Aquilegia vulgaris (Aqui) = Garden columbine (= Harlekin)/= Culver wort (culver = Taube)/= Jack-In-Trousers/= Mary’s Bells/= Granny’s Bonnet/= European Crow-foot

/= meeting houses/= Klockenblome/= Handschuh/= Narrenkappen/= Weiberkappen/= Schlotterhose/= Adlerbluem


Vergleich: Liebt Ca; Aqui-coel. DD.: Hell. Puls. Sep. Ign. Nat-m.

Siehe: Ranunculacae + Anhang (Barbara Seideneck)


Vergiftung: Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea/breathing difficulties/heart pains/absentminded/stupefaction/confused/difficult concentration/slowness/confused/decision-making difficult/deep calmness;

Positiv: Calm/exuberant, elated/energy up/feeling high/centered/very present/relaxed/serene/peacefu/alert/awake/focused/creative/expansivel;

Negativ: A. SchlafLOS;


difficult concentration, slowness, confusion, difficulty in decision-making

overly reactive states/empfindlich vor Licht/Geräusche, zornig/nervöses zittern, Menses (bleibt aus in junge Mädchen/wenig/schmerzhaft/mehr Fluss nachts),

Erbrechen (grünlich/morgens/in Menopause/Schwangerschaft); nausea (morning)/loss of appetite/stomach/(10 h.), frequent/profuse diarrhea, headaches (r./10 h.),

restless/waking at night (3 h.)/menstrual problems. Throat pains („As if a lump lodged“)/rash-like skin conditions;


Repertorium:                                                                      [Brigitte Fuchs]

Gemüt: Empfindlich

Empfindlich gegen Geräusche/gegen Licht

Erregt/nervöse Erregung/Hysterie

< Menopause

Ruhelos (bei hormonellen Funktionsstörungen)

Traurig (während Menses)

Kopf: Schmerz (durchbohrend/stechend/hysterisch)

Innerer Hals: „Wie Klumpen“

Magen: Erbricht hysterisch/während Menopause/Art des Erbrochenen: grün (morgens/während Menopause)

Weibliche Genitalien: Beschwerden rundum Menses/Menopause

Menses [fehlend/reichlich/schmerzhaft (bei jungen Mädchen)/spärlich]

Brust: Schmerz - hysterisch

Rücken: Schmerz in Lumbalregion [r. (drückend)/nachts (drückend)/während Menses (drückend)

Schlaf: Schlaflos

Allgemeines: 9h./Menopause

Ohnmacht nervös/Zittern äußerlich - nervös


May be helpful in nausea in pregnancy/menstrual problems/headaches/constrictive respiratory problems


Indifference to other’s feelings

Mind-chatter; internal dialogue; intolerable inner thoughts

Mind separated from body; as if possessed by a second personality

Like a witness; spectator to events

Sense of distance; isolation

Desire to be alone; > alone

Irritability (PMS/over small things/impatient with people)

Easy to anger (driving/throwing things/short fuse)

Exuberant # sluggish

Irritability # good mood

Mind chatter # serenity

Alert # lack of concentration

Emotionally over-reactive; weeping easily

SensiTIV to odors/heat/music/touch/taste/noise

Visual acuity (= Unschärfe)

Restless but too weak to move; restless at night

Driven to get things done; need to clean

Difficulty Concentrating

Foggy, groggy, and fuzzy thinking

Slow reading; slow thinking

Absentminded; forgetful

Difficulty making decisions

Spacey; empty headed

Disoriented; no sense of time

Lethargy - Slowness

Sluggish; need to move slowly, slow in responding

As if in slow motion, heavy like lead

“As if I will vomit if I move fast”

Averse to doing anything/unmotivated

Extreme tired (after rising)


Repertory:                                                                          [Barbara Seideneck]

Mind: Delusion (is an island, enjoying tranquility/is possessed/errors of personal identity)

Fastidious/irrita ble toward husband/acute senses/spaced-out feeling

Dream: Magical/sexual/beauty and Grace/gatherings and groups/meeting places/steep areas/violence (to Women)/animals/cars (accidents)/

Cleanliness/cleaning/cooperation/coordination, helping others and rescuing/open spaces/openness („As a physical sensation)/forces of nature,

Parts of buildings (including corroding materials)/pregnancy/racing/trusting others/being trustworthy/loyalty, watching myself, water.

Vertigo: Dizzy/off balance to l./circles spinning in head/dizzy + pressure on crown of head/tingling in upper head

< movement

Head: Pain, 10 h./dull (morning/r. temple/forehead)/flushes of heat

Throat Pain, sore/lump sensation

„As if a cap pressing„

Dull pain/stabbing 

„As if electric shock“ /„As if suctioned“

Pulsing/tingling (temples)


„As if head opened/expanded“

Hot, warm, flush of heat 

Headache + flatulence [Scheitel/top of head/r./moving (l. to r./center)/forehead/over l. eye]/< bending over/> hot bath

Eyes: Dry/gluey/strain r./pressing pain on eyeball/twitching l. lid/don't focus/must press to close eyes/dry eyes and mouth and L stiff neck

Ear:  Loud noises hurt/l ear dull pain/r ear plugged ,

Itching/alternate itching in both ears ,

Pulse in ears racing

Left/moving r. to l.

Mouth: Thirstless (+ mout „As if cotton“)/chapped lips/lips dry, parched/metallic taste (+ heartburn/burping)/tingling sensations ,

Throat: Sore/burning/raw/dry/tickling/scratchy/lump

Tonsils feel enlarged ,

Swollen glandsl., + tingling chin/forehead

Back of mouth  r./l./upper

> sipping cold water

Stomach: Appetite decreased/hungry, empty feeling/thirsty/heartburn/nauseated (> after lunch)/vomited 3 to 4 x/gurgling/burping (+ metallic taste)/hiccup (painful „As if stabbed“)/heartburn + metallic taste/THIRST/gurgling gas, burping, < leaning forward,

Appetite diminished/nausea after eating

Female organs: Sex drive increased/menses 1 week early/uterine cramping without menses/menses, no pain, discomfort/cycle shorter, less blood

Cramps as if menses, > rubbing, rest

intense vaginal burning/suppuration of vaginal skin/spotting during ovulation.

Sexual desire increased/menses frequent, too early, 7 days

Neck: Tingling neck to head (radiated to cheeks)/buzzing in neck moving to head/zigzag jolt l. side neck/stiff, l. side (> after eating)/nerve pain l. neck shooting to occiput/deep chill back of neck

Rectum: Increase movements/urgent/loose/profuse/sulphur odor 1

Stool: No bowel movement 3 - 4 days/pellets, like deer droppings

Diarrhea + pain perineum

Chest: Heavy/difficult breathing/pressing sensation + shortness of breath/constriction/tight/l breast tender „As if before menses“/swollen breasts „As if before menses“/lymph glands l. breast/armpit feel tender/stabbing chest pain, 1" above sternum/< motion, deep breathing, > pressure/„As if pressed“/constricted 10 h.

Back: Lower back achy/weak (as before period)/ache moving to lower back/pain, hot, vibrating in spine, radiating to r./lower back sore, as if menses

Sleep: Restless/tossing and turning waking (from physical discomfort or pain/thirst/beautiful dream)

Sensation watching myself in my sleep  (lucid dream)/sleepy, could not stay awake

restless/waking 3 h.


Body feels heavy/tingles, buzzes („As if on speed“)

Shaky (body/hands) ,

Feverish, raised temperature, warm

Cold/chilly and chills


Thirstless + „cotton mouth“

> eating/cold and fresh air; 

Chilled > warm clothing

electric-like shocks/> open air/< 10 h.


Wirkung: canceroid                                                   rapid onset and demise

Allerlei: = Colorado’s state flower, befrüchtet durch bumblebees

scavenger wasps bite holes into the spur



Phytology: Astringent juice for wounds/plant parts gum loss and jaundice

Crushed seeds to facilitate childbirth/> labor and menstrual pain/ Pain during menses and childbirth/uterine bleeding

Crushed leaves: cancer (to prevent spring shoots prepared like asparagus)

Entire plants used to protect young couples from bad magic (impotence and infertility)

Triturated juice of the leaves to heal skin rashes

Inflammations of the pharynx and the throat

Liver (obstructions of openings, jaundice), spleen and gallbladder diseases


Stomach complaints/Kidney stones

Measles/small pox

Nervous/easily angered (sedativ)


Rheumatic aches and pains

Head lice (repellant)

Ulcers (used in a poultice); sores of mouth and throat

Inflammations of the pharynx and the throat

Liver (obstructions of openings, jaundice), spleen and gallbladder diseases


Stomach complaints

Kidney stones


Measles and small pox


Easily angered people (sedative qualities)

Pain during menses and childbirth

Uterine bleeding

Eye diseases

Rheumatic aches and pains

Head lice (repellant)

Ulcers (used in a poultice); sores of mouth and throat




Vorwort/Suchen.                               Zeichen/Abkürzungen.                                   Impressum.