Acanthocephala terminalis. = Leaf Footed Bug/= Clown Bug

Antennaria = Katzenpfötchen./= rozenkransje Leber Asterales.

Aqui. = Garden columbine (= Harlekin)/= Culver wort (culver = Taube)/= Jack-In-Trousers/= Mary’s Bells/=  Granny’s Bonnet/= European Crow-foot/= meeting houses/= Klockenblome/= Handschuh/

= Narrenkappen/= Weiberkappen/= Schlotterhose/= Adlerblue 

Calceolaria integrifolia = Pantoffelblume Lamiales.

Cypr. = Frauenschuhwurzel/= Valeriane americana/= Lady’s slipper

Dioscorea elephantipes = Elefantenfuß/= Schildkrötenpflanze Dioscoreales.

Gink-b. = Yin-Hsing/= Ya Chio (= „Entenfuß"/= „Elefantenohr"/=  „Mädchenhaarbaum")/= Yin kuo

Lycps-v. = Wolfsfuß/= Marubede virgine/= Bingle weed

Keratin w  = Pferdehuf

Lim. = horseshoecrab/= Degenkrabbe/= „lebend Fossil“

Megalodonten (Fossilien.) = Kuhtritt/= Geissenfüßle Mollusca. = als Schutz im Fundament eingebaut

Nab. = Lion's foot/= Rattlesnake root/= White lettuce/= Gall of the earth/= Cancer weed

Ol-an. = Stinköl/= Oleum Cornu Cervi hergestellt aus Hufen/Klauen von Rindern

Oxalis pes-caprae. (= Bermuda butter-cup./= African wood-sorrel/= Bermuda sorrel/=  Buttercup oxalis/= Cape sorrel/= English weed/= Goat.'s-foot./= Sourgrass Oxydales.).

Plan-m. = Breitwegerich/= Plantain/= Lungenblatt/= Wundwegerich/= Ballenkraut/= Wegtritt/= Saurüssel/= Mausöhrle/“Herrscher des Weges”/“Fußabtritts des weißen Mannes“

Polyg-a. = Vogelknöterich/= Renoué/= Knot grass/= Bian-xu/= Wegtritt

Polym. = bear’s foot

Puls. = Kuhschelle/= Wolfspfote/= Windflower/= Osterglöckchen/= Schafblume

Ran-s. = Gift-hahnenfuß/= Morteaux vaches/= Celeryleaved crowtort

Rosa. Kelkblätter = UNgleich gestaltet/gleicht Drudenfuss.

Scol. = Hundertfüßler

Swida sanguinea = rode kornoelje/= Blutroter Hartriegel/= ganzepoothout Cornales. 

Thysanoptera = Fransenflügler/= Thripse/= Blasenfüße/= Gewittertierchen/-würmer/-fliegen Arthropoda.

Toxi. = Moccasinschlange

Uva. = Bärentraube/Blätter/= Busserola/= Common bearberry/= bear’s claw


Pain in the heel is a common problem (obese person). A calcaneal spur is a small bony projection that is formed on the calcaneus or heel bone. Caused by putting too much pressure on the sinew

on the soles of the feet, usually over a long period of time.

                                              Aran.: Pain in the heel < in damp weather (during the rains = monsoon). Sensation of swelling in the affected heel.

Calc-f.: Painful heel > heat treatment (calcaneal spur)

Lyc.: Pain (r.) present even at rest i.e. when not walking. Feels he has treaded on a pebble. Pain < 16 – 20 h./at night/warm or hot applications. It improves somewhat on walking around.


Ant-c.: corns on the soles and occasionally on the palms. The corns are very painful when walking (hard ground). The nails may also be brittle and growing out of shape.

[Adrien Badeau]

Paeonia.: ulcers from poor fitting shoes, ulcers from pressure as in bed sores, ulcers on lower part of body which are sensitive and painful; (Also consider new shoes.)

[Dr. Sultan M. Bihari]

“If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit”

All-c.: ulcers on heel from friction of shoes

Arist-cl.: Blasen durch reiben.


Plan. Blasen durch reiben.              


Chilblains is tissue injury that occurs when a predisposed individual is exposed to cold and humidity. Capillary beds in the skin are damaged resulting in redness, inflammation, itching and blisters.

Agar.: Burning and itching as if frozen. Parts hot, swollen, red. Chronic inflammation of  external nose.

Puls.: The inflammation is livid, with itching and throbbing; < evening. A dose night and morning.

Sulph.: The inflammation and itching are severe, and the chilblains do not yield to other remedies.  A dose night and morning.

Petr.: Itching and burning like fire. Heel painfully swollen, red.

Nit-ac.: Itching, swelling, pain especially in very cold weather. Inflammation from a slight degree of cold.

Zinc-met.: Chillbains on hand, itching and swelling violently.

Externally :

Arn.: Often useful during the first or inflammatory stage, swelling hard, shining, and painful, with itching.  A dose morning and evening.

Rub the chilblains with a liniment of equal parts of strong tincture of Arnica and Glycerine.

Tamus.: Lightly paint the chilblains if they are too tender to bear rubbing (dark coloured). Apply with a camel’s hair brush, allowing it to dry in.



Sec.: Entspricht genau dem Krankheitsbild des Burning-feet-Syndroms. (< Wärme).


[Andrea Rentea, M.D.]

Feet occupy a special place in some holistic systems of medicine. They have been known to represent the whole body in oriental systems of medicine, a crucial point in kinesiology and in chiropractic treatment for the alignment of the entire spinal system.

R.S.: feet are correlated with the spiritual constitution of man.

People of different temperaments use the feet differently. The choleric child walks on the heels, with a more pronounced gait, a sanguine child skips more or might be more of a toe-walker, the gait being light and airy.

The sole of the foot can be said to represent three areas: the heel representing the will, the middle arch area the feeling, and the front and toes the thinking. That is why when one tests water temperature, one tries to "sense" with ones toes, not with ones heels.

There are numerous curative eurythmy exercises that involve the foot gestures. All consonants and vowels have their own foot gesture that accompanies the arm movements. Furthermore using palpation, one can feel how some feet are dry and warm and reflect the corresponding element of predominance, whereas in others they are moist and cold. Some are pink in color and very youthful, whereas other feet are bony and slim.

One of the principles of anthroposophical medicine is the treatment of illnesses including the feet. I have been very successful treating women's illnesses (migraines) by recommending that the patient do frequent foot baths with an anthroposophic remedy consisting of homeopathic silver in the water. (Argentum D6 one would use a teaspoon of that for approximately two quarts of water.) The reason for the choice of silver is what we know through the spiritual resources of R.S.'s knowledge. It has also come down through tradition that the moon forces are represented by silver. The silver forces are especially connected to women's physiology.

Another example is a patient with swollen ankles where the diagnosis is a kidney weakness such that the water elimination from the body is impaired. One would then ask the patient to rub into the skin anthroposophically prepared homeopathic copper 2 - 3x daily around the ankles and into the feet. (This also can be obtained from one of the several anthroposophical pharmacies.) The rationale for this treatment is that the kidney is essentially ruled by the planet Venus, a planet which in turn is associated with copper.


[Ellis Barker]

       The feet of the civilized are a disgrace. The majority have abnormal or crippled feet. Most feet one sees are anaemic, soft, ill-shaped, and are ornamented with sunken arches, swollen or displaced ankles, enlarged toe joints, bunions, corns and callouses. Worse of all are the toes. In many cases the toes look like a badly made bunch of ill-shape carrots grown on stony soil. The feet of women are worse than those of men. I have seen many elegant women who have driven up to my house in a Rolls Royce, with feet crippled and deformed which would disgrace the poorest charwoman. Many of this sufferers explained to me, that they had suffered with their feet for years or decades and that they had been treated in vain by the greatest specialists. Some time ago I was visited by the Hon. Mrs. B., a very wealthy woman. She was superbly dressed, wore very elegant shoes and stockings, but complained about her feet.

Her toes were crushed and crumpled up. Walking was agony for her. When in Switzerland, she tried to do a little walking, the pain in her toes became atrocious, apparently gangrene set in, and some of the toes had to be amputated.
      Dentists and physicians have told us that neglect of the teeth is apt to lead to pyorrhoea which poisons the whole system, and that systemic poisoning from the mouth aggravates every disease or disorder and may produce many

of the most serious diseases. Hence a mania of extracting all teeth has set in. It is perhaps not sufficiently known that serious disorders and diseases of the feet are apt to have a profound influence on the body as a whole.

Feet which produce an incessant nagging pain, crippling their owner, are bound to create bad temper, depression, nervousness, faulty posture and in due course degeneration of important organs. The Hon. Mrs. B. had never been able to take proper exercise and she kept an excellent cook, a disastrous combination.
      The health of the feet, like that of the teeth, is in the first place a question of nutrition. The foundation of flabby, strengthless feet, of swollen ankles and toe joints, of sunken arches, etc., is well and truly laid in the cradle and in the mothers womb. A diet poor in essential food elements produces weakening of the bones, called rickets, soft teeth, soft joints, soft ligaments, etc. Dietetic regulation can arrest dental decay, can cure pyorrhoea, and can vastly strengthen weak and useless feet. Further assistance can be given by homoeopathic remedies. Calc., Calc-p., Sil. and other indicated remedies, given in infinitely small doses, are able to cure that feet and sunken arches, even in people over fifty, especially if combined with a well chosen diet, activation of elimination from the bowel, and a few simple exercises.
      Feet which have been weakened by faulty nutrition are injured still further by faultily made footwear. If one looks at the windows of shoe shops one sees a very attractive display of beautifully shaped shoes and boots in tempting colours, but unfortunately the articles of footwear displayed, though attractive to the eye, bear no resemblance to the natural human foot. They have as little resemblance to the natural foot as the lay figures in

fashion shops have to the human body. Tempted by the pretty articles in the window, customers enter the shops and say that they would like to be fitted with a shoe which they had found particularly attractive. The average

shop attendant is too wise to offer a comfortable shoe. It would be pronounced ugly. So he hands out some attractive shoes which are pronounced too tight. "But, madam, they are extremely becoming to you, very smart, the

latest fashion, they get a little wider in the wear,

you will promptly get used to them." The pretty article squeezes together and crushes the toes, makes walking painful, but the wearer heroically tries to disregard her discomforts.
      It is surprising how quickly a foot can be distorted. I have always worn ample and very easy shoes. One day my bootmaker provided me with shoes which caused some discomfort on one of the toes. I was foolish enough to disregard it for two or three days, imagining that the shoe would adapt itself to the foot. I found, to my amazement, that in few days it had produced something like a hammer toe. It takes months to get rid of a distortion which has been created in a few days or in a few hours. I know men and women who can walk only a few yards owing to the constitutional weakness of their feet and the subsequent distortion produced by the bootmaker.
      All boot shops are filled with pretty, attractive and smart footwear. I myself and other people have gone in despair from shot to shop and have not found a single pair of ready-made shoes that would fit. It seems to me that manufacturers make an insufficient number of sizes. That is a most regrettable economy which lead to the universal crippling of feet. Customers are persuaded to wear shoes which are too small or too large, too narrow or too wide. Most people do not know what foot comfort means. Unfortunately one cannot get comfortable footwear by having shoes made to measure. The art of making shoes to measure has died out. It has been killed

by the manufacturers, and the few surviving artisans who make boots and shoes to measure rarely succeed in providing us with what we want.
      Some time ago I complained about the position to my friend, Sir Herbert Barker, the famous manipulating surgeon (highest authority on the disorders of the feet).

Cured tens of thousands of people of their foot troubles. He told me that he had experienced the same difficulty and that, in order to overcome it, he had devised a special shoe made on natural physiological lines and that he had induced Mr. Charles H. Baber, of 303 Regent Street,

to manufacture it. I went to the shop in Regent Street but felt very sceptical. During more than half a century I had tried in vain to obtain a ready-made shoe that would fit me. To my amazement they fitted me in a minute with the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They enable me to do tramps of thirty miles a day and at the same time they are as comfortable as well-worn slippers.

I cannot explain the technicalities of these shoes which, in honour of the inventor, are called "Sir Herbert Barker Shoes." I only know that there is in that shop a bewildering profusion of models to fit every foot, normal or abnormal.

      After fitting me with the best shoes I have ever had, a painstaking attendant took me to an X-ray apparatus which clearly showed that the shoes selected were not only comfortable, but were physiologically correct.

The normal second toe is a little longer than the big toe. It is so in my feet. Many second toes are pushed in and curled up or converted into hammer toes by shoes which are too short or too narrow, or both. I could clearly see that the shoes were correct not only by the feel, but also by the eye. I think Sir Herbert Barker has done a work of national importance in devising this new kind of shoes and inducing a firm to produce them. I am sure these shoes must sooner or later become models for all the manufacturers who, I hope, will abandon the present methods of production of insufficient ranges and sizes and of faulty shapes. I think I ought to add that the shoes described are not cheap, but then an ill-fitting shoe is not cheap at any price.


Allerlei: China: Schuh - Eintracht, Harmonie


Hallix valgus = Bunion

[Dr. Lippe]

Nit-ac.:for bunions with swelling and with stinging pains. Almost a specific.


Hasenfuß„ = ängstlicher Mensch



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