Ginko biloba (Gink-b) = Yin-Hsing/= Ya Chio (= „Entenfuß."/= „Elefantenohr."/= Mädchenhaarbaum)/= Yin kuo/= forty coin tree/= lebendiges Fossil.


= pflanzliche „Einzelgänger"/“Exzentriker"/= Crat.-ähnlich;

Berührung: Skin irritant = Rhus-t.-ähnlich;

Gebrauch: Kopfschmerz/Magen-/Darmbeschwerden;

Vergiftung: Berührung irritiert (Schleim)haut (sofort o. nach 1 - 2 Tagen/rot/Juckreiz/ brennen), innerlich: Atembeschwerden;

Leitsatz: Ich fühle mich „Wie eine alte Frau/einen alten Mann;

Negativ: A. „Wie alt“;


Well-known  treatment  in  Chinese  medicine  for  various  psychological conditions;  it  was  taken  as  a  supplement  to  sharpen  the  ability  to  think,  for  memory

improvement  and  working  on  daily  activities  such  as  mood  and  emotional  functions  its course of action is believed to be the increase of blood flow to the brain

(Kaschel, 2009).

According  to  Kaschel (2009)  it  was  effective  in maintaining  and  recalling  verbal  and non-verbal  information,  in  increasing  the  speed  and  processing  of  short  

and  long  term information  and  also  played  a  role  in  executive  functions  (planning,  flexibility,  alertness, intelligence and working memory.

As herbal medicine, used to avoid the relapse of cognitive functions and as a dietary supplement  to  increase  cerebral  blood  flow  in people  with  dementia  (Mashayekh  et  al.,

2011). Bone (2014) describes Ginkgo as a herb that sharpens memory and concentration, this  is  because  of  the  support  it  provides,  i.e.  to  support  memory  and  

cognition,  healthy mental  function,  good  health  in  older  adults,  normal  hearing  and  eye  health.  It  also promotes  alertness  and  mental  clarity,  maintains  healthy  tissue  

fluid  levels  (the  legs),  encourages  healthy  blood,  provides  antioxidant  activity  to  help  protect  nerve cells,  modulates  cortisol  during  periods  of  stress,  reduces  the  

congestive  symptoms  of premenstrual  syndrome  and  helps  maintain  proper  energy  and  assists  mood  in  times  of stress.

It can be used in complex to obtain optimal wellbeing; enhanced mental clarity and support cognitive  function  when  combined  with  Bacopa;  it  promotes  healthy  blood  

vessels  and supports the body’s normal tissue repair when combined with Gotu Kola (Bone, 2014)

Ginkgo has the tendency of increasing the risk of bleeding, inhibiting platelet aggregation by increasing concentration of endothelium-derived thrombolytic, inhibiting the

binding of platelet-activating   factor   to   its   receptors   on   platelet   membranes   and   affecting   the interactions between platelet and collagen to inhibit aggregation

(Bent et al., 2005).

Mill and  Bone  (2005)  reported  mild  gastrointestinal  complaints,  headache,  dizziness, allergic  skin  reactions  and  palpitations  as  possible  side  effects.  Braun  and  Cohen  (2010)

also  reported  gastrointestinal  upset,  headache  and  dizziness  including  subarachnoid haemorrhage, subdural haematoma, intra-cerebral haemorrhage, sub-phrenic haematoma

vitreous haemorrhage and postoperative bleeding as possible side effects of Ginko. Literature  suggests  that Ginkgo is  contraindicated  prior  to  surgery,  and  with  the  use  of

anticoagulant  drugs  (Morgan,  2010)  and  to  people  with  known  sensitivity  to Ginkgo preparations (Mills and Bone, 2005).

According to Bone (2007) the recommended dosing of Ginkgo biloba is 20 to 40 ml/week (2:1 liquid) or 6 to 12 g/day tablet.

The  herb  can  be used  during  pregnancy,  there  are  no  adverse  effects  expected  within recommended  dosage  in  children  and  suspend  treatment  three  days  prior  

to  surgery (Mediherb, 2006).


Blass/kalt/trocken/schwach (+ lahm)/zerebralen Leistungsminderung (vergesslich/Abstumpfung/gleichgültig, Konzentrationsstörungen, soziale Rückzugtendenz. Angst + Redeschwall, Überfordert (sitzt bis Zeit vorüber ist/isst nicht/kocht nicht/zögert alles hinaus), MÜDE, empfindet sich als alt/kritisiert anderen + selbst, unterdrückter Wut + zu zerreißen geneigt, Alpträume (Tod/Zerstörung/Wasser), schwacher Geist, Kopfschmerz = < kalte Luft +

> liegen + l. seitig, durstlos + trocken (Nase/Mund/Hals/Haut), Krampfartige Bewegungen, die zur Versteifung der Muskulatur führen Mandelentzündung =  > Kaltes trinken, Fett = unerträglich;

Unausgeschlafen und müde am Morgen und am Abend trotz reichlichen Schlafes, dabei Konzentrationsprobleme.

„Muss mich bemühen, nicht einzuschlafen, wenn ich ruhig sitze“.

    Disgust. Self reproach. Angry with himself. Tears things.

    Everything seems unreal.

    Compulsive disorders (Complete)

    Reproaches others. (Complete)

          Disgust. Self reproach. Angry with himself. Tears things.

          Everything seems unreal.

          Compulsive disorders (Complete)

          Reproaches others. (Complete)

          Desires death. (Complete);



Vergleich: Prüfungen Anne Schadde und F. Swoboda/P. König

Mind: Theme: unity and duality/being torn apart and reunited/separation and union/anima and animus/l. # r. hemispheres of the brain emphasized/promoting analytical # intuitive thinking. Gink-b seems to offer a balance

when one side over emphasized. Physical level: „As if back would break apart“/“As if brain were falling apart“/in a dream: „I feel split“.

Unususal symptoms: „As if a car were crashing into me“/„As if a person were walking through me“/describes the „dislocating“ of reality, the „separation of astral body and etheric body“ Perception of the world changed: „ All my senses are in pain and my perception is altered: I see my hands as if covered with an indigo colored film of soot“/„writes backwards in mirror while writing“/“sort of intoxication with soot“/„trance“/„mental blanks“

[Julian: „foggy condition with surreal impression“].

Concentration weak: „I don’t really understand what I am reading“/„memory for names is bad“ leading to a complete blackout: „ I can’t store anything in my short term memory; I can only recall old memories; it is hard to read; very little sticks with me“/„mental emptiness with a desperate effort to concentrate“/„delayed perception of reality; didn’t get connected“ [Swoboda/Koenig „forgetful“/“lost“/„blackouts“/„can’t think clearly“/“interruptions in finding words“/“forget everything“].

Attention not focused: „I am distracted, clumsy, drop things“/„clumsy, knocks things over“/„drops things“. Also „inner restlessness“

„Time chaos! I have never needed a watch, but if this continues I will need one“/“activities delayed; can’t get anything done; constantly moving things around, but the results are in no relation to the time used“. „difficulties in adapting changes from one location to another“/“As if sounds needed a long time to reach me“ or the feeling to be „hibernating“or to be „semi-sleeping“. Also „not being flexible, having a hard time getting used to different circumstances“.

„Feeling of loss of orientation and being homeless“ (in the subway station/in the library) produces the „feeling of being stupid“. [Swoboda/Koenig: „Looks for a ticket vending machine in a subway car that doesn’t have such a vending machine“.]

Feeling to be like a „child“ or to display „childish behavior with giggling and silliness, whining and moodiness“ is a different way of dealing with confusion.

Despair expressed by: „Desires to lie down in the snow and die; feeling to be alone“/„I can’t trust anybody; I am completely lonely and sad“/„love sickness“/„homesickness“/„loneliness, isolation“/escaping into the world of poetry.

One prover is writing in the mood of „deadly distress, the lyrics for a song“. Deep sorrow arises with a „feeling of emptiness and burn out caused by the death of my bird“/„death of my cat“/with „tears that no one is supposed to see“ [Swoboda/Koenig: „self-pity“ „depressive without a cause“].

„Withdraws into himself, „As if isolated from the outside world“ nothing reaches from the outside“ or retreat in connection with aggravation „desire quiet; want to lie down; when someone talks to me I experience it as disrupting“ [Swoboda/Koenig „blocks the entrance to her room“/“taciturn, doesn’t want to talk to anybody“/„wish I were a hermit“/„afraid of people“].

„Cold, no emotions“/„like numb, feel separated from my emotions“/“As if anesthesized, though everything registers with me“.

Anger plays an important role „I almost lost it today during an argument“/„Irritable, flipped off another driver who had cut me off (liberating feeling)“. The reaction is „pert, stressed with surges of aggression“/„it is about being right and it is about resistance“/„I am yelling aggressively and swear at the others, act stressed out“ [Swoboda/Koenig: „Anger about self and others; unfriendly“/“irritable, irascible“]/[Julian: „desire to criticize others and self“/“suppressed anger with the desire to tear something apart“].

Vertigo in combination with nausea etc. [Leeser: „disturbances of hearing- and balancesystem with vertigo, stumbling and all related sensation variations“].

Head: The statement of this proving that the „substance is happening in the head“ can be found in other provings. [Swoboda/Koenig: a „strange head sensation during the entire course of the proving“]/[Leeser: „supraorbital and temporal headache“].

Unusual reported about the part of their hair or the top of their skull „have to protect part with my arm“/„pressure feeling in area of part“/„top of skull lifting up“/„weight sitting on head“/„sounds in head“/„hot stream of energy through spine up to top of skull“ [Swoboda/Koenig: „As if scull was too small“/“As if head was particularly hard“]. „hair is greasy“/Headache like a „hairband“/„As if brain were falling apart“.

Location of headache differs, for example „extending from the neck“, the neck plays a considerable role (see back), „in temples“/behind the eyes“

Modalities: <: light/motion of the eyes/mental exertion etc; >: distraction/firm pressure/eating etc;

Eye: Confusion: „feeling as if everything were confused behind the eyes“/„After moving the eyes from 1 point to another (object) the 1st image stays like a „light-dark“ shade for another 5 seconds (slow Sehpurpuraufbau)“ .

       Burning/pressure and dryness of eyes/„As if a grain of sand“/„twitching of eyelid“/„Blurred vision“.

Ears: „As if cold water were running out of his ear“/“As if hot and cold waves went through her“/„Sounds in ear“/„falling shut“ of the ears; [Swoboda/Koenig: „like boarded up“]/[Leeser „buzzing in ears“/„tendency to produce ear wax“] „hard of hearing“

Nose: „Stuffed up nose“/„watery discharges“ [Swoboda/Koenig]

Face: Dry skin with rashes [Swoboda/Koenig: herpes simplex].

Important here is the „trigeminal neuralgiae“/“sinus and TMJ discomfort“ [Swoboda/Koenig].

Mouth: „aphthae“ [also Swoboda/Koenig]

„Tongue rough/dry/burning“/

“As if a hole and heaviness of the tongue“

Bleeding gums

Discomfort in teeth with fillings/„pulling toothache“ [also Swoboda/Koenig].

Throat: „As if tonsils swollen“

Dry/“As if „crumbs“ [Leeser: „nose-throat dry/red; atrophic tonsillitis]

Constant clearing of throat caused by mucus [Leeser „atrophic rhinopharyngitis with urge to clear the throat, swallow empty and for cold drinks“]

Rough, dry burning sore throat, >  warm drinks [Swoboda/Koenig: burning in sore throat]

Swollen lymph nodes

Stomach: Heartburn

Appetite - Lack of/ravenous

Trembling in „solar plexus“

„Cramping tension in stomach from emotions“



Bloating, „rumbling“ [Swoboda/Koenig]

Pulling, cramping pains.

„Swollen liver“ [Leeser: „enlargement of liver with cramping pains of the gall ducts; but also of the entire large intestine; liver parenchymal damage with cirrhosis and fat intolerance“]

„As if fullness in rectum“ with or without urge for stool [Swoboda/Koenig „As if rectum was switched off“]

Increased stool in the morning

Hard stool that doesn’t want to move, but also soft stool

Soreness of anus


Increased urination at night [Swoboda/Koenig]

Difficulties emptying bladder, pain in urethra

Urethritis after coitus“ (cured symptom)

Sexual organs:

Shortened menstrual cycle


It is interesting that „sexual desire increases“ in women while „sexual desire decreases“ in men [Julian „decreased libido“] and „impotence“ was reported. [In Leeserprostata complaints.“.,

„painful ejaculation“] (see … reproduction)

Chest/respiration/cough: „Pressure on heart“/“palpitation“; stitching pain in heart „As if with a knife“, „As if in a heart attack“ [Swoboda/Koenig: „stitching pain in heart“/„heart racing“/„heart murmurs“]

Stitching pain from exhaustion and breathing

„Sore sensation“/pain in lungs „hinders breathing“/“flat, superficial breathing“/“breathing limited“/“feeling of choking“ [Swoboda/Koenig: „lung complaints“]

Cough with dyspnea and mucus

Back: „Chills along back“

„hot wave of energy through spine into top of skull“

multiple neck complaints: „tensed“ „stiff“/“turning head to right and left difficult“


„Tension in neck muscles“ Stiffness of back In lumbar area: „Breaking in two“ > motion/“sciatica“

Extremities: Legs „heavy“/„As if filled with lead“/“As if paralyzed“/„no contact with the ground“ legs „like stilts“/“stumbling gait“

Hands unsteady/clumsy [Swoboda/Koenig]

Muscle twitches, trembling of arms

[Leeser: „tendency towards contractions, easily exhausted“ „gradual failure of reflexes in hands and feet…increasing muscle atrophy with twitches in some fibers and ultimately extinction

of reflexes“/“cramps“;

while writing cramps and trembling of hands“; Moszkowicz-signs, i.e.reactive hyperemia in sections of limbs with inadequate blood circulation due to blockage of arteries“]

Restless legs at night

Ice cold hands and feet [in Leeser „sensation of coldness, paresthesia and pain in fingertips“/“sudden paleness of hands due to coldness“]

„Pain in hip extending into foot“

„bone pain“, „pain in limbs“, „rheumatic pains“

Chill/perspiration: Shivering fits „can’t get warm“

Perspiration with ice cold hands

Skin: „As if numb“/“As if „anesthetized goosebumps

Confluent rash made of small spots – rash on skin and mucous membrane

[Swoboda/Koenig: „skin symptoms like an itching exanthem of pin neadle head size“/“redness of skin“/“intense itching“/“eczema and boils“]

[Leeser: „disposition for psoric skin reactions“/“itching“/“dry sometimes parchment like skin due to lack of sweat secretion“]

Sleep: Inner restlessness; woke up as if „beaten“

Generalities: Dry/stiff/numb/sore, twitches/trembling

„lack“, tired/worn out feeling/weak „sensation of coldness to the bones“


Sensitive towards draft, generally towards cold

Desires coffee, beef broth, spicy, sweet, fruit, ice cream

> fresh air, > sleep, > motion, > eating (weight gain!)


Gemüt: Verlangt Aktivität (# Mattigkeit)

Angst erwachend aus schrecklichen Träume/durch Herz-/Brustschmerz)/Furcht - Tod (bei Herzbeschwerden)/Armut

Auszugehen abgeneigt

Bedauert sich

Empfindlich gegen Gerüche

Froh bei juckender Hautausschlag/tagsüber # traurig abends

Gedächtnisschwäche (für Worte/für das was er gerade schreiben/sagen will)/macht Fehler sprechend (benutzt falsche Worte)/schreibend (fügt Buchstaben hinzu)

Geistesabwesend (Unachtsam)


Gemütssymptome # körperliche Symptome

Gespräche abgeneigt/Gesellschaft abgeneigt (Stumpf/engsten Freunden)

Gleichgültig, Apathie gegenüber Pflicht/gegen geschäftliche Angelegenheiten/ gegenüber allem)

Hast, Eile

Konzentration schwierig (sprechend/schreibend/während Gespräch/abends/morgens)

Kummer in Bezug auf die Zukunft

Redselig, geschwätzig

Ruhelos innerlich/Reizbar, gereizt (vor o. während Menses/durch Kleinigkeiten/# traurig/morgens)

Still sein, möchte Ruhe haben/Störung abgeneigt/Selbstbetrachtung/schweigsam (bei Traurigkeit)/langsam

Stimmung, Laune veränderlich/ab-/zurückweisend/reizbar

Stumpf mit Kopfschmerz

Tadelt sich selbst

Traurig (abends/> Weinen/schweigsam/+ reizbar/vor Menses/grundlos/Gesellschaft +/o. Arbeit abgeneigt, verlangt Einsamkeit/mit Fettleibigkeit/# Pleuro-pneumonie/# Lungenentzündung/abends)

Ungeduld (bei der Arbeit)/unentschlossen/wankelmütig

Vergesslich (Worte sprechend)/alles scheint unwirklich

„Wie verlassen zu sein“

Verwirrt geistig durch geistige Anstrengung

Wahnideen - alles erscheint unwirklich/wäre schwanger/= alter Mann o. arm 

Weinen (vor Menses/leicht/wenn sie von ihrer Krankheit erzählt/<)

Zerreißt Gegenstände

Zerstreut (Auto fahrend)

Zorn (andere Personen sprechen hörend (Patienten/auf sich selbst)/Zerreißt Dinge im Allgemeinen/Widerwillen vor sich selbst

Schwindel: Gegenstände scheinen sich zu bewegen/“Wie durch Bewegung des Bodens“/+ 

Trübsichtig/+  Ohrgeräusche/aufstehend vom Sitzen/+ übel 

Kopf: Haar wächst schnell/verlangt, sich Haar kurz, stoppelig zu scheren/ lassen/Haarausfall

Hautausschläge - Haaransatz/Pickel vorderer Haaransatz/ „Als ob Kopf HART“

Schweiß der Kopfhaut - „Wie Schweiß“/Schmerz/Hitze nach Wein

Auge: Tränen mild, bland/Schmerz/rote Lider

Trocken/Tränenfluss (durch Augeschmerz/bei starrem/abends/l.)

Sehen: Trübsichtig, trübes Sehen

Ohr: Geräusche im Ohr, Ohrgeräusche - Singen/+ Übelkeit/rot (nach Wein)


Hören: Überempfindliches Gehör

Nase: Absonderung (Krusten, Schorfe in Nase braune/blutige)/(gelb)grünlich morgens)

Entzündete Nasenflügel l.

Niesen häufig/Kalt/Geruch, Geruchssinn vermindert/rote Nasenflügel.

Verstopft (morgens/r.)/trocken (innerlich/l. Nasenflügel)

Gesicht: Hautausschläge - Herpes (Nasenflügel - Mensesanfang/Oberlippe)

Jucken abends

Rissige Mundwinkel/Lippen

Schmerz < Zugluft/> Wärme/> Hitze/> Einhüllen

Zucken in Oberlippe l.

Mund: Gelbe Zungenwurzel/Beißt sich auf die Zunge

Geschmack (vermindert/“Wie durch Tabaksaft“/bitter)/übel riechend/faulig

Geschwüre o. Fisteln - Zahnfleisch

Hautausschläge - Bläschen - Zahnfleisch/Backeninnenseite/ schmerzhaft

Schmerz - brennend - Zunge(spitze) quer verlaufend/ erstr. Magen

Schwellung im Zahnfleisch

Zähne: faule, hohle Zähne/Karies am Zahnfleischrand

Schmerz - erstr. Ohr/lange nach Extraktion/> Kamille/> zusammenbeißend

Innerer Hals: Schwellung/Schmerz - stechend/brennend/Räuspern geneigt/“Wie ein Klumpen“/Rot/entzündete Tonsillen/Eiterung der Tonsillen

Äußerer Hals: Hautausschläge juckend

Magen: Appetit vermindert (abends)/schnelle Sättigung

„Wie voller Ameisen“

Durst (+  Völlegefühl/nachts)/Appetit vermindert (abends)/schnelle Sättigung

Art des Erbrochenen: Galle während Fieber/Erbricht während Hitze

Leeregefühl bei Übelkeit/Aufstoßen

Völlegefühl (zum kleinsten Bissen)/Übel nach o. beim Mittagessen/während Fieber/ vormittags/morgens/Schmerz - krampfartig/brennend/nach Essen einer Kleinigkeit

Bauch: Flatulenz/Auftreibung

Schmerz - ziehend/krampfartig, kneifend/bei Bewegung/> Wärme/> Liegen/< Kleidung/beim (gebeugt) Sitzen/während Menses

Rektum: Durchfall plötzlich/# Obstipation/nachts erwachend/nachmittags

Jucken (brennend)/Flatus übel riechend „Wie faule Eier“/während Stuhlgang/nach Essen/Feuchtigkeit/Blutung aus dem Anus während Stuhlgang

Obstipation schwieriger/Stuhl schlüpft zurück

Zusammenschnürung/Stuhldrang plötzlich (schmerzhaft//nachts erwachend/ nachmittags/ morgens)/ Stuhldrang mit Durchfall/nachts erwachend

Stuhl: Weich (morgens)/übel riechend/gelb/blutig

Nieren: Schmerz - Nierengegend r./bei Harndrang

Schmerz - stechend erstr. Harnleiter nach unten/sitzend/r.

Blase: Urinieren (unwillkürlich hustend/häufig nachts)/Harndrang nachts

Urin: Spärlich/reichlich (+ Rückenschmerz/nachts/morgens bei früh erwachend)

Männliche Genitalien: Sexverlangen vermindert

Weibliche Genitalien: Jucken/Fluor

Blutung (zwischen Perioden/dunkles Blut)/Menses zu spät/ spärlich/schmerzhaft/reichlich/zu kurz/zu häufig (7 Tage/2 Tage zu früh)/nachts

Prickeln, wollüstiges (wollüstige Empfindung „Wie beim Koitus“)

Sexverlangen fehlend/Schweiß

Husten: Trocken (morgens)

Auswurf: Klumpig/Geschmack süßlich/Gelb morgens

Brust: Hautausschläge juckend/Entzündete Lungen r./Beklemmung abends

Herzklopfen (l. Seitenlage/> (Bein)bewegung/mit Angst/abends im Bett)

Schmerz - stechend/brennend/rechts/einatmend/bei Bewegung/Mammae/Herz

Schweiß in Achselhöhle (übel riechend)

Rücken: Schmerz - stechend/in Zervikal-/Dorsal-/Lumbalregion/> reichlich Urinieren

Glieder: Ameisenlaufen in Unterschenkel - sitzend > Bewegung

Jucken in Handfläche/Exkoriation zwischen Zehen

Kalte in Füße (abends im Bett/rechts/Hände und Füße)/ Hitze in Füße

Nägelbeschwerden - spröde, brüchige Nägel/ gespaltene Nägel

Ungeschickt - lässt Dinge fallen während Kopfschmerz/Steif/Schwellung - Gelenke Zeigefinger l./Schmerz - Gliedmaßen/ Gelenke/wandernd, sich verschiebend/ lange nach Verletzung/bei Grippe/während Fieber

Schlaf: Schwer/Schlaflos durch Kälte/durch Jucken/nach Mitternacht - 2 h - 2 - 3 h/ Schlafbedürfnis gering, klein, groß/Rückenlage/Erwacht durch Träume (traurige)/häufig (nach Mitternacht –

nach 4 h/3 h./2 h)

Träume: von Würmer bedeckt zu sein/Wasser/Verlassen zu sein von ihrer Mutter/Tod von

Verwandten/Seziert zu werden/Schwierigkeiten/schrecklich/Schiffe/würde Schädel brechen/Särge mit unbekannten Leiche/Pferde/abgemagerte Menschen/Leichen/schöne Landschaften/Krieg/Kämpfe/von der Jugend/

“Wie hilflos“/Heimatland/große Häuser/Haar (graues/geschnitten zu bekommen)/gefressen zu werden von Tieren (von einer schwarzen Katze)/gebissen zu werden von Tieren/Friedhof/vorherige Traum wird einschlafend

fortgesetzt/ein Haus anzuzünden, Feuer zu legen/farbig/zu fallen, zu stürzen (in Aufzug)/Explosion von Bomben/Ereignisse (längst vergessene o. vergangene)/Armut/ würde sich in den Arm schneiden/ängstlich/Millionen

von Ameisen/Alpträume, Alpdrücken

Fieber: Entzündungsfieber

Schweiß: kalt/übel riechend/während geringer Anstrengung

Haut: Trocken/Narben schmerzhaft/Jucken (wandernd/muss kratzen bis blutet/ohne Hautausschläge/Hautausschläge (wandernd/Pickel (nach Menses)/papulös - juckend/juckend

(< Waschen/wandernd/Herpes (während Menses)

Allgemeines: r./l./nachts (nach Mitternacht - 2 h - 2 - 3 h)/abends/nachmittags (>/13 - 18 h)/vormittags (9 - 12 h)/morgens

Fettleibig (+ vermindertem  Appetit)

Verlangt sich Hinlegen

Lebenswärmemangel/Hitzewallungen abends im Bett verhindern Schlaf/“Wie Hitze“/> Wärme/< im warmen Zimmer

Kamille (>/Verlangt)

Langsame Manifestation von Beschwerden

< Zugluft/> im Freien

Schwäche (> gehend in Freien)/Ruhe >/Müde (vor Menses/> Gehen in Freien/abends/nachmittags/morgens erwachend)


Speisen und Getränke - Verlangt: Zucker/Süßes/Choc/Thunfisch/Salz/ kalte Getränke, kaltes Wasser/kaltes Bier/Kaffee/Fleisch/Alkohol; >: Kaffee;

<: Kaffee/Alkohol; Abgeneigt: Milch/Kaffee/Essen/Eier (morgens)/kaltes Bier/Alkohol; < Trinken

Tabak abgeneigt - Rauchen gewohnten Zigarre/empfindlich Tabaksgeruch



Mind: Abstraction of mind 

Abusive, insulting


Ailments from grief/sorrow/care

Answers/answering slowly

Anxious (about health)


Caress o./+ caressed - propensity for it



Compulsive disorders

Concentration difficult [vacant feeling on attempting to/> eating/difficult (when thinking)/impossible (when reading/during conversation)]


> Consolation

Death desires it

Delusions/imaginations [falling out of bed/being numb/is separated from the world/time (passes too quickly/passes too slowly)]




Disoriented with everything

Dull/sluggish/thinking difficult/comprehending difficult (unable to think or concentrate/thinking and comprehending/unable to think/from mental exertion/talking)

Elated (# sad)

Emptiness of mind - sensation of

Excitement/excitable – tends to („As after coffe“/with trembling/with weakness)

Expressing oneself is difficult


„As if forsaken“

Humiliation - painful sense of

Indifferent/apatic (to duties/to irritating, disagreeable things)


Irritable (wishes to be alone/from noise/during pain/from trifles)

Lamenting/bemoaning/wailing (from pain)

Late always

Laughing - tendency to (causeless/when sad/over serious matters)

Love for nature

Memora weak/loss of (for dates/for mental labor/for proper names/for what he has to read)


Makes mistakes [writing (omitting of letters/in perception/transposing letters)]

Morose/sulky/cross/fretful/ill-humor/peevish (morning/on rising)


Quiet - wants to be

Reading - difficult/does not understand

Restless/nervous – tends to

Sad/despondent/depressed/melancholic (with weeping)

Sesitive/oversensitive [to (slightest) noise/shrill sounds/voices/to odors/to reprimands/to criticism/to reproaches]


Spoken - averse to being (wants to be let alone)

Stupefaction/“As if intoxicated“ (when walking)

Talk/talking - indisposed to/desires to be silent/taciturn (in sadness)

Talk/talking of talks < others

Thoughts – profound/rush, flow of (and sleepless)/vacant/wandering)

Time passes - too quickly, appears shorter/passes too slowly, appears longer

Verlust des Zeitbegriffs/loss of conception of time

aversion of being touched



Weary (of life)

Weeping/tearful mood in general (< alone/with anger)

Vertigo: Ascending (of stairs)

Eructations >

And nausea


And vision obscure

Head: „As if vertex would fly off“

Hair - affections (bristling, standing on end/greasy)

Heavy (like with a weight on pressed on head)

Motions of/shaking/nodding/waving (involuntary)

Noises internally

Removed – „As if calvarium –„

„As if shaking“/“As if skull-cap“


Eye: Discharges of mucus or pus (canthi)




Pain – > darkness/during headache/burning/smarting/biting (morning/on waking/> closing lids/> pressure)/pressing, pressure [outward/behind eyes/when looking (up)]/“As from sand“

Photophobia (sunlight)

Pupils contracted

Sleepy feeling in eyes

„As if strained“

Twitching (lids)

Vision: Accomodation slow

Confused/swimming of lines

Moving [objects seem to be (up and down)]

Ear: Noises in general (rushing)

Pain in general [< cold air/pressing/stitching (> warmth)]

Sensible to cold air about ear

„As if stopped“

Tension (inside)

„As if water in ear“ (of cold water running out of ear)

Hearing: Impaired

Nose: Discharge (crusts, scabs inside/in posterior nares/waery/yellow)

Dry inside

Epistaxis (from blowing nose/sudden)

Obstructed [night/one-sided/l. # r./r. # l.)

Pain - pressing (frontal sinuses/in root)

Smell: Acute

Face: bluish/pale/red (# pale)

Dry (lips)

Eruptions [dry (around mouth)/herpes (nose/tipp of nose)/pimples/scurfy (around eyebrows)]

Expression sickly

Itching (in eyebrows)

Pain in general - aching, prosopalgia [jaw (articulation)/neuralgic in trigeminus; maxillary nerve]

Swelling (around eyes)

Tension of jaws [lower (articulation)]

Mouth: Aphtae

Atrophie in gums

Biting in lower lip (eating)

Coated [tongue (thickly)]

White (tongue)/yellow [tongue (greenish)]

Dry (tongue)

Eruptions/vesicles [(Tipp of) tongue]

Hemorrhage [Gums (when cleaning them)]

Numb (palate)

Pain [burning, raw, smarting (tongue)/pressing on palate]

Roughness (tongue)

Salivation (at night)

Taste: Meatallic

Teeth: Breaking off

Caries decayed, hollow

„As if elongated“ (in incisors)

Pain [> biting teeth together/in filled tooth/drawing (molars, bicuspids)]

Sensitive (tender to cold)

Throat: DRY/dry (with hoarseness/< on swallowing)

„As if foreign body“ [swallowing (not >)]

Hawk - disposed to

Mucus (tenacious)

Pain (l./r./ext. ear/burning/pharynx/raw/swallowing/tonsils/on waking/> warm drinks)

„As if swollen“


External throat: Pulsation in Carotids

Swelling (in cervical glands)

Stomach: Appetite increased/ravenous/canine/excessive/wanting

Thirst (for large quantities)

Eructations (constant)

Nausea (while riding in a carriage or on cars)

Pain (after coffee)

Solar plexus - complaints of

Trembling (in solar plexus ext. to arms and hands)

Abdomen: Distended/“As if distended“


Heavy „As from a load or weight“

Noises (rumbling)

Pain [cramping, griping/> lying on abdomen/drawing/ext. downward/> pressure/stitching, sticking (in inguinal region)]

Rektum: Diarrhea (after fat food)

Pain [sore, raw/after stool]

Urging/desire [sudden (morning)]

Stool: Like 8small) balls

Forcible, sudden, gushing/profuse/noisy

Frequent (scanty)


Like sheep dung

Soft (passes even with difficulty)

Bladder: Urging to urinate, morbid desire [frequent (at night)/morning (on waking)]

Voiding in feeble stream, slow, weak/thin stream

Urethra: Pain [after coition/burning (at close of urination)]

Male organs: Sexual desire wanting/increased (without erections)

Female organs: Menses clotted, coagulated/frequent, too early, too soon/painful dysmenorrhea (at beginning/convulsive, spasmodic, neuralgic/> warmth)/during menses/cramping (in uterus/in vagina)/drawing (in ovaries)

Sexual desire increased

Larynx/trachea: Dry

„As if foreign substance“ in larynx

Scraping, clearing Larynx

Speech drawling

Voice (sudden hoarseness/husky/nasal)

Respiration: Deep (desire it/impossible)

Impeded,obstructed [oppression in chest („As from a load“)]


Cough: Holding chest with both hands while coughing

< Laughing

< strong odors


From tickling in throat

Expectoration: Mucous

Chest: Axious

Heat [flushes (ext. head)]

Pain [in lungs/sore, bruised (from coughing)/stitching (from deep breathing/from exertion/heart/in sides (on inspiration)/in sternum („As from a knife“)]

Palpitation in heart (after eating/ext. hroat/ext. whole body)

Swollen [mammae (painful)]

Back: Coldness, chill

Heat (in spine)

Heaviness, weight (in cervical region)

Pain – „As if back would break“/drawing [dorsal region (between scapulae)/lumbar region/sitting/> walking]/in cervical region (< bending head forward/ext. ear/lying/> motion/muscular/turning head)/ext. occiput/in lumbar region, lumbago (in sciatica)/sore, bruised, beaten (> motion/cervical region)/stitching, shooting (in lumbar region)

Stiffness [in cervical region (painful)/in lumbar region (painful)]

Tension (in cervical region/in spine)

Extremities: Awkward [Hands (drops things)/lower Limbs (stumbling when walking)

Coldness [in foot (with hot hands)/icy/“As if cold“ although warm to touch]/of hands (and hot head/icy)

Floatin „As if in air“

Heat (in joints)

Heavy, tired limbs (leaden/legs)

Lameness (legs)

Numb, insensible (hand/palm)

Perspiration [(hollow) of knee

Relaxed (legs)

Restless (legs)

Trembling in general (arms)

Twitching [(l.) arm]

„As if foot dipped into cold water“

Weak [Hand (writing)]

Pain <(<(<( many )>)>)>

Sleep: Disturbed (by slightest noise)

Falling asleep difficult


Restless (and anxious)

Sleepless from thoughts

Unrefreshing (morning)

Waking from dreams/frequent/from perspiration

Dreams: danger/fights/graves/masks/about nuclear explosion/war/water (of sea)

Chill: Chilliness (in warm room)

Icy coldness of whole body/through and through

Shaking, shivering, rigors (at night)

Fever and heat: in general/burning

Perspiration: in general/and coldness of hand

Skin: Anesthesia/numbness

Eruptions (measly)

Formication (with numbness)

Goos flesh

Soft feeling

Generalities: evening - > 18 h. – 21 h.

< draft of air/> open air

> bathing/washing (hot)

> after/while eating


Food and drinks: Desires: broth/choc/fruit/ice/sausages/salami/ spices, condiments, piquant, highly seasoned food/sweets/vinegar; <: Coff/fats and rich food;  >: coff/vinegar;

>: motion/desires motion/after sleep;

<: (closed) room/talking;

Strength; sensation of

Trembling of muscles


Vergleich: Enthält: Chin-ac + Ascorbic-ac. + Benz-ac.+ But-ac. (in überreife Scheinfrucht) + Caproic-ac + Caprifolic-ac.+ Flavonoiden (Blätter: 50%) + Linoleic-ac + Ox-ac. + Phenole (= Rhus-t- + Com- + Anac-ähnlich) + Proanthocyanidine + enthält Strophantin-ähnliche Substanz; Liebt: Si;

Com. Ol-j. (= Gink-ähnlich/= Chol-ähnlich). Platan. (= Ging-k-ähnlich als Alleenbaum + beständig gegen Verschmutzung). Rhus-t. Verwandt mit: Crat. (Herz) + Lyc. + Equis. (Alter);

Findhorn Flower Essences: ENDURANCE - Regulate the body’s responsiveness to light. Inner turmoil disrupts the rhythmic coordination of the mental and emotional bodies. Allow the power

of the life force to radiate through you. Be enlightened.

Siehe: Tracheobionta + Anacardium- + Baumgruppe (Lebensbaum) + Blitz + Rhus toxnebengruppe + Heiligegruppe + Liebesgruppe + Überlebungsgruppe + Anhang [Hafeezullah Baig (India)] + Anhang 2 (Ekhardt Martin)


Bacopa nonnieri. = Gink-ähnlich.

Com.= Gink-ähnlich/= Rhus-t-ähnlich - Unruhe + > frische Luft/< Hitze

Esp-g. = Ginkgo-ähnlich in peripheren/cerebralen Durchblutungsstörungen;

Gink. = pflanzliche „Einzelgänger"/“Exzentriker"/= Crat.-ähnlich;

Ol-j. = Gink-ähnlich/= Chol-ähnlich

Rhodiola rosea.= Gink-ähnlich/= Golden root/= Ginseng-ähnlich/can cause photosensitivity/= Gink-ähnlich

Schisandra. = Gink-ähnlich.

Vinc. = Gins-/= Gink-ähnlich/= Asc-c-ähnlich

Panax ginseng. Vitalisiert junge Leute/stärkt + beruhigt Ältere/= Gins-ähnlich + cooler + mehr Ying


Unverträglich: Asperin/Blut verdünnende Mitteln/vor Operation


Antidotiert: Ginkgo-Präparate sollen bei Durchblutungsstörungen und Gedächtnisproblemen helfen. Das Kraut beeinflusst daneben auch die Fließeigenschaften des Blutes. Das kann im Zusammenspiel mit der Einnahme gerinnungshemmender Medikamente möglicherweise die Blutungsneigung erhöhen. Allerdings ist noch nicht geklärt, wie intensiv dieser Effekt ist.  Nehmen Sie jedoch Blutverdünner wie Phenprocoumon oder Acetylsalicylsäure ein, sollten Sie die Einnahme vorher mit dem Arzt abklären.

Antidotiert von: Acon. Bell. Cham. Chin. Mag-p. Sep. Sil. Sulph.


Wirkung: psorisch/sykotisch/destruktiv/aphrodisisch                                      l. seitig


Phytologie: Leaves have an insecticide effect (in China put leaves between the pages of books to keep paper pests away)

Dressing for skin impurities. Tea: cough/asthma and scrofula.

Boiled leaves for chillblains.

Circulatory problems, high blood pressure, nervousness and concentration failure.

The seeds (the "nuts") contain starch and protein and are eaten in Japan and China after being roasted. In large amounts, though, these seeds have

a slightly laxative effect (poisoning). The fleshy hull of the seed respectively of the samen is used in folk medicine for asthma, cough, cystitis, bed-wetting, worms and alcohol abuse.

Roasted they are supposed to be a great aphrodisiac for men and help with reduced sperm production.

Bring energy into the abdomen. Ginkgolic acid in great dilution isolated from the seed is able to limit the growth of tuberculosis bacteria. This is why isolated ginkgolic acid is used as a remedy against tuberculosis in China.

The fruit was considered very precious and was sent to the emperor as a tribute. Crushed seeds are used in the cosmetic industry against wrinkle formation and for detoxification.


Astrologie: Saturn/Sonne/Venus


Allerlei: = älteste Lebewesen (in der Zeitrechnung +) kann 2000 Jahren alt werden,

Meist männliche Bäumen/kann Umweltverschmutzung ertragen

Samen = geröstet essbar + riechen wie ranziger Butter.

beeindruckend: Alte Art, ist Einzelgänger/Exzentriker/überdauerte 300 Mill. Jahren mit Umwälzungen von unvorstellbarem Ausmaß, (Klimakatastrophen). = zäh/resistent 

(Umweltverschmutzung/Atombombeexplosion/Schädlingen aller Art (Bakterien, Viren, Pilzen). nur kultivierter Form anzutreffen/heilig (durch Klöster überlebt).

Zwischen Blatt- und Nadelgewächsen. Ähnlichkeiten zu Farnen/Palmen/ Koniferen. Gink-b steht zwischen Farnen und eigentlichen Samenpflanzen.

Verdankt Ginkgo das Überleben seiner Spezialisierung/die Nähe Ginkgo zur Mensch. 

enthalten Flavonoide, Biflavone, Proanthocyanidine, Polyole (Pinitol, Sequiatol), katecholaminähnliche Substanzen/Terpene Bilobalid/Ginkgolide. Kommen sonst  nicht vor.

/gelten reaktionsfreudig / (auch synthetisch hergestellt) In Samenschale finden sich Ginkgolsäure/Bilobol. Vergleichbar bei Rhus tox/Anac/Com

Steht in vielerlei Hinsicht zwischen Blatt- und Nadelgewächsen/Ähnlichkeiten zu den Farnen, Palmen und Koniferen. Genealogisch steht Ginkgo zwischen  Farnen und Samenpflanzen.

Es gibt männliche und weibliche Ginkgobäume (Zweihäusigkeit der Blüten), wobei das Geschlecht der Blüten gar nicht so einfach zu bestimmen ist. Ersten Blüten erscheinen nach ca. 40 Jahren! Die „Früchte", die an weiblichen Exemplaren durch ihre Ähnlichkeit mit gelben Pflaumen (chinesisch: Yin Hsing = „Silberaprikose") auffallen, sind in Wirklichkeit gar keine Früchte, sondern die Samenanlagen, die aus einer inneren Steinschale (den „Nüssen") und einem (essbaren) Fleischmantel bestehen. Es handelt sich hier also um eine Scheinfrucht! In China werden diese „Nüsse" in gerösteter Form zu feierlichen Anlässen verzehrt. Der überreife Fleischmantel der weiblichen Samenanlage verströmt einen ranzigen Geruch (Buttersäure.), der die Ginkgopflanze schon manche Sympathien gekostet hat. Die Fortpflanzung von Ginkgo biloba vollzieht sich nach einem höchst ungewöhnlichen und für das Überleben der Spezies recht riskanten Modus. Es fällt die Ähnlichkeit zur tierischen Fortpflanzung auf („der Ginkgobaum legt Eier!"). Jedenfalls geben die Ginkgo-Pollen begeißelte Spermatozoiden ab, die die Eizellen befruchten! Dieser komplexe Fortpflanzungsmodus ist wohl einer der Gründe dafür, daß Ginkgo in der Entwicklungsgeschichte durch die eigentlichen Samenpflanzen verdrängt wurde.

Robust/anspruchslos/bevorzugt silikathaltige Böden/Kulturpflanze/bedroht im Fernen Osten durch Waldverlust bedroht. Park- und als Bonsai.-Baum zunehmend als (phytotherapeutisch ausgewerteten) Kultur- und Plantagenbaum.

Schon im alten China wurden dem Ginkgo insektenabwehrende (insektizide?) Eigenschaften nachgesagt. Die zerstoßenen Samenanlagen wurden auch als Waschmittel und zur Seifenherstellung verwendet. Das (meist paarweise!) Pflanzen von Ginkgobäumen sollte Haus und Bewohner vor der vernichtenden Kraft des Feuers schützen. In Japan stand Ginkgo im Ruf, die Milchproduktion zu fördern; dies beruht auf der Signatur mammaähnlicher, auf die Erde zuwachsender Stammauswüchse („Chi Chi"). „Frucht"-Fleisch und „Nüsse" wurden zur Herstellung von Kosmetika verwendet, Ginkgoblätter als Geldersatz. Das an sich spröde und harte Holz des Ginkgobaums, das sich aber durch eine besondere Widerstandsfähigkeit gegenüber Schädlingen auszeichnet, wurde zur Herstellung von Gerichtstischen und buddhistischen Schreinen verwendet.

Mythology: Ginkgo biloba see Religionen.


[Enna Stallinga]


An obsessive compulsion disorder case

Complaints: strong controle-need, obsessive compulsive, strong nosophobia (fear of dirt).


friendly, talkative, mental, a little haughty, sometimes too self-confident, might laugh about serious matters. She has a look as from a different era.


She is very compulsive and meticulous, everything must be clean and tidy and she needs to control the gaspits up to 20x. She can be very self-assured and has a inferiority complex, is negative and reproachful about herself.

She is a ‘thinker’, difficult to handle her feelings. Fear of failure, fear of spiders and snakes. She has a kind of phobia for dogs-mess, cannot look at hospital-operation-films.

And as a child she resisted heavily to injections of any kind.

She can be absent minded if it is too busy around her, as if timely knocked out. She needs to work on herself because “I get mad if things do not go how I have in mind. Everything needs to get finished and especially CLEAN.”

She washes her hands frequently and cleans the house thoroughly if there have been visitors and she counts during cleaning. She is 25 years now and works with mentally disabled people.


Has been bullied at school, because she was fat, at high-school she changes in a bully herself. She remembers especially the mistakes in class, like she did not write neatly and was behind in some ways. As young child she did not like cuddling. She has one sister but they do not go along, “she cannot do anything well, in my eyes, I am very negative towards her.” She tell this with a kind of retained aggression. Her sister had better points at school and is quite unattentive, looses things. “maybe I cannot bear her behaviour, I do think first”.

At their parents home her sister resists everything and through this negative conduct she gets a lot of attention from the parents. It used to be like this and still is..


Problem with heat, gets easily flushed when exercising, she preferes shadow, easily sunburned.

Food desire chocolate

aversion; meat-fat, raw onions, milk.

Vegetables and fruits are non- favorite; Gets headaches from ice and cold-drinks. Sometimes she can have an bulemia-attack.

Sweaty hands in new and tense situations, they can tremble from tension.

Sometimes nauseous with gagging.

Congenital hip dysplasia.

At 5 yrs. Inguinal hernia operation

At 16 tonsillectomy because of frequent throat-inflammations,

Lots of warts on hands and chillblains with cracks at fingers, blue hands when cold.

Nails splitty, she bites them.

Ganglion wrist

Herpes labialis and nasalis.

Easily bruised,

As a child dry eruptions in spots on face.



The first remedy was Thuja occ.

She gets it in upgoing potencies, up to 10MK.

She feels more peaceful, less panicky and more openhearted. She feels less responsible and does not wake up anymore with the idea “did I lock the door well?”

The counting is much less, but when the work-pressure gets stronger it comes back.

Word that pop up during the search of another remedy is; NEGLECTED.

Her sister got all the attention and “I was expected to survive anyhow.“ (“I should have to drive into a tree” she told her mother recently).

At home NO can be Yes and Yes can be NO.


I give her Pinus Sylvestris;

(Rubrics; compulsive disorders, ritualistic, reproaching oneself, ailments from anger.)

Hereafter she tells that she pinches herself and that she did not dare to tell this before, but the remedy does nothing to her complaints.


Then I give her Lac Caninum without effect.

After Ginkgo Biloba (in the same rubric; compulsive disorders in the Complete Rep.) she really gets better, is surprised about the quietness in her head. After an aggravation of some of her tics she can let go of control more and more.

It gets more clear how much her disorders burdened her in the past.

She remembers the operation on the inguinal hernia how frightening and especially the injections, how she was roughly treated and promissed a present waiting in the corridor, which happened to be her mother...

She talks how stupid she feels as a child and how excluded as all of her classmates go to that certain highschool but her and she reacts hysterically.

She feels more flexible and more aware of the pain being neglected by her parents in favour of her sister.

Her panic attacks have faded away and she realises how often they tormented her in the past.

She never expected that she could feel so well and mourns all those years that she would be rather dead than alive. “How did I survive?”


Confirming rubrics for GINKGO BILOBA

S y n t h e s i s (Schroyens)

anger with himself



face, eruptions, herpes

throat, inflammation, tonsil

split nails

icy coldness hands

desire chocolate

aversion milk

warm room agg


C o m p l e t e   r e p e r t o r y  (van Zandvoort)


compulsive disorders!!

reproaches others

desire death

laughing about serious matters

touched, aversion being

trembling, general, muscles


chinese barefoot-medicine: the boiled leaves help as an application with chillblains


About the tree

The tree is extremely rich in acids. and fatty acids (chinic acid, ascorbic acid, benzoic acid, oxalic acid, butyric acid, propionic acid, caprioic acid, caprylic acid, linoleic acid)

Jan Scholten, Minerals in plants/1:

Mineral contents; magnesium, kalium, lithium, phosphor.


Vermeulen, synoptic materia medica II: it is the only species in the ginkgoaceae, a separate class to the coniferae considered as the oldest living fossil on earth, a claim also made for sequoia

it stems from an era more than 200 million years ago, covered the entire northern hemisphere, now reduced to an area in south-eastern china

height 40 metre

ginkgo biloba has fan-shaped leaves with two lobes

the female flowers are in pairs and only one of the two seeds ripens


The shape of the leaf, (like a fan and the upside vertically deeply divided) invites us to look at polarities.

Selfconfident and inferioritycomplex

Criticizes others and self reproach

Mentally unsure as a child and mental way of living/surviving

Being bullied and be a bully

Sister careless and cross and she meticulous and thoughtful

Especially: Yes could be No and No could be Yes



1933 Maury

1987-1989 Swoboda and König

1995-1996 Anne Schadde


Phytologie: Reguliert zentralen Venentonus; es fördert die Fibrillogenese in der Venenwand und induziert eine gewisse Schutzwirkung gegen Kollagenasen; „Phlebopathien", Ulcera cruris mit schlechter Heilungstendenz sowie postthrombotisches Syndrom, Stauungsdermatosen gelten als Indikationen/Sinnesorgane

Bei erhöhtem Blutdruck werden Sehstörungen verbessert; akustische Reize werden unter dem Einfluss von Ginkgo besser beantwortet. Somit umfasst das Ginkgo-Indikationsspektrum Störungen der verschiedenen Strukturen des Gehirns selbst („Hirnleistungsstörungen") und der sensorischen Organe. Das vestibuläre System nimmt hier eine Sonderstellung ein; gerade die Indikationen Schwindel, Tinnitus, Hörschäden/-verlust

psychische Leistungsfähigkeit/Gedächtnis/Vigilanz zunehmen, Depressions- und Angstsymptome (alter Menschen)/motorische und Sensibilitätsstörungen/diabetischen Angiopathie/arteriellen Verschlusskrankheit/ Migräneformen/vaskulären Kopfschmerz/Zervikalsyndrom Dichte der Neurorezeptoren steigert/synaptische Effektivität/bronchialer Hyperreaktivitä/ Asthma bronchiale

Alle Beschwerden Ältern (Gedächtnis/Hirn)


Durchblutung fördernd/Blutgerinnung hemmend/entzündungshemmend 

Zerebrovaskulären Insuffizienz". Bei erhöhtem Blutdruck > Sehstörungen; > Aufnahme/Störungen des Hirns („Leistungsstörungen")/sensorischen Organe. Vestibuläre System: Schwindel/Tinnitus/ Hörschäden/-verlust  Ältere Menschen(Depressivität/steigert Leistungsfähigkeit/Gedächtnis/Vigilanz zunehmen)/motorische und Sensibilitätsstörungen/posttraumatische Hirnschädigungen/primär degenerative Demenz. Steigert dichte der Neurorezeptoren steigert +

synaptische Effektivität fördert.

Bronchialer Hyperreaktivität/Asthma bronchiale.

Gaps in memory/forgetfull/concentration fails/fatigue/lack of energy/of motivation/depressed/anxious/vertigo/headache/tinnitus.



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