Vergleich: Apis. Ars. Mosch (Abel. = Ersatz). Staph.

Comparison. Tilia cordata with Abelmoschus

Vergleich Abelmoschus + Gossypium;

Siehe: Malvales + Räucherwaren + Pflanzen Anhang 7

Geruch: Ambra Abel Moschus.




[B. Lancaster]

Parallel between types of knowledge and the story in Genesis of the first brothers Cain and Abel. The character of each relates to the derivation of his name: Cain from the Hebrew root Kana = to acquire;

1st these two options is the kind of knowledge which involves separation from the object; knowing the object as a 'thing' to be acquired, controlled and manipulated.

It involves an active grasping of the object in terms of familiar frames of reference.

Abel from Hevel, meaning vapour or breath. These brothers portray, in archetypal language, the two options available to the human mind in its quest to know the world'........

2nd kind of knowledge is arrived at by fusion with object, knowing it from the inside. This involves a more passive reception of the object's qualities which defy analysis along familiar lines.'

The physicist Eddington made a clear distinction between these two form of knowing, calling the former symbolic and the latter intimate knowledge. While many authors may well have drawn similar distinctions, there is a certain amount of agreement on the distinguishing characteristics. The first mode is 'dualistic, ego enhancing and proceeds through conceptualisation: the second is direct and associated with a lowering of ego boundaries-- even feeling ourselves fuse with the object'.

Cain therefore comes to characterise very much the former mode, motivated by the desire to acquire and to distinguish clearly his own territory, and his relation to all objects. While Abel, signifying breath may imply the possibility of a direct unsullied contact with the world. Moreover these dissimilar modes which clearly divides the scientist from the mystic, have found to be not, merely a question of speculation, but to be basedom distinct neurological functions of our right and left brain hemispheres. It has become clearly established through much research, especially with the Split Brain experiments done on epileptics in the 1960's, that the left hemisphere has been found to be predominantly involved with analytic processes, especially with the production of speech and appears to process input in a sequential manner.


Aquila chrysaetos. Erstgeborene stößt Zweitgeborene aus dem Nest

Aquila pomarina = Schreiadler Erstgeborene stößt Zweitgeborene aus dem Nest Aves

Con Flecken auf Stiel = Kains Mal = entstanden in dem Moment das Kain Abel umbrachte

Coyolxauhqui goldene Glocken = Mond/ermordet vom eigenem Bruder/Azteken

Dionysios (= christliche Heiliger + Nachfolger Dionysos/= Wanderheilige)/verzeiht der Mörder seines Bruders und rettet ihn.

Hödur (blind) kills his brother Baldur (Nordic mythology).

Romulus killed Remus, his twin brother + co-founder of Rome.

Osiris (Egypt) was murdered by his brother Set. His wife + sister Isis resurrected him/he became god of the dead + underworld. (= „Sitz des Auges”) Gott der Vegetation/

des Nils/Fruchtbarkeit. Symbolen: Tausendfüßler/grüner Haut/Krummstab/Weizen gemischt mit Ton als Opfer

Cygnus cygnus.

Welwitschia mirabilis.x


Allgemein: S. India: Zwillinge haben heilende Kräfte. Nach meine eigene Erfahrung brauchen Mütter von Zwillingen Sep. als ob ihre Hormonhaushalt erschöpft ist.



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