Martin Prein Letzte-Hilfe-Kurs: Weil der Tod ein Thema ist


Death: the ending of life; a permanent cessation of all vital functions, including brain function Death anxiety: the morbid, abnormal or persistent fear of one's own death

Death education: formal and informal methods for acquiring and disseminating knowledge about dying, death and bereavement.


[Jakob Simmank]

Wenn wir sterben, zündet ein Feuerwerk

Beim Sterben verändert sich unser Körper, die Atmung, der Blutkreislauf, das Bewusstsein. Wir erklären, wie genau. Denn den Tod zu kennen, kann Ängste nehmen.


Vergleich: Autismus

Vergleich. Psora - Sykose - Syphillinie – Tuberkulinie (Todessehnsucht)

Siehe: In-/Exkarnieren + Anhang (J.A. Mirilli: Repertorium)


Johannesevangelium 11,25: Ich bin die Auferstehung und das Leben


Nur wer den Tod nicht fürchtet, kann das Leben Genießen

Mexikanische Lebensweisheit

Ablauf einer Organspende


How to deal with sick and dying people in different religions.


Trio: Death desire: Aurum met, Lac-can, Sulphur.

         Suicidal disposition: Aurum met, Natrum sulph, Psorinum.

Ende in Sicht: Roman von Ronja von Rönne


[Ronald Whitmont]

The COVID-19 pandemic itself is an example of how conventional medicine has insidiously destroyed the microbiome and weakened the immune system of an entire generation, making it more vulnerable to, among other things, a mutated respiratory virus.

Not discussed in any forums: conventional treatments created the “perfect storm” of environmental, microbiome and immune system dysfunction that combined to weaken resistance and increase susceptibility to this virus.

The “inconvenient truth” about conventional medicine, as important as it is in many conditions and circumstances, is that it is deadly harmful when overused precisely what

has been demonstrated by the current pandemic.

The immune system overreaction, aka cytokine storm, is believed to be the final common pathway leading to death from COVID-19, SARS, MERS and many other epidemic infectious diseases. This immune system hyper-reaction is more likely when the microbiome is disrupted (dysbiotic) and the immune system is dysfunctional: both common side effects of conventional medical treatment contributing to the risk of developing chronic inflammatory conditions, the comorbidities of COVID-19.

“When inflammation is not modulated or resolved after serving its purpose, it turns into hyperinflammation or becomes chronic and results in the inhibition of adaptive immune responses, tissue damage, or organ failure. Such dysregulated inflammation results in a “cytokine storm” that is evident in sepsis as well as in patients with severe respiratory diseases caused by coronaviruses (SARS, MERS, and COVID-19).”

At least 24% of conventional medicines negatively impact the microbiome leading to chronic dysbiosis and chronic inflammation. A host of chronic inflammatory,

Autoimmune, and neoplastic, conditions plague modern societies using these drugs and Americans consume more of them, per capita, than any other country thus imparting the highest burden of chronic inflammatory disease anywhere in the world.

Since comorbid chronic inflammatory diseases are risk factors that worsen outcome from COVID-19, and because Americans suffer from more of these conditions, and use more immune suppressing and microbiome damaging medications than the rest of the world, it shouldn’t be surprising that US death rates from SARS-CoV-2 are among the highest. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA):

“the US has experienced more deaths from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) than any other country and has one of the highest cumulative per capita death rates.

Data from the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic provides direct evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is only part of the problem since most cases tend to be mild

and the overall death rate is low.[i]  Those who develop complications or die from this virus are predominantly older men with one or more chronic medical comorbidities, suggesting that these comorbidities and their conventional medical treatments are what make this subset of the population more susceptible.  These conditions and their treatments dysregulate the immune system response and trigger rebound hyper-inflammation and immune cytokine storms that are responsible for the complications of COVID-19.

Conventional medical care offers many powerful benefits and holds an important place in the management of many emergent, traumatic and surgical illnesses, but it appears

to be largely ineffective and frequently harmful in the long-term management of many acute and chronic illnesses, particularly COVID-19. Interestingly, the COVID-19 pandemic does provide a very unique opportunity to understand some of the limitations of conventional medicine from a public health perspective.

Just like many other modern medical crises (antibiotic resistance, the opioid epidemic, and the epidemic of chronic inflammatory illness) the COVID-19 pandemic appears

to be iatrogenic (caused by medicine or physicians).

In other words, the current pandemic may be the indirect result of the overutilization of conventional allopathic medical treatments that damage the microbiome, the ecology

of the environment and the immune system, resulting in greater susceptibility to this and a great many other illnesses. Many conventional medical treatments increase susceptibility to comorbid conditions, as noted above, allowing the SARS-CoV-2 virus to act much more destructively.

Most of the comorbidities making COVID-19 more deadly are iatrogenic.  These chronic inflammatory illnesses are overtly associated with 94% of all COVID deaths,

while the remaining deaths, in otherwise “healthy” individuals, are likely related either to a genetic predisposition or the overuse of conventional drugs (i.e., NSAID’s

and antipyretics) that are frequently used to manage symptoms of infection but increase the odds of developing adverse events.

The overwhelming majority of healthy people (82%) suffer only mildly or moderately from COVID-19, and between 33- 45% of people never develop any symptoms.

Healthy young children have essentially a 0% risk of dying from COVID-19, while 93% of college age young adults, 88% of pregnant women, and 96% of prisoners

appear to be completely immune, most never even developing symptoms from the virus.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not deadly in spite of conventional care; it appears to be deadly because of it.  Many conventional treatments are associated with a

dysfunctional immune-inflammatory response that contributes to a worsened outcome.

As late as October 2020, peer-reviewed guidelines in conventional medical journals indicated that, “There are no [conventional medical] evidence-based treatments for COVID-19 that are appropriate for use,” but even worse, conventional treatments studied in clinical trials have increased the risk of developing complications

and many treatments are associated with a high likelihood of dying or suffering from chronic post-COVID sequelae (“long-COVID”) with symptoms of fatigue, dyspnea, cough, joint pain, and chest pain lasting weeks to months after the acute illness. Risk of developing “long-COVID” appears related to patient age and severity of illness

along with the use of medical therapies. Long-COVID probably results from “a dysfunctional immune-inflammatory response,” which is precisely what conventional medications tend to produce.

“At 6 months after acute infection, COVID-19 survivors were mainly troubled with fatigue or muscle weakness, sleep difficulties, and anxiety or depression.

Patients who were more severely ill during their hospital stay had more severe impaired pulmonary diffusion capacities and abnormal chest imaging manifestations, and

are the main target population for intervention of long-term recovery.”

There are many public health considerations revealed by long-COVID that need to be examined, along with a number of other infections (chronic Lyme disease). 

Evaluation of these conditions with respect to the effects of treatment is extremely important and is critical to gaining a better understanding, not only of the disease,

but the outcomes of conventional medical interventions.

The risk of developing an immune system hyperreaction (aka a “cytokine storm”) and dying from COVID-19 is much greater when conventional drugs are used, or if

one already suffers from a chronic inflammatory comorbidity caused by or treated with conventional drugs.

Many conventional medical treatments, which provide short-term symptomatic relief by suppressing the immune mediated inflammatory response, increase the risk of developing rebound uncontrolled hyper-inflammation, which leads toward a cytokine storm.

Additionally, these drugs can block the connection between the innate and the adaptive immune systems, thus preventing the smooth transition to permanent adaptive immunity.

Treatments that interfere with the adaptive immune response by interfering with the innate inflammatory response (anti-inflammatory, antipyretic medications) may

increase the risk of failing to develop complete immunity and lead to greater risk of reinfection, which has been sporadically reported with COVID-19.

Some cases of reinfection are marked by increased severity of symptoms, but it is unclear if this is due to changes in the virus or in the way that the immune systems

reacts after being suppressed and then re-exposed.

Many conventional medications damage the microbiome and dysregulate the immune system thereby increasing susceptibility to COVID-19 and other infections.

It is no coincidence that these conventional medical interventions have not only proven to be inefficacious but are associated with an increased risk of death in

pandemics. Many expect that a vaccine will stop COVID-19, but none of the vaccines currently in the pipeline have even been tested to find out if they will prevent

infection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“None of the trials currently under way are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths.

Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus.”

Even manufacturers who boast a 90% or greater efficacy rate have not shown a reduction in symptomatic, asymptomatic, severe, or non-severe infections or burden

of disease (BOD) since their primary endpoint in phase 3 clinical trials was only to prevent seroconversion.

Clinical trials have not been completed, but FDA agreed to provide temporary emergency approval until they are (another 18 months at least.)

The clinical trials required by the FDA for emergency approval only required “minimal phase 3 success criteria.”[40]  In other words, none of the vaccines were

evaluated for risk or severity of illness, only the risk of testing positive for the virus.  No determination has yet been made whether these vaccines will prevent illness

or transmission, reduce complications or prevent death above or beyond placebo treatment.

Experts at the British Medical Journal (BMJ) raised serious concerns that many cases of illness following vaccination, not testing positive for COVID-19, were

excluded from the study, skewing the results in favor of the vaccines, when these may have been serologic negative cases and evidence of vaccine failure.

These vaccines were rushed to market without any form of FDA site inspection, even as widespread reports described the emergence of new mutations in the

SARS-CoV-2 virus.

No clinical trial has addressed whether new mutations will even affect vaccine efficacy or not (perhaps because the true efficacy will not be known until trials

are completed in another 18 months).

As all viruses mutate, which SARS-CoV-2 has already done many times, and will continue to do, there is a known tendency to become less lethal and more

benign with each subsequent adaptation.

Viruses are under constant evolutionary pressure, not only to advance from one species to another, but to adapt benignly to their hosts and develop a commensal

relationship that increases longevity of both species.

This ability to constantly mutate and adapt increases the risk that vaccines, if they are not produced fast enough, will be obsolete before they can be administered. 

This is precisely why the Cuban Ministry of Health approved the emergency use of a homeopathic immunization in 2007 against epidemic leptospirosis.

Not only was the campaign effective in preventing disease, but the homeopathic product was produced rapidly, safely and inexpensively and was distributed to

over 2.5 million people in a short period of time.

This type of program is a model of rapid targeting, development and deployment using a safe and effective modality to effectively prevent and treat illness

without imposing new risks of harm. It was an example that probably terrified the modern vaccine industry since the product did not utilize advanced technology,

could not be patented and did not generate billions of dollars in revenue.

As vaccination against other epidemic diseases, like influenza, has clearly demonstrated: most vaccines don’t work well in the elderly or infirm populations,

which is precisely the demographic at highest risk from COVID-19.  It is unlikely that vaccines will generate immunity in this population without multiple doses,

which may significantly increase the risk of allergic reactions.

Additionally, since 82% of the untreated population is already relatively immune from serious adverse reactions to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and the vaccine may

not even prevent transmission, it is likely those who are most vulnerable will continue to be so.

Even if the vaccine does generate an immune response, no vaccine has ever been associated with durable permanent immunity, or even come close to the long-

lasting immunity produced by actual infection, which is “substantial” and durable in the case of COVID-19.

Since immunity from all vaccines inevitably wanes with time, future waves of this and other viruses in a vaccinated population are still likely to be costly and

damaging. This phenomenon has already been demonstrated by many current childhood vaccination programs: as the vaccinated population ages and immunity

wanes, childhood diseases become more devastating if it is contracted by those who are older. If natural illness and the resulting long-term or permanent immunity

is allowed to develop, then protection tends to be more durable.

An important consideration is that the existing program of overusing vaccines to prevent routine infections in the US may be one of the factors already contributing

to the excess death rate from COVID-19.

The US vaccine schedule is heavier than those in any other country and many of these vaccines are associated with increased risk of chronic illness while others,

like the influenza vaccine, are known to increase susceptibility to a wide range of acute infections, including coronaviruses.

Interestingly, health care workers are some of the most heavily vaccinated adults in the US, and they appear to be extremely susceptible to complications from the

SARS-CoV-2 virus, suggesting a link between vaccination and immune system susceptibility. It’s no wonder that health care workers have had to be offered

financial incentives to encourage them to accept the new vaccines.

All of the vaccines currently approved for use against COVID-19 in the US utilize a relatively new (mRNA) technology designed to provoke protein synthesis by

genetically modifying existing cellular machinery in a fashion similar to the way that real viruses act.  Preliminary testing of coronavirus vaccines for SARS-CoV

infections revealed that both vaccine hypersensitivity reactions as well as adverse histopathologic lung changes can occur in vaccinated individuals, increasing the

risk of greater disease severity and death in those who subsequently encountered either the actual virus or a vaccine re-challenge, leading researchers to suggest that:

“Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated.”

The COVID-19 vaccines are essentially man-made “Frankenviruses” that use a lipid nanoparticle membrane bound together by a synthetic adjuvant, polyethylene

glycol (PEG), a relative of ethylene glycol (the main poisonous ingredient in automobile antifreeze instead of a phospholipid or protein coat that surrounds most

natural viruses:

“The main difference between ethylene glycol and polyethylene glycol is that ethylene glycol has a fixed value for molecular weight whereas polyethylene glycol

has no fixed value for molecular weight.”

PEG has never been utilized in a vaccine before, but it is so far, associated with a 24-fold increased risk of severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) already seen in

many COVID-19 vaccine recipients.

The COVID-19 vaccines, once injected, indiscriminately bind to and “infect” random human cells, hijacking the protein synthesis machinery and forcing then to

produce viral proteins until the mRNA is degraded.

These vaccines mimic the way actual viruses behave, but unlike natural viruses that bind only to specific receptors in certain cells, these man-made viruses have

the potential to take control of any cell including those in the vital organs like the heart, liver, kidneys or eyes, which would then become a target of the immune system. Training the immune system to react to any of these vital tissues could lead to catastrophic long-term side effects that may not be evident until many months or

years later. Since genetic and chemical information is continually traded and shared between virtually all cells within the human organism and the human microbiome

as part of a complex messaging system, genetically engineered information can enter this pool with unforeseen, unintentional and unstudied side effects.

Incorporating genetically engineered information into other species of bacteria and viruses in the human microbiome and virome could create a de novo genetic breeding program similar to what is seen when antibiotics select resistant organisms or “super bugs” that share or trade genetic information for resistance.

Monkeying with the genome with this heretofore untested and unproven technology may open up an entirely new and unprecedented frontier of medical terrorism by

creating new genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) capable of affecting the body in unforeseen ways, entering the microbiome and dispersing freely in the environment.  This unregulated trial without adequate safety studies is reminiscent of other failed experiments that have led to other environmental and health disasters. 

Safety testing is not an area that can or should be skipped or overlooked since these changes can have long lasting ramifications with unknown and unpredictable

consequences across the entire ecosystem, not restricted to their intended use.  Just like “Silent Spring:”

“We stand now where two roads diverge…The road we have long been travelling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed,

but at its end lies disaster.”

No one knows exactly what the long-term effects on the microbiome, the environment or the human immune system will develop from these vaccines because they

have been fast-tracked without time to consider either short or long-term safety and efficacy.

Additionally, after spending billions of dollars to rapidly develop several COVID-19 vaccines at “warp speed,” the world is facing an unprecedented ethical dilemma:

will otherwise healthy people, at low risk of illness be directly mandated or indirectly pressured to take an unproven, untested medical product that even the US

supreme court ruled in 2010 in BRUESEWITZ ET AL. v. WYETH LLC, FKA WYETH, INC., ET AL., to be “unavoidably unsafe”?

Vaccinating otherwise healthy individuals, already at low risk of complications from COVID-19, with an untested, unproven vaccine capable of inducing significant environmental and immune system havoc is inadvisable, unnecessary and reckless.

This not only increases risk of exposure to chemicals, toxins, adjuvants, viral and genetic contaminants in the vaccines, but increases the risk of promoting chronic

immune stimulation and hyperinflammation, particularly in women who are more susceptible.

Mandating this vaccine for everyone, including healthy people, rather than offering it to those at highest risk, would be a mistake, a gross corruption of the democratic

process, a violation of the Nuremburg Codes and a flagrant violation and neglect of the principles of “informed consent.”

The COVID-19 pandemic desperately begs to be studied in relation to the long-term effects of using conventional allopathic medicines and vaccines. Failure to heed

these connections, or to explore the relationship between what preceded this pandemic and what follows, may mean the difference between environmentally based

health and man-made provoked (iatrogenic) chronic illness.  Pandemics may become more prolonged and commonplace as environmental and microbiome destruction,

mass extinctions, and climate changes accelerate under this pernicious approach to health and the environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a side-effect of the conventional medical approach to health, which has proven to be as unsustainable and deeply injurious to human health

as unfettered capitalism and industrialism have proven to be to the complex living ecosystem and climate of the entire planet.

“That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above,” or as above, so below.


Suizid: Werther-Effekt

Antidepressants Trigger Suicide and Aggression

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, did a review and meta-analysis of the relationship between antidepressant treatment and suicidality and aggression based on 64,381 pages of clinical reports. They found that pharmaceutical antidepressant treatment actually doubles the risk for suicide in children and adolescents.

ZEIT ONLINE geht behutsam mit dem Thema Suizid um, da es Hinweise darauf gibt, dass bestimmte Formen der Berichterstattung zu Nachahmungsreaktionen führen. Wissenschaftler nennen dieses Phänomen Werther-Effekt, in Anlehnung an Goethes Roman Die Leiden des jungen Werther, nach dessen Veröffentlichung sich eine Reihe junger Männer das Leben nahm.

Nachdem der deutsche Nationaltorwart Robert Enke 2009 sein Leben beendete, nahm die Zahl der Suizide auf Bahnstrecken in Deutschland zu. Markus Schäfer und Oliver Quiring von der Universität Mainz berichten, dass in den ersten vier Wochen nach Enkes Tod in Deutschland 133 Suizide mehr verzeichnet wurden, als laut der amtlichen Todesursachenstatistik für diesen Zeitraum zu erwarten gewesen wäre (Schäfer & Quiring, 2013).

In der Psychologie gibt es verschiedene Erklärungsansätze für den Werther-Effekt. Als anerkannt gilt vor allem die Theorie des Modelllernens des Psychologen Albert Bandura, die besagt, dass sich Menschen Verhaltensweisen aneignen, die sie zuvor bei anderen Menschen beobachtet haben – besonders, wenn sie sich mit der Person identifizieren können.


Untersuchungen legen nahe, dass bestimmte Formen der Berichterstattung ein besonders hohes Identifizierungspotenzial bieten und deshalb vermieden werden sollten (Ziegler & Hegerl, 2002). Eine umfassende Untersuchung von Forschern der New Yorker Columbia University hat herausgefunden, dass häufige, prominente und reißerische Berichterstattung über Suizide Jugendliche zur Nachahmung motiviert (Gould et al., 2014). Es ist wahrscheinlich, dass soziale Medien den Werther-Effekt noch verstärken, untersucht wurde das bislang nicht.

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Suizidprävention rät dazu, keine Fotos oder Abschiedsbriefe der betreffenden Person zu veröffentlichen und heroisierende oder romantisierende Beschreibungen des Suizids zu vermeiden. Das Motiv für die Selbsttötung dürfe höchstens allgemein, aber nicht als nachvollziehbar dargestellt werden. Der Deutsche Presserat empfiehlt ebenfalls Zurückhaltung. Dies gelte insbesondere für die Nennung von Namen und die Schilderung näherer Umstände wie Ort und Methode der Selbsttötung.

Völlig ausklammern wird ZEIT ONLINE das Thema Suizid nicht, da es gesellschaftlich relevant ist und viele Menschen betrifft, etwa schwer an Depressionen Erkrankte

oder Angehörige.

Hilfe holen

Suizidgedanken ähneln einem Teufelskreis, der unausweichlich scheint, sich aber durchbrechen lässt. Häufig sind sie eine Folge psychischer Erkrankungen wie Psychosen, Sucht, Persönlichkeitsstörungen und Depressionen, die mit professioneller Hilfe gelindert und sogar geheilt werden können.

Betroffene finden zum Beispiel Hilfe bei der Telefonseelsorge unter der Telefonnummer 0800 - 111 0 111 und 0800 - 111 0 222. Die Berater sind rund um die Uhr erreichbar, jeder Anruf ist anonym, kostenlos und wird weder von der Telefonrechnung noch vom Einzelverbindungsnachweis erfasst. Direkte Anlaufstellen sind zudem Hausärzte sowie auf Suizidalität spezialisierte Ambulanzen in psychiatrischen Kliniken, die je nach Bundesland und Region unterschiedlich organisiert sind. Eine Übersicht über eine Vielzahl von Beratungsangeboten für Menschen mit Suizidgedanken gibt es etwa auf der Website der Deutsche Gesellschaft für Suizidprävention.

Suizidgefahr erkennen

Wer den Verdacht hegt, dass ein Freund oder Angehöriger an Suizid denkt, sollte ihn in zunächst darauf ansprechen und dabei unterstützen, professionelle Hilfe zu suchen. Wichtig sei es, auf Warnsignale zu achten und diese ernst zu nehmen – etwa 80% aller Selbsttötungen werden zuvor angekündigt.

Besorgniserregend seien nicht nur klare Suiziddrohungen und -ankündigungen, sondern auch indirekte Äußerungen der Hoffnungslosigkeit wie "Es hat alles keinen Sinn mehr" oder "Irgendwann muss auch mal Schluss sein". Zudem könnten bestimmte Verhaltensweisen auf Suizidgedanken hindeuten. So wollen suizidgefährdete Menschen häufig ihre Angelegenheiten ordnen, also zum Beispiel Wertgegenstände verschenken oder ihr Testament aufsetzen. Auch stimmt der Entschluss zur Selbsttötung manche Menschen mit Depressionen ruhiger und weniger verzweifelt, was häufig als Besserung des psychischen Zustands missinterpretiert wird.

Hilfe für Angehörige bietet neben der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Suizidprävention auch der Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch Kranker unter der Rufnummer 01805 950 951 und der Festnetznummer 0228 71 00 24 24 sowie der E-Mailadresse


[Carolyn Burdet]

Dead, messenger bridging to other realms

Vultures, Ravens and Owls have a particular connection with death, fears of death, dreams of the dead; these birds have a mythical role as harbinger or messenger, bridging other realms.

Asphodelus ramosus = Ästige Affodill (Asphodelaceae)/Persephone geweihte Totenblume/bewächst den Asphodeliengrund + = Nahrung der Toten/Persephone trägt

einen Kranz aus asphodels Asparagales


Sagt Tod voraus: Acon., Arsen., Tea.;

[Louis Klein]

The parasitic and dependent qualities of Fungi. are also shared by Orchids. In many of the Orchid remedies there are themes of helplessness yet cooperation.

Related issues of Orchids give and demand care and support.

Heightened Senses and extreme Sensitivity

In the Orchid provings, the senses were accentuated. There can be hypersensitivity in one type of sense or in various senses particularly profound was the sense of sight,

with light playing an important role. Touch was also heightened and refined. We can also see the seemingly opposite situation – where the senses are overwhelmed,

and therefore blocked, and expression is stultified, even apparently impossible (in many neurobehavioral disorders and autism).


Acherontia atropos. = Totenkopfschwärmer/= Death’s Head Hawkmoth/= Honigdieb

Agri. (= Odermennig/= Bubenläuse./= Fünfblatt/= Kaiserkraut/= Leberkraut/= Klettenkraut/= Natternzunge./= immortal. crane.

= Brustwurz/= Schafklette/= Magenkraut/= Steinkraut/= Kirchturm/= Milzblüh).



Aloe..Jesus balsamiert mit Aloe

Aluminium chlorid.


Asphalt Schwarzgruppe natürliches Asphalt wird Erdpech genannt/entsteht aus Erdöl durch Sauerstoffaufnahme Baumaterial.

Banis-c. = Liane/= Yage/= Ayahuasca/= “Spirit of the dead”/= Magic vine

Banshee (Irisch-Gälisch) = Frau aus dem Feenreich (= grüne Frau/weiß gekleidet + weiße Haaren)/kündigt Tod in der Familie an Orakel Canarium luzoniocum = Elemi Sapindales.

Räucherwaren. Farbstoffen.

Beryll Symbol of immortality and faith


Cedrus atlantica + decidora

Chamael-d. found in stories relating both to the Creation and the origin of Death


Crocodilian. connected to the underworld and to death. Sobek was the crocodilian God directly related to Set, the God of darkness and death. They were described as ferryman for departed souls as well as judges of the dead.

Croc-s. Der Himmel ist ausgelegt mit Saffran Islam

Erysimum. cheiranthoides = Acker-Schöterich/= Acker-Schotendotter/= Gänsesterbkraut/= Goldlack-Schotendotter/= Lack-Schöterich/= Ruderal-Goldlack/= steenraket

Ferrum sulfat. = Eisenvitriol

Haffkine plague received an all-telling nickname - Black Death





Xestobium rufovillosum. = Gescheckte Nagekäfer/= Bunte Pochkäfer/= Totenuhr


Agar-ph. w = Amanita phalloides/= Grüner Knollenblätterpilz/= death cap

Agri. = Odermennig/= Bubenläuse/= Fünfblatt/= Kaiserkraut/= Leberkraut/= Klettenkraut/= Natternzunge/= immortal crane/= Brustwurz/= Schafklette/= Magenkraut/=

Steinkraut/= Kirchturm/= Milzblüh

Bufo. = Kröterückendrüsenschleim Symbol des Todes/der Geizigkeit/der Wohllust

Corpse powder = Asche. Verstorbenen gebraucht in Hexerei der Navaho.

Cerbera odollam = Selbstmordbaum/= Milchbaum/= Schellenbaum Gentianales. Enthält Digit.-ähnliche Substanz

Chamaeleon. in African mythology, considered as evil omens in some parts of Africa and found in stories relating both to the Creation and the origin of Death.

Cygni.  = Schwan = keltische Göttin/= Todesbote

Didelphimorphia. = Opossums spritzen ein stinkender Flüssigkeit, die Todesgeruch imitiert

Dros. = Sonnentau/= Rosa solis/= Sundew/= Himmelstau/= Herrgottslöffel/= Himmelslöffelkraut/= Spölkrut/= Widdertod

Hyos. Hellas: the dead were wandering adorned with henbane (Vermeulen, 2004).

Iris. Greek goddess Iris leads the souls of dead women and lays Irises on their graves.

Leichenverwesung riecht nach Indol. und Skatol.

Lac-o. = Schleiereulen = Symbol von Pallas Athene/= Künderin des Todes/des Feuers

Lepra-königx = Hüter der Tote


Mel. 'To fall into a jar of honey' became a common metaphor for 'to die.'

Morph. = Alkaloid Op/Morpheus = Hypnossohn (= Schlaf)/= Tantalos Zwillingsbruder (= Tod)

Ocker [(= verwittertes. Brauneisenstein (= FeO.) + Ton. + Kalk + Quarz.) = Blut. des Emu./der Traumzeitwesen/= Symbol Wiedergeburt/Leben Todesgruppe. Tauschwährungsgruppe

Farbstoff. Grabbeigaben.)].

Op. = Symbol vor Morpheus (= Gott der Nacht)/Tantalos = Todesgott/göttliche Kraft

Strigiformes = Eule. überbringt. den Tod./Schwarze. Magie/kann unhörbar fliegen/verbunden mit Querc./Ginster./Wiesenkönigin. Aves.


Abs. = Wolfzausert/= Artemisium absinthium/= Mugwort/= Alsem/= Eberreis/= Grabkraut/= Magenkraut

Acon. = Blauen Eisenhut/= Monkshood/= Ziegentod/= Teufelswurz/= Sturmhut/= Venuswagen

Bell. = Regenblume/= Tollkirsche/= Wutbeere/= Sautod/= Säukraut/= Teufelsbeere/= Banewort/= dead nettle/= deadly nightshade/= Wolfsaugen/= Windbeere

Canarium luzoniocum = Elemi Sapindales. Farbstoffe.

Colch. = „Arsen vegetabil“/= Leichenblume/= Hundshoden/= Lausblume/= Teufelsbrot/= Kuheuter/= Wolfsaugen/= Meadow saffran/= Naked ladies/= Hundszwiebel

Calen. = Sonnerose/= Sonneringel/= Ringelblume/= Souci des Jardins /= Common marygold/= Totenblume

Corvus. = house crow; Symbol von Yama (= Todesgott)

Haff. Pest = Schwarze Tod/Tb. = weiße Pest/= weiße Tod

Galph. = Palo del muerto (= Todesstock)

Gymno. = Geweihbaum/= Kentuckycoffeetree/= doodsbeenderenbaum

Gynostemma pentaphyllum. = Jiaogulan/= Kraut der Unsterblichkeit

Kalm. = Breitblättrige Berglorbeer/= Blätter/= Lambkill

Kara. Nüsse gebraucht als Nahrung/Blätter als Kranz bei Begräbnisse

Lami-a. = Weiße Taubenessel/= Orie blanche/= White dead nettle/= deadly nightshade

Lat-m. = Schwarze Witwe

Manc. = Manzinella de la muerte

Ephilitic orchidaceae. death and dying is important and in Fungal remedies.

Paliurus spina christi = Rhamnus spina christi = Christusdorn/= Judendorn/in Islam. werden Toten gewaschen mit Sud aus dessen Blätter Rosales.

Ipomoea arborescens = Palo. del muerto Solanales.

Skelettopal. = Kieselsäure aus fossile Skeletten

Perchta Spindel/Magische Spiegel./Hund./= Todesgöttin

Pluto. = Nachtgott

Rausch aus Leinsamendampf bei Totenfeier

Ran-s. = Gifthahnenfuß/= Morteaux vaches/= Celeryleaved crowtort

Ros-c. Weiße Rose = bewohnt von Seele/= Todesanzeiger. Fest der Rosalia in den Mai o. Juni/schmückte die Gräber mit Rosen, um die Toten zu ehren und um Trost zu spenden. 

Salx-f. = Crack willow/custom of "knocking on wood" comes from the practice of knocking on a willow tree for luck.

Schnee. = weiße Tod

Schmetterlingen. begleiten das Sterben           


Scut. = scullcap/= helmetflower/= hoodwort/= mad-dog weed

Spiegel. = Glas bedeckt mit Arg-n + andere Stoffen/= für Zauber gebraucht/wird abgedeckt zwischen Sterben und Begräbnis


Tillandsia asteroides. = Haar einer Prinzessin/getötet an ihre Hochzeitstag von Feinden/der trauernde Bräutigam schnitt es ab und hängte es in einen Baum

Totes Meersalzen

Yucca. Navaho waschen Haaren der Toten mit Sud aus dessen Blätter

Vinc. zur Tode Verurteilten trugen Kränzen


Anobium punctatum = Gemeine Nagekäfer/= Holzwurm/= Totenuhr/erzeugt keine Klopfgeräusche.

Trogium pulsatorium = Totenuhr/Vertreter der Staubläuse (Troctidae). Insekt. erzeugt ein Klopfen durch das Aufschlagen des Hinterleibes auf den Boden.

Xestobium rufovillosum = Gescheckte Nagekäfer/= Bunte Pochkäfer/Vertreter der Klopfkäfer (Anobiidae). Männliche Käfer trommelt mit den Hinterbeinen auf Holz um Geschlechtspartner zu locken.









Gefilde des Todes:

Die alten Ägypter glaubten Sonnenboote. würden sie nach dem Tod befördern

Asphodelus ramosus = Ästige Affodill Asparagales./Persephone geweihte Toteblume/bewächst den Asphodeliengrund in Hades + = Nahrung der Toten Alt-Hellas

Triantha glutinosa = false. Asphodel Asterales.

Colch. im Hades wandeln die Seele zwischen Herbstzeitlosen


Pearly. Gates = Zugang zum Himmel

LSD. = Lysergsäurediethylamit/= „Acid“/= „Trip“/= Cubes/= Delysid/= Wedding Bells/= Royal Blue/= Pearly Gates/= Heavenly Blue

Regenbogen.x = Zugang zu Asgaard (= Himmel in N. Europa)

Schmetterlinge.x sind überall in den „Himmel“ der Irokesen


Thanatose = Tod stellen/= Schreckensstarre (In Koma fallen ähnlich?/Verharren?).  (Trauma)

[W.A. Dewey M.D.]

When hysterical attacks are found with fainting, other drugs may be indicated (Asaf. Cocc-i. Ign. Nux-m.) but in most cases Moschus will be the similimum.

The simulation of tetanic spasms, the unconsciousness or frequent swooning will point to Moschus.

Xenon.: mostly works faster and better than Op. Can be prescribed preventiv (patients scared for the operation and the after effects). Quelle:

Is the strongest of the noble gasses in anesthetic effects. Inhaled produces complete anesthesia, coma. It would be ideal in the operation room to induce anesthesia (expensive).
According to the Law of similars it is clear that Xenon must be a great remedy for coma and similar like states, such as after effects of anesthesia or the coma after accidents.

POTENTIAL: Ruhe bewahren bei plötzlichen Gewaltattacken. Apiales Anhang.x

Thanatos, the Greek god of death,  was carried by a butterfly (Aztec). (Krebs: apoptosis or self-destruction)


[Roger Morrison]

There are over twenty aliphatic. compounds used in homeopathy. The best known: Acet-ac. Aetherum, Alcol. Aml-ns. Chloralum, Glon. and Ox-ac.




Ardea cinerea = herodias = Fischreiher Quelle:


Aves viele Vögel machen Thanatose im Gefahr/Colibri als Schlaf

Bungaris fasciatus. tagsüber/beißt nur nachts


Ciconia ciconiax

Coccus cacti. sondert bei Gefahr eine gelbliche, übelriechende Flüssigkeit ab, die giftige Alkaloide enthält, und stellt sich dabei tot.

Coccinella septempunctata. = Himmelskuh/= Lady Bug/= Ladybird/= siebenpunktiger Marienkäfer/= Sonnenkäfer



Didelphisx = Opossum

Alle Spinnenx

Gallus gallusx = Huhn

Iguana iguana = Lizard Quelle:

Lac-asinum stur wie ein Esel

Lat-hx feigns death when disturbed.

Überall Feinde, höchste Gefahr, Ablenkungsmanöver: tut so als wäre nichts





Naja mossambicax

Narc-psx Narkissos ist von unstillbarer Liebe zu seinem eigenen im Wasser gespiegelten Bild erfüllt/durch seinen eigenen Spiegelbild auf dem Wasser gefesselt/verwandelt

er sich durch Schreck in Narcissus

Nat-mx Lots Frau schaut zurück nach Sodom-Gomorrha und erstarrt zu einer Salzsäule

Natrix natrixx = Common European Grass Snake/= Ringelnatter

Oryctolagus cuniculus



Ornix BB Schock/Trauma/Schrecksituation macht EINdruck/lindert Schrecksituation

Paracanthurus hepatusx


Vögelx aus Schwäche

Fährmann der Toten

Charon Über Styx

Cerberis = Hundx





The mineral remedies are more likely to kill themselves.

Arg-nx jumping from a height/but he avoids placing himself in such a position.


Nat-sx a strong impulse to destroy himself.

Bismuthum. remedies frequently needed were someone near has committed suicide. Suicide of a relative/friend leads to deep feeling of guilt/feels responsible (Goldseries)/thinks about what could have be done to prevent it/accused by the person who committed suicide: “the world is miserable and no one (you) does anything that

I can stay in this world”.

The feelings of guilt can also go one stage deeper. They start to feel not only that they didn’t prevent the suicide/but they even killed the relative. This can arise after having had a quarrel/of having hurt the relative some way. Or after they have had bad thoughts about that relative (wished him dead). The wish is seen as the cause (child’s magical thinking).

At the same time there’s nothing they can do about it anymore. Suicide cannot be corrected. It’s over: Stage 15. The power to do something for the suicidal relative = lost/having thoughts of responsibility that they cannot substantiate/can lead to suicidal thoughts in themselves/guilt feelings are heavy leading to deep depression.

The circle is closed. Remedies combining Bismuthum with Carbonseries: Bism-c. Bism-n. Bism-o. Bism-f.


Hyosx tötet in kühlen Blutes

Stramx tötet in blinder Wut

Hepx droht zu töten

[J.T. Kent]

Iodine has the impulse to kill, not from anger, not from any sense of justice, but without any cause. An overwhelming anger is often a cause for violence but the impulses

are not of that sort in Iodine.

Ars. and Hep. patients also have impulses to commit murder without being offended and without cause.  It is recorded under Hepar that a barber had an impulse to cut the throat of his patron with the razor while shaving him.


Amaranthaceaex Symbol of immortality in ancient Greece

Helichrysum italicum (= Immortelle/= Italienische Strohblume/= Currykraut) Asteralesx

Immergrünx Symbol of immortality in ancient Greece

Tb.x = weiße Tod/= weiße Pest.

Vergleich: Siehe: Trauergruppe + Grabbeigaben + Hüter der Schwelle + Anhängsel (J.A. Mirilli: Repertory) + Anhang (alt werden] + Exkarnieren

(sterben) + Organspende (Rosina Sonnanschmidt/Hinrich Baumgart) + Illness and Death in Different Cultures and Religion (Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari )

Anubis = the dogheaded God of Death - ancient Egypt

Aphroditex war auch eine finstere Todesgöttin/wie ihre Namen Melaina = die Schwarze/Skotia = die Dunkle oder Tymborychos = die Begrabende andeuten

Banshee (Irisch/Gallisch) = Frau aus dem Feenreich (= grüne Frau)/weiß gekleidet + weiße Haaren/Bote kündigt Tod in der Familie an.

Ereschkigal Lapis lazulix/Löwex/Tod/Göttinnenx

Herz.x = Sitz der Seele (Herzskarabäus auf Mumien gelegt/soll verhindern, dass das Herz des Toten sich beim Göttergericht verplappert) (Ägypten)

Mictlantecuthli = Herrscher des Totenreichs (wie Poseidon) Azteken

Perchta (Frau Holle) Holunderstrauch/= dämonische Spinnerin steht in Zusammenhang mit Schicksalsfrauen den Nornen. Attribute: Wollknäuel und Spindel/Magische. Spiegel/Hund/= Todesgöttin

bestraft Faulheit/Neugier mit Albträumen bis Bauch aufschlitzen (Rotkäppchen)/Brunnen/belohnt Fleiß/Hilfsbereitschaft. [vollen Spulen/goldenen Fäden/Flachknoten/Münzen. (vorwiegend am Brunnen). Hütet am Brunnen/Teich noch nicht geborene Seelen.  Holunderstrauch/= dämonische Spinnerin steht in Zusammenhang mit Schicksalsfrauen (Nornen.). Attribute: Wollknäuel und Spindel

Vogelfrei = Verstoßenx

Leichenverwesung riecht nach Indol. und Skatol.x

Münze. wird Tote im Mund. gegeben als Lohn für den Übergang

Auchenorrhyncha. = Zikade

Allerlei: Hades entführt Persephone (Tochter Zeus + Demeter). Er lässt sie Nahrung der Toten essen und nun muss sie 6 Monate jedes Jahr im Hades verbringen (= Winter/Demeter ist ohne Tochter depressiv und verursacht den Winter) und verweilt 6 Monate über die Erde bei ihre Mutter (= Sommer).

Osiris (Egypt) was murdered by his brother. Set.  His wife + sister Isis resurrected him/he became god of the dead + underworld. (= „Sitz des Auge.s”) Gott der Vegetation/des Nils/Fruchtbarkeit.

Symbolen: Tausendfüßler/grüner Haut/Krummstab/Weizen/gemischt mit Ton als Opfer

India: Weiße Oktaeder (= achtflächig) = Indra geweiht (Sturm-/Blitz-Gott)/schwarze Oktaeder (= Ursprung der Dämonen) = Yama (= Todesgott) geweiht

Herz = Sitz der Seele. (Herzskarabäus. auf Mumien gelegt/soll verhindern/dass das Herz des Toten sich beim Göttergericht nicht verplappert) (Ägypten)

China: Symbolen der Unsterblichkeit: Hirsch, Pilz, Pfirsiche

Wurden mit physischem Körper im „Himmel“ getragen (Religionen)

Aeneis = Vater des Romulus und Remus


Elias = jüdischer Prophet

Herakles wurde brennend auf den Olymp getragen




Romulus = Gründer Roms


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Schlaf ist kleiner Bruder des Todes“

„Mit dem ersten Schrei ist der Tod dabei“

„Alle weltlichen Dinge sind nur ein Traum im Frühling. Betrachte den Tod als Heimkehr.


„Das Feste und Harte gehört den Tode/das Weiche und Schwache gehört das Leben“


„Philosophieren ist sterben lernen“



[Wolfgang Rissmann]

Sycotic characteristics in a depressive person/are among the positive signs that make suicide less probable. These characteristics obstruct psychotherapy as they contribute

to a lack of flexibility.


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