Pflanzensäuren = Stockungsprodukten werden durch Sonneeinwirkung aufgelöst/Ashes are interesting/intermediate

between atmosphere, plant world and minerals and contain a high proportion of carbonates/oxides/kalium salts/phosphates/aluminium/Mg/Na. Are largely alkaline (= sauer) and generally highly soluble in water.


Excessive intake of non-vegetarian, spicy or fried foods and mental tension give rise to hyper-acidity. If the condition is not treated in time, an ulcer may develop in the stomach

as well, thus further worsening the condition.

Apisinum = Bienengift = sauer

Arg-n..: Burning and pain in the stomach with severe belching and flatulence = gas. “As if splinter in the stomach”. Desires: sugar/sweets/salt. Sweets cause diarrhoea. Diarrhoea

also caused by undue apprehension just before beginning of an important activity.

Carb-v..: Acidity from consumption of alcohol, coffee, meat and fish, causing incessant sour or rancid eructation. So much gas accumulates in the stomach that the victim feels

the abdomen will burst. There is an intolerance of tight clothing around the abdomen.

Rob..: Severe burning in the stomach, associated with pain in the forehead. Intensely sour eructation occurs, frequently culminating into vomiting of a sour fluid. The whole body/stools smell sour.

Nux-v.: Acidity and belching caused by strychnine (= part of Nux-v.) Generally used for indigestion. Suffer from tension and stress and are enthusiastic, grouchy and spiteful by nature. It can be taken before going to sleep most effective when the mind and body are at rest.

[Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea]

Nat-p.: Fat foods +++. Acidity in children fed with excess of milk and sugar. Character: Lump in throat sour vomiting. Desires: Strong tasting foods/eggs; Aversion: Bread & butter; Colic with acidity. Modalities: << Fat food, > beer; Potency: 6x tablets (Bio-chemic tissue salts: 3-4 tablets - in ¼ cup of luke warm water à 6-8 hourly à SOS à as & when necessary à stop soon improvement ensues).

Orexin A und B [(auch Hypocretin-1/-2) sind Neuropeptid-Hormone in Säugetieren, die im Hypothalamus gebildet werden und Einfluss auf das Essverhalten und den Schlafrhythmus haben. Weitere Wirkungen werden im autonomen Nervensystem, im Flüssigkeitshaushalt und Energiestoffwechsel vermutet. Sie entstehen durch enzymatische Spaltung aus einem Vorläufer- oder Präkursor-Protein, dem Pre-Pro-Orexin. Mutationen im HCRT-Gen können Narkolepsie zur Folge haben].

Rob..: Aetiology: From fat & flatulent foods e.g. Cabbage, turnip, raw fruit etc. Associated with frontal headache (+++). Acrid (+++) eructations. Sour (+++) eructation à vomiting of sour (+++) fluid. Distension (+++) of stomach flatulent colic. Modalities: < Fat/gravies/flatulent food; < cabbage, raw fruit, ice cream; > passing flatus;

Sang.: acute gastritis - terrible burning, the unquenchable thirst, the pain, the vomiting and the prostration which mark the disease.


Acidil® Boiron: Enthält: Abies nigra 4C (stomach pain after eating)/Carbo vegetablilis 4C (stomach bloating with gas)/Nux vomica 4C (less than 10-9 mg alkaloids/heartburn due

to excessive eating and drinking)/Robinia pseudoacacia 4C (heartburn with acid indigestion)/Croscarmellose sodium/Lactose/Magnesium stearate. Included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopœia of the U.S.


Acids.: Abies-c, alum. Ant-c. ant-t. (desire for acids or acid fruits and <). arn. Ars. arund. bor. brom (desires acids, < symptoms and cause diarrhoea). bry. calc, calc-s. carb -an. chel.  chin. Chin-ars. cist. con. Cupr-ac. dory. elap. gran. hep. ign. jonos. Kali-c. Kali-bi. Kali-p. kali-s. lact-v. mag-c. med. myric. Nat-m. ph-ac. podo. polyp-o. ptel. puls. sabin. Sec. sep. squil. stram. sulph. thea. ther. ust. Verat-a. zizea.

Acid food: Cist.

Acid drinks: Am-m. bor. cham. Corn-c. kali-bi. Mere-i-f. sec. stram.

Ayurveda: sauer bestimmt Aktivität.

Ashes. are largely alkaline (= sauer) and generally highly soluble in water.


In TCM. gehört sauer zum Holzelement


Andromeda arborea = Sourwood Ericales.:


Apisin. = Bienengift = sauer

Berb.: = Sauerdorn/= Geisenlaub

Calcium citrat = sour salt./= E 333

Carpobrotus edulis = Mesembryanthemum crystallinum = sour fig./= ice. plant = Eiskraut/= Sodapflanze versalzt Boden Salzverarbeiter. Sukkulenten. Caryophylales.


Hibiscus. sabdariffa (= Rosellahanf/= African mallow/= Florida cranberry/= Indian sorrel/= royal roselle/= sour-sour/= Farbstoff).

Moorwasser (SAUER/ARM an Mineralien)/= Kessel. der Göttin.

Nepenthes-Kannen sind passive Fallgruben geformt aus Blätter/Verdauungsflüssigkeit in der Kanne ist SAUER (pH3)/mit vielen Enzymen angereichert/können bis max. 2 Liter Inhalt erreichen. Die Blüten werden von Käfern und Fliegen bestäubt.

Nyssa sylvatica. = Black gums/= sour gum

Oxalis acetossella. = Sauerklee/= Himmelslust/= Pain de coucou/= Wood sorrel/= sleeping beauty

Oxalis pes-caprae (= Bermuda butter-cup./= African wood-sorrel/= Bermuda sorrel/= Buttercup oxalis/= Cape sorrel/= English weed/= Goat.'s-foot./= Sourgrass Oxydales.)

Oxydondendron. = Sourwood

Prunus cerasus. = Sauerkirsche

Rumx spp. = Yellow dock/= Zuring/= Krötenblätter

Rumx. = Krauser Ampferwurzel/= Amla vetasa (I)/= Yellow dock/= Krötenblätter/= Schapenzuring

Sodium citrat = sour. salt

Tamrnd. enthält mehr Zucker (bis 35%) + Säuren (20%) als andere Früchten


Vergleich: Siehe: Acidums allgemein + Akzidosis:



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