Delphinus amazonicus (Del) = Haut



Nase: Nasenbluten l.

Magen: Aufstoßen

Bauch: Hart

Rektum: Jucken

Stuhl: riecht sauer

Männliche Genitalien: Sexverlangen vermehrt/Erektionen lästig

Husten: Erstickend/anfallweise

Rücken: Wehtun in Lumbalregion morgens aufstehend

Schlaf: Ruhelos/gestört


Vergleich: Vulcan (= Hephaistos = Schmied/Hammer./Blitz./Töpferer./= Narr./Delphin/Perle./= Gegenspieler zu Pallas-Athene).

Commons: in Lac delphinum + Carcinosinum + Phosphorus

Siehe: Süßwassergruppe + Boten + Ultraschall + Mammalia.   

Arion.x (verbunden mit Apollo + Delphin.x + Dionysos.x). Siehe:


Allerlei: Wahrscheinlich abstammend von gemeinsame Vorfahren mit Bovis./sind Wolf. ähnlich in sozial. leben in Gruppen/sind Karnivoren./Menschen lieben sie/machen Männchen).

Das Hirn hat gleiche Wachstumsrate wie der Mensch.

A favourite of travellers, the dolphin is known as a symbol for prosperity and the abundance of the earth. Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures, and there are people who believe that dolphins are intellectually equivalent to human beings, if not superior. To underline this common belief, the sophisticated medium of communication in dolphins has mystified many researchers.

Female dolphins possess two mammary glands which produce a rich milk to nourish their young. The mother can physically eject milk into the calf’s mouth to help speed the nursing process.

This is very helpful since the whole process takes place under water while both animals hold their breath. Nursing may continue for 12 - 18 months.

Dolphins are extremely and continuously vocal. They use different clicks and whistles to denote different messages, where the whistles are thought to be emotional messages. Squeals denote alarm or excitement.

Dolphins were hunted at one time. Although this is almost non-existent commercially now, they are destroyed inadvertently by commercial tuna fishers using purse nets.

The dolphin is a very group-oriented sea mammal. Dolphins fish together, play together, enjoy sexuality and childrearing, and have a strong focus on the protection of the group. In order to keep the

group together they must be caring, loving, communicative and exist together peacefully. The group works together to protect against predators such as sharks, humans and killer whales. However,

in order to co-exist cooperatively and peacefully, dolphins may need to suppress anger, violence, competitiveness, jealousy and the feeling of not being taken care of.

Apollo geweiht



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