Kopfhaar hat einen symbolischen Bezug zum Himmlischen. In Märchen symbolisiert eine goldhaarige Jungfrau die Sonnengöttin; Die langen Haare (manchmal blond o. gold) sind die Sonnenstrahlen.

Die alten Griechen schnitten ihr Haar als Zeichen des Trauers.  

Psora: Hair tangles, becomes brittle, sticks together easily, becomes dry and white. Split ends of the hair (recurrent/chronic).

R.S: Feder und Gefieder sind Formen, die von außen durch Kräfte des Weltenraums angeregt sind. Aber der Schaft der Feder unterliegt Kräften aus dem Innern der Erde.

Das Haar wird durch Bildekräfte der Erde geformt. Obwohl Feder.x und Haar ähnliche Strukturen besitzen = abgestorbenes/verhorntes Eiweiß. Gleiche Aufgabe: bedecken und isolieren, Äußeres

ihre Träger gestalten.

Grasses and soils might be useful for hair and muscle problems.

Plants. = Brahma’s Hair.


Interferon. let hair grow

Scrofulariaceae. Blüten sehen aus wie Rachen/= behaart/= oft Halb- o. Vollparasiten


[E.W. Hubbbard]

Med.: Unruly eyebrows or too wiry hair. Bushy, wiry, crinkly or unruly hair suggest the sycotic miasm.

Med./Thuj.: Sudden access of hair on limbs.

A single white streak in the hair is often psoric.

Lyc.: Early graying hair

------- Psor.: in spots, 

Loss of hair in young people (unless after an acute illness), especially in patches, suggests the syphilitic miasm, as does early or irregular graying.

Matted hair: Mez. Nat-m. Psor.

Easy tangling suggests: Borx. Fl-ac. Graph. Psor. Zinc-met.

[Matthew Wood]

Few remedies look like the hair on the head.

Equis. = Horsetail contains silica in organic solution in its joints and is an excellent remedy for connective tissue, joints, skin, nails, and hair.

Lappa arctium. = Burdock heads reflect the use of the plant in hair loss from unhealthy scalp problems/= Große Klette/= Wolfskraut/= Glouteron/= Greater Burdock/= Niu-bang-zu/Wurzel/Samen/= Bardane/= Bolstern/= Chläbere/= Haarballe/= Haarwuchswurz/= Klebern/= Rossklettenwurz.

Agri. looks like it has hair-standing-on-end: here the signature is for tension, though it is an important remedy in alopecia.


[Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea]

Haarausfall (= tuberculin.):

Aloe: hair comes out in lumps, leaving bare patches; eyelashes also fall out; frequent frontal headaches.

Am-m.: Large accumulation of branlike scales, with falling off of the hair, which has a deadened and lustreless appearance, with great itching of the scalp.

Ant-c.: Alopecia due to nervous headache. Teasing itching in the head.

Ars.: Bald patches at or near the forehead. The scalp is covered with dry scabs or scales, extending sometimes even to the  forehead, face, and ears.

Aur-met.: Alopecia due to syphilis.

Bar-c.: Baldness on vertex of young.

Bry.: For very greasy hair

Canth.: Falling out of hair in bunches.

Carb-v.: Falling off of the hair, occasioned by severe illness or after parturition.

Fl-ac: Itching of the head and falling off of the hair/ in big and small patches; the new hair is dry and breaks off.

Geranium maculatum: Hair restorer especially in cases where there is history of Eczema Capitis or Scabs in the scalp. Q-10 drops, massage into the scalp,

at bed time, to be continued for 3-6 months.

Hell.: Losing hair from the eyebrows or pudenda. Hair falling (on the head and on the whole body) eyelashes and from labia. Pricking pain on the scalp.

Jab.: Hair restorer. In a number of patients who have had white/blonde hair, have turned black with this medicine (Clarke). Dryness of the scalp .Q-10

drops, massage into the scalp, at bed time, to be continued for 3-6 months.

Kali-c.: Dry hair, rapidly falling off, with much dandruff.

Manc.: Alopecia after severe acute disease

Nit-ac.: Falling of hair with humid eruptions, scalp sensitive.

Ph-ac.: Hair thins early, greying early, due to shock. Falling of hair from depressing emotions

Plb-met.: Alopecia of cheek, moustache. Hair very dry.

Thall-acet.: Alopecia following acute, exhausting diseases; after Chemotherapy or Hormone therapy

Thuj.: White scaly dandruff, hair falling off or grows slowly and splits; after effects suppressed or maltreated gonorrhea.

Vinc-m.: The hair fails out in single spots, and white hair  grows there; spots on head oozing moisture, the hair matting together. Bald spots with violent scalp itching.

Wies.: For grey hair – has caused hair to grow rapidly and turn darker. Formerly soft, becomes hard and brittle.

Zinc-met.: Falling of pubic hair.


Hair Fall Repertory:

Alopecia may originate from various conditions. If there is total atrophy of the hair-follicles, the hair will never grow again; if it is only a partial atrophy, the hair grows thin. If from a transient

deficiency in the nutrition of the hair-follicles, as occurs in several illnesses, hair can grow again as soon as the disturbance passes away.

After acute exhaustive disease: Thallium, Ph-ac. Lyc. Manc.

After great grief and anxiety: Ph-ac.

During pregnancy: Lach. Sep.

After childbirth: Sulph. Lyc. Calc. Canth. Carb-v. Nat-m. Nit-ac. Sep. Sil. Hep.

During menopause: Sep

With great dryness of the hair: Kali-c. Nat-m.

After chronic headaches: Hep. Phos. Sep. Sil.

For bald patches: Aloe. Ars. Phos. Vinc-m.

Hair comes out in handfuls: Phos. Mez. Sulph. Lyc.

      a) from sides: Phos. Staph.

      b) from temples: Kali-c. Nat-m.

      c) from occiput: Carb-v. Chel.

      d) from beard: Plb-met. Sec.


Adianthum raddianum = Maidenhair or Venus.-hair fern Pterydophita.

Anemonia viridis o. sulcata. = Seeanemone/= Wachsrose/= Snakelock anemone

Aruncus sylvestris = Geitebaard Rosales.

Celosia argentea = plumed cockscomb/= Silber.-Brandschopf Caryophylales.

Chion. = Schneeflockenbaum/= Old man’s beard

Clerod-g. = White Cat's Whiskers/= Tontelhout/= Natal glory-bower

Corn. silk = the silky yellow/ginger threads/= Maisbart

Equis-h. = Winterschachtelhalm/= Horse-tail

Euph-pi. = cats hair/= Pill-bearing Spurge/= Asthma weed

Galin. = gallant soldiers/= Franzosenkraut/= harig Knopfkraut

Hericium erinaceus = Igelstachelbart Fungi.

Hypochearis radicata = false dandelion/= Ferkelkraut/= Hairy cat.’s ears./wie Tarax. gebraucht Asterales.

Inana = schwarz/lebt im Weltenbaum./Gilgamesh fällt Weltenbaum und macht Inana heimatlos/sie irrt über die Welt. Gilgamesch schließt Freundschaft mit einem

„Wilden Mann“ (gemacht aus Ton./bedeckt mit Haaren./DUNKELE Haut) namens Enkidu. Zusammen erschlagen sie den Hüter. des Zedernwaldes.

Kam. = Haare der Früchten

Lana = Schafswolle o. andere Wolle

Lol. = Taumellolchfrüchten/= Juraie/= bearded danel

Lycopodium cernuum = Saturnusbart Pteridophyta.


Millerit = NiS = Haarkies

Orthosiphon aristatus. = Katzenbart

Ped. lebt in Haaren

Pel felinum = Katzenhaar

Peucedanum o. Imperatoria ostruthium = Kaiserwurz/= Haarstrang Apiales.

Pel talpa = Pelz des Maulwurfes

Lava Kilauea. = vulkanische Haare vom Pele = Göttin der Vulkane, Hawaii/Si-arm/= Lava durch den Wind. in Faden gezogen und erstarrt Feuergruppe

Orthosiphon aristatus. = Katzenbart

Penstema (= Schildpadbloem/= Bartfaden/Lamiales


Pogonia vitticeps = Bearded Dragon. Reptilia. 

Polypogon monsepelliensis Baardgras Graminales.

Pulsatilla = Anemone alpina = Teufelsbart Ranunculales.          

Rhus cotinus = Färbersumach/= Perückenbaum Sapindales.

Rosshaar Besengruppe.

Salix. = Weide = Haaren Buddhas

Salsola soda = barba di frate = Bart des Mönchs. Caryophylalles Taumelgruppe.


Semp + Jovibarba = Dachwurz/= Steinrose/= Huislook/= Hauswurzblätter/= Hauslauch/= Grande joubarbe/= Barren privet/= Jupiterbart/= Donnerkraut

Sphing. = Stachelschwein

Spira. = Ladies tresses

Spirae-f. = Knolliger Geißbart/= Schäfernusz/= reine des prés

Stigm. Corn silk = the silky yellow/ginger threads/= Maisbart

Pel talpae w = Talpa europaea./= Maulwurfsfell/= Mole´s Fur

Tillandsia. = Haar einer Prinzessin

Trag-p. = goatbeard/= Wiesenbocksbart

Usn. = Bartflechte/= Baumbart

Verbrannte Haaren werden als Geschmacksverstärker/ in Broten/Brötchen/andere Backwaren gebraucht

Yuc. Navaho waschen Haaren der Toten mit Sud aus Blättern der Yucca.

Wachs. und Haaren im Wasser geworfen, gebraucht um Wohlergehen eines Säuglings vorherzusagen (Russland)

Xerophyllum asphodeloides. = Turkeybeard

Vergleich: Sil. (human hair and nails/in hairs of plants/in hair-like grasses and Equis/sting of Urt-d/the finest and most delicately beautiful structures - Diatoms and Desmids, the sculpted shells of microscopic

algae of great beauty and intricacy).

Lana (Della Hedger)

Vergleich. Psora - Sykose - Syphillinie - Tuberkulinie

Siehe: Fasern + Wachstum + Anhängsel (Werner A. Fabian /Danna Norek) + Haut + Kopf/Head

Allerlei: Quartz of a different type with needle-like inclusions called "Thetis's (= mother of Achilles) hair stone” (= Rutilquarz Quarz mit eingelagerten feinen Rutilnadeln“). This is a transparent or translucent quartz, but

so completely filled with acicular crystals of green actionlite, or occasionally altered actinolite of a yellow-brown or brown color, as to appear almost opaque; seals and charms have been made to a small extent of this variety.

Of other inclusions in quartz we may note those of a very brilliant stibnite projecting in all directions, some of the intruded crystals being very curiously bent. Exceedingly beautiful gems have been cut from this material.

When this quartz is cut en cabochon across the ravalette inclusions, a cat's-eye effect is produced. The yellow quartz cat's-eye of Ceylon and the green of Haff, Bavaria, are of this type. So densely set were the green actinolite inclusions in the case of a specimen found at Gibsonville, North Carolina, that it was believed by the finder to be an emerald.

Effect in quartz is produced by enclosed, acicular crystals, or hair-like particles of some other mineral, such as rutile, for instance, and sometimes of gold. To specimens of this latter type may be referred the Greek name "chrysothrix," used in the Orphic poem "Lithica" and signifying literally "golden hair"; of this the verses tell us there were two varieties, that which may be identified with quartz, having a resemblance to "crystal," while the

other, said to have the appearance of chrysoberyl, may have been a yellower variety. To the quartz traversed by filaments of rutile, or the red oxide of titanium, has been given the taking name of "Venus's hair stone";

a French name is Fleches d'Amour or "Cupid's Arrows."

Phytologie: Mongolei: Erst geschnittene Haaren der Kinder werden aufbewahrt und bei Krankheit zur Heilung verbrannt.

Equisetum arvensis (+ Nieren)

Doctrine of Signatures.: Quince, Mosses, Maidenhair Fern

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