Totes Meer (Yam-Ha)

Vergleich: Enthält: Approx. Mag-m. (53%) + Nat-m. (30%) + Calc-m. (14,4%) + Kali-m. (4,4%) + zahlreiche Spurenelemente + wenig Sulfat + relativ viel Bromide + natürliches Teer.;

Siehe: Salzseen + Aquae allgemein + Todesgruppe + Anhang (Müller)




[Natasha Wallace]

Mental and emotional themes.


            Mostly causeless, “Feeling really excited and anxious, not sure why“. When a cause was identified it was menial. The feeling was intense and physical manifestation

prominent, “Feel very nervous not only mentally but physically“. Anxiety felt as “Butterflies in my stomach”. “an uneasy feeling in my stomach” and “a knot in my


A strong sensation of “Too much unstable energy building up in my solar plexus then moves up and culminates in my cheek bones which makes me feel like I want

to cry and in my TMJ like I am blushing uncontrollably. It is almost unbearable and I have to look away“.

Relaxed and Calm

This was followed by a period of mental calmness. Provers felt “very relaxed and at peace all day”. There were, “Strange feelings of calm resolution“. Provers tended to take

everything in their stride during this period. “Happy to just go with the flow“. “My mind is so calm and peaceful, really enjoying just being. Nothing seems worry me“.

Poor Concentration

            Featured very prominently and was experienced by 61% of the provers. The lack of concentration < a tendency for daydreaming and “losing my train of thought”.

This lead to an inability to study as well as a difficulty in focusing and taking in information. Provers couldn’t “get into the right frame of mind to do constructive

Work and the attention span was so shortened that they “Can’t sit for more than 30 min. before having to get up and move around” and “Can’t kick my head into

gear”. This lead to study time being inefficient, “Very aware of the fact I have limited time but am working very slowly”. Accompanying this was mental exhaustion


            Acted as fuel for a complete lack of motivation for academic work. “Couldn’t make myself do any work today”, “Really need someone to slap me and tell me

            to wake up to the fact that I have an enormous amount of work and pressure at the moment but I’m just messing around”. A tendency towards procrastination and

watching television instead of working, despite approaching deadlines

This theme was further emphasized in a lack of motivation to do anything, “Don’t feel like eating breakfast; just don’t have the motivation to even make oats“.

“Don’t feel like doing anything today”. “Just want to sit around and do nothing, no thinking involved, everything and I mean everything is becoming an intense effort“.

            Despite the lack of concentration and motivation, provers were notably unconcerned about approaching deadlines or tests, “should be learning but just don’t care”.

“I have a lot of work but don’t want to do it. Watch movie instead, not stressed about not working“. This indifference was more pronounced in some,

“I don’t care about anything, can’t even make up my mind about what I want to eat, I just don’t care”.

Irritability and Frustration

            Very prominent theme affecting 78% of the provers with very high intensity in most provers. “Very irritated with everyone, to the point of wanting to scream”.

“My blood is boiling and I just cannot shake it!!!!”, “Oooooooooooooh am very irate, feels like the walls are closing in on me. My ears are ringing, my face hurts,

my chest hurts“.  This level of frustration was accompanied by violent thoughts and impulses, “Getting highly irritated again, feel like smashing someone’s head in”

“Irritable with lady in front of me at the movies. Wanted to rip her head off. Then the girl next to me for slurping, then the guy who pushed in front of us“.

“Extreme irritability. Wanna KILL”, as well as cursing, “I am getting super duper, ultra god damn, fucking pathetically irritated and frustrated with this situation.

I feel like smashing everyone’s head in including my own. Just not able to manage thing at the moment, don’t even have the strength for a wank to possibly calm me

down. Even feel like ripping this book apart. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGHHHH”. Most of the irritability and frustration was felt towards other

people with a portion being attributed to menial things such as, “The slightest breeze irritates me”, “Waiting is irritating me”, “Had breakfast with my granny and

found myself getting really irritated by little things like leaving the fridge open for too long”, “Feeling annoyed at writing in the journal, feel like I have a lot of

other things to do that is more important than doing this as a favour to a friend“. Most of the frustration was felt in the mornings, and weaned off as the day


A thread that runs through the remedy includes symptoms revolving around the female reproductive system and can be seen here as, “I have been very snappy,

It is like I have PMS”. An interesting symptom that came up was, “The language and culture barrier was really driving me mad”. This is very pertinent to the

geographical location of the Dead Sea, being located between Israel and Jordan. There is a vast amount of political and racial intolerance in this area.

Emotionally overwhelmed and crying

            Provers felt completely overwhelmed emotionally, leaving the prover in tears at the slightest provocation. “Feeling really emotional, crying for all sorts of things

            that usually wouldn’t effect me”, “Very teary today, I have cried 3x for things I wouldn’t usually get upset about. Cried after getting a test back and after watching

            Oprah, episode about starving kids”, “Just walked into spar and started crying. Crying for little things”, “By 13:30 h. I was crying uncontrollably. A small incident

            made me feel overwhelmed and I felt like I couldn’t cope. I became dizzy and lost control of my emotions“. There was also a marked desire to cry accompanied by

            an aversion to company, “Felt really emotional, went and had some wine and cried for 6 hours, just wanted to be alone“. “Feel completely emotionally drained,

            couldn’t wait for the day to end. Built up throughout the day and eventually just felt like I needed to sit down and have a good cry and be alone”.

Depression and Hopelessness versus Mania

            This, together with frustration and irritability, was notably the most pertinent mental theme. The depression was felt as a deep sense of hopelessness that no one

            could understand, “Feeling frustrated and alone. Just want to cry, I’m crying pulling at my hair and rocking back and forth. I just feel like I’m in a hopeless situation

            and I just can’t fix it. No one understands“. “Hopeless feeling. I don’t feel I can cure the situation. Whatever it is”. This was accompanied by a great sense of self

            There were thoughts of “ending it all. Just plotting the ways”, “perhaps death would have been easier than dealing with this shit life”.

The depression was also described as, “a dark blanket has settled upon me. I feel hopeless like there is no light left in the world“. “black clouds”, “feeling blue”

“I have no interest in this day. Feel like I am spiraling fast into a deep sea of depression“.

Depression was a central theme in the remedy and was felt deeply/described as being engulfed by darkness as if there was “no light left in the world” and they were

“spiralling into a deep sea of depression”. There was a sense of hopelessness and loneliness in a situation that they had to “cure” + a strong sense of self

pity. During this phase provers withdrew and wanted to be alone as they felt alone in a world where no one understands their plight.

This loneliness was described as “pangs that came over me like waves”. There was a sense of being emotionally overwhelmed which left the provers in tears at the

slightest provocation. These crying spells lasted between 40 min and 6 hours at a time. There was a sensation of being trapped accompanied by a need to escape to a

place of freedom.

The depth of the depression was such that suicide was contemplated # a manic phase in which provers experienced an exaggerated sense of self belief and

confidence, feeling “superhuman”. Provers felt suddenly euphoric, bubbly, carefree and silly. There was a tendency to put on some kind of performance, such as

singing, dancing, jumping up and down, laughing, shouting and “running around like a crazy person”, for an audience after which there was a feeling of fullfillment.

This phase induced high energy levels and a happy and joyful disposition. Inspiration and love of everything was a strong result. This phase was accompanied by a

rebellious spontaneity during which one prover stood in front of a mirror and pierced her own tongue. Within a day of handing in her diary she promptly removed it

and has as yet not thought about it again.

These states alternated in quick succession.

Loneliness and Isolation

            There was a pull in two directions in this theme. A strong aversion to company when depressed and sad, yet there was a need for someone to understand what they

            were going through. “I just wanted to be alone“. “I feel very quiet and withdrawn, just want to be alone”, “Hiding in my room, “go away and LEAVE ME ALONE”,

“Don’t want to speak to anyone, feeling sad and lonely and tired”. Contradicted by, “Felt pangs of loneliness that came over me like waves even though I wasn’t


“feeling a sense of loneliness – poor me. Nobody understands“. I feel isolated with where I am in my stage of life“.

Needing Affection

            In contradiction to the aversion to company when depressed or crying, there was a need for affection; “Feel an intense need to receive affection – became needy

            and clingy“. “Feeling good, a bit clingy – just want to hold my partner“.


            The deep depression was antithesised by a manic phase. These two phases tended to occur in quick succession of one another and gave a bipolar impression.

There was a definite rise in self belief and confidence, together with a feeling that “, I can attack anything that today brings” During this phase provers developed a

sense of having, “some sort of superhuman power“. as well as “ Feeling strangely empowered and good about myself“. This was often accompanied by a tendency or

desire to put on a performance of some kind such as, “Jumped up and down my room doing ballet”, “Feeling very bubbly and happy with life, pulled pants up to

under breasts and ran around like a crazy person laughing and shouting“. “So energized, so happy from teaching. Its like giving a performance. I feel so fulfilled



            On a lighter scale of intensity was the theme of happiness. This involved “Feeling unusually chirpy”, “in such an awesome mood. Happy and carefree”.

There was a recognition of positive energy. Eg. “Have a sensation that I am surrounded by a positive energy”, “Feel so happy with my little niece and nephew their

energies make me feel so rejuvenated, such innocence is a true breath of fresh air”, “I feel very energized and positive“. Provers were generally in a good mood,

happy, bright and inspired during this phase.


            This may be attributed to the manic phase of feeling superhuman and above the laws of normality. “Really want to get a tattoo. The thought has briefly crossed my

            mind before, but now I really want it. Going to hold off till after proving. I think it’s the remedy”, “I had a sudden urge to pierce my tongue. So I stood in front of the

            mirror and did it myself“. Interesting the day this prover handed in her diary she stood in front of the mirror and removed the piercing. A general feeling of being

            “very spontaneous”.

Mood Swings

            Manic, happy and depression phases alternated within each prover with quick succession. This was also noted by various provers in their journals, “Euphoria ,

now exhaustion, when will the rollercoaster end?” “Felt a bit down, but in the afternoon had a sudden flip in mood where I felt silly and happy“. “Mood swings up

and down, very erratic”. The state can be summarized as, “My mind seems to be getting back on track. The problem is my ability to trust this state of stability.

Why do I not relish in the state of normality. Have I just become to used to the manic swings of moods my mind is currently going through?” “I have contradicting

feelings today: feel confident and good about myself yet I feel like the most terrible person to have ever walked the planet. Not sure what to make of it. So I go back

to cruise-and-don’t think about it mode“.


                                                           There was a sense of being “trapped and NEED to get away” within this remedy. “Feeling like I have to break out of this house aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh”.

Also “a strange feeling of needing freedom”

Empty and Neutral

            When the emotions were not flying from one extreme to another there was a period of neutrality and an “Even and mild mood, no specific feelings, a bit numb“.

Emptiness was also experienced > by company.

Clear Mind

Self Actualization

            Strongly in two provers. Both had a “Sudden feeling that I really need to re-evaluate my life. I need to take a step back and sort out my true desires and needs,

my true dreams, my true talents and how I can use them to my best ability to benefit both me and those around me. It feels like I have a lot on my mind, and I am

taking time out to think about it”. Both provers woke up between 3 h. and 4 h. on the same morning, and wrote an essay on where they are in their lives at this

present moment, where they want to be in the future and a plan on how they were going to get there. Both included self growth and self evaluation as well as a higher

connection to humanity and life. In one of the essays the prover wants to “start a meditation circle for peace in the middle east”. Another prover felt that his mind

was, “Open and a lot of thoughts and ideas going through my head, including relationship, future plans and finances“. In accordance with this theme provers felt a clarity of mind.

The mind felt “Open and fresh”and “very clear”

Spaced out and Floating

            Feeling of being spaced out and floating was prominent. This theme was also expressed as, “Time has slowed down, in a haze”, “Feel like I’m gliding when

            walking”, “A sense of being out of it, mind is fuzzy” and “Drowsy, phased out feeling“.


            Feeling of being drugged was experienced in several ways. Visual disturbances such as, “Eyes are not coordinated with my mind. I see objects but it takes time to

            register what it is“. “Eyes are flitting between scenes, like either my mind or my eyes are too slow to co-ordinate. Like I’m on a hallucinogen”, “Vision and mind are

            unattached. Takes a long time to focus on an object”, I had a weird experience with my rear view mirror. When I got into the car I didn’t have a clear view it was as

            if someone had moved it but it hadn’t moved. No matter how I adjusted it I couldn’t get I clear view. My reflection was distorted if I touched my nose in the mirror it

            looked like I was touching my chin. It was very confusing“. “Feel like I’m coming off an acid trip. Seeing flashes of everything. Can’t keep my eyes steady on one

            thing. Notice every time

I move my eyes. Focus focus focus!!!” There was also a feeling of being “tripped out”, and “Spaced out feeling very intense, feel like I’m on really strong pain


All drugged up“. An unusual reaction to alcohol was noted, “Felt drugged, couldn’t remember much, eyes were dilated. I was very aggressive”, “Instead of feeling

energized before sleepy, I went straight to sleepy“.  Alcohol tolerance was decreased, “My alcohol tolerance is so low, I feel tipsy after just one sip and my cheeks



            Detachment ran through the whole remedy and will be discussed as a theme later on. In the mind it was depicted as “Feel strangely detached from a decision I made

– like it was a head decision more than a heart decision. Then why don’t I feel right about it? Don’t think, just cruise. Giving myself an emotional holiday. Keeping

up pretences and smiling for the outsiders“, “Feel detached as if not part of anything at all”, “Not concerned about anything at all, feel like I am watching myself,

but not quite”.

The experience was so profound in some that he “Woke up with no idea where I was, who I was and what I was doing. It was like I had been somewhere completely

different… astral travelling?” and it “feels like someone has put a hook into my scalp and is pulling me out of my world”. The last symptom was profound when

related to the substance. As if she was a fish that had been hooked and pulled out of the sea, her “world”.


            Intuition was notably more developed during the proving, “Intuition has been unbelievable. I can predict statements and events with phenomenal accuracy”

Premonitions were also noted, “I pictured myself in a silver/grey car, love that colour. Just then my mom phoned me to tell me I can have her silver corsa”.

Discrimination and Lack of Faith in Humanity

            This theme is controversial and I apologize, but I feel it imperative to include it due to its relevance to the substance. There was a sense of anti Semitism noted in the

            remedy. The reasoning was that Jewish men, in particular were weak. This is a very unusual reasoning. This information was only elicited in the interviews as

            provers were afraid of being controversial. When questioned further it was revealed that there was a sense of injustice befalling the Jewish people and that they were

            doing very little to defend their honour and respect. “they need to stand up to America” Along with this came a lack of “faith in humanity, they are stupid and cruel”.

            as well as “questioning people’s deeds and motives and general attitude“.

Discrimination and Violence

This theme is controversial but pertinent to the substance. There was anti-Semitism noted during the proving. The reasoning was that the Jewish men were weak

because Jews are being targeted and aren’t defending themselves adequately. There was also a heightened sensitivity to language and culture barriers. It became

evident in the dreams where provers dreamt of the three major religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism in which Judaism was patronized and the prover rose to its


There were dreams of war in arid areas as well as of the Taliban. A theme in the dreams was of territorial destruction and land reclaims. Being attacked by wild

animals and people was common.


1.     fear for personal safety. “Tried to get to sleep but I kept hearing noises and I was paranoid“.  “I walked around my house because I got paranoid that someone was inside“.

2.     fear for the safety of loved ones, family and friends. “Worried about friends, family, patients – very acutely – was in tears about one of my friends problems“.

3.     Most profound was the fear of symptoms indicating a terminal disease“. I am scared that I have a terminal illness. Feels like the oxygen is just not getting into my blood or is not being carried

due to a blockage. I would imagine chemotherapy or radiation therapy feeling like this I don’t know why. I just want to lie down and close my eyes but I’m scared that if I do I won’t wake up“.

“Got scared after a coughing fit that left a great pain in my heart that I was having a heart attack“. “Still dark stools, worried it might be something terminal, going to see dr. again”, “My chest hurts,

can’t get comfortable, quite a worrying pain”, “My ears are ringing quite badly, should I be worried?”

Poor Memory

            Ties in with the lack of concentration. Short term memory was compromised, “Short term memory loss, quite marked”. In one case memory and concentration was

            greatly improved. “My memory is much better than normal, I’m just flying through mental activities, everything is just flowing”.

False Fronts

There was a tendency to put on a false front of happiness and to hide their true feelings. “Keeping up pretences and smiling for the outsiders“. “Cruising, getting very good at faking the fact

that I’m actually crying inside. But at least everybody around me is content and not noticing anything“. “It feels like I am putting on a mosaic front for everyone. This irritated me more“.

Isolation versus needing affection

There was a feeling of absolute loneliness whether it was in the “stage of life” they were in or that the world doesn’t understand their plight. This was dealt with in 2

ways. There was a tendency to isolate themselves, hiding in their rooms, withdrawing and not wanting to talk to anyone; and a yearning for attention and affection.

            Spaced out/poor concentration versus clarity of mind and self actualisation

            The mind was clouded leaving the provers with an inability to think or concentrate to any degree. There was a difficulty focusing the mind as it would wander as

            well as a complete lack of motivation to do anything, “don’t have the motivation to even make oats”. Provers felt spaced out as if they were just floating above

            reality. Some even felt as if they were drugged, like they were on a hallucinogen. This was experienced visually with flashing lights and a sensation that the eyes

            were not coordinated with the mind as well as through a sympathetic response with dilated pupils and increased skin sensitivity. The mind was detached from

            decisions and events. One prover had the sensation as if “someone has put a hook into my scalp and is pulling me out of my world”.

Followed by a period of mental clarity where the mind felt open and fresh. This theme was felt strongly in two sensitive provers to encompass a morning of self


Both provers woke up on the same morning between 3 – 4 h. and wrote an essay on where they are currently in their lives, where they would like to be and how they

where going to get there. This included the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Both included a plan for self growth and self evaluation as well as a

higher connection to humanity. One prover included the ambition of starting a meditation circle for peace in the Middle East”. Intuition was more developed during

the proving.

An interesting dream that correlates with this theme was experienced. The prover felt tremendous spiritual anguish and pain. Walked into a small sea and swam

across it. When they emerged they felt spiritually awoken and at peace.

Pace versus anxiety and paranoia

            There was a distinct paranoia during the proving. The most profound paranoia was of having a terminal disease, but was also felt for the health and safety of the self

            and loved ones. A causeless anxiety was strong and was characterized by a build up of energy in the solar plexus that moved upwards and culminated in the jaw

            leading to clenching of the jaws. This uneasy energy was also felt in the solar plexus. This was counteracted by a feeling of peace and relaxation. During the phase

            nothing worried the provers and stress was completely absent.


            There were polarities regarding the modalities with provers being >/< stooping/standing erect/warmth. There was either diarrhea or constipation. Pains moved from

            r. to l.

Dehydration experienced in every system. Headaches described as “dehydration” headaches. The skin and mucous membranes were incredibly dry, so much so that

skin flaked and peeled off, eyes burned and the tongue stuck to the roof of the mouth. Constipation was common with dry, small black stool. Patients craved

water/thirst for water was greatly increased. Urine was darker with a more pungent odour indicating that it was more concentrated and one prover’s urine was

actually thick.


interesting theme if one takes into account that the Dead Sea can sustain no life. There were dreams of babies and children in danger or had to be saved.

One prover dreamed of nursing someone elses child and woke up with a sore nipple. There were also dreams of artificial insemination. Provers generally slept in a

foetal position. Symptoms of the female system included ovarian pain and abdominal pain. There was a common sensation of something alive being inside the

abdomen        “like I honestly have a baby kicking inside of me“., “Like something growing inside me”, “someone is poking me from the inside”, “moving around in

my gut like a little creature”. Premenstrual symptoms were experienced without being followed by a menstrual period. There were hot flushes and tender breasts as

well as headaches that described as premenstrual and lower back pain. Only two women menstruated during the proving, but both noticed a significant change.

A brown bleed was bright red and a red bleed became brown.

Provers were notably more amorous and libido was significantly raised in both male and female provers resulting in one prover stating that she had better stay



used was very interesting. Words such as flow and floating were common as were descriptions of ailments coming on in waves. The depression was described as

“spiraling into a deep sea of depression”. There was a feeling of being in a haze, which is interesting as there is a thick haze that hangs over the Dead Sea.

Provers felt like they were “gliding when walking”. Hearing was altered in regard to sound “As if muffled through water”. Stinging pains were described “like I had

scratched myself and the salt was burning it”.

Provers described nocturnal perspiration as if they were waking up in a “sea of sweat”. Flaking of the skin was described as resembling dry salt, white lumps in the

sputum were described as pieces of course salt and nasal discharge was described as salty.

Another theme was one of violence and emerged not only during frustration, where provers wanted to “smash someone’s head”, “to rip her head off”, “wanna kill”,

but in other areas as well. When unmotivated provers wanted to “kick my head into gear” and wanted to “attack anything that today brings” and “take on the day

with full fury“. referring to seizing opportunities. In traffic one prover “overtook them like a savage“. A headache felt as if it would explode if the head was moved.


Malarial miasm: a distinct feeling of being stuck in a situation that is hopeless. They feel isolated as no one can understand the plight they are in. The feeling of being stuck even surfaced

in the dreams. There were intermittent stages of depression and absolute frustration # periods of mania and a sense of being very important with great responsibility. There were also

intermittent attack of violent homicidal and suicidal thoughts. They are lamenting and paranoid. Physical symptoms include rheuma, headaches, skin complaints and complaints of the

respiratory system.


Due to the nature of a homoeopathic drug proving, only a mild form of the disease will be experienced by the prover. The initial phases or mild forms of the diseases treated by

Dead Sea products will be discussed. The diseases being treated at the Dead Sea include

Rheumatic disease




Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary. Disorders


Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Articular Symptoms

Joint pain, swelling, inflammation and progressive immobility govern the symptomatology. Joint pain < morning and recurring towards the evening. Pain is

characterized by remissions and exacerbations. Associated symptoms include redness, warmth and tenderness. Precipitating factors include exercise and emotional

stress where as hot or cold sensitivities and sunlight tend to alleviate symptoms. Pain due to active inflammation < after rest and particularly painful in the morning.          

often > by exercise.

This pain is often experienced due to structural abnormalities. Disease of the cervical spine will refer pain to the shoulder, shoulder disease may present as arm pain,

lumber lesions may cause hip or thigh pain and hip lesions may refer to the knee. Patients often experience early morning stiffness and sporadic joint swelling as

well as loss of function of the joint or decreased range of motion. Location is generally limited to the fingers but joint involvement does progress to include other


Temporomandibular joint disease causes pain on chewing and particularly restricts opening of the mouth.

Comparison with proving symptomatology:

Articular Symptoms

Pain and stiffness was prevalent in all the joints and muscles of the extremities Pain was dull and aching. “Slight joint pain, aching, hot”. Pain was referred from the neck to the muscles of the shoulder

incl. the deltoids, trapezius, rhomboids, levator scapulae and inferior and superior to the clavicles. Hip pain radiated to the quadriceps resulting in an aching sensation and weakness of the muscles.

Weakness was also felt in the arms “Have to rest every 5 words because my arm and hand are tired”. Swelling and inflammation of the joints was with accompanying

hyperaemia of the overlying skin which was warm to the touch. The finger joints were mentioned in particular to being stiff and painful causing spasmodic movements of

the thumbs.

There was a decreased range of motion in most joints due to pain and stiffness (in the cervical region experienced by 45% of the provers). Pain radiated to the muscles of the neck causing stiffness and

decreased range of motion.

Thoracic region similarly affected but not as prominent while the lumber spine very much affected and daily activity limited as a result of the pain and loss of range of motion.

The temporomandibular joint painful and stiff. Tension in the jaw was increased with a mild pain in the masseter muscles resulting in pain on opening the mouth and chewing.

Extra-articular Symptoms

Vasculitis in its mild form produces symptoms such as numbness, tingling and burning. Symptoms are provoked by cold and small changes in temperature.

Fingers most commonly affected. Pleurisy is common and is characterized by sharp, knifelike pain and restricted rib movement as well as obliterative bronchiolitis

which is characterized by acute onsets of breathlessness. Symptoms < breathing/coughing/movement; > by lying on the involved side.

Pericarditis characterized by sharp and knifelike retrosternal pain  (may radiate to the tip of the shoulder and the neck) and < breathing/movement/coughing/lying

down/swallowing; > sitting forward.

Episcleritis is characterized by low grade discomfort, vessels appear pink and may be nodular causing painful, red, gritty eyes as well as disturbances in vision.

Peripheral nerve involvement is not uncommon and is characterized by hypersensitivy, hyposensitivity, numbness and tingling. It initially affects the fingers and

toes and may progress to include the hands and feet. Hoarseness of the voice occurs due to effusion into the cricoartenoid joints.

Constitional symptoms such as fatigue, malaise and muscle weakness are common.

Comparison with proving symptomatology:

Extra-articular Symptoms

Many of the eye symptoms were described as dry and burning “As if on fire” Eyes were very scratchy.

These symptoms mirror those of the episcleritis that is common with rheumatic disorders.

Vasculitis and peripheral neuropathy are both characterized by numbness and tingling and peripheral neuropathy has the added sensation of hyper- or


Both primarily affect the fingers. The proving showed symptomatology of “supersensitive fingers” that intermittently had pins and needles and tingling.

A burning retrosternal chest pain as well as sharp, stabbing pain was reported. < any movement (coughing and deep inspiration).

The chest pain > sleeping propped up on pillows. This pain corresponds with the pain experienced with the pain felt with pleurisy and pericarditis. Sleeps propped

up on pillows is a sign of cardiac distress that may be experienced with prolonged pericarditis. Effusion into the cricoartenoid joints results in hoarseness of the

voice. Painless hoarse voice was reported during the proving.

Constitutional symptoms that are experienced with rheumatoid arthritis include malaise and weakness. This was a very strong theme in the proving of Yam ha-

Melach. Lethargy and extreme tiredness was experienced by 72% of the provers. Provers felt lazy and mentally and physically exhausted from doing nothing


Joint pain is the primary symptom. < towards the end of the day and is < activity. Pain > by rest. Joint pain variable and intermittent and most commonly occurs in

the hips, knees and hands, cervical and lumber spine. Small effusion of the joints may be present (knees). On examination joint are red, warm and tender.             Malfunction of the joints

gives limitation of mobility, instability and stiffness of the joints as well as muscle weakness and pain. Stiffness is frequent, but brief in

the mornings and after inactivity with the development of limitations of motion.

Comparison with proving symptomatology:

Joint pain and stiffness was a prominent symptom throughout the proving. The pain was dull and aching. Hips; and knees were badly affected, “My hips and knees are so sore I can’t get up,

aching like I have arthritis”. Wrists were stiff and aching with a decreased of range of motion. A decrease in joint stability with “knees feel wobbly” this lead to clumsiness and an increased

tendency to injury. Hip pain radiated to the quadriceps resulting in an aching sensation and weakness of the muscles. Weakness was felt in the arms “Have to rest

every 5 words because my arm and hand = tired”. Weight bearing joints were affected. Pain and stiffness was < walking and movement as well as early in the morning.

Pain and stiffness was also experienced in the back. In the cervical region pain and stiffness was very evident. Neck pain was associated with a burning pain in the muscles
The thoracic region was similarly affected but not as prominent while the lumber spine was very much affected

The lower back had a sharp sensation over L4 and L5 which became more diffuse radially. This is indicative of osteoarthritis as the weight bearing, lumber spine

is often affected and the lower lumber vertebrae are first to show signs of structural damage.


The lesion is a sharply demarcated plaque with silvery scales that mask the underlying redness caused by tortuous arteries that lie close to the surface of the skin.

The skin is dry and cracking. The scales are due to a hyperproliferation of the epidermal cells of the skin. The cells pass up through the epidermis and do not have time to

keratinize. The edges of the lesion are most active often leaving a clearing in the centre.

The parts most affected: elbows, knees and scalp. Psoriasis of the scalp typically shows well demarcated, easily palpable areas, but occasionally shows a diffuse, fine

scaling difficult to distinguish from classical seborrhoeic dermatitis. Often lesions are atypical in both appearance and location at the onset of psoriasis.

Guttate psoriasis: skin in appears to be splashed with psoriasis. This type often follows a streptococcal throat or vaccination. The lesions are scattered over the entire body

and are red and slightly scaly.

Nummular psoriasis: most common form and is characterized by symmetrical disc shaped lesions that are well demarcated and chronic.

Erythrodermic psoriasis: skin red or scaly, most commonly red with very little scaling. Temperature regulation becomes altered with hypothermia or hyperthermia becoming a danger.

Pustular psoriasis: takes the form of small sterile pustules with an erythematous base. Approximately 5-10% individuals with psoriasis appear to have an inflammatory


Comparison with proving symptomatology:

On the left side of the lower back there was an itchy patch that was very dry and crusts came off under the nails when scratched. This becomes so dry that it

exposed and raw and cracked “My skin looks whitish and cracked”. The skin was incredibly dry with flaking of the skin in patches on the legs. arms on the dorsal

aspect, face and the outer corners, and under the eyes and in spots all over the body (10F:04:. This is not dissimilar to the description a patient would give of their


           A very red, well demarcated patch of skin under the r. eyebrow was almost raw as if the top layer of skin had flaked off. There was a well demarcated hyperaemic

            patch on the anterior neck, this also occurred under the breasts where 6 small round, red patches. These symptoms can be compared to erythrodermic psoriasis

            where skin is red and only slightly flaky. An eruption of patches of little red bumps that were itchy and very dry were noted above the hips.

Itching of the scalp with white oily flakes and increased sensitivity, “very painful when I brush over it”.

Patches on the back were itchy and rough to the touch and emitted pus on scratching. Patches of tiny pustules with erythematous bases on the back and arms on the

Hairline and on the chest.

Pustular psoriasis is characterized by patches of small pustules on an erythematous base. The soles of the feet were dry and itchy as well as the palms. There was a

hyperproliferation of skin on the feet with skinflaking off the toes. Thermoregulation was altered. There was a feeling of incredible heatas well as a feeling of being

much colder than usual. I am freezing and just want to wrap myself up in warm blankets and sleep”. In erythrodermic psoriasis temperature regulation is altered due

to the thinning of the skin. There is a danger of hypothermia andhyperthermia.



A common auto-immune disorder characterized by a destruction of the melanocytes in the skin. It has been postulated that a defect in calcium uptake of vitiligo

keratinocytes cause cell death which invokes an auto-immune response leaving the affected skin completely depigmented. In Caucasians the lesion may be

surrounded by an area of hyperpigmentation or café au lait spots. Segmental vitiligo is restricted to one part of the body whereas generalized vitiligo is symmetrical

and involves the hands, wrists, knees, neck as well as around the body orifices. Sensation in the depigmented patch is normal, the disease is purely cosmetic.

Comparison with proving symptomatology:

Patches of hyperpigmented skin were noted during the proving. These spots resembled sun spots on the hand. There were patches on the legs and the neck. There was

no sensation to these patches. They seemed purely cosmetic.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders

The initial symptoms consist of a productive cough that usually follows a cold.

The coughing attacks become more frequent over subsequent years until the cough is experienced all year round.

These patients are prone to respiratory infections, breathlessness during exertion, regular morning cough and occasional chest tightness. The sputum is scanty,

mucoid or tenacious and is occasionally streaked with blood, but is dependent on the infection present.

Comparison with proving symptomatology:

Coughing fits resulted in chest pain and wretching due to the tenacity of the mucous, “balls of sticky phlegm are raised, slight salty taste and sulphur-like odour”.

Fits very intense and hindered breathing “Woke up coughing, very intense. I want to be antidoted now!”. Provers were unable to control the couching fits with a

harsh, barking nature. Cough dry and become progressively more productive followed flu like symptoms.


It was hypothesized that the proving of Yam ha-Melach C 30 would produce clearly observable signs and symptoms in healthy individuals. This was confirmed with Yam ha-Melach

producing a wide range of prominent symptoms. Depressive states that feel a sense of isolation and hopelessness in their current situation were observed.

A feeling of spiritual dampening and an anxiety of not knowing who they are or who they want to be or where they want to go in life. A very strong symptom was one of absolute frustration.

Other common symptoms incl. lethargy, indifference, uncontrollable crying for long periods of time and paranoia regarding their health and safety as well as the health and safety of their loved ones.

Sleep was greatly affected leaving provers feeling tired and unrefreshed. Symptoms of dehydration penetrated every system. There was drying out of the skin and mucous membranes, dehydration

headaches, constipation with dark stools, strong smelling and coloured urine that appeared thick. Thirst was drastically increased for water.

The female reproductive system was greatly affected with provers experiencing hot flushes, hormonal headaches, breast tenderness, lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, a sensation of a live thing

inside the abdomen, irregularities of the menstrual cycle and dreams of babies, infertility and artificial insemination. Skin symptoms were very marked, with rashes and patches resembling eczema and

psoriasis as well as acne, pustules on erythmatous bases. The skin was very dry in general and flaking and peeling of the skin was marked. Arthritic joint and muscle pains were common.

Joints were swollen, inflamed, painful and stiff. Headaches were very common amongst provers. Pain dull, diffuse, congested and foggy as well as throbbing and clamping.

The temporal headaches were predominantly bitemporal radiating to the vertex and ears and “centralizing between my eyes deep in my head“. Frontal headaches tended to move across the forehead

and temples and were usually one sided. Influenza like symptoms were also experienced by many provers.

It was also hypothesized that the symptom picture generated in the proving would correlate in some form to the existing indications of clinical therapeutic use.

This was verified when strong symptoms resembling those of psoriasis, vitiligo, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and rheumatoid and osteoarthritis were prevalent.

[Sigrid Häse]

Sal maris mortuis – Salz des Toten Meeres

Das Tote Meer ist so salzhaltig, dass Leben darin nicht existiert, so sind Tod und Sterben in diesem Mittel impliziert.

Badend im Toten Meer, ist der Auftrieb so hoch, dass der Badende nicht untergehen und ertrinken können, wir müssen oberflächlich bleiben, die Tiefe zu ergründen, ist nicht möglich.

Neurodermitiskranken tut es gut, im Toten Meer zu baden, und auch als Kügelchen sind trockene, rissige, aufspringende Haut die Hauptindikation für das Mittel. Wasch- und Räusperzwang sind

Neurosen, die durch dieses Mittel geheilt werden können. DURST/verstopft./Stuhlentleerung nur mit Klistier möglich und Schilddrüsenerkrankungen sind weitere bewährte Anwendungsgebiete

für dieses Mittel.

Vom Wesen her ernst, moralisch, verantwortungsbewusst und wirken viele Jahre älter, als sie sind. Wer sich früh mit Tod, Sterben, Alter auseinandersetzt, findet meist

früh eine Lösung für diesen Konflikt, und die heißt loslassen. Und so fügen sich Tod und Getragen sein in der gesunden Form von Sal maris mortuis harmonisch ineinander. Angst vor dem Tod.


History; The Dead Sea has been the focus of interest since ancient times. Aristotle (304-322BC) was the first to tell the world of the qualities of the Dead Sea, much later, writers

and historians (Flavius Josephus/Galen/Pliny the Elder) refer to the Dead Sea and its medicinal properties.

[Flavius Josephus]

“It is useful for the cure of men’s bodies; accordingly it is mixed in a great many medicines“.


 (122-c100): “the most beautiful asphalt is produced by this sea called „Dead, the potency of this medicine consists in its drying and next in its healing capabilities; it is indeed

appropriate that people use it for closing bleeding wounds”.


Helpful in mending broken bones,


Dead sea brine for “fresh, bloody swellings of the ankles”.


Healed all those who used them.

References linking the Dead Sea and the Queen of Sheba, King Solomon, Cleopatra, and King Herod are observed in historical chronicles.

The Talmud, a compilation of Jewish civil and ecclesiastic law (3rd to 6th centuries), discusses bathing in the Dead Sea in several of its tractates and forbids bathing in the

Dead Sea on Sabbath as active therapy unless directly related to saving a life, thus implying its healing properties.



The Dead Sea is situated between Israel and Jordonie, over the Great Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley was formed a million years ago during the earliest stages of the evolution of

continental break-up between Africa and Asia. The Earth’s crust is being pulled apart causing the Dead Sea to sink 33.3cm every year.

The most important factor to account for the uniqueness of the Dead Sea area is its location at the deepest point on the Earth’s terrestrial surface, approx. 400 m below sea level.

Being the lowest point on Earth, unique climatic features such as atmospheric, chemical, and solar properties occur that are utilized in the treatment of certain diseases (dermatologic

and rheumatic conditions).

Climate: The average maximum temperature is 22° - 29° C November - April, 32° - 37° during September and October and 38° - 39°C in June and July.

There are more than 330 sunny days all year round. Due to extremely high evaporation, which is about 2 billion m³ a year, there is a heavy haze over the Dead Sea at all times.

The haze and additional 400 meters of atmosphere help to filter out more UVB rays, and create the ideal correlation of UVA and UVB rays, so the duration of exposure to sun can be increased.

Observation has shown approximately 330 days yearly of sunshine, with a large percentage of these being cloudless, particularly in the summer. The annual rainfall is only around

50 mm per year. The moderate-to-high temperatures (32°- 39°C), low humidity, a large number of sunny, cloudless days with a low annual rainfall all contribute to allowing

treatment to take place at the Dead Sea for at least 8 months of the year (March to November); and in certain instances this period is even longer, in addition, it should be mentioned

that the extremely high barometric pressure in the Dead Sea area produces an oxygen partial pressure that is 10% greater than at sea level. This may have implications in the

treatment of burn patients, respiratory ailments, cardiac conditions, and other medical problems. Due to the high temperatures and low rain fall there is an extremely high level of

Existing Indications for Clinical Therapeutic Use: Magnesium is important for combating stress and fluid retention. It slows skin aging and calms the nervous system.

Calcium increases circulation, strengthens bones and nails and reduces water retention. Potassium energizes the body and is crucial to replenish after strenuous exercise as

well as balancing skin moisture. Bromides ease muscle stiffness and Sodium maintains lymphatic fluid balance.

The Dead Sea area has a very low allergen content and has a reduced ultra violet component of solar radiation. The high atmospheric pressure of the area is very beneficial to people

suffering from reduced respiratory function.

A study was conducted on 103 patients suffering with osteoarthritis. and tendonitis. Patients were treated with baths of 7,5% Dead Sea salt concentration. Improvement was found after

as little as one week. By the end of the study, 80% of the patients reported less pain, 70% reported improved mobility and 60% were able to decrease their use of analgesics.

The principal indication for treatments with Dead Sea brine include skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis as well as rheumatic conditions. Anecdotal evidence suggests

that the use of Dead sea brine is successful in treating these conditions. 70% of patients treated for these conditions at the Dead Sea achieve complete or near complete clearing of

their skin lesions. Atopic dermatitis is a chronic relapsing hypersensitivity reaction. It involves the interplay of genetic susceptibility, immune dysregulation, barrier dysfunction and

has a psychophysiological component.

Psoriasis is a common non-infectious, inflammatory disease of the skin, characterized by epidermal hyperplasia, parakeratosis, a heightened mitotic activity and increased permeability

to externally applied substances. Results reported in a study performed on psoriatic patients treated with Dead Sea brine at the XV International Congress of Dermatology in

Mexico City showed a 94,9% improvement with 70 - 80% of those showing a complete improvement within 4 weeks. Another study conducted by Avrach on 1448 arthritic psoriatics

showed a complete lack of joint pain after a 4 week treatment of daily bathing in Dead Sea brine in 70% of the patients and 96% had either complete or partial clearance of psoriatic

lesions within the 4 week treatment period. In 1995 a study was conducted by the Deutches Medizinisches Zentrum (DMZ) in which 688 European psoriatics were assessed regarding

their psoriatic condition. These patients were subjected to daily Dead Sea bathing and sun exposure for a 28 day period. At the end of the treatment period between 65,4% and

71,4% achieved total clearance and up to 85% of those achieved partial clearance.

In a study conducted by the DMZ, 1718 atopic dermatitis patients were studied taking into account the extent of the body surface involved, intensity of clinical signs, subjective symptoms

of pruritis and sleep loss.

The treatment protocol involved prolonged outdoor stays and gradual exposure to Dead Sea brine. Only 28 of the patients required asthmatic medication during the treatment and of

these 24 improved dramatically and either radically reduced medication or stopped it completely. No patients required any steroid treatment emergency treatment of any kind

during the Dead Sea treatment period. Of the 1718 patients treated, 97,5% scored “1-4” at the end of their stay. 1 - clear, 2 - almost clear (5% skin involvement and no active inflammation),

3 - markedly improved (5% skin involvement, but with some active inflammation marks or disappearance of >50% of original marks), 4 – improved with a substantial reduction,

but <50% of original marks.

There is evidence of increased epidermal hydrogen peroxide in vitiligo. The hydrogen peroxide can be changed with a topical application of narrow band UVB activated pseudocatalase cream

which yields an increase in pigmentation. A study was performed on 59 patients with vitiligo by comparing pseudocatalase therapy alone with a combination of Dead Sea therapy/pseudocatalase


The patients had vitiligo for an average of 17 years. Initiation of repigmentation was observed on between day 10 and day 16 after the combination of Dead Sea therapy/pseudocatalase cream compared to

conventional pseudocatalase monotherapy which takes 8 - 14 weeks. This shows a considerably faster initiation of repigmentation with Dead Sea salts.

The only tributary of the Dead Sea is the Jordan river. There is however no exit for the water from the Dead Sea resulting in stagnation. The salts accumulate and cause a natural buoyancy due to the increased

density. It is the deepest hyper saline lake in the world.

A comparison between the chemical composition of the water of the Dead Sea and its tributaries and that of other lakes and the ocean shows the average salinity of the Dead Sea water

(33.50%) to be exceptionally high (5920mg/L), approximately 11x more saline than the Mediterranean, probably the highest for any surface water. The salts originate from two main sources,

about 1/3 from the Jordan River and about 2/3 from highly saline springs discharging into the Dead Sea.



Mind: Absentminden (dreamy)

Activity,  creative

Yarning for affection

Anger [being beside one’s self/bursting with anger/causeless/tends to destroy things/morning (on waking)/could have stabbed anyone/hearing other people talk]

Anxiety (about own family/about future/about health (own health/of relatives/with tension in jaws/for others/about trifles/> trifles)



Cheerfull (# sad)

Company – aversed to/desires solitude/yearning)

Concentration difficult


Confused (on attempting to concentrate the mind)

Confusion – with headache/with sleepiness

Consolation <

Cursing (in rage)

Delusions [being alone (in the world)/has an incurable/mind “As if drugged”/of emptiness/floating in air/is friendless/errors of personal identity/is someone/is insane/is superhuman]

Despair (situation is hopeless)

Detached (“As if detached”)

Discrimination of other religions

Attempts to escape - wants to get out of the house




Forsaken (“As if isolated”)


“As if helpless”

Hides himself

Shuns the foolishness of humankind 1 149

Impatient (with others/during speaking of others/about trifles)

Impulsive (to do morbid – strange things)



Indifferent (to work with aversion to work)


Irritable (with absent persons/causeless/from conversation/crying and weeping/easily/extreme/with people/from talk of others/from trifles)

Kill desires it



Memory weak

Mental exertion aversed to

Mood – alternating/changeable

Morose (# exhilaration)

Overwhelmed emotionally

Pities herself

Making many plans 2 201


Prostrated mind

Quarrelsome (causeless/about rifles)

Rage, fury (with cursing)

Religious affections, metaphysical concerns



Sadness [“As if surrounded by blackness/cannot be consoled/aversion to company/weeping (>/desire to weep)

Sadness with weeping

Self actualization

Sensitive (to emotions)


Suicidal disposition

Thoughts – of the /persistent about homicide/profound/violent

Threatening (to kill)

Touched – aversion to being

Tranquility - serenity – calmness


Weeping (day and night/during anger/causeless/desires to/from despair/easily/after slight emotion/sobbing/at trifles)

Vertigo: and pain in head/and blurred

From congestion


With nausea on waking

Head: Congestion in on waking

Constriction (in temples)

Pimples 1 296


“As if brain is loose”

Pain [morning on waking/“As if dehydrated”/dull/exertion of; body/in forehead (ext. above eyes/to neck/to temples/behind eyes/between eyes/pulsating)/general from light/lying/< motion/

From noise/occiput (after exertion/sides alternating)/pressing (>/“As if in a vice”/outward/in temples)]

Pulsating [in temples (and forehead/ext. to occiput)]

Pulsating (lying/< motion/< moving head/> pressure/stooping/temples)

Eyes: Red (canthi/eyeballs)

Dry (canthi/margins of lids/orbits/”As if dry”)

Eruptions [about the eyes/lids (blotches/burning/eczema/rash/scaly)/tetters itching dry burning]

Heaviness [(lower/upper) lids]


Itching [below/canthi/lids (margin)]

Lachrymation (from pain in the eye/profuse)

Pain [burning (lids)/(artificial) light/pressure outward/> rubbing/”As from sand”/sore]

Photophobia (artificial light/bright light)


Styes (lower lid)

Swelling [lids (upper)/”as if swollen”]

Tired sensation

Vision: Blurred/distorted


Dim (distant objects/on exertion eye)





Ear: “As if full” (and impaired hearing)

Itching [in meatus (must scratch until it bleeds)]

Noises (ringing/”As if water were in the ear”)

“As if stopped (in eustachian tube)

Hearing: Impaired (“As if fullness in the ear”/As from cotton in ear”

Own voice sounds strange in her ears

Nose: Congestion

Discharge (one side/morning/clear/copious/salty/thick/watery/mily white)

Dry (internal)

Itching (internal)

Obstruction (morning/and watery discharge)

Pain - complaints of sinuses/burning, smarting


Sinuses complaints (frontal/maxillary)

Sneezing (morning/constant/with coryza/paroxysmal/violent)

“As if sniffed salt water”

Face: Lips – chapped/cracked/dry

Red (from excitement)

Dry (nose)

Eruptions viele


“As if hair falling out”

Itching (wandering)

Pain [r./(articulation) of (l.) jaw/stitching]

Perspiration (on upper lip)

Swelling of submaxillary glands (r.)

Tension [of skin (below chin)/(articulation of) jaws (opening mouth)]

Mouth: Tongue - adheres to roof of mouth/biting on it (at night in sleep/on tip)/dry/pimples/nodosities

Dry (lips/with thirst) with 2 639

Eruptions (pimples)


Pain (“As if burned”)

Taste – altered/(water + /o. food tastes) saltish/food does not taste salty enough

Throat: Constricted

Red (r.)

Dryness (painful/with thirst)

Pain [burning (and dry)/raw/sore/on swallowing/talking]


Swallowing difficult

External Throat: Swollen

Eruptions (blotches/rash/red)

Stomach: Anxiety

Appetite (easy satiety/wanting (from sense of fullness/with thirst)/increased/ravenous


Eructations (like spoiled eggs)

Nausea (from alcohol/after eating/followed by vomiting)

Pain [cramping/after eating/in epigastrium (after eating)/> after stool]


Thirst [extreme/drinking (cold) water]



Abdomen: “As if something alive”



Pain [> bending double/cramping (with diarrhea/passing flatus/griping)/distention with flatulence/(r.) iliac region/sharp/sitting (bent/> erect)/> standing]

Rectum: Constipation (difficult, hard stool/ineffectual urging and straining/insufficient)

Diarrhea (after flatus)

Stool: Black/dark/hard/knotty/odor offensive/pasty/quantity small /watery (yellow)/yellow (brownish)

Bladder: Urination frequent

Urine: Dark/yellow – dark/smells strong/thick

Female organs: Menses – bright red/brown/clotted/dark/too early/scanty

Pain - ovaries (r.)/uterus

Sex desire – diminished/increased/wanting

Male organs: Sex desire increased

Cough: morning/night waking

And pain in chest left side, evening

Burning in chest

Dry (at night followed by salty expectoration/waking from sleep/until vomiting)


< Motion


Paoxysmal (with vomiting)

Tickling (in throat)

With vomiting

Expectoration: In balls

In pieces

“Like salt”/salty

Tastes salty



White Yellow

Chest: Eruptions [pimples (hard under the skin/itching/painful/white)/pustules

Mammae “As if full”

Heart – complaints of the

Inflamed costal cartilages

Itching in axilla 2 1177

Pain [Iaching/burning (during coughing/behind sternum)/in heart on coughing/during inspiration/in intercostal muscles/r. lung/mammae (in evening/< jar/< touch/sore)/< motion/

> pressure/during respiration]

Palpitation of heart

Back: Eruptions [patches/pimples (in dorsal region/in lumbar region)]


Pain [aching/dull/sore/muscles/in cervical region/dorsal region/lumbar region/sacral region/sore (lumbar region/lumbar region)/stitching (sacral region/in spine)/touching]

Stiffness [morning (on waking)/cervical region (> stretching)/in dorsal region/in lumbar region/sacral region]

Extremities: Awkward


Cramps (calf/thigh)


Eruptions [desquamating/dry/itching/leg (itching)/pimples/rash/thigh – itching/between (desquamating)]

Heat (elbow/joints)

Heaviness (on exertion/lower limbs/upper limbs)

Inflamed – elbow/joints

Itching [burning – on scratching/sole of foot/in lower limbs (stinging)/under toes/upper limbs]

Numb (tips of fingers)

Pain [aching (knee)/ankle/dull dull (leg/upper limb)/elbow/fingers/hip/joints/knee (> rubbing)/calf/lower limbs/shoulder wrist]

Perspiration (foot/hand)

Restless hand

Sensitive finger tips

Stiffness (morning/lower limbs/upper limbs/elbow)

Swollen elbow

Weakness (after least exertion)

Sleep: Deep (unrefreshing)/unrefreshing

Disturbed (cough/by pain)

Falling asleep (after waking)

Laying on side



Waking – as from anxiety/too early/easy/frequent/as from fright [as from (slightest) noise]/from shocks/sudden/with desire to urinate

Dreams: Accidents/animals (dangerous/injured/huge/wild)/being attacked/beach/been betrayed/ruined buildings/child (injured/looking after/rescuing them)/churches/clothes/foreign country/

Danger (from water)/sense of danger lacking/dead bodies/death of relatives/discrimination/disease/dead bodies/death op relatives/discrimination/disguise/danger of drowning/evil/own

family/fertility/fights/old friends/ghosts/graves/journeys in foreign countries/losing own family/monuments/nursing newborns/pursued (by wild animals/by a man)/religious/

Sea/struggling/being stuck/swimming/territorial/being trapped/war/water (swimming/waves)

Chill: in general 3 1645

With perspiration

Fever: Heat in general

With chill(iness)

Inflammatory fever

Perspiration – absent/with heat

Uncovering yet too cold when uncovered

Perspiration: in general

At night during sleep

Smells offensive


On single parts

Skin: Burning (after scratching/in spots)


blackish (spots)/red

Dry (burning/rough/< scratching)

Eruptions [blackish/crusty – dry/desquamating/dry elevated/erythema/hard/inflamed/itching/painful/patches (dry red/itching violent)/

pimples (hard/inflamed/itching/painful/small/sensitive to touch/whitish)/pustules (inflamed/itching/painful/small/sensitive to touch/white tips/yellow)/rash (itching/red)/red (areola)/

rough/scaly (white)/sensitive/< warmth/whitish/yellow]

Excoriation (after scratching/must scratch it raw/”As if excoriated”)

Formication (“As from insects”)

Inflamed/>/</changes place on scratching/must scratch (until it is raw)/in spots/wandering

Generals: Cold feeling


Excess of energy

> physical exertion

Food and drinks: Desires: alcoholic drinks/cheese/coffee/farinaceous/salt/spicy food; <: alcoholic drinks; Aversion: to sweets;

Flushes of heat/lack of vital heat/sensation of heat


Orgasms of blood after emotions

Pain [aching/cramping (in joint)/muscles]

Weakness [morning (on waking)/from slight exertion/sexual desire diminished/from sleepiness/with vertigo]

Sensitive externally

Sluggishness of the body


Swelling (joints)


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