Harpagophytum procumbens (Harp) = Teufelskralle/= harpago


= Sal-ac.-ähnlich/= Symph.-ähnlich;

Negativ: Verdauungsbeschwerden/Fieber, Sehnenentzündung;


Gemüt: Gleichgültig, Apathie

Allgemeines: r./7 h./morgens



Schmerz in Gelenke/Muskeln/Sehnen

< Wetterwechsel


Vergleich: Enthält: Beta-sisterol; Bomarthros Harpagophytum Complex [Hevert (Harpagophytum Urtinktur 4,95 g Ledum D4 3,03 g Rhus toxicodendron D6 1,01 g Tartarus stibiatus D6 1,01 g)].

But-ac. Palo. Perna canaliculus. + Delessaria sanguinea + Harp (bauen Bindegewebe. auf). Rhus-t. Sep. Sesamum indicum. Sulph. Tub.  

Siehe: Lamiales + Dornen + Sonne und Luftgruppe + Anhang (Ismail M. Mahomed and John A.O. Ojewole)


Unverträglich: Magengeschwür/Pregnancy


Antidotiert von: Verat.


Wirkung: psorisch/lithämisch    schmerzlindernd/entzündungshemmend    K-PV+           

Allerlei: Kalahariwüste/setzen sich fest in Tier/Mensch (untere Gliedmaßen) mit Wehrhaken. Rivoltan (allopatisch). Hat Früchten mit Hocker/hat quer wachsende Nebenwurzel


Phytologie: Gebraucht: Knollen, die an Nebenwurzel wachsen.  Rheuma/Asthma/Arthrose                                 Verdauung


Kleine Dosen: appetitanregend/Stoffwechsel fördernd/Cholesterin hemmend

Große Dosen = schmerzlindernd/entzündungshemmend


Afrika: fever, indigestion, malaria, allergies, rheuma, arthritis.

Secondary roots: lack of appetite, dyspeptic complaints, and in supportive therapy for degenerative disorders of the locomotor system. spondylosis, lumbago, sciatica, fibrositis, neuralgia, and polymyalgia Analgesic effects of of harpago with reductions in abnormally high cholesterol and uric-acid blood levels. Joint pain and improving vitality in the joints.

Use focused on painful conditions of the muscular-skeletal system and digestive problems. 


Symptom                                                       Traditional use                                          Proving symptoms

Rheuma and arthritis                                     Rheuma and arthritis                                              Pain in r. wrist, a “stabbing” pain that was so intense that she had to cry out in pain

Digestive disorders                                                                                                              Tonic in lack of appetite

Nausea:  feeling of motion/morning sickness >: Physical or mental occupation, exertion or exercise and hot tea

1. Appetite was markedly diminished (morning, and lasting the entire day, 2. intense hunger the following day, 

3. quickly changed back to a decreased appetite

Analgesic                                                       During pregnancy and after labour                An awareness of the uterus occurred, with sensations of crawling, fullness and of being pregnant

Boils                                                              Ointment from the root applied to sores,          Sores, described as Candida sores or small white erosions, in the mouth and on the tongue ulcers and boils

Bumps and blisters appeared on the skin and disappeared



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