several changes of water to make it edible. A modern version to this is to soak them with hardwood ashes. China have their alternative way to make Lichen edible, which was to boil them for thirty minutes, they then soaked them for two days in several changes of water. They are prepared in a variety of ways to be eaten, and can be left plain or mixed with other foods, they are dried and added to flour to thicken soups, in addition to being used to thicken desserts. It is often cooked until it forms a gelatinous state.

Scandinavia: used in the manufacture of alcohol, and are commercially grown to make a powder for the thickening of food.  Lichen is very rich in vitamins A and B.

Indigenous people of the Arctic known as Dene would eat reindeer lichen by killing the reindeer and harvesting its stomach, after the animal had consumed reindeer moss. They would remove the animal's stomach and make sure it was full of reindeer moss, then add the animal's blood. The mixture is allowed to ferment for a few days before they cook and eat it.

Reindeer moss was used to kill wolves by early setters. They would stuff a dead chicken with reindeer lichen, causing the wolf to consume the chicken and inadvertently digest the reindeer moss. Once within the wolf's digestive tract the reindeer moss would be broken down and form usnic acid crystals, found in lichen. The crystals would cut up the wolf's digestive tract and kill the animal.

According to Menomini legend, lichens are said to be the scabs from the head of Ma’napus. He placed the scabs where they were to keep his uncles and aunts from starving.

In addition another version of this legend was that the lichens were the scabs from Ma’napus buttocks where he burned it, and as he slid down a slanting rock they came off.

The Okanagan-Colville legend is about how Bryoria fremontii was created from Coyote’s hair. The legend involves a coyote trying to catch some swans that end up sweeping him into the sky, flying away with him. They let him go when he was high up in the air, as he fell he became caught on the branches of the trees. Once he was able to free himself from the leaves, much of his hair was entangled in the branches. The coyote transformed this hair into Bryoria fremontii, and said ‘you, my hair, will not be wasted. The coming people will gather you and make you into food.’ 


[Floyd Rosalind]

Gemüt: Geistesabwesend

Verlangt zu Baden/Aktivität/in Bett zu bleiben/dunkle Farben/grün und blau

Zorn (durch Peinlichkeit)/feindlich mit selbst/ängstlich (wenn alleine/ohne Ursache?/des Gewissens/über alles/wegen eigene Gesundheit/Geld/sprechend in Gesellschaft/plötzlich)

Ungeschickt (lässt Dingen fallen)/chaotisch


Kann der Sicht von Blut nicht ertragen


Geschäftig ohne Erfolg


Gesellschaft abgeneigt (verlangt Allein sein)/verlangt (Partner/< wenn alleine/eine Gruppe)

Beklagt sich (selbst/Krankheit/über anderen)/empört/intolerantzufrieden

Konzentration schwierig (nachmittags/abends)

Verlangt Selbstvertrauen/viele Personen vertrauen sich ihn an


> Trost

Grausam [kann Grausamkeit nicht ertragen (auf TV)]

Neugierig (schaut in Dosen und Schubläden)/spioniert alles


Verletzt sich selbst


Verlangt den Tod/Todesgedanken (Musik hörend)/Selbstmordgedanken/ Verlangt zu töten

Wahnideen - Elsters/gold = attraktiv/is machtlos/Ehegatten kann ohne sie nicht existieren/wird missbraucht/ist nicht geschätzt/hat Verbrechen begangen/ist schmutzig/stirbt/Leere/alles wird fehlschlagen/Boden ist näher laufend/Kopf nicken/ein endloses schwarzes Loch und der Wunsch herein zu gehen und zu verschwinden/schwarzes, samtiges, sicheres Loch in die Erde/schlecht behandelt durch allen/ist unsichtbar/alles gesagte ist ein Lügen/Ehe bricht auseinander/ist nicht verstanden/redet über Geld/ist verwahrlost/fühlt, dass sie nicht da sein sollte/ist krank/Menschen scheinen klein/ist selbst klein/Freunde scheinen Fremden/ist gefangen


Schmutzig („Als ob schmutzig“)

Eigen Köpergeruch abgeneigt

Falsche Einschätzung von Abständen


Versucht zu Fliehen (aus Furcht ein Verbrechen begangen zu haben/will aus dem Haus gehen)/möchte nach Hause gehen



Furcht (jemand ist hinter ihm/vor Fehlschlagen/Armut)

„Wie verlassen“

Verlangt Samt und Pelz zu berühren


Macht Handgesten - pflückt an den Fingern/unwillkürlich


Hass (auf Gatten)

„Wie hilflos“



Gleichgültig/apathisch [eigenes Äußerlich/mit Langweile/vor alles/für Familie/gegen Gatten/vor Vergnügen (üblicherweise erfreulich)

Geistig verunsichert

Gereizt, irritiert (leicht/Gatten/mit Trauer/durch Kleinigkeit)

Eifersüchtig (nur Platz vor Zwei, er und ich/auf Tier/auf leblose Gegenstand/irrational/unwiderstehlich auch wann es albern ist/zwischen Frauen)


Lacht hyterisch


Verlangt romantische Liebe/verlangt Sympathie von anderen/ohne Sympathie gegenüber anderen

Gedächtnis schwach (o Gegenstände gelassen hat


Macht Fehler - lesend/sprechend (verwechselt Laute/buchstabierend)/Zeitkonzept ist weg/schreibend/ Vergesslich (Wörter sprechend)



Kann Pläne nicht verwirklichen wegen unerwarteten Geschehnisse

Liebt Pflanzen/sensibel zu der Natur und natürliche dingen

Verlangt Reinheit


Ruhelos (durch Musik/schreitet hin und zurück)

Traurig („Wie von Last“/von Musik)



Sitzen geneigt „Als ob versunken in tiefe, traurige Gedanken und nichts wahrnehmend“/starrt gedankenlos

Spricht rücksichtslos

Vergeudet Geld

Argwöhnisch (sonntags/denkt Menschen werden ihn austricksen)

Empathie empfindet sich über gleichen Schmerz als seine Frau sich beschwert


Sprechen > Beschwerden

Geistige Anspannung

Gedanken sexuell/wandernd

Wirft mit Gegenständen

Zeit ist ohne Bedeutung/geht zu langsam vorbei/erscheint länger

Schüchtern (im Öffentlich auftreten)


Wille fehlt um irgendetwas zu Unternehmen/willensschwach

Gefühllos, hartherzig gegenüber Familie

Verlangt Gewalt anzuschauen/Gewalt abgeneigt/gewalttätig

Verlangt zu waschen

Weinen (von Selbstmitleid/“Wie ein Kind“)/verlangt zu weinen

Schwindel: im Allgemeinen

Kopf bewegend

Kopf: „Als ob eine Perücke am Haar befestigt“/verknotet leicht


Schwer (erfreulich)/“Wie schwerelos“

Kopfhaut juckt

Bewegungen im Kopf

Geräusche im Kopf - Summen/“Wie plätschern“

Schmerz viele

Pulsieren r.

„Wie müde“

Auge: Verklebt morgens

Absonderung eiternd

Trocken/schwer/juckend (in Canthi)

Entzündete Konjunktiva

Schmerz - l./innere Canthi/brennen (lesend)/“Wie vom Sand“/stechen Kopf nach l. drehend


Schläfriges/müdes Empfinden in Augen

Sehen: Hell

Farben vor Augen (wechselhaft/violett/alles erscheint weiß)

Gesichtsverlust „Als ob in Sonnelicht schauend“

Sieht Punkten auf Objekte/Gegenstände erscheinen klein

Ohr: „Wie voll“/Schmerz r./“Als ob Wasser aus Ohren läuft“

Hören: Akut

Nase: Katarrh (morgens)/Schnupfen/verstopft (nachts)

Absonderung - klar/grünlich/klumpig/dick

Hitze in Nebenhöhlen

Jucken (innerlich)

Riecht Eingebildetes/Wirkliches: Knoblauch

Schmerz kauend/drückend in Nebenhöhlen

Gesicht: Unterlippe rissig/rissig in Kiefergelenk

Trockene Lippen (und Durst)

Ausschlag (rot)

Heiß (r.)


Steife Unterkiefer

Geschwollen um Augen

Kribbeln in Lippen

Mund: Verfärbt: Zund grün/gelb

Trocken + schaumige Speichel/Speichelfluss

Jucken an Gaumen (erst. Ohr)

Schmerz Zunge/brennen/“Wie verbrannt“/seitlich

Geschmack - bitter/metallisch + bitter/faul/salzig/schleimig/süßlich (Nahrung)

Kehle: Trocken (und Durst)

Entzündet ohne Schmerz


„Wie Klumpen“ (während Trauer)

Auswurf - grünlich/klebrig/dick (morgens)


Schmerz > trinken/schluckend/erstr. Ohr/roh/wund l. erstr. r./“Wie von Splitter“

Krämpfe in Oesophagus

Schlucken geneigt von Lumpen in Kehle/Schlucken schwierig

Äußerliche Hals: Schmerz in Zervikaldrüsen/geschwollene Zervikaldrüsen

Magen: Appetit weniger/schnell satt/vermehrt (morgens)/Heißhunger/verlangt

Aufstoßen (verlangt auszustoßen)/Art des Aufstoßens: gallig/Sodbrennen (nachmittags/nach Essen)

Übel [morgens/immer/(>) nach Essen/in der Kehle]/erbricht morgens

Schmerz - wehtun

Durst (+ Speichelfluss/große Menge/während Menses)/durstlos

Bauch: „Als ob was Lebendiges/Klumpen darin“/sprudelnd/rumpelend/Bewegungen innerlich

Eingeschnürt (atmend/in Hypogastrium)/Aufgetrieben [nachmittags (16 h - 16-20 h.)/nach Essen (Abendessen/kleine Menge)/> Kleidung lockern/> fahrend]

Flatulenz [nachmittags (16 h.)/abends/eingeklemmt]

Schmerz mit Kopfschmerz/r. Leiste/r./l./krampfhaft/kolikartig (abends/> nach vorne beugen/vor Stuhlgang/erwachend)/schneiden „Wie falsche Wehen“/nagend/stechend in l. Leiste

Rektum: Verstopfung. (vergeblicher Stuhldrang + vergebliches Pressen)

Durchfall (plötzlich)

Flatus stinkend

Schmerz bei Flatusabgang

Stuhldrang (häufig/plötzlich)

Stuhl: „Wie Mandeln“/“Wie Bällchen“ (braun)/mit Flatus/häufig/schaumig/stinkt/weich/dünn/gelb- bräunlich

Blase: Entzündet

Harndrang (morgens erwachend/abends liegend)

Nieren: Schmerz - stechend (l.)

Weibliche Genitalien: Aphten

Ausfluss [nachts/milchig/stinkt („Wie alte Käse“)/dick/weiß/gelb]

Menses - braun/geronnen/viel/zu häufig/stinkt/dick

Blutung na Koitus

Schmerz in Ovarien r.

Kehlkopf und Trachea: Trocken

Stimme - schwankt/Kontrollverlust/verändert/heiser/verloren (mit Husten/nervöse Stimmverlust/Sänger

Atmung: Schwierig (nach Anstrengung)

Behindert durch Kleidungdruck


Husten: im Allgemeinen

Trocken/irritiert/Schleim in Larynx/plötzlich/erwachend


Morgens nach Erwachen

Grünlich (morgens)

Dick (abends)

Brust: Angst innerlich

Beengung (nach vorne beugend)/Druck (> seufzen)

„Wie leer“ (hinter Brustbein)/“Wie Klumpen“

Mammae jucken

Schmerz - in Rippen/stechen [einatmend/Herz (nachmittags]/l]

Herzklopfen (+ schierige Atmung)

Schweiß in Achselhöhle (übel riechend)

Geschwollene Mammae

Rücken: Hautausschlag - Akne

Ameisenlauf (in Wirbelsäule)

Hitze im Kreuz (r.)

Juckreiz (Schulterblätter)

Schmerz zwischen Schulterblätter (brennen/r.)/wund im Nacken/stechen im Nacken

Steife Nacken

Spannung (im Nacken)

Glieder: Perlende Empfindung in Beine

Kälte (Hände/Finger/Beine (r.)/Unterschenkel/Fuss)

Krämpfe - Finger/Wade/Fuß

Rot - Hand/Hand trocken

„Wie elektrischer Strom“ in Hände

Hautausschlag - Ekzem/Zehen

Hitze in Fußsohle (entblößend)


Jucken in Hand(rücken)/zwischen Daum und Zeigefinger)/(4e) Finger/Bein/zwischen Zehen

„Als ob Gelenke locker“

Nägelbeschwerden - brüchig/rissig

Taub einige

Übel riechend ohne Schweiß

Schmerz Knie (einige)/wehtun/brennen/schneiden/schießen/stechen/wund

Schweiß klamm

Ruhelose Beine (muss Füße schwenken)



Schwache Knöchel

Schlaf: Tief/wechselt Position häufig/unruhig/Aufstehen abgeneigt/nicht erholsam

Schläfrig (nachmittags/und unruhig)/schlaflos (durch Angst/durch Gedankenandrang)

Aufwachen - nach Mitternacht - 5 h./zu früh/häufig/plötzlich

Gähnen (fortwährend)

Träume: Bezichtigt eine Affäre zu haben/von Verbrechen (zu begehen)/erotisch/ängstlich/Streit/Jemand schläft in ihr Bett/frühere Freund/tyranisierung/Krebs/Gefähr für Kindern/farbig (rot)/schneiden o. verletzen von Personen, die sie verraten haben/tote Körper/Schwierigkeiten auf Reisen/Krankheit/Hundewelpen/lauschen/vom Böse/Prüfungen/Faeces (Hunde/W.C.)/Explosion/disowned by her father/Kämpfe/Fisch/Flut/Geld/Waffen/hohe Orten/Haus wird verkauft/wird nicht beachtet/Eifersucht/Schmuck/Pläne/rohes Fleisch/Maulwurfe unterirdisch/Geld/kranke Mutter/wogende Bewegung/Mord/nackte Menschen/freudevoll//wird vergiftet/Armut/ist mächtig/verfolgt (Polizei)/Ringe/Räuber/Haien/baby shoes that fit perfectly/shopping/Silber/Sprechen unmöglich/Spinne/ist einen Spion/Geld stehlen/Zähne fallen aus/Diebstahl/Tiger/Wasser lassend/Erbrechen/Krieg/Wellen/Schwäche/Würmer

Frost: fröstelt (nachts)


Schweiß: übel reichend/nach erwachen

Haut: Narben - schmerzhaft/wund/bei Berührung/werden rot


Hautausschlag - schuppig (silbrig)


Juckreiz - „Wie Flohstiche“/kleine Stelle/wandernd

Schmerz - Prellung

Empfindlich (auf Berührung)


Allgemeines: > Baden/< kalt Baden

Kleidung zu eng


Speisen und Getränke: Abgeneigt: Kaffee/heiße Getränke;  Verlangt: Ingwer/Choc/kalte Getränke, kaltes Wasser/Eier/Knoblauch/Fleisch/Kartoffeln/Reis/Gewürze/Zucker/warme Getränke;

Lebenswärmemangel/“Wie Hitze (erwachend)/wird heiß


Taub in kleine Stellen/pricklen

Schmerz - wund, geprellt

Pulsieren innerlich


Stase in Venen

„Als ob überdehnt“

Geschwollene Drüsen

Zittern innerlich/äußerlich


[Peter Fraser]

This is physically manifested clumsiness.

One area of compensation for this insecurity is through a Soul Mate and a symbiotic relationship with a partner. The substance is a lichen consisting of a fungus (provides protection and structure) and an algae (photosynthesizes carbohydrates that feed them both)

There is a great dependency on the lichen by the reindeer (caribou in N. America)/by the reindeer by the Laplanders/Innuit. In the extreme Arctic conditions such dependencies are absolute and any failing in them would undoubtedly result in annihilation.

The ongoing insecurity means that there is a continuous jealousy, and a dwelling on the breaking down of partner relationships. Suspicion/feeling of being used, duped or badly treated are found within partner relationships, but are also projected onto the wider world.

Curiosity is a less negative aspect? of this suspicion.

Frans Vermeulen quotes from M.C. Cooke - Romance of Low Life Amongst Plants; London 1893. "As the result of my researches, all these growths [lichens] are not simple plants, not individuals, in the ordinary sense of the word; they are rather colonies, which consist of hundreds and thousands of individuals, of which, however, one alone plays the master, whilst the rest in perpetual captivity prepare the nutriment for themselves and their master. This master is a fungus of the class Ascomyces, a parasite which is accustomed to live upon others' work; its slaves are green algae, which it has sought out, or indeed caught hold of, and compelled into its service. It surrounds them as a spider its prey, with a fibrous net of narrow meshes, which is gradually converted into an impenetrable covering; but whilst the spider sucks its prey and leaves it dead, the fungus incites the algae found in its net to more rapid activity; nay, to more vigorous increase."

The second main compensation would seem to be around money and materialism.

Gold and shiny things were important.

And there was anxiety about money.

Thieving is related to this theme.

As probably are Magpies which have a love of shiny things and a reputation for thieving.

The two compensations come together in rings which have a material value and are also representative of the partner relationship.

Insecurity leads to strong feelings of guilt.

These feelings are made manifest in issues of dirt, picking at things, cleaning and organizing, purification.

Almost all provers experienced bloating and flatulence which was very smelly.

Offensive odours were found not only in farts and stool but throughout the remedy: breath, feet, axillae, perspiration, leucorrhoea and menses were all reported as smelly.

The smell of garlic on the person or perceived in the environment and a desire for garlic were experience by several provers.

Numbness, tingling and pins and needles were experienced in all the extremities and in the back.

There was general sleepiness and heavy sleep, but particularly exhaustion in the afternoon.

The remedy was generally a chilly one but there was heat at night and particularly in the morning.


A Meditative Proving                                                                                     [Misha Norland]

Frontal headaches with eyes watering, nose burning, tingling and running.

Difficulty with breathing, sensation of lack of oxygen, sensation of suffocation, aware of respiration rate.

Strong sensation of heart beat going down one side of the body (l.)

Sense of great heaviness both physical and mental.

Distortion of size - felt vast and felt very small. Huge thing to do with size, between an openness and smallness: sometimes positive and vast, or could be desolate and isolated, felt vulnerable and small.

Vulnerable with a sense of strength; vulnerable yet indestructible, that I would survive.


I had a sensation of boredom, or ennui, not tired or lethargy just boredom.

Sense of beauty and openness at the desolation and darkness.

Fragility and a sense of strength as well 'I will survive feeling'.

Waves as if of tentacles in the lungs.

Breathing, feeling like wanting to stretch lungs.

Feeling beat of heart throughout body (l.)

Tingling legs and hand.

Wanting to grasp and reaching out.

Water, wetness - I had tears flowing

Solidity, heaviness on the earth.

Feeling of 'leave me alone'.

Sweet sadness, calmness.

Tightness and tension in the back, and the back side of the lungs. Hard to breathe and get enough air.

Had a burning tingling at opening of the urethra.

Pale blue light, calm feeling

Tentacle thing, reaching , searching and clinging, strong and tenacious.

Sense of being under water.

Nausea, a feeling as if it would fill you up and take you over.


Peace, warm, content.

Overpowering heaviness.

Eyes itching and burning.

Tingling in the lower legs that later became a crawling sensation.

Breathing quickened and shallow.

Feeling that I would be poisoned.

Physical heart beat powerfully, after 7 minutes heartbeat settled.

Pulsation left shoulder, left part of chest.

Upper teeth aching, concomitant with pins and needles in upper left lip.

Fullness in forehead.

Sensation of heaviness (grounded) yet lightness at the same time.

Feeling of isolation.

External hardness, internal softness.

Had persistent cough from deep in the bronchii.

Two were feeling very anxious.

Heart pounding.

Eyes burning, nose burning.

Scattered feeling.

Anxiety attack, worse eyes closed.

Strong sense of being disconnected, with anxiety.


Heart beating really strongly.

Feeling of community, feeling absolutely at peace or isolated and separate.

Feeling disconnected and separate; the physical symptoms arose out of that.

J's experience: extremely peaceful, contented, feeling part of the whole. I had an image of a web, of leaf veins meeting at the notocord, rich purple veins, like a wine; sense

of being an individual in an very integrated way, as if all things in nature were woven together. Aware of the vast sky and my own smallness. Harmony. A few drops of water - so special this dew drop on the body of this little leaf. The dew drop was wanting to absorb, to drink it all in, to be part of me yet knowing it wasn't part of me. With time,

it was having it roll off and a sadness arose in me, and a wisdom: knowing it would come again, being a ball, a dew drop of God. I became aware of the room - we were all

a little leaf web. I felt at peace. I had a ball sensation in the throat, just above my stomach, I had to drink to get it down. Pressure in temples, as if eyes were bulging.

Strong heartbeat.

Mouth watering from under the tongue.

Fullness in the temples, pressure extending to the back of the head.

Tingling pressure at vertex, down side, bit of dizziness, lightheaded; goes along with not quite being able to walk - no anxiety with that.

Sensation as if don't know how to walk, stumbling like getting off a boat.

Feeling of pressure left side of chest.

Deep breathing, sighing, needing to get a breath.

Heavy feeling in chest, hard breathing.

Still, quiet.

People were very quiet and serious.

Dry eyes, heavy, burning.


Feeling of being drawn into the water and wanting to be part of the water. To be at one with the water, with nature. Cuddling with the forest.

All had to urinate more than usual.

Throat, raspy, feeling of a crumb from throat.

Persistent sore throat.


Experience of detachment, I felt the differences, each of us is different.

No sense of urgency, detached from things that normally have more impact - initially this was all right, then I felt anxious to be so detached.

Pressure and tingling at vertex, extending down the sides of head, concomitant with not knowing how to move feet, not knowing how to walk.

Feel uncoordinated.

Feeling of being connected, vs. disconnected.

Upper teeth were aching.

Aching, burning sensation in a wide band across lumbar back.

Aching deep in left ear.

Had tingling at the opening of the nostrils.

I don't know how to make my legs move; had I wanted to run away I wouldn't be able to; later had a feeling of a lot of energy in my thighs.


Allerlei: Ascomycetes formen mit einer Alge Clad. Sie balancieren zwischen Würger und Symbiose.



Cladonia mitis


Findhorn Flower Essences: TRANSMUTATION - Revitalise the lifeblood. Congestion or over-stimulation of the etheric heart centre impedes the free circulation of the life force. Opens the heart

to the essence of limitless love and life.



Cladonia pyxidata (Clad-p.) =  Echte Becherflechte


Repertorium:                                                                                    [Izzie Azgad/Rosalind Floyd]

Mind: Anger with weakness

Anxious/Fear from watching film

Delusion - someone behind him

Hurries while walking

Irritable child

Mood alternating

Everything seems real

Thoughts - disagreeable/tormenting

Vertigo: continuous

On rising

While walking

Head: Eruption

Itching of scalp

Numb - 18 - 19 h./forehead

Pain - morning/afternoon/noon until midnight/> breathing deeply/forehead [pressure/pressing (ext. eye/nose/vertex)]/dull temples/pulsating/reverberating

Swollen glands in occiput

Eyes: Heaviness - deaytime/pupils/around


Pain - evening/burning

Nose: Catarrh running back of throat

Itching in root of nose

Obstructed - warm room/> in open air

Face: Lips - cracked/sensitive/tingling

Eruptions - Forehead/nose (septum)/comedones

Mouth: Dry - tongue/morning/waking

Taste - metallic/nauseous

Innerer Hals: Catarrh

Pain - r./morning/afternoon/sore


Trocken nicht > Trinken

Externe Hals: Eruption

Magen: Appetite diminished


Eructations - constant/nauseous

Gurgling - morning/afternoon and evening

Sensation of movement

Nausea - after icecream/after fats/after swimming

Abdomen: Bubbling



Flatulence „As if full“



Pain - stitching in umbellicus

Rectum: Constipated

“As if dry”

Formication in anus

Itching, burning

Swollen after stool


Stool: Crumbling/dry/frequent/hard

Male organs: Itching on scrotum > scratching

Female organs: Leucorrhea - bland/yellow

Menses - brown/changeable in appearance

Respiration: Difficult in warm room

Chest: Eruptions in axilla

Pain - > eructation/l. side/during expiration in sides/“As if pressing r. of sternum from an object internal”

Back: Pain in dorsal region on motion

Extremities: Cramps - at night/in r. leg then in l. leg

Eruption - toes/sides of finger (first)

Felon = inflammation around fingernails

Heaviness - in lower limbs morning in bed

Pain - aching in leg at night/l. knee/”As if nail would be torn out”

Perspiration: in palm of Hand/on foot

Sleep: Prolonged

Sleepless in spite of exhaustion

Dreams: blood/disfigured body/difficulties on journeys/discommunication/disfigured/own family/flood/journey/poetic/poverty/vivid

Haut: Chapping


Eruptions - small boils/discharges pus/itching/pimples/felon

Jucken - brennend

Allgemeines: Periodic: 6 weeks and 5 months

Desires - open air/to be uncovered

Speisen und Getränke: <: Eiscreme/Fett;

Weakness - > 15 h.

Weariness - in morning until 15 h.


Vergleich: Comparison: Cladonia-p. and others.

Siehe: Fungi


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