Bimatoprost = prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2alpha (Marke Lumigan/Latisse)

Gebrauch: Zur Behandlung Inneraugendruck in Glaucoma/Kosmetik. Wimperwachstum.

Amaranthaceae Symbol of immortality in ancient Greece




Finasterid (= Proscar/= Propecia/= Fincar/= Finpecia/= Finax/= Finast/= Finara/= Finalo/= Prosteride/= Gefina/= Appecia/= Finasterid IVAX/= Finasterid Alternova).

Gebrauch: gutartige Vergrößerung der Prostata/Kosmetik: Kahlheit bei Männern:

Nebenwirkungen: Libido- und Potenzstörungen (verschwinden nach Absetzen der Therapie vollständig)/Vergrößerung der Brust/Prostata verkleinert sich/hormonabhängige Körperbehaarung

wird spärlicher.

Darf nicht eingenommen werden von Frauen/Jugendlichen unter 18 Jahren.

Weniger Prostatakarzinome (aber die auftretende sind aggressiver/schwerer behandelbar).

Depressionen?. Fehlfunktion der Meibom-Drüse.

Gingko biloba a geriatric remedy

Increases blood flow to the brain and other parts of the body, thereby improving the delivery of necessary nutrients and oxygen to every cell. It increases metabolic efficiency, regulates neurotransmitters, and controls the transformation of cholesterol to plaque, associated with the hardening of arteries and relaxing constricted blood vessels

Hydra viridissima = grüne Hydra/zieht sich zurück bei Wasserverschmutzung/erneuert sich fortwährend/Kloner/Aquarie Mollusca



Tretinoin = Vit-A-Säure

Gebrauch: Akne/Haut

Nebenwirkungen/trockene Haut/empfindliche Haut/Hautröte/Schuppen/Juckreiz/Brennen/overempfindlich für Sonnelicht/dünner werden der Haut/Dyspnoea/Fieber/Gewichtszunahme/Wassersuch unter der Haut

Unverträglich: Frauen in gebärfähiges Alter.

Ur-ac (Eucerin/Ombia)

Wachstumshormone = Somatotropin (STH)


Abrot = Eberraute/= Citronelle/= Lad’s Love/= Hexenkraut/= Old Man (Wormwood)

Atriplex nummularia = old man’s saltbush Caryophyllales

Celacereus senilis = old man cactus Caryophyllales

Chion-v = Arbre de Neige/= Fringetree/= (Wurzel)rinde/= Schneeflockenbaum/= Old man’s beard

Clem-v = Gemeine Waldrebe/= Clematide des Hayes/= Traveller’s joy/= Old man’s beard/BB

"Equisetum limosum - Rubellit" w bei geistiger Leistungsschwäche/ergänzt Phosphorverbindungen [Arg-p (stärkt die Erinnerung)/Stry-p (bei gelähmten Bewusstsein)/Kali-p (Nachlassen der geistigen Spannkraft)]

Geum triflorum = Old man’s whiskers Rosales

Gnaph-arenarium = Sandstrohblume/= Immortelle/= Everlasting

Old man winter = father winter = in Russland Santa Klaus

Turritopsis nutricula = Qualle/= biologisch unsterblich.


Geraten wird Verzichten auf rotes Fleisch/tierische Fette/Zucker/regelmäßigen Kaffee-/Alkoholkonsum und Nikotin. Rotwein wird in Maßen empfohlen.

Fisch/wenig Fleisch/Obst/viel Gemüse/Soja(produkten)/weniger Kalorien als Sättigung erreicht (= geringere Nahrungsaufnahme eine verringerte Stoffwechselaktivität bedeutet und somit

die Bildung von weniger freien Radikalen).

Der wichtigste äußere Faktor bei der Hautalterung ist die Einwirkung von UV-Strahlung (Sonnenbäder/Besuche im Solarium). Auch "Altersflecken" sind Sonnenschäden. Rauchen verursacht Hautalterung mit Faltenbildung.


Ungefährliche Falten“remover“

Carbon dioxid

Glucosamin enthalten in Grünlippmuschel (natürlich im Körper vorkommendes D-Glucosamin ist Bestandteil des Knorpels/Gelenkflüssigkeit. Genauer ist das N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamin (GlcNAc),

das am Stickstoff acetylierte D-Glucosamin, Teil in der Polysaccharidkette der Hyaluronsäure, des „Schmiermittels“ der Gelenke und Rückgrat des Proteoglycans, einem integralen  Bestandteil

des Knorpels. Im Proteoglycan und in der Cornea kommen auch Ketten des Keratansulfats vor, das ebenfalls aus N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamin aufgebaut ist/= Teil Hyaluronsäure.


            Retinol = Vit. A1: Gebrauchsallergie: zeitweise rötlich/Juckreiz/Irritation/feines Stechend/trockene Haut


Allerlei: Cleopatra soll in (verdünnter?) Eselsmilch gebadet haben um jung und schön zu bleiben

Auchenorrhyncha = Zikade


Alt + langsame/schwache Puls: Gels.

Succ. Altersleiden (Angst vor dem Tod). Als Schmuck/als Homöopathikum in Lebenselixiere einarbeiten; ergänzt Aur-met.


Agar.: In old people with indolent circulation [headaches (drunkards)].Animalia as humans require complex organic food and pass out faeces and nitrogenous waste materials

Ambra: This is a great remedy for the aged with impairment of all functions, weakness, coldness and numbness, usually of single parts, fingers, arms etc. Thinking is difficult in the morning.

Anac: Exhausted: after serious illness, sexual excesses or the breaking down processes in old age. Greedy, suspicious, malicious old man can use this remedy for all his physical and mental

symptoms. > eating.

Ant-t: Catarrh of the chest for years and every sharp cold spell in the weather brings on catarrh of the chest with thick white (yellow) mucus attended with great dysponea. (must sit up and be fanned/cannot lie down, due to difficulty breathing and filling up of the chest).

Bac.: Lung problems of old people with chronic catarrhal condition and enfeebled pulmonary circulation.

Bar-c.: Adapted to the aged with mental and physical weakness, mental exhaustion, stupor, groaning, murmuring. Childish behaviour of old people.

Crot-h.: Nutritional trouble of old age. It is useful in senile dementia with forgetfulness of figures, names of places. Antipathy to his family; he imagines himself as if surrounded by foes

or by hideous animals.

Hyos.: Spasmodic cough in old people at night from continuous tickling in throat as if palate were too long.

Hydr.: Bronchitis with thick yellow tenacious stringy phlegm in exhausted old people.

Seneg.: Profuse secretion of mucus in the lungs of old people with loose rattling cough.


Remedy            Emotional Symptoms

Alumina:dry and slow

Confused and depressed, especially in the morning. Mind slows down, forgetful and absentminded.

Easily disoriented: gets very distressed if hurried.           Skin: dry and itches without an eruption. Severe constipation even with a soft stool. Weakness with trembling. Dry, hacking cough. Bladder weak: urination slow, has to wait for it to start.

Ambra grisea erratic and embarrassed

Many bereavements and losses. Forgetful and confused. Easily embarrassed: shy and anxious in company (with strangers). "Prattles" and asks questions without waiting for answers. Prefers to be alone.            Constipation: with anxiety and ineffectual urging and straining. Can't pass stool or urine if others are within hearing distance. Dry, nervous cough which is < from talking and is followed by burping. Insomnia: finds it difficult to fall asleep before midnight. Vertigo: + feeling of weakness in the stomach. Numbness, twitching +/o. trembling anywhere.

Arsenicum album: anxious, fussy, and restless

Very scared of disease/cancer/death. Fears < alone; to the point of despair. Extremely tidy, cannot rest until everything is in its place.  Indigestion with burning pains and nausea. Loss of appetite and weight. Diarrhea < in the morning. Involuntary urination: day and night. Insomnia with restlessness and anxiety. Skin eruptions: itching without eruption. Palpitations with anxiety.

Bar-carbonica: childish and petty

Absent-minded, confused and forgetful. Revisits childhood in old age. Has great difficulty making decisions. Extremely anxious about little (unimportant) things. Gets upset thinking others are talking about them.Vertigo: when getting up or bending down. Headache when bending. Indigestion and weakness after eating. Constipation with straining and an unfinished feeling. Weak bladder with involuntary urination: frequent urination at night with great urgency. Rattling cough with difficulty coughing anything up. Insomnia: restless sleep, wakes frequently from getting overheated.

Carbo vegetabilis: sluggish and gassy

Great indifference and apathy. Sudden, recurring loss of memory and difficulty concentrating. Rude and irritable, (relatives).            Indigestion, flatulence, and diarrhea. Severe, painful bloating with gas, > burping. Rattling cough with breathlessness, > burping. Sluggish mentally and physically

Conium maculatum: withdrawn, slow, and dizzy

Absent-minded, forgetful, and confused. Difficulty understanding when reading. Tired of life: becomes withdrawn; doesn't want company. Superstitious.            Everything is slow: thinking, answering, moving. Digestion, respiration, pulse, healing are all slow.

Ignatia amara: loss and grief

Very upset after a loss or a big disappointment. Wants to be alone and doesn't want any comforting. Finds it difficult to cry but eventually sobs hysterically. Sighs a tremendous amount. “As if there's a lump in the throat.            Headache, indigestion, diarrhea, palpitations, insomnia +/o. weakness from grief. Twitches and spasms and unexplained numbness anywhere.

Lycopodium: irritable, anxious, and gassy

Depressed and anxious: worries about absolutely everything. Any changes or responsibilities are very stressful. Lacks self confidence. Becomes absent-minded and forgetful. Snappy: irritable and critical. Sentimental: cries when thanked.            Thin and gassy. Appetite poor: feels full after only a few bites. Everything turns to gas, terrible indigestion with bloating. Frequent urination especially with prostate problems (in men). Rattling cough with lots of expectoration (mucus).

Phosphoric acid: weakness and apathy

Overwhelmed by loss especially bereavements. Ailments from grief and disappointment. Forgetful; mind is too weak to even think.            Severe weakness. Painless diarrhea, palpitation, headache, and extreme weakness after grief. Headache

Rhus toxicodendron restless, stiff, and achy

Anxious and forgetful. Terrible restlessness; can't rest in any position (because of the aching).           Joint and back pains (rheumatism and arthritis) which are < on first motion and > for continued motion and stretching. Shingles



Nr.5 Kalium phosphoricum D6 Tabletten verbessern die Gehirnleistung in jedem Alter, in stressreichen Zeiten, bei starker Beanspruchung in Schule und Beruf, bei Erschöpfung oder nervlicher

Überreizung.4- 6 x täglich 2-3 Tabletten im Mund zergehen lassen.

Nr.3 Ferrum phosphoricum D12 Tabletten verbessert die Konzentration bei Sauerstoffmangel, Müdigkeit, Erschöpfung

3-5 täglich 2-3 Tabletten im Mund zergehen lassen.

Nr.16 Lithium chloratum D6 Tabletten - Vergesslichkeit bei älteren Menschen.

3x täglich 2 Tabletten im Mund zergehen lassen.

Nr.2 Calcium phosphoricum D6 Tabletten - geistige und körperliche Erschöpfung nach einer vorangegangenen Erkrankung, Regenerationsmittel

D 3-5 täglich 2 Tabletten im Mund zergehen lassen.

Nr.7 Magnesium phosphoricum D6 Tabletten bei Verspannungs-, und Verkrampfungszuständen

D 3-4 täglich 2 Tabletten im Mund zergehen lassen.



Generals: Old people: AMBR. Ammc. Anac. Ant-c. ant-t. Arg-n. Arn. Ars. AUR-met. BAR-C. Bar-m. Bry. Calc-p. cann-i. Carb-an. Carb-v. Caust. Cham. COCA cocc. coff. Colch. Con. Fl-ac.

Graph. Hydr. Iod. Irid-met. Iris. KALI-C. kreos. LACH. LYC. Mill. nat-c. Nat-m. Nit-ac. OP. Ov. Phos. SEC. SEL. Seneg. Sil. TEUCR. Verat.

Blood – Aneurism of large arteries: Acon. Aur-met. Bar-c. Bar-m. Bell. CACT. CALC. Calen. Carb-v. CUPR-met. Dig. Ferr-p. Kali-i. Lach. Lyc. SPIG. Spong. Sulph. Verat-v.

Old age premature: Agn. Ambr. Aur-met. Bar-c. Con. Cupr-met. Fl-ac. Kali-c. LACH. SEL. Vip.

Old bachelors: con.

Old maids: bov. cocc. con. lil-t. mag-m. plat-met.

Old men: bar-c. sabal Sel.

Old thin, scrawny women: sec.

Alzheimer’s disease: alum. cordyc. hell. nux-m. zinc-met.

Old people      - paralysis: Bar-c. Con. Kali-c. OP.

                       - weaknsess: Ambr. BAR-C. Con. Cur. Nux-m. Phos. Sel. Sul-ac.

                       - Emaciation: Ambr. anac. BAR-C. carb-v. chin. chinin-s. Fl-ac. IOD. LYC. nit-ac. op. rhus-t. Sec. Sel. Sil.

                       - lack of vital heat: alum. ambr.

                       - Arteriosclerose: bar-c. stroph-h.

                       - Externally trembling: alum. ambr. aur-met. aven. bar-c. calc. cann-i. cocain. con. kali-c. merc. op. phos. plb-met. plb-act. sil. stront-c. sulph. zinc-met.

Mind: < in old people: bar-c.

Childish behaviour: Bar-c.

Dementia senilis: Ambr. Aur-i. Bar-c. Con. Crot-h. Cupr-met.

Mental exertion impossible in old people: Ambr.

Insanity in old people: bell. ign. nat-m. nux-v. sep. sulph.

Sadness in old people: Aur-met.

Fear of getting old: lach. lyc. marb-w. sep.

Delirium tremens in old emaciated persons: Op.

Moaning in old age: Bar-c.

Gestörtes Gedächtnis und Geistesabwesenheit bei älteren Menschen: Apis.

Bladder: involuntary urination at night in old people: apoc. benz-ac. kali-p. sec.

Prostrate gland: Swollen in old men: aloe BAR-C. Benz-ac. Con. DIG. ferr-pic. Iod. nux-v. prost. Sabal. SEL. Staph. sulph.

Vertigo: in old people: Ambr. arn. Ars-i. Bar-c. Cupr-met. RHUS-T. sec. Sin-n.

Head: Apoplexie: BAR-C. Bell. COCC. CROT-H. Glon. HYDR-AC. Ip. NUX-V.

Hearing: Impaired in old people: bar-c. Cic. kali-chl. kali-m. mag-c. merc-d. Petr. phos.

Stomach: Indigestion in old people: Abies-n. ant-c. ars. Bar-c. caps. carb-v. chin. Chinin-s. Cic. fl-ac. Hydr. juni-c. kali-c. nux-m. nux-v. pop.

Rectum: Constipation in old people: ambr. Ant-c. Bar-c. Bry. Calc-p. Con. Lach. lyc. Nux-v. Op. Phos. Phyt. Sel. Sulph.

Diarrhea in old people: ANT-C. ant-t. ARS. Bry. Carb-v. Chin. Fl-ac. GAMB. NIT-AC.

Sleep: Sleeplessness in old people: Acon. ars. Bar-c. carc. op. passi. phos. sulph. SYPH.

Cough: in old people: Am-c. Ambr. Ammc. Ant-t. Bar-c. Carb-v. DULC. Psor. Seneg.

Respiration: Asthmatic in old people. Ambr. ARS. Bar-c. Carb-v. Coca Con. Seneg.

Skin: Itsching in old people: alum. arg-n. ars. bar-act. bar-c. con. dol. dulc. fago. fl-ac. kreos. mag-p. merc. Mez. nat-sil. olnd. op. sul-ac. sulph. urt-u.

Generals: lack of vital heat in old people: alum. ambr. (from operation: stront-c./during pain: agar. alum-sil. ars. caust. dulc. led. mosch. sil.)

Winter and Senility

The climate conditions of winter are highly favorable for the development of all kinds of weakness and tendencies to organic disease (brain/heart/blood vessels/kidneys/liver).

Defects in these organs manifest themselves most frequently and severely in cold weather. The whole constitution is lowered by the conditions of winter, and, to an extent devitalized.

The aged must be helped by the provision of heating apparatuses.


Folgendes hat anthroposofische Einschlüsse

[Mary Kelly Sutton, M.D.]

Aging brings a shift of life forces away from the physical body towards the finer structures of the human makeup. Sensibilities, wisdom, character and judgment all can grow richer, gifted with decades of experience, as this shift occurs. In ancient Rome one had to be sixty to be considered for the Senate. A British lady I knew said every woman should return to university at menopause since new mental capacities open up at this time of life.

These are important things to consider, given our cultural fixation on youth. We must know that age has value to human development, and that the lesser physical strength or skin tone one experiences

with passing decades is not an overall decline but a shift of focus - for good reason.

How then, practically speaking, can we support our physical temple, slightly vacated by the life forces at this time of life? How can new spiritual strengths, developed with the years, remain integrated with the physical body?

R.S. spoke of the value of birch leaf tea, 2 cups daily, to everyone over 35 years of age. The tendency with age is to harden physically, to deposit minerals in ordinarily flexible places (joints and blood vessels), degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) and hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerotic vascular disease). Birch tea gives people the capacity to maintain flexibility in these areas, and therefore has 'anti-aging' properties. The leaves of the white birch can be harvested when ½ - 1" in diameter/w. Taken in larger amounts than 2 cups daily, birch leaf tea can relieve mild arthritic pain.

Note: it is bitter if brewed too long.

While arteries and joints tend to harden, bones often lose calcium (women in the first 2 years after menopause). Calcium sources: greens, fermented dairy products (yogurt, kefir, quark, cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, buttermilk). Each serving of either group supplies about 300 mg. of calcium, so 3-5 servings per day is a good target.

Exercise promotes sound bones, good circulation and flexible joints. It raises metabolism slightly for several hours after the exercise. Using the body is a wonderful way to keep it vital, (enjoyable exercise and brings us into the beauty of nature).

Digestion is not always as vital with age. If hydrochloric acid is lacking in the stomach, nutrients are not available no matter what one eats! Lactic acid foods (fermented dairy products, sauerkraut and sourdough bread or pancakes) support stomach digestion, and the good bacteria of the colon. Lactic acid also feeds the liver, whose basic health is fundamental at all ages. Sauerkraut juice, 1-2 ounces just before the meal is excellent. Other acid sources, though not as highly recommended, are ½ tsp. of vinegar in a little water, or HCl-Pepsin tablets from the health food store.

Bitters (Gentian tonic or Amara drops) enliven the entire digestive process, both the acid and enzyme production, and are ideally taken 30 minutes before a meal.

Remember: heavy food (protein and fats) early in the day, and light food at supper is a sound habit for promoting good digestion and sound sleep.

Digestive disturbances not remedied by such simple methods, as well as any symptom of ill health, require a visit with the doctor. A general physical exam and lab work to know if any risk factors exist, such as elevated cholesterol or low thyroid, are worthwhile. Anthroposophic treatments address such abnormalities gently, ordinarily without side effects, and are of value.

Warmth is a sign of a strong immune system. It is common to see adults with lower than normal (98.6° F) body temperature. Protect the warmth your body does generate with adequate clothing in layers, recognizing the value of wool as good insulation that still lets the body breathe. Put the hot water bottle to use at the feet at night, or wherever a touch of comfort is needed. Use warming herbs in cooking, such as cayenne and ginger.



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